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thefirearmblog,com has the heads-up on the MDDK Kick Down Torsion Reaction Recoil Reduction shoulder stock, seen here “adorning” the Franchi SPAS-12 scattergun. “The TRRR reduces recoil by ‘converting the linear in-line kick forces to dynamic torsion impulses within the stock. The torsion impulses rotate the gun download and away from the shooters’s shoulder and cheek and eliminates barrel rise. This action eliminates flinching and helps keep the target acquired making the shooting experience painless and more pleasurable.'” Provided casting your eyes upon the thing doesn’t turn you to stone. I know: it’s just a prototype, skunk worked by But it is the fugliest thing I’ve ever seen on the [non-business] end of a shotgun, excluding certain customers at my local gun range.


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  1. Yeah man, it certainly is not what I would call “sexy.” I would be interested in trying it out though.

    As long as it makes it easier for me to put effective rounds downrange, I doubt two or four-legged opponents will notice its appearance.

  2. Definitely ugly… though I’m curious of the mechanics of how it actually reduces felt recoil.

    I wonder if it’s comparable to how the KRISS Vector’s system handles recoil.

  3. The problem with using this may be that it twists the gun off target. It does say something about turning the recoil into rotational energy.

  4. First, I gotta say they managed to take what i believe to be the ugliest shotgun, the spas-12, and make it even uglier. Quite the feat.

    However, as an older man with a touch of arthritis and a love of the shotgun, this thing might be a blessing if it works as advertised.

  5. Hmmm. “Dynamic torsion impulses.” Seems I’ve heard of, and seen that on shotgun stocks before.

    And yes, it is ugly too. For some trap shooters, however, it’s the key to being able to shoot hundreds of rounds per day.

    • I know a couple of disabled trap shooters that might be able to use something like this to get back into shooting. I’ll be passing along the info to them.

  6. I’m not pretty so there’s no need for my firearms to be, but I believe in the idea of “no pain, no pain”.

  7. Sometimes I’ll take functional over sexy, especially when sexy isn’t so functional and/or breaks too easily.

    Ideally sexy and functional are married into something great.

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