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By Mark Houser

There have been several recent efforts to impose gun control particularly on people between the ages of 18 and 21. Such restrictions were part of Washington state’s infamous Initiative 1639, and Senator Diane Feinstein is currently attempting to implement similar age-specific regulations nationwide through her Age 21 Act.

There are obvious problems with laws like these. For instance, it’s audacious for the government to say that an enumerated constitutional right cannot be exercised by young adults. This is especially true when the same government will happily allow–or, in the case of a draft, force–those young adults of the same age to bear arms against people of other countries.

However, I want to focus on a different problem that’s not receiving enough attention, the insidious classism of age-based restrictions. Age-specific restrictions have a disparate impact on lower-income individuals and, by extension, on the marginalized communities that these lower-income individuals inhabit.

It’s a problem of perspective. For wealthy Americans, meaningful “adulthood” often doesn’t begin until after college, perhaps at the age of 22 or 23. Gap years, graduate or law school, internships, and other luxuries of the relatively well-off often delay adulthood much longer. The most privileged among us might not adopt real adult responsibilities and lifestyles until they’re pushing 30.

To wealthy and upper-middle class people, including Senator Feinstein, keeping guns out of the hands of 18-21 year olds can seem as unobjectionable as keeping guns out of the hands of children because, in the eyes of the affluent, 18 to 21-year-olds are children. Children who have neither the capacity to use firearms, nor the need for them.

But less privileged Americans don’t have the luxury of delayed adulthood. Between the ages of 18 and 21, they’re getting real jobs, they’re completing a technical or occupational education, they’re paying bills and taxes, they’re helping to support their families, and are shouldering other grown-up responsibilities–because they must.

These 18 to 21-year-olds are adults, in every sense of the word, and it’s the height of elitist condescension to treat them as something less on account of the fact that they didn’t complete the upper-class rites of passage into adulthood.

Not only do they have the capacity to own and use firearms safely, they may very well be responsible for the security of themselves and their families. These young men and women are unlikely to live on heavily-policed college campuses or in high-rent apartment buildings with doormen, places where violent crime is rare.

On the contrary, lower-income income individuals are more likely inhabit higher-crime areas in which they’re less able to rely on public safety services and more likely to need to protect themselves. There is something especially disturbing about legislation that makes it even more difficult for an already vulnerable population to defend themselves.

I’m over the age of 21, and you probably are, too. So these restrictions won’t affect us directly. Nonetheless, we must be as vigilant in the defense of others’ rights as we are of our own, or else we undermine the very notion of what a right is and means. We must fight these elitist, age-specific restrictions with the same conviction with which we would defend our own rights.

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  1. What gets me is that they can’t be trusted to have a gun until they’re 21, but we should let them vote at 16? We already let them drive the narrative if it’s the one the media wants to live with.

    Does no one else remember being 16? I was a hormone-ravaged moron. I made stupid decisions more often than I changed underwear. And so did everyone else in my age group. Because we had no experience. We simply had not been conscious enough long enough to understand “long term” doesn’t mean “three weeks”. I’m not saying kids ARE stupid, but until they see their paycheck slashed with taxes, until they have to learn to deal with strangers without the parents or principal backing them up, until they figure out that life is cruel and “fair” is just an event that you go to to ride ponies and eat cotton candy, they WILL make stupid decisions.

    But we still put them behind the wheel of multi-ton murder machines and let them roam about on their own. Yes, some of them die because they make stupid decisions behind the wheel. Some of them even kill other innocent people at the same time. But the left is willing to let that happen, apparently, so long as nobody has guns?

    Seriously, WTF?

    • Silly laws of this nature (and we just implemented on here in CA) won’t stand judicial scrutiny. Even if the age of 18 is held as the standard (the Constitution doesn’t refer to any age for any natural rights), then such a person may be required to done something he/she may not wish to do (report for jury duty), but not allowed to do what he/she *wants* to do (purchase a firearm, or a beer)?

      The age of 21 in this case is arbitrary. If that can be set as a line in the sand and upheld, then it can be moved again to any age. Isn’t the newer generation delaying maturity until well past when their grandparents accepted responsibility? Wouldn’t moving the purchase age to 25 or even 30 help with this? Or on the other end of the spectrum, shouldn’t we mandate qualification requirements for people over 75? I was at a gun course recently, and an older man in his late 70s was clearly having a bit of trouble with his revolver. I sure wouldn’t want him watching my back in an altercation. If anyone under 21 is too young, isn’t anyone over a certain age clearly too old?

