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I swear I heard that music in Disneyworld, waiting for a roller coaster. Then again, it was hotter than a puckerbutt pepper, humidity hovered at around 154 percent and I’d recently taken a hit of mescaline (after striking out with the Paraguay dolls in It’s a Small World After All). No joy. In contrast, Strategic Partners’ Travis Haley rings steel with his AR after sweeping away a few pebbles underneath his elbow. [NB: real men place barbed wire under their elbows before taking a long range shot.] From there, we get Haley’s entire military history – and beyond! It seems that . . .

“contracting” (a.k.a., mercenary work) is better for family life. After Haley quit the military for free market soldiering, he set up his training and gear modification businesses, where his expertise and humility have made him the trainer’s trainer. Haley admits he still gets “away sick”; he feels the need to ditch home comforts and go to places where poverty, diseases and deprivation are the norm, and then shoot people (presumably). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or his paean to his wife. We thank Haley for his service, and admire his ability to get away from his laptop and actually, you know, do stuff.

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  1. He’s found a way to profit from his training and experience. Not my way, but he appears good with it. He should always remember, somewhere out there is an ak with his name on it.

    • Don’t worry about the ‘one’ with my name on it, more concerned about the bazillions addressed: ‘To Whom It May Conern’.

      • Should have read:

        Mescaline and Tequila go together like…


        Mescaline and Tequila.

        Yeah. 🙂

        (Those drugs look dangerous, you better give them to me for safekeeping…)

    • “Good mescaline comes on slow. The first hour is all waiting. Then about halfway through the second hour, you start cursing the creep who burned you because nothing’s happening. And then……. ZANG!”

    • There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge

  2. At one point it was, “those who can’t do, teach”. Now it is “those who want to do, comment”. Wait. I’m an asshole. Dont read this.

  3. We do love our wives and the military. At times it is very difficult for both. Having children makes it worse. You miss birthdays and more. A child will always need dad. Those who can do both are lucky to have an specially strong woman. The things he has invented have helped many people. Thank you for your service.

      • So MDS, for you to make such a blanket statement about being a soldier, is because you are a coward. I won’t even put in a smiley face to soften the blow.

        But does being a coward even bother you? Probably not. Because your not “paid” to risk your life for others, it’s the soldiers job to die for cowards like yourself. And now you know why military dictatorships end up being the norm.

        When a whole body of trained combat ready individuals, in time, see the people they are”paid” to risk their lives to defend, have nothing but contempt for such “murderers”, why shouldn’t those “murderers” be the ones to run things?

        After all, they have the guns, the training and the willingness to use them. And the cowards will be running away, with no ability to stop them, what’s the down side?

        Which is why the founding fathers saw the need for a trained, combat ready citizenry as the norm, so they would not end up being cowards like yourself.

        • Prithee. ThomasR, name one war fought in the last 50 years by the US military that actually defended the nation against a foreign invader.

          Fact: the dumb military animals are paid to risk their lives and kill for the US government to advance the agenda of the Washington DC ruling class.

        • Sigh. More Dead Soldiers. Your problem is that you make the Soldier the scapegoat for your own failings. You are simply the norm for most of our society today.

          It is the citizens job to be the citizen soldier, to be the first line of defense for our country. It is our job to keep the power mad men and women in check in D.C. But we didn’t stand up as mature men and women and demand from our public (masters) servants that the men and women of our military only be used for protecting our shores from military invasion.

          So you, because of your and the public’s failing in your lack of courage and a lack of commitment to duty, honor country; cast aspersions upon those men and women that live and die by those qualities every time they put on that uniform.

          And you, as an American, blaming the soldiers and the government for your failings, the soldiers and the government that pays their wages, in time, will look upon not just you, but the rest of the subjects as a bunch of whiny cowards, and why should they have to put up with the abuse by those not even worthy of polishing their boots, let alone risk their lives for such a despicable human being. And we, in time, could go the way of all once free societies, and devolve into a military dictatorship. We are not there yet, but we are going that way.

          You have alot to answer for More Dead Soldiers

        • “It is our job to keep the power mad men and women in check in D.C.”

          Except their literal job is to follow orders from the power-lords in D.C.

          Observe. Slavery is freedom in the militarist delusion.

        • More Dead Soldiers. “Except their literal job is to follow orders from the power-lords in D.C.Observe. Slavery is freedom in the militarist delusion.”

          Yes, it is the job of the military to follow the orders of the non-military branch of our government. And when the soldiers decide that the efforts to keep such people like you that hates and has such contempt for their efforts is no longer worth the abuse, is when a military coup can happen.

