Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 bullpup rifle
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From Springfield Armory . . .

Springfield Armory is proud to announce the release of the Hellion, answering the call for superior ballistic performance in a short, modular and fully ambidextrous 5.56mm bullpup platform.

Unlike a traditional long gun, the bullpup system locates the action and the magazine behind the trigger and into the buttstock area. By doing this, it reduces the overall length drastically, while still allowing you to have a barrel long enough to retain effective downrange performance.

Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 bullpup rifle

Based on the internationally proven VHS-2 bullpup, which has been employed by the Croatian armed forces in demanding environments ranging from Iraq to Africa and beyond, the Springfield Armory Hellion offers American shooters a semi-automatic version of this highly capable firearm. As part of the Hellion’s development, Springfield Armory adapted the original VHS-2 design for the American market. This includes its ability to feed from AR-pattern magazines, the use of replaceable AR-pattern pistol grips, M-Lok® slots in the handguard and the addition of six QD mounts.

The Hellion features a reversible ejection system that requires no additional parts or tools. Complementing this system is a set of fully ambidextrous controls, including the safety, charging handle, magazine and bolt release. The result is an ultra-compact 5.56mm that can be easily fired from either shoulder.

Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 bullpup rifle

“The new semi-automatic Hellion builds upon the solid foundation of the Croatian VHS-2, and adapts it to the needs of American shooters,” says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s Vice President of Marketing. “With the changes applied to the design by Springfield Armory, the Hellion offers American shooters a truly unique and capable 5.56mm bullpup.”

Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 bullpup rifle

The Hellion is highly adaptable to the needs of shooters, through the use of a five-position collapsible buttstock as well as a two-position adjustable gas system. It is also ready to accept the optic of your choice on the top strip of Picatinny rail, which also integrates a set of flip-up iron sights. It comes with a 30-round Magpul® PMAG and Bravo Company USA® BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 3 pistol grip. MSRP is $1,999.

Hellion 5.56mm | HL916556B

To learn more about the Hellion, visit https://spr-ar.com/r/4959


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    • Matt, I don’t own a bullpup but know those that do. They like them a lot, but I have to qualify that. They all use them for truck rifles so the OAL is their primary concern. They also own TAVOR exclusively. If I bought a bullpup today it, too, would be a TAVOR. Jury’s still out on this thing, but it’s interesting.

      • I’ve never shot one and probably won’t bother. I was going for the tongue in cheek repetition of the article title’s mention of PULLpup rifles 😉

      • I finally got to shoot a stock Tavor a couple weeks ago. Now I understand why the people that own them, like them.
        Too many inflationbucks for me, but I get it.

  1. I want one, but that’s similar to the price of a tavor and Springfield can still pound sand.

    • Also don’t buy anything from Germany because they were literal Nazis once. Or Japan because they bombed Pearl Harbor. Definitely don’t buy anything from China.

      • I bought stuff only from the Amish store down the road, until I saw a tag on one of their potholders that said “Made in China.” Whatsa fella to do?

      • Or America because they stole the land of the Native Americans and enslaved a lot of black people.

        • People “steal” land from other people all the time, still goes on to this day. It’s only yours if you can keep it.

        • More black people enslaved black people than Americans enslaved…more like bought….more like Jewish merchants bought who then sold it here, w.e, point is, than us to black people and more white people were enslaved by black and arab muslims(and beheaded and raped in their conquest of North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Iberia, after Reconquista all and their descendants were kicked out though) than the reverse. So yeah there’s some untold history for you. Also the overwhelming majority of black slaves, their descendants anyway, are living in Brazil right now, very small percentage came to the US and less than 1% of the US population owned slaves, and most were Jewish American, not even European.
          The Barbary Pirate Wars, after years of paying the Muslims coercion money to not attack our vessels and sexually enslave our christian women(and of other European countries, this had been going on for over a millennia since Islam/Arabs came into the picture and conquered North Africa and the Middle East from Caucasians and started doing coastal raids of Europe) and kill our men or put them in labor camps, we got out of the Independence War debt, finally established the United States Navy, built a fleet and had a 44 pounder frigate named the USS Constitution and nick-named “Old Ironsides” that became the flag-ship of the navy and spearheaded the war against the Islamic Barbary Pirates under the Ottoman Empire’s protection, our very first war as a new nation was against Islam, and it was named Constitution symbolically, because after Jefferson was given an explanation by their Muslim ambassador and a copy of the Quran in their diplomatic meeting in England, he and his colleague realized there was no way to negotiate with these people and that Islam was in direct opposition to our Constitution and a threat to all free peoples of the world, thus we agreed to pay them money to stop their attacks, but the moment we were able to establish our navy, we ceased this and started attacking their fleet and coastal towns and cities, raiding every single one of them and breaking the chains of all slaves we found regardless of origin, but the primary reason was to rescue American slaves of the Muslims, and we rescued other Europeans as well, England even joined in and we fought together to rescue as many as possible(in this time period alone, there were estimated over 2 million European slaves in their hands) and killed off some Sultans while we were at it.