      Slippery slope. This won’t withstand judicial scrutiny over the long term.

      • Oops. Apologies for the poor proof-read before posting. I really hate spelling/grammar errors.

    • I was 17 and 3 months in boot camp. By 18 I was a lance 19 I was a corporal, and i made sgt at 20 on first go around…

      A USMC sergeant that couldn’t purchase a handgun or legally buy a beer…. just sayin.

    • In my part of the world, at 18 you can legally smoke, drink, vote, and own firearms.

      Driving cars without supervision is typically done by 17, but there are some restrictions on speed, blood-alcohol, number of passengers, and vehicle types (turbos and V8s or larger are not allowed on provisional or “P” plate licensees).

      But I could fly airplanes at 16. And had to ride my bike to and from aerodrome.

      • Welcome to the US, where for political reasons you can be an adult at only certain ages, those times politicians think are best.

        • The U.S. Constitution only provides age requirements for two things: holding political office and voting. It says you can be a House representative at 25, a senator at 30, and a president or vice president at 35. The 14th and 26th Amendments both dealt with the voting age, with the latter setting it at 18. But other than that, there are no guidelines about how old you need to be to do anything else, like smoke, drink, marry, drive—or buy a gun.

          IIRC in the testimony from the 1968 GCA,it was thought to be Constitutional to prohibit some one age 18 – 20 handguns because they could purchase long guns under the proposals discussed,as they had access to long arms. So out of the act came the prohibition on handguns until age 21.

          In 1968, the first year the federal government set age limits for gun purchases. Before then, regulation for non-machine guns was mostly left to states. It’s not clear whether states had formal age restrictions for guns, the Gun Control Act of 1968 established the first federal age limits for buying guns from licensed dealers: 18 for long guns and 21 for handguns. The distinction was due to the fact that handguns were associated more with homicide.

          Mr. Jeff Knox maybe able to provide links information to the testimony as to ages and type of arms,as his father Neal Knox testified and was present thru the hearings .

          As you stated politicians !

        • Welcome to the U.S. :

          10 U.S. Code § 246. Militia: composition and classes
          U.S. Code

          (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
          (b) The classes of the militia are—
          – (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
          – (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

  2. Brains of Young Adults Not Fully Mature
    By Ker Than, Contributing Writer | February 6, 2006 10:58am ET
    0 0 MORE
    Brains of Young Adults Not Fully Mature
    At an age when Americans are first considered adults, their brains are still maturing, a new study suggests.

    Researchers at Dartmouth College scanned the brains of nineteen 18-year-old students who had moved more than 100 miles to attend school.

    “During the first year of college, students have many new experiences,” said psychologist Abigail Baird, the study’s principal investigator. “They are faced with new cognitive, social, and emotional challenges.”

    A group of 17 older students, ranging in age from 25 to 35, served as a control group for comparison. The results showed that the freshmen students’ brains underwent significant changes and were very different from that of the older adults.

    The changes were localized to the cingulate, caudate and insula regions of the brain. These areas are believed to be where emotions and thoughts are integrated.

    The researchers believe the changes represent an increased awareness of the students’ inner feelings and an improved ability to organize and integrate incoming sensory information; this synthesis helps shape the kinds of emotional and behavioral responses they have to new experiences.

    The results are consistent with other research suggesting that the human brain continues to grow and mature right up to the point when we become adults and even beyond. In another study, researchers found that humans don’t really develop the ability to handle multiple pieces of information at once until about the ages of 16 or 17.

    “The brain of an 18-year-old college freshman is still far from resembling the brain of someone in their mid-twenties,” said Craig Bennett, a graduate student who was involved in the new research. “When do we reach adulthood? It might be much later than we traditionally think.”

    I might ad to that article that another study indicates that children below 20 years of age often cannot fathom the later consequences of their actions. The Evil Militaries of the world have known this for years when brain washing young recruits into becoming unthinking killing machines who have little to no remorse until years later when they realized how much human ongoing agony their murderous deeds have rent upon human society.

    I would say that changing the age of purchasing firearms to age 21 according to the latest scientific studies of the mind certainly proves that this law is long, long overdue. I would say if the U.S. also had the mass transit capability that we find in most advanced civilized countries such as Europe that changing the law to 21 for acquiring a drives license certainly bears a lot of merit as well.

