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[ED: Remember this from May? A dozen of the nation’s most prominent Fudds wrote a desperate cri de coeur bemoaning the state of America’s gun culture and begging for what they consider responsible firearm regulation. It’s the kind of unctuous quisling-ism that provides aid and comfort to those whose ultimate goal is a totally disarmed society. Run down their list of ten wants below and count up how many of them are actually becoming reality in states across the country. Then be sure to thank them for the part they’ve played in helping the process along.]

Tell me if you’ve read something like this before.

We are Republican, Democratic and independent. We come from the East, South, Midwest and West. We are conservative, progressive and liberal. We are men and women. We include eight members of the Circle of Chiefs, the highest conservation honor of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. We are all different in many ways, but we have important commonalities. We are Americans; we are gun owners; we are hunters; and we support responsible firearm regulation.

Note the use of the latest term of art, “responsible firearm regulation.” Why not common sense?

We avoid the term ”common sense,” understanding the wisdom in Voltaire’s words ― “Common sense is not so common.”

Of course. Silly us.

The Puffington Host has dug up – and they probably didn’t have to dig too deeply — a group of avid hunters, outdoorsmen, conservationists and writers who feel just terrible about what’s become of the American gun culture.

Yes, the Second Amendment conveys a right to “keep and bear” firearms. But rights come with responsibilities, and we all have a moral responsibility to address America’s crisis of gun violence.

Translation: Do whatever you want to those crazy open carriers and the idiots I see out there in the woods who are hunting with ARs. You know, the wacko contingent that owns lots of guns and just keeps buying more!

Most hunters own guns principally to hunt game. We use them safely and respectfully: If someone is injured during their use, it will most likely be a friend or family member, since that is who we hunt with. We don’t buy a lot of guns. We usually have a few favorites, often passed down to us by fathers or grandfathers. The gun industry figured that out decades ago, and switched to creating guns for a different market.

Those…people…the ones who hunt with those black things, really aren’t our kind. 

That’s not to say that all hunters are like-minded on the issue of regulating firearms. As our numbers have dwindled, many have found a comforting alliance with Second Amendment radicalism. But we believe this is not representative of most hunters, and certainly not the tradition of the hunter-sportsman.

Those damned Second Amendment radicals! What makes them think that the right to keep and bear arms means you should actually be able to carry a gun? And besides, no one really needs an AR anyway. 

We do not need AR-15s or any assault-style weapon to hunt game. That’s not to say some people won’t use them to hunt. But they are simply not necessary, and are actually not preferable for legitimate, fair-chase hunting.

Naturally, the Fudd constituency has come up with a list of, dare we say, common sense, responsible gun control measures that any right-thinking person should see are both urgently needed and eminently reasonable.

1. An age minimum of 21 years to purchase any gun;

2. Anyone on the Terrorist Screening Center’s “no-fly list” may not purchase or possess firearms;

3. Anyone on Social Security disability due to mental illness may not purchase or possess firearms;

4. Prohibit new sales of semiautomatic assault or tactical-style weapons;

5. Prohibit new sales of semiautomatic shotguns or rifles (except .22-caliber rim fire) that can hold more than 10 rounds;

6. Prohibit any accessory designed or mechanical modification intended a) to increase the rate at which any firearm may be discharged; or b) to increase the magazine capacity of a semiautomatic rifle beyond 10 rounds (except .22-caliber rim fire);

7. Mandatory and universal background checks for all firearm sales;

8. Prohibit sales of firearms except through registered/licensed dealers (no direct private sales);

9. Enact gun violence restraining order authorities allowing courts to temporarily prohibit a person from purchasing or possessing firearms when a family member, community welfare expert or law enforcement officer presents evidence of a threat; and

10. Repeal the “Dickey ban” on scientific research in the area of gun violence and implement the Institute of Medicine’s 2013 gun violence research agenda.

There. We’ve said it. As long as we’re allowed to hunt with the guns we already have, we’ll be happy and you’ll have done something about…those people. Besides, we’re sure you’ll never come after us and our firearms. Because we’re the good, responsible kind of gun owner. You’ll leave us alone, right? Won’t you?

Here are the oh-so-responsible individuals you can thank for this:

Daniel M. Ashe, former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director
Ted Williams, environmental journalist*
Paula Del Giudice, outdoor writer and hunter*
Mike Furtman, outdoor writer and photographer, hunter and former gun dealer*
Jim Low, former president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and 13-time recipient of the Izaak Walton League’s Outdoor Ethics Communication Award*
Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III, wildlife photographer*
Brian Rutledge, conservation leader and naturalist
Scott Stouder, outdoor writer, conservationist and lifelong hunter*
Dr. Kris Thoemke, outdoor writer, conservationist and hunter*
Joel Vance, current member and former president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America*
George Harrison, retired nature journalist*
Rich Patterson, former president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America*

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    • There’s a LOT of “Dead Tree Press” in that list.

      Are they trying to pander to their diminishing (dieing) reader base?

      Or are they trying to preserve their influence and passing business model?

      • I actually believe Fudds believe the need for the Second Amendment is needless. They do not believe there is any danger of losing their “right to hunt”, and have hunting things. They are certain the time for militia protecting the states and towns is long past, and that maybe even the Second Amendment is not related to hunting, but so long as the Fudds behave themselves, their hunting privileges will not be denied. They do not fear government, but do fear that people with modern rifles and handguns, meant for killing other people in defense of the constitution, will make government nervous, resulting in revocation of hunting rights and guns.

        • Well, now, I am sorry I wasted my time reading this. I’ll just keep my 14-round 9MM mags, and my 30-round AR-15 mags. And…Keep off my lawn!!!

        • By the time they realize their hunting rifles are actually “scoped high power sniper rifles” and need to be banned, it will be too late.

        • I’m sure they realize. They just think they’ll be able to sneak by and pass the problem on to future generations. It’s disgusting how often I’ve heard “well I’ll be dead by then so I don’t care” from people…

        • When hunting rifles get re-classified as “snioer rifles” we’ll see what they have to say then…. FUDDs my ass. These people give fudds a bad name. They’re damn tyranical liberals with guns.

