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In the documentary above, Camden community members identify poverty and the lack of legal economic opportunity as the root cause of their city’s firearms-related homicides. But the idea that “easy access” to guns fuels the city’s firearms-related fatalities is never far from their lips. “You can’t pack a gun on a field,” a baseball coach points out. There’s a quick interview and intervention interaction with a handsome criminal, but the report singularly fails to address the amphetamine-crazed 800-pound gorilla in the room: Camden’s ultra-violent gangs. Specifically, the Bloods, the Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. Who will get guns no matter what. “Block by block, you can take the city back,” a Camden cop opines. Over the gangs’ dead bodies.

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  1. Now would be a good time to bring in the troops to put down those animals. Unfortunately LE is afraid of the gangs and would rather make noise about them being dangerous instead of doing something permanent. These low lifes are truely terrorist and their plague of drug, human trafficking will only spread. The only thing they understand comes out of the barrel of a gun.

  2. In NJ they need the gangs so that have somebody to vote democrat.

    Seriously, there seems to be total denial of a gang problem.

    • Don’t most gangs make their living off of dealing illegal drugs? If so, then gangs are the result of government because government created drug prohibition which created the gangs (or at least played a very large part).

      • That’s the real 800 lb. gorilla; without the war on drugs, these criminals wouldn’t have the resources and the power to intimidate or bribe a little old lady, let alone the police or the political hacks.

        “Breaking Bad” was fiction; but it based on the reality that anyone ruthless enough can make millions in the illegal drug business created by government.

        • We’ve been down this road before…it was called Prohibition.

          We need to learn from history.

  3. Nah. “Block by block, YOU can take the city back, leave me and my guns out of it unless those animals get out of their cages in my vicinity.”

  4. Denial of gang problems is a symptom spread all over the country. Irrespective of location, the talking heads all blame anything other-poverty, lack of opportunity, easy access to weapons, breakdown of family. Anything-but the gangbangers themselves. As usual the TRUE culprit is political correctness. Makes one nauseous. How about they grow some cojones and go after the bangers, followed by actually convicting them.

  5. Those gangs are there for a reason. Killing them will only create a vacum which will be filled by someone else.

  6. Removing the gangs requires a 2-step process. Step 1: decriminalize enough ‘recreational’ drugs to deny the gangs’ major income source. Step 2: Label them as terrorist organizations and treat them appropriately… preferably by handing the problem to General Mattis (retired).

    • You would need to legalize drugs, prostitution, gambling, and loan sharking if you wanted to choke off the majority of org crime revenue. But, that wouldn’t get rid of the toxic culture. You would still have a culture of violence that would seek out easy targets over a wider area unless the views toward education, two-parent families, and the value of life are given priority from within the community.

      • You’re right but it would take a crap load of the wind out of their sales. Also getting rid of a lot of the red tape and fees and taxes when it comes to starting and running a business would help too. Note that those regulations are leftist ideas.

      • Your right about prostitution and gambling. They need to be legalized also. But they are not nearly the revenue producers that drugs are. Gambling does bring in a lot of money for the rackets, but really it’s just sports betting. Most states have legal gambling outfits but only Vegas has legal sports books. And prostitution is not nearly as controllable esp in the internet age. Legalizing it would make it even harder for pimps. Loan sharking may be an issue, but a lot of loan sharks make money funding criminal activity. Investment bankers for meth labs , heists and such. And frankly I’ve never met anybody that actually knew a real loan shark. But drugs are available everywhere. So I don’t think it’s as big an issue.

      • “You would need to legalize drugs, prostitution, gambling, and loan sharking if you wanted to choke off the majority of org crime revenue. But, that wouldn’t get rid of the toxic culture.

        And you know this how, exactly?

        One major problem is that the stupid and foolish are so cocksure of themselves, while the wise and informed have doubts.

    • I would not label them as terrorist. That sets the precedence that could easily be placed on law abiding citizens now or down the road. Laws are on the books. How about getting to work.

    • I’d bet that most (90%+ probably) of us legal gun owners here in PRNJ are white guys. And out of this group, how many are committing gun crime? Less than 1% maybe? Yet all the gun laws and restrictions are aimed squarely at us, since I’m pretty sure the criminals don’t comply with any laws, gun related or otherwise.

  7. Small correction its ñeta association not los ñetos. Thanks to over reaction at an airport in PR, I learned first hand the name. Started in the 70’s in Oso Blanco by some clown who called himself the shadow. As most prison gangs they claim have started for self defense against prison predators, I would imagine basedbon the time frame that that would be the 27s. In PR they pretty much keep the prison gangs seperated. The 25s, ng25s (ng meaning new group. A splinter from the originals who are dieing off), the 31s, 27s and the ñetas pretty much run the prisons. They will flat out tell the guards whether a prisoner can “live” with them. In prison as in the streets its all about the drugs. Heroin is what conyrols the prisoners and the profits I would wager drives th street thugs. Marijuanna isn’t even seen as a drug by these groups. Anyway just an observation and a little info. Cause knowing is half the battle. (Yeah silly reference)

  8. In the neighboring NJ counties, there are thousands upon thousands of gun owners and yet there are only a tiny fraction of the shootings.