    • And psychologists have been so successful at resolving issues like criminality, drug abuse, general violence and such. One could even make a case that the psych pseudo sciences have caused the general degradation of society.

      They still cannot explain how the brain stores all the data it does.

    • Seems like there are two Vlads again. One coherent and posting relevant material, and the other (below) posting drivel. Mighty ‘spicous.

    • I agree. In my experience, such as it is, the age of maturity is around 25. Having sat through many many family court calendars listening to the trials and tribulations of 20 year olds with small children getting divorced, kids with kids who got married too young and found out the hard way that people change dramatically between 18 and 25, and that sex is great but once the babies come along, suddenly the world is not so much fun any more. And divorce makes things even worse. Bad choices driven by emotion have real life consequences. I saw it with my own kids, who didn’t really get a handle on what life was all about until their mid-20s. Just because young people got married when a boy was old enough to carve out his own farm from the wilderness, say age 16, and girls were old enough to have babies (say 14) doesn’t mean that the world is the same as it was in those simpler times. With the amount of education and training needed today to make your own way, with all of the distractions available, maturity has been delayed, and there is no reason that we cannot account for that. I have to agree with “Vlad” that the reason the draft age in this country was 18 or 19 was because those kids could be molded into whatever you wanted them to be, but the older a person becomes, the harder it is to “break” them to the system–they ask too many questions.

    • So change the age of adult status to 2X but be consistent. No driving, voting, drinking, entering contracts (including marriage), owning guns, and require contraceptive implants for both sexes. Crimes will be charged as juveniles but juvenile incarceration will go to the same age and Felony juvenile convictions result in loss of adult voting.

      I wonder how long the Democratic and Socialist parties would last………….

    • The article “Brains of Young Adults Not Fully Mature” written by Ker Than and published by “” was based on a study conducted at Dartmouth college in 2006. The data for the study was generated by “brain scans” ” of nineteen 18-year-old students who had moved more than 100 miles to attend school.” That is clearly enough data to generalize findings to a population of tens of millions of young adults, because science! Lest anyone doubt the scientific rigor of articles published by “LiveScience”, I would direct your attention to other, more current articles such as “It’s a Mystery Why We Are Not Constantly Hallucinating, Trippy New Study Suggests” by Brandon Specktor, or “Another Person Goes Blind After Wearing Contacts in the Shower” by Rachael Rettner, or ‘People Are Overdosing on Wasp Spray in West Virginia” by Rachael Rettner, or, how about “Men Notice Messes As Much As Women. Here’s Why They Don’t Clean Up.” by Sarah Thebaud. Articles published by “” have as much credibility as articles that appear in the “National Enquirer” or “Mother Jones”. This is all of the hard science we need to justify shaping national policy to deny constitutionally enumerated rights to as many of our fellow citizens as possible.

      • so…same thing for voting…driving..marriage and having kids…right Vlad?

      • Don’t knock national enquirer, the article on space aliens saved me from a possible space abduction. If it looks like a lizard, talks like Ozzie Osborne ts best not offer it a ride no matter how good it claims it’s Weed is

    • *Warning Sarcasm alert*

      In the interest of fairness if you are going to establish one set age as when the average person becomes an adult (25 for example). The that age must be the minimum age used for anything that has already has an age limit.

      Voting: Currently 18. That’s really going to upset the Parkland kids and the Democrats as well.

      Drinking: Currently 21. That’s really going to upset all of the industries that rely on alcohol sales. Why what are future progressives supposed to do instead of being a bartender?

      Entering into legally binding agreements: Currently 18. This one might actually help in the divorce rate and the over population problem and lower the long term date of younger folks. This means no credit cards or signing of loans of any kind even with a parental co-signer. College and credit card debt would be eliminated. Also make it so that no one under 25 can attend college and that those under 25 would need to provide proof of a minimum of 5 years employment at the minimum wage level so they can get a good understanding of what taxes are and how hard you have to work to survive. This would give a perspective that most college students lack. Make this one effective immediately with the consequence that a lot of colleges would go out of business and most socialist professors would be out of a job.

      Joining the Military: Currently 18. Resetting to 25 gives recruits more reasoning skills and the ability to understand that actions always have consequences.

