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After reading about the trigger problems with the Remington 700, before the CNBC brouhaha, I went out and bought a Remington 700 SPS Tactical. I was confident the gunmaker had addressed a trigger design defect more than two-and-a-half decades ago. No, that’s not it. I didn’t buy the Remington 700 because it wasn’t defective. I bought it because it’s what I want: a reasonably priced 308 rifle for target practice. In bad ass black. If SWAT teams and military special ops trust the post-1982 Remington 700 to save the lives of innocent people, that’s good enough for me. OK, they deploy the Remington M-24 Sniper Weapon System based on the 700. But still. Which brings me to my main point: why is Remington attacking CNBC’s reporter instead of defending their gun?

Remington’s attack video is a huge miscalculation. Yes, reporters are lying scumbags. Yes, Remington got sandbagged by a journalist who didn’t know enough to keep his finger off the trigger of a gun—whilst kvetching about the 700’s safety, no less. But really, this isn’t about media bias and “agenda driven journalism.” It’s about a gun.

All Remington has to do to manage this crisis: tell existing and potential customers that the 700 is safe. Instead, their┬áresponse video repeats CNBC’s claim. How dumb is that? I mean, there may be people who didn’t know about the CNBC report. Why decrease that population?

The video also assumes that showing the reporter to be a putz is enough to convince people that he’s wrong. Wrong. Even a putz can be right. The big question: is he? Address the damn issue guys. Or, not to coin a phrase, don’t shoot the messenger. Show how the gun is safe, how it can’t fire accidentally. Done.

I bought a Remington 700. I know: I should have waited until this media-driven stink became a toxic cloud, and then purchased the weapon at a discount. Contrarian that I am, I wanted to do the right thing. It’s too bad Remington doesn’t know what that means.

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  1. Truth is, Remington has, and is continuing to address the “safety issues” involving the Walker Firing Mechanism, through its’ site, and with the support of literally hundreds of thousands of Remington 700 owner/users. Anyone know of anyone, who has had a failure, with their 700?…and the factual cause(s)?


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