    • Ya, I looked at that and thought if it was major cheaper than a Tavira they might sell a few, but at that price they will gather dust on the shelf.

      • Had the opportunity to fire an AK bullpup conversion once, and the trigger really was *that* bad. That said, it was a hell of a lot of fun, and bad triggers can still be managed for good results.

  2. “Croatian armed forces in demanding environments ranging from Iraq to Africa”

    WTH was Croatia in Iraq and Africa?!

    • Well, here’s my answer:

      Recent and current operations
      North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

      The Croatian Army has contributed to the following NATO missions:

      NATO EFP Battlegroups (Lithuania & Poland) – 2017
      Operation Resolute Support (Afghanistan) – since 2015
      NATO International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) (Afghanistan) – from 2003 to 2014

      United Nations (UN)

      The Croatian Army was involved in the following UN missions as of December 2017:

      UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO): seven military observers
      UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL): one staff officer
      UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP): nine military observers

      In the past, the Croatian Army has also contributed to:

      UN Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG)
      UN Mission in Support of East Timor (UNMISET)
      UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL)
      UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE)
      UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
      UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
      UN Mission in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

  3. I was thinking “What the price would be”…I think at about $1000 it would be worth it…but stated price is well over what I’d spend…

    • Just watched Firearm Guy& Firearm Blog testing this. Looks pretty great. Too bad it’s branded Springfield…

      • Exactly. When the HS2000 originally came to the US it was dirt cheap, then Springfield Armory got the rights and all they did was slap their logo all over it and jack up the price. This looks like more of the same. Has SA actually designed any of their products in-house?

        How a “gun company” that doesn’t make guns, stole their name from a government arsenal to give themselves a fake heritage, and has SA’s politics still exists is a headscratcher. I wish someone like CZ would pick up the HS Produkt import/license rights and SA could just go disappear.

        • then i could change all my korunas over to kunas.
          what’s with this exchange rate? fluctuations?

  4. I know I’m supposed to hate Springfield but I want one. Maybe after a gen 2 release and the street price falls.

  5. Expensive, but it looks like a pretty nice package. AR mag compatibility was a good choice. If street price is near 1500, I’ll be checking one out.

  6. Springfield Armory has a VERY nice, and VERY large new building on their campus, so business is good.

    And they’ve been playing nice in the Illinois General Assembly, having learned an important lesson a few years ago. So kudos to them for that.

    Having said that, while that rifle looks nice, that’s some pretty premium coin for something that’s brand new and unproven.

    And then there’s the whole manual of arms. I’m fluent in ARs. And I’m getting old enough I’m not interested in learning a whole new set of tricks just to put rounds downrange when my existing skill sets and rifles that haven’t been lost to boating accidents serve me well.

    • But it isn’t either brand new or unproven. The rifle has been in use for a while now, Springfield just adapted the parts to an American standard. It is still built in Croatia as well, so no issues with start up QC. Street price will be the defining issue.

      With an adjustable butt stock and a pistol grip, this qualifies as an “Assault Weapon” in California, and probably a few other states. It does pass the minimum length requirement though (26″).

  7. I’m glad it’s a bullpup, that means it’ll be easier for Dennis Reese to shove it up his keester.

    Never forget. Until he’s gone and divested, SA doesn’t get a penny.

  8. Those iron sights on the bullpup … I think I’d like to try those on a regular AR if it were possible and they came on a picitinny base. Just curious.

  9. In case no one has noticed, this article title …

    “The HS Produkt VHS-2 is Now the New Springfield Armory Hellion Pullpup Rifle”

    There is no such thing as a Springfield Armory Hellion Pullpup Rifle”

    Don’t they have editors here at TTAG?

  10. I’m moderately interested. I am not familiar with any other adjustable stock BP’s, although I’m sure other(s) exist.

    If the street price is $1600 I think they will sell nicely. MSRP?…..niche gun for ‘pupphiles.

  11. It is a bull pup rifle with an adjustable buttstock.
    That is something different.
    It’s the same price as a Steyr Aug or a Tavor, both proven designs with lots of aftermarket support.
    Why would someone buy this as opposed to an Aug?

  12. I’ll stick with my Tavor X95. I can readily change from 5.56 to .300 in about 90 seconds with a simple barrel swap. Thanks but no thanks.

  13. Looks like a Kel-Tech 556 Bullpup to moi. Heck I already own too many Bullpups, Tavor, Tavor 7, X95, AUG classic, AUG new, MDR, Kel-Tec ,P90 and or guns in general etc. Just picked up a SP5 (in form 1) and have a TPM Mp5 SD on order. Wife is gonna kill me if I mention another toy. Been collecting for 30+yrs and hit our stop limit (3 digit range) years ago but I break it every time. But nope sticking to my guns well unless a civilian MP7 comes out anyway I’ll pass on this guy. Price looks good but no wow factor and sorta in a subgun phase atm ; ).

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