          So continue to blame the soldiers for your failings MDS. And if we end up like much of history, those soldiers, being human, can become just as despicable, hateful and full of contempt for you, as you feel towards them, and end up bringing dishonor upon their oaths, and the sacrifices made by their predecessors and the constitution and finally say enough is enough, and use their training to be as selfish as you are showing yourself to be.

        • LOL. This is good. You believe the military class should simply purge anyone who disagrees with their delusions. Even though its was their own conscious choice to sign their lives over to the political class.

          “We are not responsible for our own actions!”

          The military welfare queen has the mind of a child.

        • Hmmm. Well MDS. I’ve made my point to my satisfaction. It is that you and your attitude as why military coups can and do happen.

          You continue to blame the military for your failings, until you can accept that it isn’t the soldiers fault for your shortcomings, nothing will change.

          But that is always the hardest thing for humans, it is always easier to blame others for ones faults.

          So G-d bless and may G-d help you to see what is needed.

        • The irony of militarists claiming critics are cowards (even though the US military has not defended the nation in half a century or more), but completely abandons the moral responsibility for the catastrophes caused by their mindless obedience. 🙂

      • Guys, he’s a troll. Studies have shown that people like him are suffering from what’s know as “dark triad personality” disorders.

        I believe in this fellows case he comes under the heading of sociopathic sadist. He goes for the kill shot right off to inflict pain, or so he hopes. Read up on these things under internet troll. He inhabits a really dark and disturbing place.

        He will, knowing he’s lying, call you a murderer or praise the death of those he hopes you hold dear. He is one truly sick puppy. I doubt he’s able to function in the real world, probably relies on ssi or some such disability income.

        If he has family they no doubt are happiest when he’s not around.

        No doubt he also poses as other characters on other blogs. In this case he’s anti gov, anti soldier, etc. In the next he will be pro those things just to inflict what he hopes is pain on those others.

        Eventually creatures like him will degrade the discourse on a site to the point that people will turn away and the blog faces the real danger of fading out.

      • My my JWM, so much projection. All that anger at yourself for the Herculean effort you put into raping children and murdering women in Vietnam, and yet you still lost the war. 🙂

      • See guys. sociopathic sadist. Fantasizes about raping and murdering women and children. He’s in a dark, dark place and when he crosses the line, if he hasn’t already, his computer records will be a gold mine for the investigators.

        Notice how when the subject comes up he argues against the death penalty? He knows that even in prison he can practice his sadism. But he has to be alive to do it.

        MDS/ good riddunce, whacko biker, trannysoreass. all the same guy.

      • Nice try JWM, but you are denying documented reality.

        >My Lai was communist propaganda
        >Agent Orange was really air freshener, really
        >Operation Phoenix was a PR tour


        By the way it is expected for a government animal to support the death penalty, since you were a paid dispenser of said practice.

      • Documented? Let’s talk about documented. Who always goes straight for child rape, murder? Who always accuses innocent men of doing what the accuser is constantly in a frenzy about?

        You. My Lai, agent orange etc. I had no part in those. More lies and misdirection on your part. Nearly every comment you leave is some sick, depraved variation of rape and murder.

        Dark triad personality. Sociopathic sadist. Fits you like a glove.

      • “Who always goes straight for child rape, murder?”

        Easy, brah. The American GI. There’s a reason the were treated with scorn upon returning. Let’s be honest, they deserved far worse.

      • You remind me of Jewish people who voted for the national socialists in Germany. The American military and civilian police will provide you the protection to wipe your @ss with the American flag if you choose to.

        • “You remind me of Jewish people who voted for the national socialists in Germany”

          Hahahahahahahaha wow just wow

          It is ironic you claim the soldier and the cop protects the right to do as one pleases with the flag. Isn’t that what 2A is for? Ah, your contempt for the civilian reveals itself.

  4. “I swear I heard the music in the first bit of this video in Disneyworld, waiting for a roller coaster or something. Then again, it was eleventy-billion degrees with 154% humidity and I’d recently taken a hit of mescaline before asking the Paraguay dolls in It’s a Small World After All out on a date. No joy.’

    I had the same luck with the the Norwegian women at EPCOT while I was drinking my way around the world there…

    And Holy Crap, was that expensive.

    Anyways –

    Why am I not surprised RF has experience with hallucinogens?

    {Hey, I’m SMILING when I say that, OK?)

    • disney holds a lottery for the privilege of floating through the small world (if i write out the full name auto play song will start in 5,4,3…) exhibit in a skiff filled with whatever you feed your choice of projectile tosser.
      similarly enhanced on my visit in ’87, i’ve long felt a model 37 in 16ga would be perfect.

  5. Mescaline is the second best way to survive the horror that is Disney World. The best way is to not go there in the first place.

