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“As Longdon sat waiting for her flight, a screen in the concourse showed footage of the [Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America NRA meeting] press conference. A tall, thin man standing nearby stared at Longdon, then back at the screen. Then he walked up to Longdon and spat in her face. No one else blinked.” That’s the lead from the Mother Jones article Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women, which describes Longdon as “a mom, gun owner, and Second Amendment supporter.” The article raises some important questions . . .

First, did the attacks described in the article actually happen? It may seem insensitive to suggest that a woman whose shooting injury confined her to a wheelchair and left her in constant pain would fabricate an airport assault to further her agenda. But make no mistake, Longdon has an agenda. The so-called Second Amendment supporters is “a vocal advocate for comprehensive background checks and other gun reforms.” As Benjamin Franklin would say, she has an axe to grind.

Longdon was shocked and embarrassed, she told me, but she didn’t falter. “Wow, aren’t you a big man,” she said as he turned and walked away. Instead of calling for security, she wheeled herself to a restroom to clean herself off. She was tired—she lives with constant physical pain—and didn’t want to miss her flight.

“Should I have done something more? Quite honestly, in the scheme of things it was a little man and a little moment,” she said. “He felt to me like a coward and a bully.”

In other words, there’s no independent confirmation of the attack. But let’s say it did occur, and for the reason she inferred (her work for Moms Demand Action). Does it signal a trend of some sort? Mother Jones Senior Editor Mark Follman makes the case. Kinda.

What happened to Longdon in Indianapolis is part of a disturbing pattern. Ever since the Sandy Hook massacre, a small but vocal faction of the gun rights movement has been targeting women who speak up on the issue—whether to propose tighter regulations, educate about the dangers to children, or simply to sell guns with innovative security features. The vicious and often sexually degrading attacks have evolved far beyond online trolling, culminating in severe bullying, harassment, invasion of privacy, and physical aggression. Though vitriol flows from both sides in the gun debate, these menacing tactics have begun to alarm even some entrenched pro-gun conservatives.

Follman’s paragraph leaves out a crucial detail: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – a women’s anti-gun group – began life in the aftermath of the Sand Hook slaughter. MDA’s become the pre-eminent spokesfolk for the war against guns. The [questionable] examples of “severe bullying, harassment, invasion of privacy, and physical aggression” have little to do with the gun grabbers’ gender per se.

As Elliot Fineman is won’t to say, it’s all about the guns stupid. 

I’m sorry, did I call Follman stupid? That’s insulting. Good thing he’s not female. Because then I’d be a misogynist; a term used against me by MDA. I mention this because Follman’s doing MDA’s bidding: painting gun control advocates as victims. Victims of “gun bullies.” Bullies with guns. Who must be disarmed to prevent bullying with guns. Or worse!

Unlike the rest of the “logic” deployed by Shannon Watts – a woman who crusades against civilian gun ownership accompanied by armed bodyguards – the “gun bullies need disarming” argument is reasonably coherent. Ah, but is it true? Is it true in context? Follman hints at this problem with his central thesis by declaring “vitriol flows from both sides in the gun debate.” Anyway, let’s consider his evidence.

Last May in her hometown of Phoenix, [Longdon] helped coordinate a gun buyback program with local police over three weekends. On the first Saturday, a group of men assembled across the street from the church parking lot where Longdon was set up. They shouted about constitutional rights and tyranny, and called people arriving to trade in their guns “sellouts.” (The program netted nearly 2,000 firearms with more than $200,000 in reimbursements.)

Some of them approached Longdon. “You know what was wrong with your shooting?” one said. “They didn’t aim better.” Another man came up, looked Longdon up and down and said, “I know who you are.” Then he recited her home address. The harassment continued, and the men showed up throughout the program, a Phoenix police official involved confirmed to me.

Nice try. Confirmation from an unnamed police official that the men “showed up” is not the same as confirming what they said to Longdon.

After a fundraiser one night during the program, Longdon returned home around 10 p.m., parked her ramp-equipped van and began unloading herself. As she wheeled up to her house, a man stepped out of the shadows. He was dressed in black and had a rifle, “like something out of a commando movie,” Longdon told me. He took aim at her and pulled the trigger. Longdon was hit with a stream of water. “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?” he scoffed before taking off.

Really? Now that’s the kind of thing you report to the police. Like the death threats [allegedly] made to the Maryland gun dealer who announced his intention of selling the Armatix iP1 “smart gun.” Also unreported. But mentioned here, like the confrontation between Alex Jones and an elderly male MDA supporter – despite the fact that neither episode involved or “targeted” women.

But hey, when you write a hit piece, you hit, regardless whether the evidence you present is factual or, indeed, relevant. But this bit about the woman who called 911 to report an open carry march, is. Relevant, I mean. Factual? Hmmm.

The woman—a high school teacher who asked not to be identified—quickly got pummeled with text messages and voicemails, copies of which she provided to Mother Jones. Callers told her she was a “stupid bitch” and “motherfucking whore.”

“They fought for their right to carry guns,” said another. “You’re a piece of shit.” One caller threatened to come after her with a gun.