          • “There Is no “right to hunt” ”

            Of course there is. 2A is all about handing down great-great grandfather’s single shot rabbit hunting .22, or his sporterized ’03, and stalking the back 40 for squirrel. 2A is about rites of passage for young boys, and building new memories. .223, 5.56, 7.62, .308, all them things just blow up the rabbits and squirrels; no need for that if you are a real hunter. It’s about handing down them orange safety vests from generation to generation.

        • The Santa Fe Texas school shooter had a Fudd arsenal. Six shot revolver and Remington 870 shotgun. Fuddguns are just as dangerous and just as likely to get banned as the other firearms. Hogg hisself listed the 870 as a ban target.

          • “Hogg hisself listed the 870 as a ban target.”

            Well….the 870 is a pump action. Real hunters only need single-shot guns, and good hand/eye coordination. Real hunters only need one shot for game. Not semi-automatic weapons of war.

            (And that orange safety vest)

        • idiots abound will not learn every lesson of the world since creatures have claws or teeth…I survive you die I eat any fool who would surrender selfdense means will watch his woman raped and pity the poor rapist…do they not see that only the rich powerful influential will be ALLOWED WEAPONS ? tchey have WE and the others are sheep to be sheared, cows to be butchered, slaves to the armed….whether it is a Drug Cartel, a wild motorcycle gang , a rioting mob, bully boy thugs, political action arms such as the NAZI used, revolutionary movements, religion crazed murderers, or militias or Government forces…..ask Venezuelan people …their guns were taken…starvation riot rape murder but guns are bad NO MAN IS TRUSTED ABOVE ME…no man rules my rights…never surrender any rights…if you surrender , you are willing to die at Their Pleasure For Their Pleasure

        • Re: Sam I Am

          About that orange safety vest. I think it’s time to pass more commonsense attire regulations.
          Total blaze orange attire from the neck down to the pant cuffs. With horizontal black stripes of course.

          • “About that orange safety vest. I think it’s time to pass more commonsense attire regulations.
            Total blaze orange attire from the neck down to the pant cuffs. With horizontal black stripes of course.”

            Great idea !!

            First we mandate full orange gear (whatever the gear may be). Then we ban full orange gear. The we mandate it again. Keep the Fudds spinning.

        • “They…fear that people with modern rifles and handguns, meant for killing other people in defense of the constitution, will make government nervous, resulting in revocation of hunting rights and guns.”

          That’s the whole truth, right there.

          Fudds in general are cowards — especially this handful of exemplars, who are doing this not out of any concern for the public or even to protect hunting, but out of fear that having non-progressive opinions might get them disinvited from all the champagne socialist soirees. I mean, look what’s happened to Trump…better burnish those Marxist bona fides, posthaste.

      • These are writers, who just happen to write about hunting. Leftism has taken solid root among writers and journalists of all kinds, from gaming to hunting, even to fiction. I used to love the hugo and nebula awards, but it’s now all as full of choke-on-it thick leftist tripe as the academy awards.

    • a lot of hunters acquire their guns through private sales…this has never been a problem…they’re right that there is a new market for firearms that they’re uncomfortable with…but hunting has been on the decline across the country and allowing these new shooters to participate can bring in new blood and money that is sorely needed…which is why virtually all states…including fuddsylvania…now permit their use in some capacity….

      • I don’t dislike hunting or hunters. Don’t understand why people still go hunting, don’t see the “need”. Well, maybe sometimes herds of animals need to be “culled”, but that doesn’t happen every day. With all that said, why is it we see no legitimacy in banning hunting, or any hunting weapon (except poison), or even “cool” hunting gear, but hunters find a core need to eliminate non-hunter gun owners from protection of 2A?

  1. “Divide and conquer” is the technique used by anti-Second Amendment types…
    Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned. You see, anti-gunners want them all. They will chip away a little at a time until their goal of civilian disarmament is complete. They have an excuse for banning every firearm. Scoped bolt-action rifles are defined by anti-gunners as “sniper rifles” because they are “too accurate”. Magazine-fed weapons are suspect because of high (actually normal) magazine capacity. Handguns are suspect because they are “easily concealable”. The gun grabbers want them all and have made (flimsy and suspect) excuses for banning every type of firearm. They don’t care how long it takes. and will use incrementalism to their advantage.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…
    Even the NRA bears some responsibility for capitulation on matters concerning firearms. The NRA failed when it allowed the National Firearms Act of 1934 to stand without offering opposition, the 1968 Gun Control Act, the NICS “instant check” system, the “no new machine gun for civilians” ban in 1986, the so-called “assault weapons ban in 1994, and other infringements of the Second Amendment. Let’s face it. What better way to increase membership than to “allow” infringements to be enacted and then push for a new membership drive. Yes, the NRA has done good, but its spirit of “compromise” will only lead to one thing…confiscation.
    If the NRA is truly the premier “gun rights” organization, it must reject ALL compromise…

    • That list above is 90 % ‘ outdoor writers ‘ for one thing, it sounds like a clique of high school girls I.E. , ” Think our way or you’re out “…. hardly representative of the general gun owning public. That brings is to the next point, the Fudd heavy N.R.A. is not above being called out for its failures and constant compromise, The FACT it is dying as gun ownership continues to surge gives me hope actually. ( N.R.A. support for a bump-stock ban , instead of fighting it on principal grounds sealed their fate for many )
      Millions of new and not so new gun owners have said , as I have — the NRA does NOT speak for me !

      The single most offensive thing I hear is when people ask what ” Reason ” I have for owning any gun …… Because I WANT to numb-nuts ! …. and so we all shall , without approval of ‘ experts ‘ who want to claim they know what we ‘ need ‘ or don’t ‘ need ‘.

        • NRA has also done a good job of speaking for me for the most part. It was NOT a gun rights organization prior to 1971 so it’s ridiculous to hang NFA ’34 and GCA ’68 on them. At the time no one with any sense at all would’ve even considered that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean what it says and that Americans didn’t have the right to keep and own firearms.