      Getting a drivers license: Currently 16. Resetting to 25 would probably make the roads quite a bit safer to drive on. Also no owning of any powered vehicle (motorcycle, car, truck, moped, scooter etc…). If a vehicle is absolutely necessary then limited to the lowest powered vehicle available with no more than 4 cylinders (no power adders allowed).

      I’m sure that others will have additional suggestions as well.

  3. The very same folks who, at one time, floated the idea of lowering the voting age to 16…

    • We are Not Fully Mature Vlad Tepes. How can we accumulate more government power and control over you if we do not allow immature 16 year olds to vote? The science is settled. We can not count to 20 without taking our shoes and socks off (to get to 21 we have to take our pants off), but we know all about science. You will be assimilated, you must comply, resistance is futile. #TheResistanceIsFutile #BGPsNotRPGs #WeHateAllMommies

    • Because the progressive aim was to also lower the age of consent and decriminalize pedophilia.

      • In california the have already decriminalized the spreading of HIV/AIDS. So gays and drug addicts won’t be prosecuted.

  4. Young men are dangerous, so trying to deny that demographic from obtaining weapons legally probably makes sense to them from an authoritarian perspective.

    It’s also a good way to kill off gun culture on the progressive front, helping make sure young people are not finding guns fun, practical, empowering, or simply cool.

    • or, since they can’t have them, completely irresistible.
      some kids will be nothin’ but trouble.
      some need to put food on the table.
      is it much different from some brats bombing around in vehicles and some bringing goods to market (etc.)? it seems largely a rural/ urban issue.
      except that self defense is involved.

  5. Good article. Never thought of it in that way. College kids are more immature than working 18 yr olds. I have proof. They may have aced the ACT and SAT, but they don’t know how to write a check, let alone balance the book. They don’t know how to address a postcard….to themselves. (That gives a few chuckles at our office.)

  6. On my own at 17, the USG taught me to use a machine gun well and a handgun too. They have no problem with kids shooting their enemies so they?
    Will future gun confiscation teams consist of 18 year olds? I don’t see the old liberals doing that job themselves.

    • The gangs of Mao-Tse-Tung used young adults. They’re fit and always looking to get physical, plus they got to take stuff from people’s homes. I used to thing that an invading force would be adults in uniforms. After reading a few biographies of those that lived through the Cultural Revolution, I found out that the Gangs of Red Guards were 14-21 yr old’s. Reminds me of our antifa gangs, condoned by the Berkley Mayor.

    • I know when I returned home I was different than friends who did not go. My goals and what I thought important and what I would tolerate as far as working conditions among other things was different. As a result most of those friendships faded and ended.

      As far as keeping guns away from those under 21. They going to change the age you are eligible to join to 21 too? And yes most college kids do seem to have extended childhoods. Look at the precious snowflakes that are so common in many campus. How long do you think one of them would last in the places most middle class folks work and hang out at?

    • The G.I. Bill was passed toward the end of World War Two to provide educational and other opportunities to returning veterans. Colleges were worried about a horde of students unprepared for college because the war had interrupted their educations. Those concerns proved to be unfounded. The veterans were a very successful group of students. Whether it was military discipline, experience in war or just a few more years of living, they took their studies more seriously than traditional students straight out of high school.

  7. Young people tend to vote Democrat. Ergo, as a group they are way too stupid to own guns.

    Exceptions may be made for young people who have managed to overcome their indoctrination by so-called “teachers” and survived with more than two functioning brain cells.

  8. It is obvious that the 2A conservatives do not understand the concept of a safe and free society. Free from fear of a person possessing a gun who does not have the intrinsic values of an adult. Think back to when you Jethro’s were in high school. Drinking ominous amounts of beer and doing insane maneuvers with your car or bike. Can you honestly say you know knew what you were doing? Our society needs change and it must start with our youth. Education and dissemination of the truth about guns is what is sorely needed in the violent country we live in. We need new leadership. Only a POC can lead us out of this mess. Join the movement. You’ll be thankful you did.

    • So, what’s your own age, Vladdie? At what age do YOU think it’s appropriate to draw the line? Any age that’s younger than YOU are, right?

      Dance, troll.