Over the next four days she received nearly two dozen such calls and text messages. Someone put her information into a phony profile on a large e-commerce site, and she got a barrage of calls about agricultural products and security systems.

“I really felt strongly about not changing my cellphone number—I’m not going to be intimidated,” she told me. “But it just got to the point where it’s not worth it.”

Again, why hasn’t she contacted the police? And why do I suspect that Follman is, at the least, exaggerating or even fabricating the response? This:

The attack left the teacher worried for the safety of her family: “I felt that if I walked out someone was going to be standing there.” But in hindsight, she says, “I think they are very weak men. They use their guns because that’s all they have. If you know what I mean.”

What are the odds that a high school teacher in Plano, Texas would trot-out the “gun guys have a small penis” meme? And if she did, what does that tell you about the character of the comments on the anti-gun side of the ledger? Clearly, Follman has an agenda, too.

What the group hasn’t publicized are some of its members’ more degrading antics. In March, a group of them held a “mad minute” at a firing range, pulverizing a female mannequin with a hail of bullets. They positioned the figure with her hands raised in surrender, naked from the waist up. Afterward, they posed with the bullet-riddled mannequin, her arms blown off and her pants down at her ankles. “Mad minute” is a military expression referring to a burst of rapid fire, and Open Carry Texas members have often referred to Moms Demand Action as “mad moms.”

Implication: a group of Open Carry Texas members want to shoot women and/or sexually violate them. It’s the exact same message Moms Demand Action jefe Shannon Watts has been promoting since her Astroturf org’s inception. Follman gives her a quote on the subject, but I prefer this one from Al Jezeera.

“I didn’t even know that underbelly of America existed,” Watts said of the sexist, misogynistic online comments directed at her as the MDA spokeswoman. “The sexuality that seems to be intertwined with guns. The threats of rape and constant sexual insults and threats seem to be tied in with the very aggressive gun activists.”

There’s irony here; Shannon Watts is a “very aggressive gun activist.”Judging from these comments, Watts is also a misandrist. And Follman’s hero. He gives the former Monsanto PR rep the final word.

The cumulative threats and harassment have at times felt exhausting for women working at the state and local level. “It’s one thing to think about it and see images of it online,” one of the Texas moms told me. “It’s another thing entirely to see this kind of thing out of your car window when you’re driving your kid to soccer practice.”

But they say they have no intention of backing down and are in it for the long haul. “Yes, the threats, slurs, and bullying are shameful and concerning,” says Watts. “But they’re also emboldening. No fight for cultural change comes without this kind of resistance. The reality is that a majority of NRA members and gun owners support the reforms we’re fighting for.”

Uh, no. Follman failed to provide convincing evidence of a coordinated campaign of threats and harassment against anti-gun activists. Just as he failed to put the pro-gun ugliness that does exist – which TTAG removes from its main site and Facebook page – into context. By ignoring examples of anti-gun “extremism” (e.g., death threats against NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre), Follman’s folly is little more than anti-gun agitprop.

And double no. The “reality” is that NRA members oppose the “reforms” on MDA’s agenda. It’s outright, unopposed lies like that which antagonize the less civil members of the pro-gun community. That’s not an excuse. It’s an explanation.

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  1. OK, I have to admit, I got a good chuckle from the video.

    A tad inflammatory? Sure, but … still a creative use of their logo.

    Now, as for the substance of the post itself.

    If, and I do mean if, this happened, the jerk who did this deserves to be taken out back and have his arse kicked good and proper. There is NO excuse or justification for such behavior. None. Zero.

    Anyone defending such an affront needs to have his/her head examined.

    Of course, if this did not happen, shame on the agitator making such false claims.

    • I willing to bet, NONE of this happened. This standard ploy is to outreach to emotions to low information voters. Somehow people are to believe some report by some reporter is the ultimate fact. Take look at 60min, going back to Audi and its run away cars that it fabricated, to Benghazi and other news stories that were later to be FALSE. This is all Yellow Journalism. These are the same lies as when a gun control rally was said to have “thousands of supporters” and there are only 50, but a gun rights rally which did have thousands if not close to ten thousand is said to have a “low turn out”

      The media especially social media is used as propaganda. People are either too busy or to lazy to actually seek out the truth. Since they like to use a “unnamed sources” or the person was “to afraid” to speak, it could and in many times is “made up” — integrity does not matter as long as you are supporting the dogma. The end justifies the means, the truth be damned we are in the middle of a culture war!

      EVEN after disasters like a hurricane, I reference storm Sandy, how dire something is or is not is often purposely misreported depending on the agenda of the reporter or the news agency. In CT, while there were fists fights happening in lines for generators or food, the media reported “there was no trouble and everything was under control” It was only through the internet and various forums with many pictures we saw it was all BS. The government wanted the illusion of calm — the news media should have reported the truth and only did after many complaints.

      Journalism in many areas is less about the “truth” versus pushing a political agenda.

      Everyone has a right to speak, the problem is there is no icon or indicator that the person is lying through his teeth, that is unless they are a politician and then it is safe to assume they are always in campaign mode and always ready to spin a lie.