          Been through this a hundred times on this site and the NRA haters keep it up- it’s really all they have. As for FOPA ’86- the poison pill amendments were struck after NRA’s deal was done and Bob Dole could get a lot of the blame for it.

          NICS, Semiauto ban, etc during the First Hillbilly’s administration were going to pass regardless of any organization’s efforts. (Where were those of you who are bitching about it now when it was going through the Congress, anyway?) The fact that NRA lobbyists put in a 10 year sunset provision on the semi auto bill, along with a very narrow definition of an “assault rifle” made that law moot, for the most part. I still had a stash of over 10 round mags for ARs, FALs, M1-A and all of my Glocks, as did just about everyone else. BFD. Without NRA efforts, NICS could’ve become a real nightmare, as it is in some states including Iowa, there is NO check if the purchaser already possesses a permit to carry or to acquire. You were already filling out a 4473 so it takes no longer after than before.

          You can bitch and moan about NRA all you want but it will not detract from NRA nor its effectiveness. The majority of the whiners are just pissed they were never good enough to rise in the ranks so they took their “ball”, which wasn’t anywhere near as a BFD as they thought and tried to go elsewhere. It isn’t working out well for them beyond paying for a new vehicle once in a while and making a radio talkshow appearance once in a while- there is absolutely no fear, respect, nor even a second thought given to GOA, NAGR or any of the other “gun groups” in DC or the Iowa Legislature, nor in any other state.

          You think you have great ideas or ways to regain some other lost ground? Who in the hell is going to hear about it where it needs to be presented if you don’t get on board? Keep pissing in the wind…

        • We would have had coercive gun-control after Sandy Hook had it not been for the NRA’s masterful political maneuvering at that particularly dangerous time. Beginning with Wayne La Pierre’s “Good guy with a gun” comment, the NRA’s established long term relationships with both Democrat and Republican law makers coupled with the activism of it’s millions of members, completely derailed a well financed, well planned, Obama led effort to take advantage of the blood spilled by innocents to demand the suspension of a constitutional right. No other organization could have done that. Seeing that happen, and realizing just what was at stake, caused me to join the NRA. Do I like everything they do? Nope. Do I think they’re more effective than any other gun rights organization? Yep. So, with that in mind, they’ll continue to get my money.

        • PETA, in due time, will declare hunting as a form of cruelty to animals and at first have it highly restricted and later banned outright.

          So the FUDDS will get what they deserve.

      • self-defense…since the birth of the republic…and even before…has always been a valid reason for owning a firearm…

      • The NRA lost me when the whole Hearing Protection Act was being talked about. The fact that they didn’t seem to want to go on TV and talk about that is what made me mad. Then again, even if they did, I doubt they would have done any good anyways.

        It would have been so simple to go out there, talk about the big government entity called OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and how they have a handy dandy chart available for noise levels and how dBs are exponential, not linear(i.e. 53dB is actually twice as loud as 50dB, not 100dB). Then point to the various known items and how loud they are(i.e. lawn mowers, leaf blowers, normal talking) compared to a normal firearm being discharged.
        Hell, throw in the fact that most EU countries love using suppressors for hunting, even deeming it rude to NOT use them, in fact. Point out how they LOVE talking about the EU gun laws and how a suppressor is considered an off the shelf accessory for their firearms over there, no additional background checks, no additional wait times- nothing. THAT, alone, should have the antis fumbling their words for several days.

    • the original NFA sought to ban handguns…the NRA managed to eliminate that provision…and they were also responsible for the expiration provision of the AWB….congress [and the govt.?] has never been…and probably never will be…comfortable with widespread ownership of automatic weapons…excluding semi-automatic weapons from the NFA…something that was considered in the eighties…can largely be attributed to efforts by the NRA….

  2. Fudds just have a fundamental problem with understanding the 2A. They want to take the power away from the people and hand it over on a silver platter to the state. Tench Coxe summed things up nicely back in 1788.

    “The militia of these free commonwealths,
    entitled and accustomed to their arms,
    when compared with any possible army,
    must be tremendous and irresistible.
    Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves?
    Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms
    each man against his own bosom.
    Congress have no power to disarm the militia.
    Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier,
    are the birth-right of an American …
    the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands
    of either the federal or state governments,
    but, where I trust in God it will ever remain,
    in the hands of the people.”

  3. What I find interesting about that list is that it exactly matches the last Feinstein laundry list of proposals to pass in 2017 (of course, her list is ever expanding, so I’m sure there is much more there now). This list isn’t so much a Fudd list as a DNC atroturf list.

    • That was my impression. If I was a hunter “concerned” with the tacticool state of firearm culture, that wouldn’t be my list. This is a civilian disarmament wish list masquerading as a “responsible” gun owners list, nothing more.

      • They should be thanking those of us that don’t hunt. I’ve paid thousands in excise taxes on guns and ammo and see little, if anything, for it.

        “10 percent of the sales price is imposed on pistols and revolvers, and a tax of 11 percent of the sales price is imposed on other portable weapons (e.g., rifles and shotguns) and ammunition. The excise tax is not imposed again unless the firearms and ammunition are further manufactured.”

    • I thought that list completely reasonable, but they forgot the distinction that in each and every case, the phrase “for blacks” or “of blacks”, etc would need to be added, and then the age limit “for blacks” should be 41, I think 21 was a misprint. Osama spent an hour on TV explaining in great detail how blacks were killing blacks with guns, how desperately the nation needed to stop blacks from killing blacks with guns. I guess I’m a FUDD, that doesn’t bother me a bit.

  4. Saw this “rights come with responsibilities” and knew immediately than anything and everything these people say is 100% bullcrap.

  5. More regurgitated NPC copypasta. The grooves on their record must be nearly flat by now. Those hunters don’t need anything more than muzzleloaders. Take everything else from them, burn it, then thank them for their efforts to the cause. Then they can all pat each other on the back as they stalk emaciated zoo animals to stave off starvation in the future socialist utopia they helped create.