    • Sorry Shirokodama , I’m not a Jethro. I grew up in the south sure, if you consider Miami or Homestead part of the south. My 1961 falcon would not even spin tires on sand and we spent most of our time either fishing or swimming around Card Sound by some bar. Still remember when we looked under the dock and saw the biggest damn alligator I’ve ever seen.
      Usually all we had on were a pair of shorts ( which I am paying for now by making the skin Dr rich ) and were focused on how we could make some money. Selling land crabs to the Mexicans in Florida city and collecting bottles for returns occupied a lot of our time.
      We owned guns sure, I imagine the few kids who did not have either a 10-22 or a model 60 by the time they were 12 were rare. And when hunting season was on you should have seen all the rifles and shotguns in the school parking lot. Somehow we avoided killing each other which must be a miracle according to you and Nancy. But I suspect the main reason why was, you were taught to only aim at what you wanted to shoot. And we were taught guns were not toys. Cap guns yes, played many a time as either the black hat or the Indian since I was darker than many of my friends.

    • Although I agree that teenagers are almost inevitably stupid, I disagree that we live in a violent country. The vast majority of the violence in this country is inner city teenage POCs shooting other teenage POCs, most of whom cannot buy guns(or certainly not handguns) under current law in such places.

    • It is obvious that the incompetent, power hungry leftists do not understand the concept of a safe and free society. Free from fear of a violent criminal possessing a gun who does not have the intrinsic values of a law abiding citizen. Think back to when you were in high school. Working part-time after school, playing sports or learning to play a musical instrument. Can you honestly say you had no goals and did not work to achieve them? Our society needs to be protected from nihilists who only wish to tear down everything. Education and dissemination of the truth about guns is what is sorely needed in the freedom loving country we live in. We need leadership. The last time a POC occupied the White House this nation went into an 8 year long tailspin, economically, financially, militarily and spiritually . Join the movement. You’ll be thankful you did.
      I fixed it for me and I still want to wear my damn BGPs.

  9. There are many levels of responsibility and I have observed that age generally has little to do with it. There are responsible young adults and irresponsible adults and seniors as well. For the young adults I chalk this up to good parenting. Responsible parenting produces responsible children.

    There is no age limit on the 2A, shall not be infringed is what it is and says what it says. As simple as that.

  10. Maybe we should define adulthood as self sufficiency. You are or aren’t an adult depending on whether your parents claim you as a dependent on their income tax return.

  11. Like in England when you be executed for killing one of the crown’s stags? And a peasant couldn’t own a sword even if he made it himself?

  12. I was on my own at 19. Wife & kid at 20. I had acquaintance’s who were drafted and went to Vietnam. The Gubmint “sorta” fixed the drinking & voting thing then. Except dipshites got excited(and Columbine and Newtown) when the Cruz punk shot up a school. They’re going to have a helluva time instituting a draft NOW…yeah it’s arbitrary as he!!

  13. Handguns are already banned under Federal law to people under age 21.
    Even handgun ammunition is banned by Federal law to people under age 21.
    Shouldn’t we be seeking to roll back the age for buying a handgun from 21 to 18?
    Why can you buy a rifle or shotgun at 18, but have to wait until 21 to buy a handgun?
    Let’s have some consistency, lower the age for handgun purchase to 18.
    Otherwise, the antis can be the ones to make the argument for consistency, the antis can argue for raising the age for long guns to 21 by saying, “The law already says you have to be 21 to buy a handgun or handgun bullets, so we should be consistent by raising the age for long guns to 21.”

    And while we’re at it, let’s lower the drinking age back to 18. Raising the drinking age to 21 only caused a huge increase in alcohol-related hospitalizations and deaths on college campuses, because it drove all the drinking underground, turning casual drinkers into binge drinkers. Just like with guns, banning something to people between the ages of 18 and 21 simply makes them go underground and buy it on the black market. Alcohol Prohibition didn’t work, it made problems worse, and alcohol prohibition for ages 18 to 20 doesn’t work either; it makes drinking problems worse. In most of Europe, you can buy alcohol at age 12 with no questions asked.

    • Links, please? A person under 21 can certainly buy certain handgun ammo, such as 9mm, as there are now numerous variants of pistol caliber carbines in rifle configurations. It’s not logical to allow someone to buy a PCC but not buy any ammo for it.

      Then there are those .357 Mag and .44 Mag lever carbines…

  14. I was around six the first time I went hunting and carried a firearm. 18 when I owned my first handgun. 20 when the army handed me a full-auto weapon and pushed me out of the door of an airplane. Maturity is an individual thing, but there has to be a standard. I’ve arrested 35 year old children. No easy answer. The bottom line though is 2A is a individual right that every human has by virtue of standing on top of the dirt. Some governments just infringe on it.