      Watts is a marketing maven, Bloomberg owns media companies, together they spin marketing and propaganda. Even if someone uncovers their lies, the true believers will say that what was uncovered was wrong.

      I would bet money that those incidents are lies fit to prop-up an agenda if there was a way to actually find the truth.

      • I too seriously question the veracity of the report. It just seem way too over the top “drama” … did a guy actually see her on TV, then see her, and then hurl a loogie her way?

        Just seems too contrived.

        • See, that’s actually called Assault. And if this actually happened, she should have reported it to a police officer. Then she could have that person’s rights to firearms removed. Amazing how the stories they weave require NO evidence of real wrongdoing. “He threatened to kill me, but whatever…”

          It should be “He threatened to kill me, and I had him arrested, and got a restraining order against him.”

          But the whole story is a fabrication. I live in Phoenix. It’s too hot to do that crap.

    • Paul,

      I wholeheartedly support the virtue of being slow to anger and even slower to violence. I’ll come right out and say it, violence should be our last resort.

      We also have to see things for what they really are. Gun grabbers limit what personal property we can own and will ruin our lives (via imprisonment or death) if we defy them.

      To be totally honest, I cannot for the life of me figure out why millions of us have not responded with violence. Is it because these gun grabbers wear suits and dresses? Is it because gun grabbers are our neighbors (sort of like Stockholm Syndrome)? Is it because gun grabbers act in concert with government? Is it because gun grabbers’ ruination of our lives doesn’t seem very imminent?

      • Or…could it be that contrary to their fantasies the overwhelmingly vast majority of us are NOT weirdos who would engage in such abhorrent behavior?

        I think that is the reason.

    • I believe spitting in someone’s face is classified as assault (at least in most states). The appropriate response to a criminal act would be to prosecute the offender. I don’t care why he did it (assuming, again, that it occurred).

      • She was in a secure area of an airport waiting to board a flight. IF it happened, you can be reasonably certain that it is on tape somewhere. The incident at her home was ALSO a criminal assault, and she must be a total fool if she did not report that either–or a liar.

    • If these events actually occurred, you would be able to hear the screeching nationwide. Far from virtuously ignoring such assaults, these harpys would prosecute not only to the full extent of the law, but also to the full volume of all the combined lamestream media. Ergo, I have money says it is all a lie. I also suspect that if a single instance were true, all the women involved would be hiding beneath their kitchen tables, dreaming about sexual innuendo.

  2. I call BS. No way this happened in an airport and nobody else saw and reported it. Human eyes and cameras everywhere.

    Why was they guy standing near her gate if he wasn’t getting on a plane? He’d be ticketed, no problem finding out who he was.

    No way in hell this actually happened.

    • Remember….because the anti-gun trolls believe that their cause is noble and just, they have granted themselves the privilege of telling “stories” whether true or otherwise, with an emphasis on “otherwise” to convince the ignorant masses, by any means possible.

    • Any rational person (especially an unarmed gun control advocates) would have called the police, spitting on someone is enough to be arrested for assault charges, guy could have gone to jail. The guy in black with the assault squirt gun could of also been arrested. If either one of these events would have been reported to law enforcement, arrests would have been made, and it would be all over the news, generating lots of publicity and sympathy for MDA members, and two gun nuts would possibly lost their gun rights too. This story has no credibility.

    • Yeah… without a police report I am calling BS.

      I am an x military guy, not afraid of much. I am hardly the type of person one alleged victim is painted to be; a harmless and defenseless woman, a righteous martyr for peace…

      And you can bet I’d call the cops in a hot second if some whacko jumped out, sprayed me with a water gun, and spouted something before running off.

      There is just no earthly way something like this happened to the person it allegedly happened to with no paper trail involved.

      • Yeah, I’d call the cops, too, to come get the body. Middle of the night, dressed in black, jump out at me with something looks like a gun? Adios, ding-dong. Anybody think one in a thousand, hell, a million POTG would do something so blatantly stupid, very nearly suicidal?

  3. I read the article, then watched the video wondering if it was going to depict the supposed “mad minute” shooting of the topless mannequin with her pants pulled down.

    Instead, I got a chuckle… nice use of the MDA sign for target practice. Ha!

  4. Why do they never call the police when their lives are supposedly threatened and then say we should give up on self defense and call police when our lives are in danger?

    Is that what gun sense is?

    • Yes! This is what I was going to say. These people are constantly droning on about relying on police instead of self-defense, yet time after time, they report threats which any normal person would report to the police — but not them.

      Maybe some small percentage have some small kernel of truth. The spitter, for instance, could have been someone so pissed that when he spoke to her, some saliva sprayed out, and that got exaggerated into intentional spitting. But these people have lied so many times that it is easier to belive they are lying again than that they refused to call 911 for a real threat.

  5. While I again say that this spitting thing never happened, I see it this way:

    Spitting on someone is vile. Spitting on a woman is worse. Spitting on a woman in a wheelchair is even worse.

    But . . . At least this hypothetical spitter had the decency to carry out his act of violent depravity directly. He (hypothetically) stood in front of his victim, looked her in the eye, and carried out the vile deed himself.