  6. They give aid and comfort to the enemy. They provide cover for the enemies proposals. They divide the 2A community. I have often wondered if their supposed pro 2A vote is enough to offset the previously mentioned transgressions. I have decided they can’t die off fast enough (of old age). Fudds get fcked, you don’t speak for anyone but yourselves so get your mouths off Bloomberg’s dck and stop your public virtue signaling shenanigans.

    • it’s generational…most gun shows are full of Fudds…who are uncomfortable with the prominence of of the “black guns”….that seem to dominate sales…it’s a new reality that they need to accept…if reluctantly…for the common good…

  7. “Brian Rutledge, conservation leader and naturalist”

    What does this guy liking to strut around naked have to do with anything…

  8. I try to avoid Fudds and Fuddism much the same as Marxist/Leftists,like avoiding the plague,on the odd occasion I run into one at the range,I do enjoy their idea of a conversation on the subject of the Second Amendment.

    When I start out with pointed questions and they haven’t the answer that infuriates them and they usually slink off in search of some item they forgot,not to return.

  9. The AR15 is the modern day musket and the second amendment wasn’t written to protect hunting. These fudds can go f*ck themselves.

    • Cloud,

      Your comment about AR-15s and muskets is spot-on.

      And we should respond to Fudds as follows:

      We do not need AR-15s or any assault-style weapon to hunt game.

      Correct. We need AR-15s (and all other manner of firearms as we see fit) to hunt TYRANTS (and their enforcers) when they go too far.

    • I agree. Also, women don’t need high-heels. They should be banned. We should all just wear ‘sensible’ shoes. Brown, not those scary black ones with ‘spikes’ for heels. They can be used to hurt people. If it saves one child….. Let’s ban cool cars, too. No one needs to go over 55mph. Remember how many children were saved when we all drove 55mph? I don’t, lol.

      • When I take off for a 2500-3000 mile trip, I’ll generally spend several hundred yards at 55, as I’m passing through.

  10. Come January, get ready for an avalanche of gun control legislation at the local, state, and national level as Democrat majorities take control. Democrats don’t even give lip service to “nobody wants to take your guns”, they’re out to straight up gut private gun ownership in this country.

    Facist socialists pretty much run this country now and unless normal people decide to actively, physically resist them, the ideal of our Constitutional Republic will be dead.

    • Come February I will fit nicely in the crowded confines of a FEMA Camp, be ready to welcome me gun owners.

      • You may have no worries about where this country is headed, but I am. I don’t give a rip about your snide insinuation. And I don’t believe in “FEMA camps”.

        • It’d have to be DHS or someone else anyway. FEMA doesn’t have the wherewithal to put together any kind of camp. Maybe ATF, but it’d probably just be on fire by the time they got done putting it up anyway…

        • All snideness aside, you may not ‘believe’ in FEMA camps, but they most certainly believe in you.

          It is not a paranoid delusion to accept the fact that Disarmists, at the extreme end of their spectrum, are willing to make you, by legislative fiat, a felon by mere possession of a formerly legal product or artifact; They are, by extension, quite willing to enforce their legislative fiats by sending armed government functionaries to your home to take you into custody, by lethal force of necessary, for mere possession of a now-prohibited item that you once purchased legally, with Government blessing at the time of purchase.
          The obvious implication of sending armed government functionaries to your home to seize both you and your property at gunpoint is the implicit readiness to take your life if you resist, and that of any person who aids in your resistance to lawful authority.
          It has been stated by many Disarmists, legislators and sycophants alike, that your death is preferable to your possession of a firearm, and that complete civilian disarmament, by force if necessary, is the End Game desired.
          Given all of THAT, what is the cognitive dissonance that you suffer about a belief in a ‘FEMA Camp’ for firearms owners who resist confiscation? Is it the name itself?
          Let’s use ‘DHS Camp’. Perhaps that is more palatable than ‘FEMA.’ Of course, ‘DHS Camp’ implies that what may very well occur to gun-confiscation resisters is not precisely an ’emergency’ to be managed, but more of a ‘national security’ necessity with which to be dealt.
          That should make you feel better.

      • Yup. The Final Solution to the scourge of gun owners. Rendition, enhanced interrogation, and the survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

    • “We’re toast. The demographics and math don’t add up.”

      Suspecting that “100 million gun owners” statistic is 90% “FUDs”. Gotta admit, 158 years of the central government not using the military to suppress the populace looks like we need not fear an oppressive, tyrannical government that would need to be resisted with firearms. I mean, after all, 158 years without the need to revolt seems like we tamed rogue government and can trust it to always act responsibly. Maybe FUDs have a point.

    • not so sure about that…many in congress actually own AR-15’s…and they know the political costs of going after them…this is headed to the courts…

  11. Before the gun grab in Australia my state had no licenses for anything except pistol. Maybe 1% of shooters were SSAA members as there was no need unless you went to the range a lot. There were about 130 small organisations for different styles of shooting. So the government ignored us. Still trying to ignore us.

    If your not a member of nra or similar you are not helping.

  12. They want gun regulation. People in the opposite of heaven want ice water. See? Now we can all name TWO groups of people that will be disappointed!

  13. Back in the day, the FUDDS were those who hunted with spears and bows. They wanted to ban those awful flintlocks and similar because “nobody” needed a bang stick to hunt game.

    A couple stanzas some may recognize:


    “In the dimness of the shadows
    Where we hairy heathens warred,
    I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
    We used teeth before the sword.

    So as through a glass, and darkly
    The age long strife I see
    Where I fought in many guises,
    Many names, but always me.

    And I see not in my blindness
    What the objects were I wrought,
    But as God rules o’er our bickerings
    It was through His will I fought.

    So forever in the future,
    Shall I battle as of yore,
    Dying to be born a fighter,
    But to die again, once more.”

  14. Guess it exposes some kind of rift in old vs. new. Us newbie defensive tactical types who don’t know nuttin’ bout huntin’ are the usurpers, the ones who don’t respect our elders. It’s that old thing about the old real rock and roll vs all that crap those kids listen to today, it’s so vulgar and stupid and all that junk should be taken off the radio and so forth.

