The Ninth Circuit Takes Another Crack at ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

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    • d (in a rational world, your handle would be ‘f’ – you don’t even earn a “d”),

      How about . . . because, apparently, it p*sses you off? Sufficient for me, and if it made your panties wad up, well, that’s just a bonus, I guess.

    • @d

      “And the point of this useless post is?????”

      Wow! You are really adept at missing the obvious.

    • LKB, is that about the 9th ‘circus’ taking the case ‘en banc’ instead of handing it over to a 3-judge panel, as is usually done?

      And, how may that be received by Thomas, if he thinks its a deliberate stalling maneuver (AKA, “A right delayed is a right denied)?

      • According to Mark Smith of Four Boxes Diner the 9th is making sure the same 11 justices that heard and upheld the magazine ban last time “en banc” are going to hear the case again instead of a random choosing of such. He explains it in much more detail in his latest video.

        As always hoping to read LKB’s insight and wisdom.

        • Saw that earlier. It’s just infuriating watching those clowns using any trick they can to chip away at gun rights. In the past the circuit courts only ever do this when it’s considered a time sensitive case. Which this case is not.

          If nothing else, here’s hoping these shenanigans will be enough to SCOTUS involved and get a case up there and finally get these stupid laws thrown into the dust-bin of history where they belong.

        • In the end, I think these shenanigans are helpful for our side. We don’t have to wait 2 years for the 3 judge panel to make a decision before the en banc would say the ban was Constitutional anyway. We’re 2 years closer to having the SCOTUS take it up.

  1. Hey, Grace!

    I like the drawing, but it seems more like a slug fest than a tug-of-war. Tugging is too peaceful. Kalif-fornia is far too predatory of its own citizens.

  2. Did I miss something? Michel & Associates don’t have any additional activity (e.g., yet another appeal by CA) on this, so the ball is still landing on the side of gun owners. I’m not understanding why this page is titled “The Ninth District Takes Another Crack”.

    Monday will be the end of the 10-day stay Benitez placed on his full injunction. That’s when we’ll see something.

  3. But of course…awaiting moderation. Again. Because…well, nobody knows any more. That’s my cue to take a break from TTAG for a few days.

    • I think we all take turns being censored🙄 I honestly don’t know if anything here matters at all.☹️

    • Haz,

      One would think that a site SUPPOSEDLY focused on discussing and upholding a basic civil right (the RKBA) would be welcoming of robust debate, but . . . nah. TTAG has some of the most restrictive “moderation” I’ve encountered (and they try to hide behind “Not our fault!! It’s the algorithms!!”) Which is bullsh*t, of the purest ray serene. The “pattern” of “moderation” on TTAG is NOT an “algorithm”, and anyone with the brains to pour p*ss out of a boot knows that.

      I don’t CARE if they moderate (it’s their site; they have the right to do that), JUST FREAKIN’ BE HONEST ABOUT IT!! Admit you are “moderating”, state your rules, and quit trying to blow smoke up our backsides. This site has seriously gotten me angry. There are other gun/2A sites on the Internet. I like a lot of the people here (you among others), but the frustration level is starting to exceed the fun of “whack-a-mole” with dacian the demented and MajorLiar. Beating up morons is only mildly amusing; being “moderated” for things that others have said in the same thread, or language used by other posters (in the same thread), or whatever their excuse du jour is, has become tedious.

      If you know of a forum more conducive to actual FREE SPEECH, please advise.

      • The problem is that they use W0rdPre$$ and they are a bunch of Leftists so when you set your site to try to automatically cull all the spam junk you can, they also m0derate a lot of valid posts. I also think they use a random function to wack the posts of frequent commenter.

        • “…wack the posts of frequent commenter.”

          Almost there, Rusty. If you guys getting moderated all the time would just click on a couple ads now & then, thus contributing to somebody’s AGI, why, your posts would sail right through, presto chango. This is a commercial venture, you know.

  4. How can we drop the hammer on them?
    A whole bunch of We’s with hammers is how. The Court says,dont mean diddly squat no more Josie

  5. Why are people so stupid in New York. “Oh look, a massive flood …. why by golly lets all go out and drive our cars, and go underground to the subways where it fills up, and run out and do our grocery shopping … and oh yeah, lets also vote for the democrat politicians that are purposely endangering our city by letting all these ‘migrants’ with their human trafficking, drug dealers, and criminals, the city does nothing about and in fact facilitates, to over run our city and place the city in debt while we have to pay for it with our tax dollars.”

    in New York …..

  6. And remember the bodega case where the elderly clerk, Jose Alba, defended him self by stabbing his attacker …and the NY DA Alvin Bragg had him arrested and jailed on murder charges despite the video evidence very clearly showing it was obvious valid legal necessary self-defense > well > Ex-bodega clerk Jose Alba sues NYC DA Alvin Bragg for racial discrimination after murder charges dropped >

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