    Wheelchair lady deprives people of their God given rights, and uses others to do the dirty work of violently confiscating, or threatening violence to enforce unjust laws. She then leaves her victims susceptible to further violence at the hands of criminals (both common criminals and tyrants).

    So, I place pretend spitter-guy one notch above gun grabber lady on the morality scale.

    • “Spitting on someone is vile. Spitting on a woman is worse. Spitting on a woman in a wheelchair is even worse.”

      Assault is assault. Attacking someone who is less able to defend themselves may be more cowardly that taking on someone your own size, but a crime is a crime regardless of the victim’s identity (or, at least, it should be). But you seem to be making a moral rather that legal statement, so I suppose nothing you said is inconsistent with what I said.

  6. Conservatives, libertarians and anyone who stands in the way of the progressives’ utopia, we may not get spit upon or physically assaulted, but we are marginalized and demonized by the mainstream media. This demonization has reached the point where we are denied employment and economic opportunities to “shame” us out of our views. This is not to say we are starving or unable to live (yet), but it does mean we are not truly free, and is galling in what is ostensibly a free and liberal society.

    Let me blunt now. If you push a person too far, you will get pushed back. I personally do not advocate violence, but there is a lot of anger brewing. When the media and state (I’m looking at you, IRS, NSA and Holder) conspire to shut down opposing views, sometimes with outright lies and subterfuge, you add yeast to the brew of revolution. I entreat everyone here to take the high ground and let the Left eat itself. But not all of us are that patient.

    • I’m waiting for the day I show up in an antigun hit piece on CNN or MSNBC or AOL/HuffPo or MJ. Or maybe all of them, the way BS seems to be growing legs any more. Let’s see – is that libel or slander? Either way, I’ll have a financially secure retirement.

  7. Funny, I seem to recall Mother( __-ing) Jones being very supportive of the leftist Viet Nam war protesters who spit on American soldiers returning from that war. Oh wait – that’s DIFFERENT.

    Do NOT take this comment as justifying any actions described above (if they really happened). I would be the last to use the behavior of the left as a model for rational discourse. Just wanted to point out the flaming hypocrisy of the people who prefer that women be helpless victims.

    • While I don’t doubt that such incidents occurred, I was an anti-Vietnam war protestor, with the battle scars to prove it. And I don’t know of anyone who actually did such a thing.

      Stop trying to tar all anti-war protestors with the same brush, will you?

      • I did not say “all of the protesters, who …” I was criticizing the ones who did spit on soldiers, and the leftist media who supported them. I knew guys who were sincere enough in their opposition to that war that they refused to run to Canada to avoid the draft – they went to jail for their refusal. I admire them to this day, because they were willing to actually take full responsibility for their actions.

  8. Fantastic. But, my pet unicorn is unconvinced telling me, “Video or it did not happen.” Unicorns are a skeptical bunch.

  9. In case anyone misses the irony, I’ll make it crystal clear.

    Somehow, it is okay for gun grabbers to bully good people under threat of imprisonment and/or death (via proxy from law enforcement officers if we dare to violate their gun control laws).

    But, somehow it is horribly wrong for good people to respond to gun grabbers’ threats of force with threats of force.

    Not to sound all childish about it but … they started it. Seriously. We just want to be left alone. Gun grabbers of their own volition have targeted and attacked us because of our personal property. Why is their initiation of violence against us okay? Why are we wrong if we threaten to respond in kind?

      • Goddamn it, you’ve put me in the unenviable position of having to agree with you, McCain.

        But when you’re right, you’re right. There is no justification for the kind of behavior reported here (even though it’s virtually certain that most of these incidents never actually occurred).

    • PTM aint gonna like this but that is what James Yeager was talking about in his “start killin’ people” video. There was a disclaimer in that video that pseudo 2nd amendment advocates neglect to recognize. Yeager said “IF” they try to confiscate his guns, he would start killing people. What does that mean? It means that a well armed force willing to kill you, perhaps planning to kill you will do so in order to take away your right as and American citizen. Yeager was not ranting like a crazed Dorner. He said “start” killing because if he waited to be killed then they win. This is the gorilla in the room that no one will talk about. Because it makes us seem crazy! I’m throwing the bullshit flag on that one. Even the other side knows where this battle is heading but they won’t call off the dogs. They want your guns or they want your head. Now who are the crazy ones?

  10. Yup. Like the interweb says, pics or it didn’t happen.

    And besides, while it’s a shame injury has confined her to a wheelchair, I have a good friend that met a similar fate after a motorcycle accident. He spends a lot of his time telling anyone who asks how important it is to be aware of the drivers around you and wear a helmet. He does NOT, however, advocate for the regulation and/or banning of motorcycles. In fact, the only thing he’s ever said on the subject is how he misses his bike, but really wishes he’d been paying more attention that day.

  11. It’s all Dirks fault. So this is what they do to drum up support? Again. Still. Duh…I don’t believe it ever happened.

  12. THE REAL “BULLIES” ARE: Activists and politicians who pass or advocate for draconian laws that threaten serious jail time (mandatory minimums of course) for minor infractions, misunderstandings or victimless errors & omissions.

