strasbourg terror attack shooting
courtesy The Guardian and European Press Agency
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Yesterday a man who was well known to French authorities opened fire on the annual Christmas Market in the northeast city of Strasbourg. The shooter, identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt murdered four and wounded eleven more during a series of attacks before escaping.

As the Financial Times reports,

Prosecutor Rémy Heitz told a press conference the anti-terrorist unit was called into action “because of the area targeted, the operating mode used by the assailant and his profile . . . and the testimony of bystanders that heard him shouting ‘Alluha akbar’”.

Just as in so many similar previous cases,

Officials said the suspect was known to intelligence services as a potential security risk prior to the horror that unfolded in the French city on Tuesday evening.

Chekatt is believed to have been wounded by police before hijacking a taxi and escaping. He’s still on the loose, a subject of a massive manhunt that probably extends across the border into Germany.

As yet another “known wolf”, the Strasbourg shooter joins a long list of other terrorists who struck while being on law enforcement radar. There was Sayfullo Saipov in New York City, Ahmed Hassan in London, Salman Abedi in Manchester, Anis Amri in Berlin and Karim Cheurfi in Paris.

To be fair, we never hear of the attacks that may have been prevented by the world’s vast intelligence and law enforcement agencies, but their failures certainly seem to be frequent and spectacular. The disarmed populaces of the world’s social democracies — New York included — put their trust in these officials to protect them in exchange for giving up their right to protect themselves via strict gun control laws and prohibitions on legal carry.

As for Chekatt, authorities appear to have been moving in on him . . .

Earlier on Tuesday, he gave police the slip when they went to arrest him in connection with an attempted murder. He was not home but a stun grenade, a rifle and ammunition along with four knives, two of them hunting knives, were found in a search of his apartment.

When the suspect began shooting in the city centre just before 8pm on Tuesday, police quickly identified him as the same man they had been looking to arrest.

Laurent Nuñez, the secretary of state for the interior ministry, said the failed arrest might be one reason for the attack.

(Public prosecutor Rémy) Heitz said the man walked through several streets “at the heart of the Christmas market” shortly before 8pm. “All along this route he opened fire several times with a handgun and used a knife with which he seriously injured and killed.



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  1. He probably got his gun from Indiana–the same place those Chi-town gangbangers apparently get theirs (per the Northwestern “study”). 😉

  2. And a salami Lincoln to you…we already knew akbar wasn’t the amish mafia😖😩😡 Yeah non edit Rick.

  3. Hmmm….I be really really really trying to figure out what all these Bad Guys have in common. Must be something we could connect to them all. Any help here, suggestions ?

  4. How could he buy a gun? I just don’t understand how someone like that could buy a gun. Wouldn’t the law stop him from owning and carrying firearms? Doesn’t anyone obey the law anymore?

  5. If they had universal background checks, assault weapons ban, and limit the age to buy to 21 and older, 1 million in liability insurance, and safe storage laws this would never have happened!

    Oh, wait…

    • Purely coincidence. Nothing to do with shutting down the yellow vest protests. Nothing at all. You must be a conspiracy nut. Geez. Those folks are everywhere you look. Thinking that ‘our leaders’ have some nefarious ends in mind.

    • Meh, it happens like every month over there, which is about how long the protests have been simmering.

      Just as well, they had become completely overrun by communist agitators anyway; last thing France needs is another fifty years of communist revolutionary terror. Muslims would come out on top, anyhow.

  6. The unfortunate fact is that you can’t preemptively put every “known” person in prison based on a vague, unproven fear of what they “might” do one day.

    But I guess in this case they figured “eh, guns are illegal here, he can’t do anything”. -_-

    • Perhaps, but can we at least arrest the ones that are reasonably suspected of crimes? This one was wanted in connection with a previous attempted murder. Why didn’t that arrest take place sooner? Maybe he gave them the slip? Maybe they were watching him and trying to collect more evidence or reveal his terrorist ties? I don’t know. These things are judgment calls, but this time around a lot of people suffered as a result.

      • They also reported (I can’t believe it) that he has been *convicted* of 27 crimes in the past several years. Say what? Unless it was for spitting on the sidewalk, I cannot imagine how that could be, with him still running loose with a gun.

        • Criminal punishment in Europe is a joke. They say prison sentences over ten years is inhuman.

    • Considering that the attacker “has a lengthy criminal record which includes 27 convictions as well as lengthy prison sentences in Germany, France and Switzerland.” -
      obviously, the answer is NO! Not only can’t we arrest people for suspected crimes, we can’t even hold people that have already been convicted. At least Germany, France and Switzerland seem unable to uphold their own laws. But we in the US aren’t doing a whole lot better.
      The really sad part is that the ones that say we can’t imprison people “based on a vague, unproven fear of what they “might” do one day.” tend to be the exact ones pushing “thought police” and “hate speech” laws. Based upon what, exactly? A vague, unproven fear, of what “might” happen someday.
      Cognitive dissonance is alive and well, even on this forum, which is still ahead of most others, even though it, too, is going downhill rapidly.

