The Path to Gun Ownership in America

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  1. Couldn’t risk placing one darker figure on the criminal side, eh? 😂😂😂 👀🤫

    • “Couldn’t risk placing one darker figure on the criminal side, eh?”

      No, pieces of human shit thugs come in all colors, white, black, yellow, or brown…

  2. Interesting graphic. It just doesn’t necessarily fit with my personal experiences. All I needed was a small amount of money, a NICS green light, and the ability to read and write. Granted, not everyone can get passed those three things very easily. But I hardly consider it the fault of government if someone can’t pass NICS for a killing a cop. But everything costs money, reading and writing is a needed skill anyway, and if NICS is an issue then there are other things to look at.

    The part of all this that gets filled with trap doors is sifting through liberal lies, half truths, and wanna-be tyrants.

    • Prndll,

      But I hardly consider it the fault of government if someone can’t pass NICS for…

      There are significant problems and risks with the “legal” requirement that people have to pass a background check before they can purchase a firearm from a federal firearm licensee.

      First problem: a stupid teenager steels a car when he/she is 18 years old and government prosecutes them (rightly so) for felony auto theft. He/she serves two years in prison and completes parole without incident. Fast forward 20 years when he/she is 38 years old, has a family, ZERO incidents of running afoul of the law, and wants to purchase a firearm for family protection–only to find out that he/she is still a “prohibited person” and cannot purchase nor own a firearm.

      Second problem: vindictive government refuses to adequately staff/fund the background check function and background checks grind to a halt–effectively ending all “legal” firearm sales at federal firearm licensees.

      Third problem: vindictive government defines almost anything to be a felony and disqualifies vast swaths of people from being able to purchase/own firearms.

      Those are facts and there is ample historical precedent to support their current or easily plausible future existence. That is why I no longer support the federal background check requirement.

      And on a more pragmatic note: people who pose too great a danger to society if they can legally purchase/own firearms pose too great a danger to society to be walking freely among us where they can unleash all manner of destruction on society.

      • NICS is a problem and needs work. If it isn’t going to get the attention it needs then it should be scrapped.

        Grand theft auto might be the name of a video game but stealing cars is NOT considered ‘normal’ behavior. For a teenager or anyone else.

        • So when do we stop punishing them? If after they are released from prison and follow the law for 10, 20, or 50 years when have they proven themselves worthy of their basic rights again? If they are safe enough to release from prison, gun ownership shouldn’t be on the table for discussion. Neither should voting for that matter. And in most states felons can NEVER own a firearm or vote again.

        • Seth, the Criminals choose to be criminals. No one twisted their arms. They chose to be what they are. When you commit a felony you forfeit certain rights. The right to bear arms is one.

      • “First problem: a stupid teenager steels a car when he/she is 18 years old and government prosecutes them (rightly so) for felony auto theft.”

        That’s the parent’s fault for not impressing on their little Johnny or Jenny at a young age that what they do can have lifelong negative consequences.

        With my parents, it was simple, they just said “If you ever end up in jail, you better not call expecting us to get your ass out. You can sit there.”

        On to the gist of the issue – I have no problem with a system being set up to restore firearm rights for non-violent offenders. Justice Amy Coney-Barrett is inclined to rule that way, based on a decision she has written on the federal bench.

        But if you used or threatened to harm someone, I have little interest in them ever owning a firearm again…

      • Agreed. If a convicted felon is deemed safe enough to free from prison, why keep them from purchasing or owning a gun? If they are that unstable, they shouldn’t be out in the public.

        • ROFLMAOBT! A criminal is released form prison because his time has expired. It has nothing to do with his “being deemed safe enough to free from prison(sic)”. Where did you come up with that one?

      • In Kallyfornicadia, at least, there is a procedure for a convicted felon to be declared rehabilitated and thus freed from the impediments imposed by a felony conviction. It does require the convicted felon to go through the steps necessary to be so declared. I can’t speak to other states but Kallyfornicadia does have a procedure for relief from felony convictions. It does require that one have refrained from subsequent felony convictions. Each additional felony conviction extends the waiting time period before relief can be sought.

        So for those on this list who cannot legally acquire firearms and live in Kallyfornicadia, consult a lawyer regarding regaining your civil liberties.

    • Apparently not living in NY/NJ/MA and glad you had an easy time the way it should be.

  3. I love that cartoon. It depicts the real situation. Not the Leftist’s fantasy.

  4. The Far Right are always their own worst enemies.

    They have blocked laws like Universal Background Checks and Safe storage laws which permit criminals to buy second hand guns with no paperwork or simply break into someone’s home and pick up guns that are not locked up in a safe. Its so simple a child could understand the problem but Far Right Paranoia makes them incapable of seeing even the most elementary of truths and solutions.

    When there is more crime and murder there are more calls to take the easy way out and just ban weapons but this is way over the head of the Far Right.

    • More crime and murder leads to millions of new gun owners. We’re rapidly approaching the point where every home in America has at least one gun.

      The simple minded solution is to punish the decent gun owners for the actions of a few. That’s how a fascist thinks.

      • His aim is to eliminate gun crime by eliminating gun owners. We are “class enemies” who deserve extermination.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. “The Far Right” “have blocked laws like Universal Background Checks and Safe storage laws? ” Apparently you have not been aware that there are Background Checks done ever day when someone buys a firearm.

      Criminals will continue to buy “second hand” guns in the back alleys, etc without any paperwork. Just how do you propose to stop this? You see criminals don’t follow laws like normal people.

    • The “far right” is done with the lefts unending pursuit to disarm us. No more compromises. We’ve given too much already. That isn’t “far right”. It’s just to the right of stupid.

  5. It takes about ten minutes to buy a gun in the free states. Legally. Or 30 seconds from the back of an alley. In all 50 states.

    • Chris T in KY, I’d like to know where you can buy a gun in 10 minutes in the “free states”? I’ve never been able to buy a gun in less than 30 minutes.

      • Pennsylvania.
        It might help I have an unusual name and I put down my ss number to help in the check so my checks go quickly.
        Same with my wife last transfer and nice check

        • The only way you can buy a gun in PA is to be a resident. It takes longer than 10 minutes to just fill out the form for most people as the sales person has to verify your ID with your government issued ID, usually an Driver’s License. Then you go though the Background which is less than 20 seconds in most cases.

          I think people are using the criteria of having already selected the firearm, the sales person then brings it out and then you go through the rig-a-ma-roll of filling out the form. All of that takes a lot more than 10 minutes.

  6. The NICS system is broken and need fixing. The latest report I saw it’s estimated that 89% of the denials in the in the NICS system are false denials (i.e. the person is allowed to purchase). The message I get from the cartoon is that in certain states and cities, the law abiding citizen has to get the state governments permission to purchase a firearm. This in in the form of some type of Firearms Owner Identification Card. In some states a person will have to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 dollars to get permission from the state Then they can pay $400+ for a weapon. Thankfully I do not live in one of those states, and in mine my CCW permit allows me to purchase without going thru the NICS. I believe more people in the ‘permission’ who are first time gun buyers are waking up to the monsters they have created by supporting some of the ‘gun safety’ laws.

  7. ccording to the 2017 Small Arms SuHere are some statistics about gun ownership in the United States.
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