  13. Lies and deceit, lies and deceit…that’s what the leftists/liberals base everything off of, regardless of the issue at hand, lies and deceit…

  14. So the gist of this is that we have a group who is setting themselves up (apparently) to be intentional victims of whatever they can make stick against us. Whether this incident occurred or not is irrelevant. If this is the intent look for MDA to become increasingly aggressive at pro gun events to try and fish for an incident with their cameras rolling.

  15. This has MDA’s fingerprints all over it. Keywords like “bullying” and “attacks on women” and “moms”… hell that piece was almost certainly written by shannon watts and published under someone else’s name in an attempt to gain legitimacy, and to use the article to take the heat of off them. They’ve been getting crushed in the facts department and are losing badly to the Pro 2A movement. This is a clever way to smear anyone standing up to the real bullies, MDA, and try to reverse percieved roles. AgitProp at its best.

  16. I call BS on this and most of the claims of threats in general. If someone makes a no kidding threat, you document it and report it. If folks are trash talking, its the price you pay for activism. The MDA/Bloomie crowd wants to dish it out, but hide behind “we’re moms …its for the children…” when they get pushback. But when either side…pro or anti states they WISH harm on the other…it ain’t a threat…its trash talk. Get over it.

    As for the spitting incident, if it did happen, I find it hard to believe in this day and age, no one filmed it or the guy walking away…and that the police weren’t called by someone.

    I’m calling BS.

    Not winning on the basis of factual information or logic, go to emotion.

    Not winning the field on the emotional front because its getting old… play the victim

    We can’t even tell lies without these gun bullies threatening us…I’m not saying ease up, but don’t give them more ammo. Make them continue to conjur stuff up and challenge them to produce the evidence.

    If it did happen, heck I’ll apologize myself to the lady on behalf of gun owners. Until then…

  17. And now we see the genius behind the whole MDA movement. Give Watts some credit, she’s created an org that makes it inherently anti political to oppose. How could the media ever run a story that opposes a group of “moms” who are trying to save the “children”. To oppose these people or their cause makes you sexist and/or a bully.

    Make no mistake, MDA represents the biggest threat to gun rights since the Brady group was formed. The NRA is completely overmatched in the PR war against this movement.

  18. “Ever since the Sandy Hook massacre, a small but vocal faction of the gun rights movement…”

    Small enough to be agents provocateur? Whether from MDA or other anti-Civil Rights groups, government, or police makes no difference in the end. That “small but vocal faction” seems too mobile and well-funded to be traveling hither and yon at a moment’s notice. No job or family to limit mobility? And where does the airfare, rental car and hotel/meal money come from? The pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow?

    Or is it all staged or pure fantasy/lies?

    I smell a rat…

    • Bingo! i was thinking the same thing and said as much. This whole article/ episode is a put on, a sham designed to gain support and demonize their enemies. its fake and staged, and it has a political and emotional end goal.

  19. … The vicious and often sexually degrading attacks have evolved far beyond online trolling, culminating in severe bullying, harassment, invasion of privacy, and physical aggression.

    Leave the people’s rights alone and they’ll leave you alone.

  20. These people cannot be trusted. They will say and do anything to further their cause, so flat-out lies aren’t beneath them. Hell, deception is their go-to tool most of the time.

    If they make a claim, make them provide proof. If they cannot provide proof, assume it’s false.

  21. MDA have been busted before fabricating offensive pro gun behavior. There gave been dozens of high profile racial incidents which proved to be hoaxes once investigated.

    The fact that cops are not being called leads me to believe these incidents are exaggerated or fabricated.

  22. The gun grabbers have done more than just threaten the life of the NRA President. I have seen multiple quotes of gun grabbers wishing that all the members and worse, all the children of NRA members be killed.

    I have never advocated the rape, assault, of murder of Ms. Watts, or her cronies, and I have never suggested that her constitutional rights be suspended. But I am tired of her trying to take away my rights, because that will somehow make her “feel” safer in her gated community.

    • But that’s exactly what she’s PAID to do. And the Menopause Marauders are on the payroll as well, I’m sure.

  23. Assuming this is true, I’m sure there’s video of this incident available if a media outlet cared to request it from the Indianapolis airport.

  24. If any of these events occurred then all it does is add fuel to the gun control fire and paints those who can act lawfully in a bad light. No one should be assaulted, harassed, nor threatened because of their beliefs. People are entitled to exercise their rights as granted by the Bill of Rights. If these incidents occurred then I would urge the victims to get in touch with their local law enforcement, especially if they were in fear for their lives as they claim.

    Now, cynic hat on, the sexism angle is one that is completely unsurprising. As Confucius says “She who throws mud is losing ground”. So, according to MDA, anyone interested in their Second Amendment rights is a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal who only knows violence and how to degrade and demean women because they have not been well endowed (with the irony being lost on MDA no doubt). The “Mad Minute” shows one example of a female type target being used on a range. Here’s a quick question, how many times have people gone to the range to find that the targets on offer are overwhelmingly male? The only female target that I have ever shot at happened to be a zombie paper target, and there were two other male zombies on the same paper.

