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As a graphic artist, I’ve long been fascinated with targets. And as we know from heading out to the range, they can get pricey. Add to that, the fact that oft-times the range may not have the kind of target you’re looking for, and…well, it can put a bit of a crimp in your shooting. So why not roll your own? Well, for one thing, most shooters aren’t also graphic designers. And even if they are so-inclined, graphic design software isn’t generally set up specifically to design targets. Enter These guys got it goin’ on, with an online tool to generate PDF files (Adobe’s universal Portable Document Format) that you can use to configure and print your own. Now you won’t find the Osama Bin Laden target here, nor will you find those Zombie Islamo-Fascists you’ve had your eye on. But for creating cheap targets you can print out of your home printer, this site provides a nice answer for the average shooter.

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    • You mean, you don’t haveā€¦Bieber Fever?!

      All kidding aside, I’ve had non-shooters ask me if I shoot at “real people” (photographic) targets, or if I ever go to the range to unwind, and imagine someone I know’s face or body on the target. I can honestly answer that last one “Nope.” There are people in my life I strongly dislike, but I can honestly say that even the idea of envisioning them while shooting just never enters my mind. For the record, I prefer the silhouette targets. Wouldn’t have a problem putting a cap in Osama’s ass, but I just don’t think they are any better to shoot at than a plain target. Now if Caldwell or Shoot-N-C ever come out with full-size, edge-to-edge targets, I’m so there. My tired old eyes do so much better when I can have a little ring of day-glo goodness surrounding my every shot.

  1. has a cool .pdf grid and lined paper generator.

    And if you google “St. Claire Industrial Sign Designer” you’ll get their online industrial safety sign maker – using standard ANSI iconography, you can make just about any sign you want with your own words.
    Lots of fun….

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