    What are you gonna do. Hunting ain’t a thing in a lot of people’s lives. When you mostly consume the birb and the phish like me especially true. What am I gonna do, show up at a chicken farm to stock up for the winter?

    • Guns is guns. Don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t stress out over the type of action, capacity, rate of fire, or whether it has a “thing that goes up” or not. I have a variety of designs from antique cap and ball front stuffers to the latest semi-autos, in both long guns and handguns. I hunt with some, target shoot with some, and back in my war days shot at people with some (those were sometimes belt fed). Point is, as always, it’s “intent” not the machine, that matters.

        • Well, I’m not quite as flexible as that girl in the video. But I haven’t been that young in a very long time. 😉

        • If memory serves me, Joan Jett dyed her hair white and has gone all PETA now. She did look pretty good in leather on the “Up Your Alley” CD cover, though, and watched many a stripper on the pole, uh, dancing (?) to “I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You”. Lots better HDs in the lot back then, too.

    • I also am not a hunter. It seems these highly experienced hunters are also highly stupid on the purpose of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. It has nothing to do with hunting.

      They have not heard that the gun owner of demographic has changed in 2018. I think they need a class from Black Guns Matter.

        • Exactly. Most “outdoor writers” I know are frankly terrible shots and can’t manage the most basic outdoor skills. The last people I’d want to be stranded with in the wild.

          OWA: pound sand.

        • This. Squared to the 10th power. Their agreement with the gun-controller’s meme about “weapons of war” says a lot about their politics. The 2nd. amendment is exactly about the right to keep and bear weapons of war. Bundy Ranch was a modern day Concord Bridge.

      • People are hunted also. Often with Government approval. Most folks are ok with that, but not ok with defending yourself with a gun when the need arises. Very short sighted attitude.

    • I call it Shooter 2.0.

      A lot of younger people got into shooting with other young folks who had been off to war.

      Their weapons/tools were ARs and Glocks and the “range” was often indoor.

      Obama found out that many of the youngsters whom voted for him also owned guns and liked the ability to defend themselves by carrying a gun.

      It is Shooter 2.0 that fostered many of them advances we have seen in carry reciprocity and adding states with carry permits.

      The people against this are not of any particular age, but possess the ” I got mine” mindset of the elite.

      I do hunt and faced an uphill battle in my youth as I hunted with a handgun. Laws were clear and the opposition I faced was that I didn’t “need” to hunt with a handgun. To hell with that.

      And as always, the 2nd Amendemnt has nothing to do with hunting anything but tyrants.

    • Elaine D. you make laugh with your comments in a good way. I just may be a borderline FUDD, not because of my beliefs but my age. I think what is really needed in more of these discussions is a more open point of view
      on all things related to any form of discrimination.
      For the record I’m a strong believer in the constitution, especially the 2nd, and I
      am a believer in less laws that infringe upon our personal freedoms. So whenever I see a political candidate that’s running on the platform of laws (s)he are responsible for I really shy away from that form of suppression.

  15. My only wish is that every fucking FUDD on plaent earth gets mauled and eaten alive by a bear or pack of wolves. That would warm my heart. Or, alternatively killed during a home invasion while they were trying to retrieve their single shot bolt rifle to defend themselves. They deserve nothing less for the cunt traitors that they are.

    • Looks like the fudds will win by just getting out of your way and let you run off the cliff all by yourself.

      When the anti-gunners can sit on the sidelines and let the gunners fight amongst themselves, the battle is already over. Looks like I better get an old boat and load it with guns. Especially all those ARs on sale right now. Just imagine TTAG in 12 months.

      • Uh, where are you finding .22 WMR that you can shoot all day without going bankrupt? The best I have seen lately is about 15 cents per round — which is about the same price as 9mm Luger on sale.

  16. “What am I gonna do, show up at a chicken farm to stock up for the winter?”

    Would that be before or after you stop off to vote for the Democrats?

  17. How do you get a Fudd to have an anxiety attack?
    Cancel hunting season and announce “National guard Sharpshooters” will cull any excess game populations.
    Hunting is a privilege, not a right. That’s why you need a license. Fudds are fine with only a privileged few being able to own and use guns…so long as they are among the privileged. They LIKE that idea; that THEY get something THOSE people don’t.
    They’re like wannabe royalists.

    • Wait, if the state decides you need a license to do something, THAT’S what makes it not a right? I thought that rights were rights regardless of what the state opines.

      You, my friend, sound like a FUDD. Maybe not a gun FUDD, but a much broader type of FUDD. As long as you have your RKBA, let the government trample all our other rights.

  18. The want semi automatics of every type banned, that much is clear. And not just sales but possession. The UBC rule is to be a handle on who has what, ammo records will complement that process.
    The trick will be to get owners frightened of the law enough to turn them in en mass. They don’t want to collect them.
    There are loopholes in HELLER they are exploiting, we’ll see how far some states or the feds are willing to go.

  19. Despicable fools who want everyone to fit into their mold of what shooting sports and gun ownership should be. If these people had their way we would all be reduced to single shot shotguns, single-action revolvers and bolt action rifles with 3 round internal magazines. Thew thing they don’t get is that if they give in to the Libs, they too will eventually be disarmed and all hunting banned.

  20. The funniest thing about fudds and hunters is hunting is not protected constitutionally so in reality they’d be in more legal peril than people who say it’s a gun to keep the gov at bay if it were actually enforced the way it should be/should have been.

    • Don’t be too harsh on Fudds. They explain why 100 million gun owners are not 100 million defenders of the constitution and Second Amendment.

    • I also wonder just how many hunters there really are. Like, people that have hunted more than once in their lives. I suspect it’s only a few million outside the blue-stronghold states that have lots of public land.

      The left loves setting up strawmen to knock down; I suspect that’s exactly what the deer hunter trope is. A pitiful and easily dominated minority they’ve successfully portrayed as being the typical gun owners, so they can demonize the actual majority of gun owners that don’t fit the convenient mold.

