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 PATH bromance (courtesy

Anti-gunners are always bleating on about how “allowing” legal concealed carry would lead to “the Wild West.” Ignoring the fact that the American frontier was far less violent than urban enclaves, the thinking (such as it is) is: when average folk are legally armed all Hell will break loose. Road rage, bar fights, even simple interactions will turn into showdowns and shootouts. And so Democratically-controlled states like New Jersey make it damn near impossible for law-abiding Americans within state borders to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Especially the bear bit. Thus eliminating that whole frayed tempers gunfight thing, right? Wrong . . .

Around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, three people were shot and wounded on the PATH train [not shown] in New Jersey near the Newport Station, NBC New York reports. Witnesses told My Fox NY that the scene was “wild and chaotic.” Ya think? They also told Fox that the ballistic brouhaha started when two passengers bumped into each other.

Speaking to WABC-TV News, witnesses claimed the bumpee’s brother confronted the bumper. At some point, the bumper pulled out a gun and shot the woman in the ankle and her bumpee’s brother in the leg. The bumpee’s brother pulled out a gun and returned fire, injuring the shooter.

How much you want to bet that neither man had a license to carry a concealed firearm? Or that maybe, just maybe, there were some gang affiliations involved. In any case, I’m sure anti-gunners will use this incident to say “See? I told you average people shouldn’t carry guns!” In fact, it has nothing to do with gun control, as neither gun seems to have been controlled at all. Just sayin’ . . .

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    • I’d like to point out, kindly, that there’s nothing inherently wrong with “home-made names”.

      Actors, writers, presidents of the United States…. 🙂

      • I think homemade names are stupid, but tolerable. What I think is insufferable is parents who try to make their kid unique by giving them an uncommon spelling of a common name. I’m looking at you, parents of Aleeshia, Abagail, Mykel, Kaytlynn, Jassmyn, Jesika, Lyllie, Maddisyn/Madyson, Micheal, Rilie, Sareh, and Tifanie/Tiffanie.

        You’re not making your child unique, you’re dooming them to a life of having to not just spell their name, but correct the assumption of everyone they come in contact with.

        If your family has a strong ethnic background, or the name is a callback to some treasured relative, I’m not talking to you. But these days, that reason is the exception. People trying to make their crotchfruit a special snowflake is the norm.

        • @MN Matt: Well, don’t leave them in the dark! Tell them about it! Tell everyone! Educate people!

          Every person you tell is potentially one less stupidly named child!

          The battle starts with you!

        • If I get married and reproduce again and produce a male heir I’m going to name him Quetzalcoatl. Take that Johnny Cash.

        • I like it, RF. And when you find the woman that will agree to it, I’d like to meet her, because that’s a special lady.

          At least your kid would go through life expecting to have to spell his name, but not having to correct others’ mistaken assumptions.

        • HA! {dying of lulz right now…}

          I gotta find a way to use that in conversation somehow. Finding the right venue for “crotchfruit” might be difficult, though…

        • Ing, next time you’re on public transit just shout out “CrotchFruit!”. You’ll be left alone for the rest of the trip. I think I’ll try it next time I’m on BART.

        • I like that bit Carlos Mencia did about a family o a boat from Cuba to the US. An expecting mother said she was going to name her baby after the first thing she sees in America. The kids name… Usnavy (US Navy).

        • How about kids born in other cultures and other countries then they come to the US and enter public school. These are names I’ve encountered in my time with the school district. Manmeet, a boy. Manour, a boy. Sukdeep, a girl. Sometimes it would be better to change the kids name til you go home on vacation.

        • As someone of Slavic extraction, I also find names like “Sasha” and “Nikita” for girls to be laughable.

          Here, in Canada, politically correct politicians tried to blame urban gunplay on legal gun owners, when the truth was rather different:

          While your country’s problems are largely homegrown, we had the misfortune of decades of stupid immigration policies that dumped the third world’s trash into our cities, with all of the violence that entailed.

        • “You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” -Chuck Palinak

          Coming to realize this simple fact is what drives some people over the edge.

        • I am reminded of Tom Lehrer the 60’s musical comedian of “The Element Song” fame — who once began a bit describing a child named “H-E-N-3-R-Y” …. “the 3, of course, was silent…”

        • We were discussing homemade names at dinner tonight. Here are the highlights:

          Sir – so people would have to address him with respect
          and my personal favorite
          Shedaisious Shalashanda

  1. Makes me think of tue scene in Predator II when a gang on a subway tries to rob a nerdy little business guy. One pulls out a huge revolver and then everyone on the train draws on them. In L.A? Yea right.

    • It happened. I was there. We all simultaneously decided to throw off the yoke of oppression, grabbed our heretofore illegal concealed weapons, thwarted the yoots, then safely holstered our weapons and exchanged hearty handshakes while commending each other on our acceptance of personal responsibility and societal protection. A great day for all, it truly was. Oh, and predator 2 was badass.