    Second; do I believe that these events actually happened in the manner in which they are described? No. Anyone who is pro Second Amendment who acts in this manner and who can be charged by LEOs would be an absolute boon for the gun control crowd. MDA could point to a litany of simple, verifiable facts that are on public record showing that their opponents are volatile, aggressive, and prone to violence which could swing the public’s perception in their favour. The fact that they have not done this leads me to the conclusion that this is either smoke and mirrors to garner sympathy (which should not be surprising as their arguments to date have been emotion rather than fact lead), or that they do not trust LEOs to protect them as members of the public – if that is the case then it undermines their claim that only those with a badge may be trusted with a firearm.

  25. There are gun-grabber “facts” and propaganda that smell funny and should definitely be called out as insightfully as Robert has done, and then there are the irresponsible gun owners that tend to tick me off far more. I expect the BS from their side, and continually disappointed that we need to patrol our own so carefully. Remember former “Chief” Mark Kessler? He’s either hamming it waaay up for his new reality TV show or someone who cares about him really needs to make sure he take his meds. He a screaming, cussing ad for the other side:

    Go forbid anything unfortunate should ever happen to someone who has recently crossed him, because this idiocy could be admissible in court.

  26. You know, I was sort of curious about the claims in relation to the “Mad Minute”, so I wanted to research it. To see if the facts matched the claims. Here is what my google-fu managed to come back with;
    The top three results (including Mother Jones and Freakoutnation) that refer to this video but do not link to it. The 4th result is this site.
    Lots of videos, but all about open carry individuals being harassed
    Doesn’t look like there was ever a video here

    As a last resort I even tried Bing 😛
    Same as google

    So has anyone seen this video?

  27. Okay wait just a minute here:

    1. Someone is sitting for their flight..and if you are sitting waiting for your flight you are at the gate…That’s where they play CNN or whatnot as well (the only place CNN is ever played these days, lets be honest).

    2. You need to have a ticket to get to the gate (well, there’s ways around that, but no one would do that for something like this)

    3. Walking up and spitting on someone would be, in most cases, considered assault (correct me if i’m wrong, but google seems to indicate I am correct–and if it’s on the Internet it must be true) even though there is no physical harm (one might concoct a situation where there could be, but I doubt it would apply here).

    4. The airport is teaming w/police and people paranoid about terrorists.

    Sorry, pics/video or it didn’t happen. If this actually happened–someone came up and assaulted someone at the airplane gate…there’s no way people wouldn’t be calling the cops or jumping on the person themselves THEN having someone call the cops! They are on the same friggin plane, remember that. NO ONE wants a violent person or crazy person on their plane!!! The US (especially in some areas, 9/11 never could have happened on an Alaska airlines flight out of Ketchikan for example) does have a herd mentality…this is true. But in this case, now, the herd mentality would be “WE AREN’T LETTING THAT GUY ON OUR FLIGHT, STOP HIM”.

    More likely:

    1. Someone saw the story, recognized her, and argued with her about her beliefs. Or perhaps didn’t even recognize her but was more like “heh, can you believe this bs?”

    2. They talked and she felt badddddd inside for being confronted by someone who didn’t disagree with her.

    3. She felt the need to change the story after the fact to make herself feel better and to get “revenge” on someone who didn’t agree with her by shaming them publicly.

    Also, if one didn’t feel like going to the police about it, the logical response would be:

    1. Someone (her, you’d think), would have taken a picture of the guy with her cell phone.

    2. If someone recognized her and did this, the only logical conclusion would have been that they were at the gate waiting for the same flight.

    3. Thus, point number 1: take out your cell phone take a picture–they can’t really go anywhere too far now, can they? lol. If you are paranoid about them, once they go sit down hold up your phone and take a picture of them. If a ton of people are visible in the picture, blur the rest out and circle the “guilty” party.

    Sorry, sounds about as plausible as North Korea finding a Unicorn liar.

    Also, I gotta laugh about people trusting the U.S. gov to protect them. Because historically, trusting in a (any, not talking from a US-centric viewpoint here) gov to protect you from violence works out well. It’s like trusting McDonalds to make people skinny–it just doesn’t make sense… Hell, it’s like resurrecting Elizabeth Bathory and putting her in charge of a young women’s home.

    • Technically, it was more than an assault. An assault is committed by placing the victim “in apprehension of an immediate offensive touching.” (For example, taking a swing at someone without landing). Also key is the phrase “offensive touching”–there is no need that the victim be placed in fear of bodily injury. By contrast, a battery is an offensive and unconsented to physical touching of another. Here, the preparation to spit, and the pointing of the rifle at this woman would be assaults. Both the spitting and the squirting with the water rifle would be batteries.

  28. Meh. Act like a civil-rights denying anti-constitutional fascist, you’ll get these naturally human responses.

  29. I agree, this MJ article, and the source both smell fishy.

    Given Ms Watts demonstrated history for lies and collusion, I am quite willing to assum that other Bloomie money is being spread around for FUD and agitprop,

    and there are plenty of leftie rags and authors who undoubtedly need cash to survive, given how subscriptions and ad revenue are dropping off the cliff at mainstream progtard orgs like NYT and CNN.

