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The #metoo movement started by calling attention to actual abuses, and then devolved into a pathetic Jacobin-style exercise of social media denouncementsvendetta-settling, anonymous false accusations, and the inevitable unintended consequences. But many feel that, something far better than publicizing instances of victimization is making sure you’re not victimized in the first place.

As we noted last week, Rick Ector will be training 900 women in safe gun handling and use — for free — on Sunday May 19. In that same vein, The Well Armed Woman, which has thousands of members in hundreds of chapters across the country, is inviting women to participate in #NotMe Day shooting event on Saturday, June 1.

Here’s TWAW’s press release . . .

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – May 13, 2019 –  The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters invites women all across the country to head to a local shooting range on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 for #NotMe Day. Together they will stand in solidarity with sister self-protectors and show the world they refuse to be a victim or to say #NeverAgain to ever being a victim again. Each participant will fire three rounds to symbolize: I am empowered, I am prepared, I will not be a victim.

“Women are tired of being the prey of violent criminals and are doing what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones.” Shares Carrie Lightfoot, #NotMe Day Organizer and founder of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters.  “#NotMe Day is an opportunity for all women to join together and show the world that women refuse to be forever bound to the unequal battlefield of violence.” Lightfoot continued.

Women are asked to wear the color purple, head to a local range and fire their symbolic rounds at any time during the day on June 1st. Participants are encouraged to share their photos on all social media platforms with the hashtag #NotMe and include #NeverAgain if they have been victims of violence in the past.

There is no fee to participate and women can learn more and register to participate online on the TWAW Shooting Chapters website.

“This event was inspired by a passionate speech given by Susan LaPierre, Co-Chair of NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and is a wonderful opportunity for all women to stand united as competent and courageous self-protectors. I can’t wait to see thousands of empowered women, dressed in purple standing up together to say “NOT ME!” said Lightfoot.

About The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters 

TWAW Shooting Chapters, Inc. is a 501 c 3 Non-profit organization with almost 400 chapters across the country. It exists to educate and empower women in a safe and non-threatening environment for their effective and responsible self-defense with firearms.

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  1. Just remember ladies, to pull the trigger on that SR22 11 times as fast as you can when Creepy Joe assaults you. That’s a .22 not a .45.

    • Maybe they should change their name. “Well armed” doesn’t really fit if you’re packing a .22LR. But hey, it’s a lot better than nothing, I guess.

      • True it should be “armed”, not necessarily “well armed”.
        That said, the SR22 is a great little gun, and will do the job in a pinch. I’ve occasionally carried mine (though I also have more appropriate carry guns).
        The SR22 is easy to conceal, easy to shoot, cheap to practice with, and pretty reliable for a .22 auto pistol. It makes a lot of sense for the elderly or feeble.

        • A gut shot with a .22 may not put him down quickly. But he will drop any rapey, molesty ideas he had.

        • This is true. Even a small amount of intestinal leakage into the abdominal cavity tends to ruin the mood.

    • Well, the SR22 has a reasonable SA pull and is laser accurate for short to medium range shooting with very little recoil. The gun is small, light, cheap, and in my experience very reliable when clean. Honestly, 11 rounds of CCI velocitor or Stinger are far more likely to stop an attack than either not carrying a firearm or missing wildly with a 357.

      • Well since the vast majority of ‘stops’ are ‘psychological stops’, I don’t suppose it makes all that much difference whether the bad guy takes a .22 bullet or has a .357 slug whiz by his head. Either way if he has any sense of self preservation he’ll quickly desist.

    • The .22LR is not awe-inspiring when it comes to self-defense.

      But I suppose it beats a .22 short.


  2. “The Well Armed Woman Putting on #NotMe Women’s Shooting Events Across the Country June 1”

    This is how you turn a negative into a positive…
    Don’t stand around screaming #MeToo, do something about it and stand around yelling #NotMe…

  3. To paraphrase a joke I read here; Cops show up to an attempted rape scene. Perp is dead. Cop ask woman what type of gun she used. She showed him a NAA .22 revolver. Cop says that’s not a gun. She says “that’s what he said”
    Stop bad-mouthing .22s. The Ruger SR22 is a great gun to learn on. You can always move up to a bigger gun.
    Way to go Ladies!

    • Oh, let’s see: It’s bigger than a SIG P365. The SIG has a better trigger, better sights (night sights included), and a damn sight better ballistics. It might have the SIG on weight though!

      And for those with strength issues in their hands, the S&W M&P EZ is a great choice in .380.

      Again, better than a .22LR. Which is better than a .22 short.

    • Ive seen corpses made by 22s and turds walk away after being shot with 300blackouts. It really comes down to luck and placement.

      I had a guy walking around after being shot through the neck with a 45 and try to refuse transport. I’ve had a guy die like he’d been struck by lightning after catching a 9mm above the belly button, because after bouncing off his spine it punctured his heart. Bullets do funny stuff sometimes. Hell I even had a guy get shot in the head with a 9mm and it just travelled under his scalp over the top of his skull.