  21. Look these folks up. Not only are they unAmerican anti-civil liberty trash, but they are NOT hunters. Almost all of them are outdoor writers and fishermen only. A couple admit to some duck hunting.
    Oh, and Ted Williams was suspended from the Audubon Society for advocating the poisoning of cats with Tylenol.
    These people are in no way representative of ethical hunters.

    • “Williams: It started with the NRA which can now be counted on to be on the wrong side of every environmental issue . . .” This pretty much says it all about the good Mr. Williams. He is indeed a Quisling.

    • So, is “outdoor writer” –which brings to mind descriptions of hunting, fishing, backpacking, adventuring– more a euphemism for environmentalist nowadays?

      In such case, it should surprise exactly no one a bunch of aging greenie Democrats don’t support the RKBA.

    • Re: jwtaylor,

      And here all along I thought Ted Williams was in the desert frozen in a crypt of some kind.
      I hear it’s some kind of Top Secret Trekky Operation.

      By the way I love your writing along with many of your views. I appreciate the good work you do.


    • They are outdoor writers in the same sense that James Fenimore Cooper was a writer of the frontier. Nice stories with flowery rhetoric, but based firmly outside of reality.

  22. We have reached a point where the biggest threat may well be our own government. They are showing tremendous efforts with zeal toward the populace not owning firearms. You may argue that this only pertains to what many people refer to as an AR; however, there is probably only one true AR out there among 10,000 that are not. History has shown that disarmament starts slowly, first it will be the current conception of an AR, which is totally wrong, then it will be hand guns and quickly followed by all your guns. Those who feel that your hunting guns won’t be taken are foolishly mistaken. An unarmed populace is easy to control and this is the ultimate goal of a socialist driven government. Probably our biggest mistake is we are now primarily an urban society. The vast majority of which have never had a gun in their hands and don’t understand they are only tools. Our media is quick to point out that only bad uses of guns are reported in the news; therefore, they are viewed as evil and no one should have one. We should apply this reasoning to those who are considered capable of driving any conveyance. How do you educate someone who refuses to be educated? Gary

  23. Dear Fudds,
    Why does it seem that most of you have liberal arts degrees?
    Why do you really need a gun to hunt with anyway?
    Perhaps a bow with arrows should suffice?
    Wait, the prey may not see that coming and it would be unfair, chase down the animal and cut its throat with a knife?
    Wait, is that fair? Chase down the prey and kill it with your bare hands and teeth!

    Are you assuming that those on SS don’t have teeth to eat? Or a need to protect themselves? What have you been smoking and why haven’t you shared it?

    Fudds – the 2nd is NOT about hunting, it is about protecting ourselves from the GOVERNMENT.

  24. The glaring flaw in their virtue-signal is that the 2nd Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting. By striving to frame the 2nd Amendment as a hunting amendment, they evince a calculated effort to deceive readers and reveal a (typically liberal) complete lack of knowledge about modern firearms and their accessories. It is impossible to observe the narrow thought processes of the Fudds and not want to seek professional intervention to help them cope with their delusions–––or loudly expose them as anti-Constitution gun grabbers who mask their true nature behind a cloak of nature friendliness.

  25. Meh…I’ll try to keep my newly acquired AR15. Be verwwwy quiet…I’m hunting Elmer’s 👀🐾😄

  26. Every country that banned firearm ownership, which would be in violation of America’s Bill of Rights and Constitution has ended up in a dictatorship and drowned in failure, all a person has to do is look to see the destruction, Venezuela seems to be the latest victim of government gone mad and citizens unable to respond. The Founders of America chose to add the 2nd Amendment fot they wanted to detach from what they had experienced under a system of repression.
    To those who want to live in a “gun control” free society, there are many places to migrate to, to satisfy your dream…. GO!

  27. We should turn the tables on FUDDS. “The 2nd isn’t about hunting, it’s about resistance to tyranny. Therefore, hunting guns should be outlawed, as they have no legitimate use for the preservation of our rights, and the resistance to said tyranny”. Nobody needs to hunt, we have grocery stores, food stamps, welfare, and if you’re really inclined, you can grow your own food.

    If they want to play stupid, it should be played right back. That old “I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t who they were killing” thing? Maybe if their stuff was in danger, they’d take a different stand.

    • The funny part is banning hunting is a hell of a lot less stupid than banning self-defense weaponry.

      They’ll never admit it of course, but hunting is pure entertainment these days. Not one iota different than video games, except people do have serious accidents on occasion. It’s also got not a scrap of constitutional protection, which is why the libs have been so adamant at constraining the RKBA to hunting purposes, so they can be annihilated freely.

      • Exactly. If you want to hunt, go for it. People just really, overall, need to mind their own F’n business. Worry about yourself, and don’t worry about what other people are doing when they aren’t causing any harm.

      • If you read the Miller decison (not just the summary), it says the 2nd only protects militarily useful arms, and it mentions standard infantry issue as a test. I don’t know of a military that ever issued OU or SxS shotguns as standard equipment, so those are bannable under Miller. If the arms must be modern, then nobody issues bolt actions to the rank and file anymore. Only full autos and semi autos, and maybe some pump shotguns.

  28. Joel Vance is a Democrat who used to write for the Missouri Conservationist. Good writer too. Retired several years ago. Bird hunter. Besides that, I don’t give a damn about what he thinks about my gun rights! We had a former Governor in Ks, Mike Hayden that worked for Fedgov Fish and Game under Clinton. Came out for gun control too. Rino traitor! My Harrison, I’ve read many times and I’m disappointed. They are all over the hill has beens.
    They have ZERO influence.

  29. I am a gun owner. I never hunted, hunting being an entirely proper activity, though one that never much interested me. For many years, I was an active competitive shooter, mostly with “high power rifles” and handguns. I also shot trap for a while. I also keep arms for personal defense, the necessity for which will hopefully never come up, though the Boh Scout motto, Be Prepared makes a lot of sense. I have held a Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit of License for almost 40 years.

    So regarding the afore mentioned and the comments or maudlin ramblings, take your pick, that we have, courtesy of The Fudd Manifesto as it is entitled, the thinking of it’s members have no relationship to me or to my thinking on the subject of firearms.