    Reminds me of these two:

    • Oh you mean the New York Times…the self appointed arbiter of what is right and wrong? The revered pinnacle of journalism, home to sages such as Krugman and Dowd?

      Oh and the one that just fired its editor over what looks like wage discrimination? That NYT?

      • Yep, thanks, I get the snark, and for others who dont- the same Gray Lady once revered as one of two sources for wire content that was objective news.

        You younger pups may not, but older readers will remember when your home town paper had something with (AP) or (NYT) behind the lede, or the reporter name at top of the text column.

        Now, we know that NYT has been left of center, and going further in the tank, for Progressive PR for the last two presidential terms, at least, and some trace it back to when the trust fund kid, Pinch Sulzberger took over the family biz.

        NYT sold off the Boston Globe for a huge loss, a couple years ago, and the layoffs at NYT now underway , and the best talent fleeing while they still have a reputation is the proof. About the only people who still believe in it, are the coastal elites and New York literati who need to be reinforced in their own superiority, and told what the cool kids are thinking, so they can parrot it back.

        Krugman- yeah, Nobel Prize winner in same category as that other guy, who got it when- two months into his first term as POTUS…
        Remember Walter Duranty? The left-wing rot shows up at NYT, over the decades, and its taken over the whole ship now…Gray Lady Down.

        • And another stake in the Grey Lady’s heart: At some point the International Herald Tribune became the NYT International Edition, which is the same as the one you can get in NYC. Sad…

  30. Are there any police reports or witness statements to substantiate these stories?

    Or did all these events and people just come and go like a fart in the wind?

  31. Mother Monsanto has a job to do. She has places to go and hysteria to manufacture, and there is a bill paying billionaire looking over her shoulder, looking for results. If she does not deliver, the money goes away. She tries so very hard. That national bus tour was a great idea, but nobody came. The same with her rallies and protest demonstrations. She needs to find a winning strategy, if she can just find the right lie or properly distort the right set of facts something, anything to motivate somebody, anybody to justify her expense account… I predict an increase in the crazy, that is all she knows.

  32. Watts is a PR pro and MDA is a cover. That is her background and why she was brought aboard. I suspect that shortly they’ll move to the staged event where some lackey is paid (or Bloomie gets a relative’s jail sentence reduced) to pull a stunt publicly to show how evil gun owners are.

  33. Sounds like fabrications and exaggerations meant to paint the females as victims. It’s funny how feminism these days is about females being the best victim they can be. It’s not about being independent, standing up for themselves, etc. It is about finding anyway to be a victim and then harping on that. It’s funny how they denounce sexual insults, then continue to constantly make penis jokes over and over and over and over again.

    Then there is this. These people want the government to rob gun owners of their possessions. Not only this, but diminish and/or remove their means of defending themselves and their families. Of course people will curse you off.

    I do not condone such actions, and I honestly doubt the validity of the article, but when you try to take from a human being unjustly, don’t expect them to give you a bouquet of flowers.

  34. Anyone else find it super ironic that the actual Mother Jones lead the second largest uprising in US history, the next largest being the Civil War? I don’t think she would approve of the magazine using her name to take guns away…

  35. If the Demanding Moms won’t avail themselves of the legal system to address these purported incidents, perhaps we in the 2nd Amendment civil rights community should intervene on their behalf and report these incidents to the proper authorities in the localities in which they “occurred”. If told of such things, we should immediately contact law enforcement and demand that an investigation be launched with statements taken from all involved parties.

    This would show that we don’t tolerate criminal behavior from those who claim to be on our side, and it will also make things really damn interesting if said law enforcement agencies start investigating and find their claims to be less than truthful…

    • perhaps we in the 2nd Amendment civil rights community should intervene on their behalf and report these incidents to the proper authorities in the localities in which they “occurred”. If told of such things, we should immediately contact law enforcement and demand that an investigation be launched with statements taken from all involved parties.


      That is so creative and brilliant that you know that no gun rights group or activist will ever do it.

      Your suggestion reminds of the Kobayashi Maru test: Kirk won the game by reprogramming the simulator to change the rules. As a result, he was awarded a commendation for original thinking. Well done.

      • If Robert or some of the other admin types here like the idea, maybe it could be promoted right here on TTAG.

      • I think it’s going to take an organization with resources (and lawyers) — like the NRA or SAF or GOA — to pull this off. And the will to do so.

        Because if one of us, as an individual, goes to law enforcement to file a criminal complaint about something we read in Mother Jones or an MDA tweet, we’ll probably be told to f*** off. Not those exact words, but you get my point. I speak from personal experience when I say that there are certain things law enforcement (police and/or D.A.s) will go to great lenghts to avoid getting involved in, no matter how much evidence you have. Even if a complaint is taken, it won’t be acted on. It’s going to take follow-up work navigating the beauracracy, something that most of us with jobs and lives won’t be able to do effectively.