      Long story short:shoot them with whatever don’t get too hung up on caliber.

  4. There’s a lot of dead stuff on account of a .22LR. , , , , , Me to female shooter, Why don’t you get something bigger, like maybe a .38?” She says” But I can shoot this one fast and hit what I aim at” , and that’s really all it takes, hitting what you aim at.

  5. @JB; your arrogance is showing again. I agree with your comment re. the SIG. And sort of re. the M&P .380.
    But you can get 2 SR .22s for the price of the SIG. A new to shooting person may not want to buy the most expensive gun to start with. Or may be recoil shy. So, start with something less costly, low recoil and low flinch factor. Then, if you are really into the gun thing, you (she) can move up. And you (she) can lend out the .22 to another new shooter.
    Did you start with the most expensive gun?

    • .22lr ammo is also way cheaper to practice with. It runs about $15/500 right now (practice ammo, though I’d recommend carrying better ammo).

      There are many worse carry guns than an SR22. If I could only have one handgun, it might be an SR22, though I might choose a 642 or G26 instead. Fortunately, I can have more than one handgun.

  6. I don’t know any Well Armed Women (TWAW) who use a .22 (other than beginners practicing). Most use 9mm. The older ladies like revolvers. Of course, this is just in my group, Chicago area.

  7. Not what I recommend, but I probably worked about as many homicides where a .22 LR was used as any other caliber. In fact the caliber of choice at the quadruple was .22 LR. Better than a sharp stick.

  8. Yup, let’s just totally ignore the merits of a very good program and get in a ‘calber war’ because the picture shows a .22lr.

    Remember, not only are hundreds of thousands of bad guys a year stopped by the mere presentation of a gun (no shots fired = caliber is irrelevant), the lowly .22lr has been used successfully countless time for self defense. Is it the best choice, no, but I bet it’s infinitely more effective than your average woman’s (or man’s) and-to-hand combat skills and, like was mentioned earlier, nothing ruins ‘the mood for some lovin’ quite like a few rounds being fired at (or better yet, INTO) a would-be rapist.

    • I have to agree. What we all should be looking for is ANY program that gets firearms into the hands of the more non-traditional (gun owner-type) folks’ hands. The fact that so many Americans don’t even own a gun, let alone shoot it once-in-a-while is why the Second Amendment is so easy to assault by those who would love to lord over the masses.

      Get everyone you know out to a range and teach them the enjoyments of shooting. Self defense is a great need, but I’ve hardly ever “needed” a reason to shoot, even when it was only a BB gun when I was 9. Sit around making fun of programs like this? You are happily and willingly cutting off your own balls just to look cool to other basement-dwellers.

  9. Why does Kamala-Extract want these people disarmed?

    Oh, that’s right; she’s already got hers, n a security detail besides. “Gun control” “for the people”, it seems.

  10. Self-defense is two things: a state of mind; and, being “armed”. The lack of either one is a sufficient condition for failure.

    Which should we emphasize? Which should we be willing to exclude as a consequence of emphasizing the other?

    Each individual tends to think of him/herself first; not the other guy/gal. TTAG readers think of guns; not on our audience in the political fight. This is a political error. It is NECESSARY that we get a strong majority of Americans to favor a rigorous interpretation of the 2A. It is not necessary that they actually exercise that right.

    We should be content that America become a nation of “free-riders” who recognize that the 40% of their fellows who keep and bear arms are protecting the other 60% who do not.

    In this vein, I think it is a mistake to urge women to carry a gun because nothing else will serve the purpose. Instead, we should be willing to meet our audience where she is prepared to step-out of her shell.

    We need to emphasize that security is personal. First, avoid people/places/times that raise the possibility/probability of attack. Second, be prepared to respond by retreating or countering an attack.

    Pepper-spray has entered the realm of an “acceptable” arm. It is the 21’st Century hat-pin. It has its limitations; no weapon has a guarantee. Nevertheless, carrying pepper-spray is a first step that a woman can envision herself making – whereas, a gun is a bridge too far.

    I think we should consider promoting a message of “security is personal” and that pepper-spray is a practical and non-lethal first step. If women can begin to hear these messages then some will – gradually – be able to see that guns in the hands of civilians ALSO serve to make everyone – free-riders included – safer.

    Conversely, so long as any woman can’t envision herself taking any first step toward defending herself, we can’t alter her understanding of security as 9-1-1

  11. This is great news!
    It’s a throwback and I’m glad, because it’s empowerment in personal protection, but also goes back to a very special woman who is all to forgotten in her own right for empowering the women’s rights or what have you. The Great Annie Oakley!
    Too many women on the left don’t even realize how they are setting back the women’s movement by attacking gun self defense. It’s a shame, especially that you rarely hear about “Annie” and her exceptional overcoming of adversity as a women and what she’s done for women everywhere in times that were extremely difficult for women. You rarely hear about her outside of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Someone get some books and television documentaries, especially you women and start waving her flag and get some positive mojo going to combat those who prefer to play victim today.
    God Bless Annie Oakley!

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