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  1. I caught a few minutes of arrow-bouncing stupidity at the hotel bar just now. Pretty weak sauce. If the producers realize that tiddlywinks and Quarters are also (kind of) target contests too, we’re hosed.

    • I hope you don’t mind Mike, but I’m going to be using “Commiefornia” whenever I refer to the COMMIE capitol of the US. They will now be known as “THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF COMMIEFORNIA” I which I had come up with the new name myself.

  2. Given the amount of crossover between hunting with guns and archery, I’m cool with one or two episodes a season devoted to something other than guns.

    Cliff’s comments about “slowing down and using the fundamentals” could apply to archery, revolvers or RPG-7’s. 🙂

  3. That was the last episode of this BS reality show that I’ll be watching. I don’t care if Jake wins or goes home. Top Shot is a BS reality show where in-between the typical profanity laden whining of a reality show, maybe you might see some shooting. Jersey Shore is more entertaining than this show. At least Jersey Shore doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. I’m so insulted by this show I’m writing actual complaint letters and sending them in the snail mail.

    They should rename the show “Housewives of the Gun Range” and just drop all the pretense that it’s a marksmanship competition, because it clearly is not.


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