    • used to be getting a “permit” was incredibly difficult….then came the turbulence of the sixties…I was told to go to the courthouse to get one…thinking my chances were slim…I was astonished to see them handing them out like candy canes…had mine ever since…..

  30. I find it quite ironic that a guy who demands that we hold our nose sjoin the NRA despite their complicity in so many 2A infringements has ANYTHING to say about “Fudds”.

  31. Reminds me of how my marijunna bootlegging tenant was able to invoke the Elmer Fudd defense to evade accountability for firing 2 rounds from a Remington 870 shotgun, probably loaded with slugs, at my son. His attorney put his marijunna bootlegging grandson, whom he misrepresented as a “gun expert” because he used to be in the USMC, on the witness stand to testify that he couldnt have been firing lethal buckshot much less slugs at my son because he had a choked barrel. He testified under oath that firing any shot heavier than #8 birdshot through a full choke would cause the barrell to explode, just as happens when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot into the muzzle of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun. If this moron had ever read the label on a box of Remington Sluggers he would find that they are safe to shoot through any choke.

  32. I agree we need to do something to address the issue of violence including with firearms in this country. Too bad they offered up no solutions on how to address the 33000 or so gangs in this country. Too bad they offered up no solutions on how to address the rampant violence in about 5% of the counties in this country. Yes there are people killed outside of gang crime and related murder, but that gang crime drives the largest part of the murder numbers.

    And if we want to count suicide by firearms in this as many anti-folks do, then these folks again offered up no solutions. To simple say removing one tool or method will solve the problem is naive at best, and just an outright lie at worst. Folks in Japan and S. Korea have far higher suicide rates than the US and no guns. So going after a method or tool used will accomplish nothing.

    So these fine pontificating folks just wrote a lot of nonsense while offering up no real solution to solving any of the problems they claim to be interested in solving.

    If we are going to do feel good things and such then why not take away all phones form anyone under say 18? Inattentive driving kills almost 4000 teens and injures 10s of thousands more each year. So this is more dangerous to teens and the rest of us around them on the roads. And again it really does not solve the problem. Yet no one is suggesting that and unlike with firearms there is no constitutional right I can find that says you have a right to a phone and to text and drive.

    • Some problems have no solution. And many problems have solutions that are unacceptable. I’m sure you can think of some examples of both. 🙂

  33. I propose we ban bolt action rifles and magnified optics suitable for assassinations, all shotguns over .5″ bore size, and make it illegal to insure expensive firearms. Oh, and a federal ban on hunting over bait of any kind.

    Get these useless Fudds’ skins in the game, and suddenly they’ll harrumpf with the best of us. Bastard he was, Stalin was a master at giving his pawns no choice but to fight for him. It’s time we do the same.

    • And we must ban that gargantuan 410 gauge. It must rival the guns on the USS Missouri.

      Yes, this is sarcasm but I love playing the anti-gun people’s ignorance against them.

      • just bought a “judge”….formidable little piece….and great for novice single gun owners….hard to miss with this thing….

  34. All anyone has to do is read “Animal Farm” and you will see the handwriting on the wall or should I say barn.

  35. There’s no Constitutional right to hunt under the US Constitution. So, sorry, Fudds, but your guns are history. And so are you.

  36. They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.

  37. Although I can’t agree with any limit on law abiding adults being allowed to purchase any gun they can afford, I think some of the stuff on the market today does push the boundries of what is necessary. Bump stocks are not, drum magizines are not, ownership of high powered rapid fire weapons by someone under the age of 21 are not. Kids that age are not mature enough emotionally to own something of that nature. And some of the activities committed by some people is outrageous. I have never agreed with open carry, that being said taking it to the next level of carrying ar15 and ak47 in public that is practiced in states such as Texas is although legal it is also ridiculous. While hunting in the wilderness rifles are certainly acceptible, but going grocery shopping it is not. What possesses a person to do that? Eventually those activities are certainly going to be a detriment to all gun owners. The good gun owners in this country have to make some concessions in this day in age, this is no longer 1955 and we no longer live in the land of milk and honey. Changes have to be made to protect our 2nd amendment right, because the way it’s going we’re going to lose it if it keeps progressing as it currently is. And you’ll all be to blame when it does. I’m glad that I’m at the age I am, in another generation I won’t be around to see where this current enviroment is headed. But I can only warn you, activity that I’ve witnessed over the past 20 years can only lead to one thing, disarmament either voluntarily or by force. And remember this one thing, it’s real easy to give up a right, but nearly impossible to get that right back once you realize the mistake you’ve made.

      • there’ really very little support for bump-stocks…Vegas saw to that….there are legal questions, though…that need to be resolved…

    • Disagree, Bruce.
      The 2nd Amendment offers no age limit on who can bear arms and no limits regarding the expense of arms. Bump stocks are mostly a useless novelty but may have some use in an armed conflict against enemy forces with fully automatic weapons. Drum magazines (or any high capacity mags) beat the Hell out of frequent, tedious reloading at the range. High-powered (whatever that really means) rapid-fire (whatever that really means) weapons seem to already be restricted to only collectors who can pay for a tax stamp; and few if any under 21 fit into that category. Open carry is the only way to carry long arms, and the 2nd Amendment does not proscribe or even mention open carry; it’s the right to keep and bear arms, period, and there’s nothing ridiculous about excercising a right that’s constantly threatened by those who wish to eliminate it. As far as disarmament by force goes, constitutionally protected weapon owners far outnumber both the military and police forces and and if those forces are ordered to ignore the Constitution and trample the 2nd Amendment, there will be a violent resistance of the kind the Founders had in mind when they established the 2nd Amendment. Lastly, historically, a right once given is almost impossible to retract—NOT the other way around.

