The Highest Caliber of Guns

OK so our fearless leader got bit by the high-end gun bug and drools over the Wilson CombatsEd BrownsNighthawk CustomsSTI Internationals and Gemini Customs of the world. But he hasn’t discovered the next level: the full-on, full-tilt, balls-to-the-wall, uber-expensive mastabatory-material bespoke weapons. So let me point RF and our armed intelligentsia in the right direction for some serious pistol porn . . .

Louder Than Words aggregates the best ‘smiths in the country to build some of the most outrageous guns for charity. But, realistically, it is just going to help spawn divorce rates after I divulge the link. The pricing here starts around $4K for the good stuff, and we go up from there. But the craftsmanship is beyond reproach. Would you take three days to fit the slide to the rails? They would.

Click on any of the ‘smiths on the left side of the page and get ready to drool. Ned Christiansen’s checkering is baffling [top pic]. Chuck Rogers defines 1911 tacticool [above]. Ted Yost’s work is the definition of clean, and CT Brian’s skeletonized trigger = yummy [below].

Cold shower time. Note to Sam: hide RF’s plastic.

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