  15. Fighting tyranny will require many young adults in the 18 to 21 year age group. It’s really no surprise that tyrants want to limit their exposure and training with weapons; excepting, of course, those young adults fighting under the banner of the State.

  16. If the age of legal majority is 18 here in the USA, isn’t restricting any exercise of our inherent rights by age a presumption of guilt? How do any of these age restrictions get around this? I know presumption of innocence isn’t a Constitutional guarantee but it is an accepted and court upheld convention. Oh, and I’m WELL over the age of 21 much less 18.

    • They need to make up their mind. Is 18 an adult or not? If so, then everything is legal.: Alcohol, guns, credit cards, car rental, house purchase. If it’s 21, then everything is 21, including voting, (since most kids vote like their favorite teacher does. It was that way in the 70’s).

  17. I remember facing the Vietnam Draft when I was 18. Couldn’t vote against the politicians deciding you should go to war, couldn’t buy a drink in most states and couldn’t buy a gun in many parts of the country. But you were sure old enough to be forced into the military and issued a gun.

  18. No doubt some will disagree. Why is a question I’m unable to answer. The fact remains that if 18 year olds are “mature” enough to volunteer for service in the military, then they are likely mature enough to walk into a gun shop and purchase any type of firearm offered, that they can afford, that is to say, pay for.

  19. Tie gun rights to voting rights. Either you have both or neither.

    Too young to own a gun, too young to vote.

    Restore a felon’s right to vote, restore their right to own a gun, too.

    • “Tie gun rights to voting rights. Either you have both or neither.”

      Hmmm, a Federal Voter ID that is also a RtKBA / Conceal Carry ID? I can live with that.

  20. I would also point out that responsibility tends to grow over time but that this is not ALWAYS true and respect is earned. Neither shows up in the mail at a certain age like an AARP card.

    Some of the most obnoxious and irresponsible people I’ve ever met were 55+. They all complained about “kids these days”, respect, honor and a ton of other shit. Yet not a one of them would look in the mirror and realize that in many ways they were far worse than the people they complained about and, in some cases, responsible for the behavior of the younger folks.

  21. I’ve had reasons to sell a few of my pistols along the way.
    On a few occasions, they have been to young men under 21. These guys have always been pretty sheepish about asking if I would be willing to somebody old enough to buy in a private transaction, but not old enough to buy from an FFL. My responses have been along the lines of “I don’t hold your birthday against you.” Just like anybody OVER 21, I’ll talk to them for a while and get a little background on them. If they don’t give me any bad vibes and they state that they’re legally allowed to own it (and you can bet I’m familiar with the laws) – good to go. I’ve done my part and gone above and beyond by getting to know them a little and making sure they know the laws too.
    I’m even happy to help people navigate the complexities of pistol purchase permits and such, as the state requires. One young detroit security guard I knew for a couple years kept getting denied the ability to purchase by his local police and finally gave up on trying when he joined the Marines. Sad to see him go, but he’s a good man, and I’m sure he’s a fine Marine.

  22. Any and all gun control schemes is about the complete removal of all guns from private ownership period for one purpose full and complete control of government over the people.

  23. The 18 to 20 YO restriction is just another attempt to ban someone, any group: firearms ownership, any chipping away of gun Rights is a red banner day for anti-gun folks.

    There is a much broader level of “Classism”: The Law Enforcement “Cutout”! Its one issue for an exemption to a Law based in Active Duty required use of an item. It’s quite different to allow exemptions for privately owned Items and there usage while not on the clock nor operating under “Color of Law”. It also applies to Carry Permits/Lic and Carry For Life authority. In any given year 3% of LE are arrested for Felony crimes yet the receive cutouts. There is an abundance of fact showing LE Orgs and supporting Lobbing groups would not support the majority of gun control legislation UNLESS LE is specifically exempted. They don’t want to be restricted but are more than happy to restrict other law abiding citizens.

  24. Yes, today, according to the generally accepted opinion, the attitude towards gun control is closely related to other political views and this is a real fact. It seems to me that you will also be interested in reading the article on gun control in Canada versus the United States. After reading it, you can learn a lot of interesting facts for yourself. I now know that Canadian gun laws leave no room for such political influence in the affairs of the country.

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