    • It would seem that Italy thinks that it can arrest anyone for anything.
      “The Interior Minister promised on Wednesday that any found celebrating the shooting will be immediately sent to prison.” -

      At least, such is the CLAIM. Whether it actually means anything other than a politician forgot and left his mouth running again, remains to be seen. What are they to charge them with? Excessive happiness? Speech? Improper spelling?

  7. Cherif, Sayfullo, Ahmed, and Kerim… what do those names have in common?
    They’re all men’s names of course! This is just another example of toxic masculinity at work.
    The solution is obvious: we (American and European men) need to be less masculine.

    • Within the first 24hrs i have yet to see any mainstream media outlet report this fact. It was known last night along with a photo of the guy but no reporting. Had it been a neo nazi it would be everywhere. What the heck is going on in this world?

      • Because the Progressive media outlets don’t want to upset the followers of “the religion of peace” as it may provoke stigmatization and provoke further attacks.

      • The agenda is to cover up the truth about Muslims, Islam, the forced ‘integration’ of millions of mostly young rapist men. We see only what the powers that be want us to see — in MSM, anyway. And it’s nothing approaching the truth; rather, the narrative that ‘diversity is strength,’ rather than the destruction of white and Western civilizations, and the extermination of whites. Whether that extermination happens violently, or through mixing the races, doesn’t matter. Only that the white race is eventually eliminated. Conspiracy theory? Hardly. It’s being preached almost daily in some form or another, and has been for many decades.

        Most people have no idea of what’s happening in Europe, that mosques have been built by the thousands, that free speech is gone, self defense is gone, that muslims are outbreeding whites by at least 5 to 1. And it’s all being paid for by working whites, as in some of those countries, upwards of 90% of the muslims are on welfare, most for a lifetime. The muslims are paid to come in and take over — paid for by the very people they are conquering.

        As illegals here get benefits unlimited, while millions of Americans suffer from poverty, so, too, in Europe, only it’s the muslims who are the ‘preferred race.’ Here, too, the muslims are infiltrating, just not in as great a number. But Minneapolis, Dearborn, and quite a few other cities are becoming muslim strongholds in this country.

        • All good. If it wasn’t for all the negatives becoming so easily seen, how would the sleeping sheeple ever wake up? They need to be in real danger, and in large enough numbers(like now, esp. in Europe) that they decide to act, instead of just work their mouth parts around, like they’ve been doing their entire sleeping lives.

          • I became convinced awhile ago that most who are in the sleeping camp, will be apologizing for everything, up to the moment their heads are being cut off by their muslim conquerors.

            I take some solace that any revolution happens with a very small percentage — of course, that can work for ill or good, depending on who’s doing the uprising. 5% to 10%, and you can have some serious stuff going.

            France has been having some serious uprisings the past couple weeks; you’d be hard-pressed to read about it in MSM, other than ‘people are unhappy with the increase in taxes.’ MSM doing its best — and they control everything, and thus the masses — to keep the story innocuous.

            Yellow vests in America? It’s going to take something other than sitting at keyboards.

  8. Evidently, it was an attempt to arrest him that caused the attack. They should not arrest terrorists (along with their Islamic rapist brethren), as any disturbance of the people of peace causes a bad reaction.

  9. What I read on Breitbart is that he had 27 prior convictions. Nothing to be concerned about, obviously. Muslim. Nothing to be concerned about, obviously. Not sure what all the alarm is about. Just the dangers of living in the big city — isn’t that what Kahn said about London and all of its crime? Crime which has skyrocketed with the invasion of Muslims, but again, it’s obvious that Muslims are a peace-loving people. George W told us that right after 9-11.

    • The “religion of peace” strike again. We see the peace as coexistence. They see the peace as submission and subjugation, and eventual conversion.

      • Yes, you just have to closely examine the FBI crime stats, and you find that whites are this HUGE group of criminals / murders / committers of violent crimes … oh wait … hold on … wait, it’s blacks … sorry, I had my glasses on backwards. Yes, yes, blacks, at something like 13% of the population, commit well over 50% of violent crimes in this country.

        However, let’s be realistic. These facts interfere with the agenda that ‘diversity is our strength,’ multiculturalism is awesome, and whites are the bane of the earth and must be eliminated.

        ‘Domestic terrorists’ = whites. ‘Racists’ = whites. Etc. We’re the only race capable of those things. By definition, we are everything evil on this planet. Forget the minor fact that the evil civilizations which whites have built, are the ones that all the 3rd worlders flock to … they come running to mix it up with the racist whites. It’s just something, the sacrifices they make to come here. The tortures they put themselves through …

  10. Folks don’t believe me when I warn them that a single individual can cause a large scale lock down…

    The thing about attempting to arrest known terrorist/mass murderers is that if they find out they are about to be arrested, it can actually trigger them into acting out their attack. Something like “If Im going down, may as well take others down with me” kind of mentality.