  38. these people do not know anything about hunting or gun owners the black gun they are talking about has killed a lot white tailed deer and comes in a lot more calibers than the 223 or 556 it can be made to shoot the 7.63×39, 308 300 win.mag along with others including the ever popular 22lr .Myself I do not own one one because a lack of money but my favorite rifle for deer hunting is a SKS that shoots the 7.62×39 am fond of that cal. got my guns 96 down when they were cheap the norinco was wholesale back then for around 50.00 now I cannot afford to buy guns and if these idiots get there way we will not keep the ones we have

  39. I would have discussed the Fudds errors in detail, but too many others have done so above. Suffice to say that the anti-gun mafia have already stated that their desire is to outlaw all firearms in civilian possession.
    All semiautomatic firearms are “weapons of war”, all bolt action firearms are “sniper rifles”, all handguns are concealable and .22 caliber weapons kill more people than any caliber bullet except for military bullets.
    Besides, PETA and others want to ban all hunting as unethical. So you have no need for your guns; just turn them all in and we will have a “safe” society.

  40. Because, as we all know, a nutbag armed with a bolt gun and in an elevated position can harm exactly no one. Since he can harm no one a mass shooting is totally impossible for him to commit, especially at an educational institution!

    Charles Whitman, who the fuck is that!?

  41. I’m fairly well read and I can’t recall having read anything by the “authors” on this list…

  42. With Fudds like these, we don’t need enemies. And George Harrison? Really? I thought only Paul and Ringo were left.

    • they tried…they failed…lulling everyone into a false sense of security….there was an awful lot of anti-gun craziness back then too…

  43. K- here’s a similar story I was a part of: Right after the Columbine shooting, NRA Convention was scheduled for Denver, of all places. The mayor and other pols didn’t want us there (well, the under indictment mayor fill-in of Dallas didn’t want us there last May, either…) but everything was scheduled, people had airfare, etc, etc. At the opening we all went to the big room, WLP gave a short speech and the “meeting” was adjourned. The vendors, food people, everyone who were counting on our presence all ended up losing a lot of money, as did the hotels, hookers, etc. Outside as we all left were some “protesters”, not as many as you’d think, and some of us were engaging a few when I spotted about 5 old guys and one old chick across the street with a “Hunters for Gun Control” or other such sign they were carrying. They had nice new orange vests and the like and looked more like profs from U of Denver (which they were)- anything but hunters. My brothers and I went over to then and struck up a conversation- they knew nothing about hunting or shooting, agreed that you could shoot large African game sith AR 15s and that 30-06 was pretty standard for shooting prairie dogs out there. We attempted to bring this debate to some local Channel 4 news guys but when we revealed we were going to expose them on air they literally ran off.

    Easy to portray that you’re something you really aren’t.

    • they feed of of ignorance…and misinformation and deception…you need to understand what you’re up against…

  44. I’m sure glad I had my trusty FUDD – DPMS .223 hunting rifle (MSR) this past weekend. I took home a nice Whitetail deer down in central Texas. Sorry I didn’t wear the orange vest either. I can’t stand FUDDs.
    I use to carry my M77’s and M700’s to deer camp, but I generally try to use my Mini 30 or AR as often as possible now, just to get under the skin of the FUDDs.
    Most of those writers are Lib bird watchers, so they have no influence on my opinion of the 2A.

    I say mind your own business. I eat well, you can go buy your own chicken anywhere you want.

  45. “Fair chase hunt”
    The fact that you have thumbs and a brain that allows you to solve complex problems already puts you at the top of the food chain already, regardless of the firearm you use.

    Not to mention Fudds seem to just gloss over the fact that semi-auto firearms have been on the commercial market for well over a century.

    • with limited magazine capacity….that’s what’s changed….remember when “banana clips” were an oddity?

  46. It was a bit difficult to look into the signers of this later, as most were rather obscure, & I had to do a bit of digging through google. None of them appear to be under the age of 55 (possibly even 60), with several in the 75-92 age bracket. The former FWS director is one of the younger folks in the list, & he was an Obama appointee. So basically, a bunch of liberal Baby Boomers.

    Similarly, the “Outdoor Writers Association is America” is not especially prominent, in my view, nor is it primarily a hunting organization. The org officially has no position on whether hunting is good or bad. It looks like a generic outdoor/environmentalist org, populated by bourgeois REI shoppers.

  47. So under this proposed solution, that gun handed down from your grandfather would no longer be allowed to be handed down. What do they want us to do with that bolt action deer rifle and Remington 870 pump from old granddad, give them to the police?
    I could go on, but there is no point.

  48. “responsible firearm regulation.” That is illegal Shall not be Infringed is clear the 2nd amendment is a unalienable right a warning to governments and gun control types!
    Touch this right and its the rope or firing squad no excuses.

    Time to start hanging mother fers until we are rid of treasonous traitors who have immigrated and infected our population

  49. What I think is funny is that all these people saying “Theres going to be a civil war if they ever….” I used to think the same. The truth is… no. No, there won’t. Anybody that tries to resist will be made out to be crazy or any other convenient term of the moment. No media outlet is going to say, “He was resisting because the government came for his guns without cause and….” it simply won’t happen because no gun owner wants to be lumped in with the crazies due to self-preservation. Think about it realistically for a second. If they did come for guns, how would we be alerted? Not through the mainstream media. It wouldn’t come through Facebook or any other social media. They are anti-gun as well. So how then? By phone? Possibly. Then consider what happened to cell phones right after 9/11. I don’t know if it happened everywhere, but where I was, phones were cut off so emergency calls could go through for key govt personnel. It’s not hard to isolate and cut off certain cell towers for certain areas. Even if an alert made it on the internet, how many would take it seriously? We’ve been conditioned for so long with so many bullshit “cry wolf” stories, most simply don’t believe much of anything online if they can’t personally verify it. Not trying to be a doom-and-gloom type, I’m just being realistic. I pray the day never comes. I fear that it’s closer than we realize.

  50. I use to stand up for the Fudds, I understood that they were generally responsible, bit this is very disturbing. I am physically handicapped, so I cannot tramp through the woods. I am a bullseye and high power competitor and an NRA SAFETY instructor. One week after the passing of the AWB, MS. Brady attacked hunting rifles as sniper rifles. This after telling folks that she was not after sporting firearm.

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