    But obviously guns are the problem.

    I get tired of such idiocy.

  9. This isn’t a gun or drug problem – this is an irresponsible breeding problem.

    Where are the parents of these “kids” ? I see youth centers and baseball leagues all trying to steer kids in the right direction. Isn’t that what the parents are for? If unemployment is so high, you’d think there would be a lot of parents with plenty of time at home.

    There is only one solution: Don’t have children you can’t afford or aren’t willing to parent for the next 18-25 years of their lives. This attitude would go a long way to fixing the “poverty” problem.

  10. Aren’t Cops supposed to be ‘Militarized’ for the exact purpose of taking on heavily armed opponents?

    Why do large gangs like that even still exist?

    • Because “militarized cops” are busy SWATting people with overdue library books in the suburbs, where it’s safe? So they can safely go home at night?

  11. Some of you may not be aware that the Camden city police force was disbanded and enforcement duties were assigned to an expanded county police force to eliminate the cost of the old dept’s pension/benefit system. A side bonus was being able to eliminate a lot of the corruption in the old dept. Camden’s city gubmint was also demoted when the state took over stewardship of the city. Camden has been the cesspool of NJ for many years, and only getting band aides to stop the huge problems they have. I am not up to date on all the details, but I’m thinking that the gangs got so strong there, because no one else was acting in charge of anything. Just like in 3rd world countries, if there is little or no functioning government or police, organized criminals seize the opertunity and take over.

    • I lived in Camden in 1996 when the State Troopers were policing the city. Camden is and ever shall be a basketcase. I doubt much has changed; when I was there, I believe the number thrown around was 70% unemployment and about 90% on some sort of welfare.

      Corruption, crime, and awful poverty; and the whole population there with no vision that life could be anything but this slow-rolling disaster. Camden is unsolvable.

  12. The only functioning government in Camden is the gangs. The police are there to hand out traffic citations and to help the Feds arrest whatever crooked politician is discovered by the FBI taking bribes or dipping into the public till. As for Camden’s violent crime, it’s merely 560% higher than the national average.

    • Is there a tacit understanding between both parties in NJ not to do anything about the situation? I am guessing that the Dems won’t do anything about it because they benefit politically (social disorder is the best excuse for increased spending and bureaucracy), and I am guessing that the GOP won’t do anything about it because they’re afraid of being called racist – and because it would be hard to see how they would get any votes out of it. Both perpetrators and victims in Camden vote Democratic, to the extent they vote at all.

  13. Well if the government legalized drugs and controlled the supply of drug addicts huge fractions of what they cost now, then these people would loose their major revenue source and source of violence. It’s not “a breeding problem”. People are continually raised in that toxic environments, parents and children for generations. How could possibly expect a 23 year old gang banger to be a responsible father? Not going to happen. Future generations are going to be forced to educate themselves enough to have a real job. There will be no easy tax free, lucrative, and criminal means to supporting yourself. Right now there is no incentive for these people to be law abiding citizens. Everyone around them is a felon and everyone sells drugs. That cycle is going to happen over and over and over until something changes.

    I’m not talking about selling heroin over the counter. A prescription system for drug addicts. They would be required to have a job to pay for their drugs. We don’t need another terrible welfare system. It works incredibly well in the Netherlands and Swiss trials were incredibly promising. In the Netherlands virtually every addict in the legal heroin program is over 40. The government has helped a huge group of addicts get clean, and the heroin dependent lifers aren’t committing crimes to get their dope.

    The overwhelming majority of gun violence in this country is black males under the age of 25 who are gang banging drug dealers. People always try to ignore that fact because it “makes them racist”. We have a completely broken welfare + prohibition system that keeps black men in this cycle. Until we can talk about what is really happening and why it’s happening nothing will change. We want to keep beating the same dead horse. The war on drugs has failed utterly and created narcoterrorism. It has helped destroy cities like Detroit and Camden.

    Of course one of you is going to tell me how illogical that is without don’t any research on the topic. I urge you to do your own research. It’d be very hypocritical of you to turn the idea down based on feelings rather than facts. I know a group of people who do that pretty well.

  14. If you decriminalize recreational drugs, how are the gang members going to earn a living? Robbing and stealing, maybe?

  15. My question is: has the legalization of pot in Colorado or any state that has legalized drug laws stemmed any gang activity, to any degree? Im asking that sincerely. I don’t see that it has.

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