    • People really don’t believe you? Totally innocent people carrying an umbrella have triggered lockdowns in the US.

  11. Yet another spree shooting in a country where this never happens, where gun laws are draconian.

  12. standard operating proccedure for froggy police, after wounding him they SOME HOW LOOSE HIM?????? sounds like a muzzy with a badge ? or maybe somebody’s brother in law …

  13. Who cares it’s France…A few less Frogs. France is falling apart just like the rest of the EU. Socialist learning the hard way about how it screws up their lives. They walked hand in hand down the socialism rabbit hole . Now the wolfs are enjoying the kill.

  14. So a man on a terrorism watchlist, currently being pursued on an attempted murder charge, penetrated the military-patrolled security perimeter of the Christmas market while carrying a long gun. He then shot a bunch of people, and successfully extricated himself from said security perimeter.

    Yeah, that doesn’t look good on their security service.

    • You’ve seen the geniuses at the DMV? Nearly all European bureaucrats are like that. Government service is a very well paid sheltered workshop where after much virtue signaling some occasional token work is performed.

      Actually, it describes Australian public servants as well.

      But the real masters of bureaucracy are the Indians. They can make a 5 minute job take 5-10 years to complete.

  15. The alleged victims are all a bunch of sanctimonious Eurotrash who hate American who believe in the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Why should we give a shit?

  16. The Europeans had their chance. Three times with the United States. I don’t care what happens to them. They have flooded their own countries with invaders who hate them. Their women are raped. Their children are murdered.

    There are tens of thousands of american soldiers buried in Europe. We were bombed by the Japanese not the Germans. Did we as Americans only delay the fate of the stupid Europeans?

    And they think we are barbarians who have gun rights???

    • More and more it looks like the blood we spilled in Europe was wasted. Fifty years after we liberate them from the Germans, they vote to give up their sovereignty to an organization dominated by… the Germans. Then they decided being replace by muslims in their own countries was a good idea. We should have saved our blood and treasure, and left them to Hitler and Stalin.

    • What can they ban? No guns allowed. No knives allowed. They announced something a few weeks ago about confiscating thousands and thousands of knives. They’ve created the perfectly defenseless populace. Though France, with their yellow vest protests, has reminded people of the power OF the people, when they come out in large enough numbers — armed, unarmed, they have come out in huge numbers. A story which of course hardly sees the light of day in MSM. Don’t want to encourage others to follow suit.

      It’s hardly coincidental that this presumed shooting (I’ve read things already that it’s a false flag; most of these are) comes right in the middle of the protests. Any more, I assume any mass shooting is a false flag — staged — until I learn otherwise.

      • All you have to see is what happened in Kyiv. Maidan.

        There is hope for the toppling of government, expelling the invaders. It’s still really slim, but the French have done it before. They have very little time left to do it…

      • That’s exactly what the French Nobility all said in 1789. We have everything! Guns, money, all the food, cannons, stone castles, explosives… What do the filthy peasants have? Pitchforks and hoes. We will destroy them. Bu wa ha ha ha….
        And then… the guillotine. It turns out that no matter how little power certain ones have, when they finally decide to push back, the weight of numbers is all they need. But they won’t do that until their lot becomes intolerable. Once they are so oppressed as to no longer fear the ‘authorities’, the extinction of that authority figure(I just call ’em the Grand Poobahs, whatever moniker they choose King, Premier, President, Me Heap Big Chief, whatever…) becomes inevitable.
        It the ages old stages of civilization. From slavery to spirit to courage to liberty to abundance to complacency to apathy to dependence and back to slavery again. This is not the first lap we’ve done around this track. We just seem to be unable to find the pit road, which is the only way off the track.
        If you wish to discuss this I’d love it. I’ve been posting it periodically here for years but no one has yet taken up the challenge.
        The question is, Where do you think the US, as it exists now, is at on this scale?
        Allen Roland at Veteran’s Today ( ) thinks we are at Dependence. I disagree. They call it 9 stages but traditionally selfish was not included. But whatever the number, its the progression that seems more relevant.

        • Too bad, but VT closes comments after only a few days and that item was from 2013.
          Since the notifications here haven’t worked for years, and the new management would only say; “we’re working on it”( that was at least a year ago… must not be “working on it” very hard…), I’ve taken to bookmarking any page I post on a few times, and then just returning there periodically. On my machine(linux) it even returns me to place in the comment section where I was when I bookmarked it.
          email would work too, if you desire some privacy. Mine is knlazar08, the at sign(@) and then gmail dot com. (this contorted way of writing seems to fool the bots looking to delete things, so far anyway)

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