    But for a true test of a man’s ability to withstand pain, forget being strung up by the tits like “A Man Called Horse.” No, that’s child’s play. Try a Disney Cruise and you will know the true meaning of suffering.

    Its only rival is paying your kid’s college tuition while she majors in Art History or Women’s Studies or something equally useless and expensive.

    • Your cash not the kid’s and IF you spend it the kid gets the welfare/benefit not you. Exercise the veto and quality control.

      Kid’s “spring break” is a job.

      Major in a tech area or no cash. And more out/get a job.

    • “Shoulda gone with peyote….
      Then go into “its a small world”’

      Cranberry juice out the nose kinda burns…

  6. This guy is the antithesis of a cosmopolite. It’s interesting how he recognized that he needed to learn how things work and, more importantly, how to make things work when they don’t. Cosmopolites never learn this stuff and, even worse, have no interest in learning it because they believe that people like them shouldn’t have to learn it. This guy is also a great example of a ADHD person who has learned to use adaptive strategies to be well compensated. His admission that he’s a bit difficult to deal with is an understatement.

      • Cosmopolite: someone who resides in a mega city, lives in an apartment, doesn’t drive or even own a car, comes from a family background which is several generations removed from having anyone with knowledge of how to fix things. Cosmopolites do not own or use tools and, in fact, are mystified and completely incurious about the inner working of technical things, be they computers, clocks, or rocket-boosters. They’re the kind of people who call the building super when lightbulbs burn out. They think calling 911 will cause the police to come and protect or save them when trouble happens. Cosmopolites tend to be political liberals because they think progressivism is about sharing and being nice. They voted for Obama because they thought it was time for a black person to be president.

  7. Had the opportunity to meet him in person, off range. This dude is the real thing. He remains grounded, humble, and eager to learn from YOU without rushing to teach you something. When watching this video for the first time, this only captured a small aspect of his personality.

    • Never met him myself, but I have a couple of friends that are exceptional professionals, serious bat boys, that speak very well of him. Everyone says he comes to share, not preach. Good stuff.

      • Have gone into his shop here in Scottsdale a couple of times and he is always great to talk to. Down to Earth and great with customers.

  8. Now that he’s shilling for himself instead of some one else’s bottom line, his promotional materials have gotten increasingly emo.

  9. Haley is a bad mother fucker. i feel sorry for ANYONE who thinks they have a bullet with his name on it. not that he is invincible but you get the idea.

    • Thing is, war is several orders of magnitude bigger than any one man. The fickle finger of fate can get anyone anytime.

  10. Haley is indeed the real deal, both in and out of the Marine Force Recon. Here is a video of when he was in Iraq and working for Blackwater. He also has some absolutely hellish stories of dropping into Africa…. THAT you need to hear….

  11. Security contractors are not mercenaries! James Yeager may not be the most even-keeled contractor to quote, but I like the way he put it: “Mercenaries to paid to kill people. Security contractors don’t kill anyone they wouldn’t kill for free.”

    In other words, mercenaries are hired soldiers paid to fight and kill. Security contractors generally fulfill the same functions as domestic security personnel, just in a war zone. They’re armed guards. They don’t initiate combat, they only fight back when attacked.

        • I laughed too. I’m not saying that security contractors (and I’m making a distinction between them and mercenaries, even though the terms are often used interchangeably) don’t kill people, they obviously do. In the past, they’ve even routinely gone “outside the wire” on aggressive missions to kill people. But security contractors working for the US government are not supposed to do that. It’s not the job of security professionals. Guards are guards, not hired guns or killers. If anything, I think they’re in a more moral position than American military personnel, who must follow orders to kill people about which they have minimal knowledge or none at all. I’m not saying that all security guards follow these policies and rules of engagement, but that’s what is generally expected by the US government when they hire people for these jobs. There’s no reason to disrespect these guys for doing a moral job guarding VIPs designated by the US and allied governments in a high-risk environment and similar missions.

  12. JWM – he got your goat bro. Talk about him. Not to him. Feeding the trolls don’t work. Don’t worry, YOU have a life.

  13. Invalid comment MDS. Same lies. Repeat a lie often enough and guess what? It’s still a lie.

    Sociopathic sadist, thru and thru.

  14. There are tens of thousands and more of SF guys who do their time and you never hear from them again. Introspective and diligent and bordering on the introvert. Then there are these guys who seem to love being in front of the camera. I guess if it’s what you know then it’s easy to keep making a living from it, or lazy perhaps. Not so much the path less traveled. I’d say he could be a commercial pilot with his flight experience, but it’d take him from his kids again. To each there own.


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