  2. 530 am Sunday huh? Well at least we know that the church or employer these commuters were headed for is one that allows concealed carry.

  3. Speaking of nerdy little business guys, isn’t that guy in the middle of the picture one of the major criminals of today? Responsible for the theft of billions from investors? Going to be tried for major fraud? Whoops, my mistake – I thought he was a Republican.

    • From left, former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Susan Bass Levin (D), former Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-Dead), former Gov. and Sen. Jon Corzine (D-Charged), and Senator Robert Menendez (D-Under Grand Jury Investigation).

      Every one of them an outstanding Democrat.

      • “Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-Dead)”

        Dammit, Ralph! I don’t want to explain what happens when you’re halfway through biting into a banana and you have an unexpected, unstoppable laugh. Suffice to say it wouldn’t make a flattering photo.

      • I think Ill take the subway car full of gang bangers and the guy who peed himself instead. My ammo seems to have more power than voting these days so Ill have a better chance of survival.

      • Every one of them an outstanding Democrat….none of who would be caught dead riding a subway, unless some political benefit were to be achieved by the photo-op.

        If you are prone to shooting people who bump you, you are already prone to solving life’s little problems by buss’n a cap up in here when one o’ yo peeps is called-out.

  4. Maybe they updated the article, it says this:

    “One of them, 34-year-old Tari Turpin of East Orange, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

    Police found his gun in the station and they say he illegally possessed a gun because he should have never had a firearm due to his criminal history.” (emphasis added)

    • According to Diamond Drummer’s mother, Dawn Watson-Drummer, Diamond objected to Turpin leaning on her. An argument broke out. Then the story gets confusing:

      ” “Turpin was cooperative until (Diamond’s friend) Aubree said one last thing.
      “He said, to him ‘who pulls a gun on a girl, what kind of man pulls a gun on a girl’,” adds Dawn.” ”

      Apparently a man can be cooperative having pulled a gun on a girl, Just don’t insult him for doing so.

  5. “Average people” do not shoot each other for bumping into each other, even if either party was particularly rude about it. This is the hubris of the Liberal mindset, that holds that anyone other than themselves is barely in control of their faculties or capable of behaving rationally. They unconsciously create zones of poverty, ignorance and savagery, with their policies and actions, to prove this belief. This is such a case.

    • “They unconsciously create zones of poverty, ignorance and savagery…to prove this belief.”

      Never heard it put this way before. I think you’re on to something here.

    • Normal thugs with chips on their shoulders pull out their gats when being bumped into.

      I would just say “Excuse me”.

      BDub: you give the libs too much credit. They have no such refrain. They blatantly “Rob” us of our Rights, liberties and money, all under the guise of trying to “Help”. All while attaining thunderous applause. Makes me want to vomit.

      Give me a banger thug to deal with any day!

      • That maybe, at least at the top. But most of the Libs i talk to are the “means well” variety. They truly want to help and support bad polices with that in mind. But they are just as quick to point to the results of those failed polices as justification for more bad policy. Rinse repeat.

        From my personal experience, i would choose the Lib over the gang-banger. Neither can be reasoned with, but the Lib is less-lethal.

        • Keep in mind that ‘banger thug’ is certainly at least nominally a liberal and without equivocation is the product of a liberal community and government. You could do more to end violence by banning ( if it were magically possible) liberals that by banning guns.

  6. Hmmm…

    Constitutional, unlimited carry would probably increase the incidence of gun-related argument-crime, but only slightly over the current numbers in places in which carrying is heavily regulated.

    Right now, anyone carrying in someplace like Нью-Джерси has to be über-upstanding.

    There are the people who might draw on anyone but cannot pass a background check, but many of them carry anyway so that’d barely change.

    Add the people like Oleg the Angry who probably shouldn’t carry, and doesn’t ’cause bar fights are hard to come by in jail. He’d carry, and that might be problematic.

    However, were everyone carrying there would be a vast drop in rapes, “gangsta,” mugger et cetera on Joe Citizen crime and holdups, and that’s the real payoff.

    Gang bangers would still bang gangs, some bar fights might get more dangerous and the occasional tyre might get shot, but overall we’d be far better off.

    • And Natural Selection would kick in. And there would be fewer idiots and Liberals in the world. And God would be in His heaven, and all would be right.

      • Y’know, I’m going to start using neolib. As neocons are nothing like a proper conservative, the word liberal has been poisoned.

        So… We’d need to depose the neolibs before widespread carry might become reality.

    • You’re onto something and so is Jus Bill. If almost everyone was armed almost all the time the actual rate of shootings would certainly go up. . . but those being shot, by a massive majority, would make the world a better place with their passing.

      I’m actually for use of lethal force in defense of property. Anyone who’s made it to adulthood without learning that you can’t take what isn’t yours doesn’t deserve to live with the rest of us who respect one another. It’s not that far to go from violating someone’s property rights to violating someone’s person.