        But, as I said, your idea is so brilliant and creative that the NRA, SAF, GOA, etc. will never do it.

        ‘Tis a pity, because it’s really the only way to stop the anti-gunners from slandering us like this. Given how Bloomberg’s “Make All Guns Illegal” organization (known by its more common but misleading name “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”) were running cirlces inside our OODA loop last year, I have to believe that La Pierre & Co. like losing the P.R. war for some perverted reason.

        This is a problem that goes beyond gun rights, and is applicable to conservatives in general. I’ve been to a few Republican campaign events this election year (governor in my state), and the utter incompetence of the campaigns and unappealingness of the candidates is depressing. Looking at the even bigger picture, consider our messengers. Or not. Whatever you think of them, satirists like John Stewart * and Stephen Colbert are very effective spokespersons for the Left’s agenda. Whereas we’re stuck with a tired old windbag like Rush Limbaugh. God help us, but I think we are doomed to another decade or two of Democrat dominance. This election isn’t going to be another 1994 (oh man, how I partied that night 20 years ago!).

        Like pasta thrown against the wall, the meme of “gun owners are nasty bullies” and “gun control advocates are their victims” is going to stick enough that we will carry the burden of it for generations to come. It needs to be nipped now, and your idea is the best — if not only — way to do it.

        * I don’t know if you remember Fox’s Half Hour News Hour, which was their attempt at a conservative Daily Show. I so wanted Half Hour News Hour to succeed, but it was incredibly painful to watch.

  36. Knowing gun owners and ones that love family and such I find this to be a farce unless they have the burden of proof. Sure there are assholes but that doesn’t make us all assholes.

  37. The name “Moms Demand Action” presupposes that women have a moral high ground and that dads don’t care about kids.

    Gee…I wonder if MDA is trying to gain momentum for its faltering cause by jumping on the “war on women” bandwagon by pitching guns as a way that men oppress women.

    The irony is that guns are the great equalizer in self protection.

    I smell agitprop.

    • I’m pretty sure you are correct.

      BTW, if anyone wants to follow her twitter account, you will see that MDAs second in charge PR person, Jennifer Mascia, is tweeting the this obviously made up Mother Jones article to spread it further.

      Not surprising, when you consider her background, per her book here:

      and again, I am sadly not surprised that her employer, NYT,
      as Joe Noceras assistant in the Opinion department,

      doesn’t seem to see a conflict, or mind becoming part of the discredited
      MAIG/MDA/Everytown spin team.

      • Jesus Christ on a crutch! How do they recruit these corporate whores?

        Joe Nocera? Where have I heard that name before? Did he once chump for ROLLING STONE?

  38. If the “Sandy Hook slaughter” really happened, how come no emergency medical chopper was requested? Why were local paramedics kept out of the building? How come no one can name the company that cleaned up the biohazardous materials – blood, brains and skull fragments, etc.? The question has been asked repeatedly, without an answer.

    How come parents never were asked to identify the bodies of their children, but instead “identified” them BY THEIR YEARBOOK PICTURES? Wouldn’t YOU demand to see the body of your supposedly slain child? How come the “crime scene” was bulldozed without any crime scene investigation?

    These are serious questions, aren’t they? Do they not deserve an answer? Was there an actual attack that day in December of 2012? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

    How come the chopper shots of cops staging outside the school were actually of a school several miles away?

    The obvious conclusion one could draw from all these facts, and many more, is that no shooting actually took place. It was a farce. A LIE.

    • If it can be proven conclusively (I’m looking at you, NSA and CIA) that Sandy Hook was a false flag or a hoax, I suspect that the entire Northeast and West Coasts will rise up spontaneously. That would spell the end of the Obama Administration, in total. The whole crowd would have to seek asylum in China.

    • Uhhh…this is a little bit out there, Burke, even for you.
      Citations pls… source docs,
      not some UFO/WTC/truther site, pls.

      • The man who formulated “16 Questions about Sandy Hook” is Wolfgang Halbeg, a former state trooper, and respected national school safety consultant.

        Everything I said is verified fact. It is fact that no medical chopper was ever called. It is true that the Porta-Pottie Company had portable toilets there in under 3 hours. It is true that the CT State Police, nor anyone else, can name who cleaned the “shooting site”. Why is that a state secret? Why was the crime scene bulldozed without any crime scene investigation? How did Adam Lanza, a 120-pound boy with Aspergers Syndrome kill 26 people in under 8 minutes? Why did the parents not demand to identify their own childrens’ bodies, but instead “identified” them from yearbook pictures? Is that standard police prodedure in Connecticut? In what other states is that the procedure? NAME ONE.

        I’m not your personal tutor. DO YOUR OWN SEARCHES.

        • I’ve forgotten a bit of the facts about Dunblane.

          But it is true that Bloomberg had his teams set and ready to roll, the day before Sandy Hook.

  39. We should do as Andrew Breitbart did and offer $10K to anyone with video proof of even one of her claims of violence.

  40. It’s a concourse…in an AIRPORT….there are cameras EVERYWHERE…. If this really occurred there should be video to corroborate her lie…ahem her story.


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