      As for the polite society concept, we have it out here (rural southern Ohio). We’re generally polite to start with, since anyone you might encounter is probably either related to you or knows well someone who is. That said, we don’t crowd people in public, we don’t walk up on someone without announcing ourselves and “Hello in there” isn’t just a song by John Prine, it’s what we say when approaching a house at night. We do these things because we respect one another, our space, our persons and our property. We’re reminded to do these things by the knowledge that who ever one might be dealing with is very likely armed.

      When acting like a moronic, inattentive, rude and possibly dangerous jerk might get you shot one tends to avoid these behaviors. I’d call that a very good thing.

  7. Shooter Turpin ended up shooting himself in the leg. Such a pity. I’m sure he had a brilliant career ahead of him as a dancing neurosurgeon.

  8. It’s always seemed to me that gun control was the Democrats’ red herring to throw everyone off the scent of the real reasons for the messes they created. Not that Republicans are perfect or even good for that matter. But the Libs spend decades nurturing illegitimacy and permanent underclass status for minorities; ruining education and even the concept of a disciplined classroom; destroy the rule of law and the legal system; then when the people they helped put in this stew start killing each other, blame guns and the NRA.

    Classic diversion.

    And thanks for noting that the West really wasn’t as wild as Chicago, except for the fiction out of Hollywood.

    • I read an article in a 1956 Gun Magazine in which the author made a comparison to the so-called “Wild, Wild, West” and “Reality”.
      After several years research, he concluded that there was ONE thing upon which the TV & cowboy movies agreed with reality. The amount of lead thrown was IVERSLEY proportional to the number of persons injured or killed by said lead.
      Most ranch owners did not allow their employees to carry pistols on the ranch; Most cowboys couldn’t hit a man-sized target at 20 feet with a full load from a 6-shooter; most of their guns didn’t work, and were rusty and uncared for.
      Cowboys couldn’t afford the price of ammo to practice.
      etc, etc. etc.
      But the dime novel writers sure made a lot of money, as did the TV & movie producers in the 1940’s – 1950’s, and still today.

    • “First thing we do, we hang all the lawyers.”

      That line was uttered by one of two characters discussing how to undermine and destroy a country from within.

      Topple rule of law, and nothing else will stand.

  9. Yep, if citizen A and citizen B are armed there exists the chance of a wild west style shoot out over a minor disagreement. Doesn’t seem to happen in states that allow their citizens to carry.

    In states like NJ and Ca when such a disagreement happens citizen A pulls his illegally carried gun, because he’s a dirtbag and that’s how he rolls. Citizen B, a married father of 2 with a steady work history and no criminal activity gets murdered without a chance to fight back. Then citizen C, a dirtbag politician uses the murder of the helpless citizen B as an excuse to create more helpless citizen B’s.

    Clear enough?

    • So true… and it pisses me off when someone spells it out so clearly but the sheeple here in NJ don’t get it…

      Oh well, in ~1 month I’ll have my Utah CCW so I won’t be a “Citizen B” in ~30 other states.

  10. The problem is neither one expected the other to have a gun which led to the ignorant act in the first place.

    An armed society is a polite society

    • As for the oft repeated quote, “An armed society is a polite society,” from Robert Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon”, I believe, all the armed citizens open carried and those who chose not to carry were required to identify themselvs by wearing a distinctive shoulder brassard. It was considered excessivley impolite to accost these unarmed persons for any reason and would quickly bring the fire of numerous armed citizens to your defense.

      • Man, I have to read that book. I loved stranger in a strange land anyway so it’s a no brainer.

        I could live in a society like that, I think most of us could. Most people armed, those who conscientiously object well identified and protected by the herd. I think that would be a society without much in the way of criminality. Criminals would simply die off in a celebration of Darwinianism. Just imagine a robbery at a place where everyone is packing (it’s happened in gun shops and the result is usually dead robbers). It wouldn’t take long for smart sane criminals to choose a new line of work and for the rest to be killed in what I’d call without blushing righteous thunder.

        Just. Plain. Awesome.

  11. Not only would they have needed a NJ permit to carry a handgun, but if the passengers got on the train in New York City then they would also have needed a NYC unrestricted pistol license.

    My bet is that neither thug had a license from NY or NJ

  12. Every time I go Colorado I am just waiting for my turn to have a “Wild West” shootout. I have been so sorely disappointed.

        • Five Points in Denver. At least when I lived in the big D, Five Points was one of the most dangerous places in the U.S.

          I hear it’s better these days, but I’m not about to go 666 miles west to check it out.

    • Once in a while I strap on my Colt SAA .45 in my Mexican fold holster with cartridge belt and nod to the mirror. Then I take it back off realizing how much (negative) attention it would bring on the street, put on my Springfield XDS-9 in an IWB and out the door I go. I don’t ever want to gunfight again, but I would like to saunter down the street in that six-gun rig once in a while. I guess we really don’t have all the freedom we think we do.


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