The Dwindling But Exclusive Club Hoplo is Always Glad to Welcome a New Member

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      • We should imprison people *before* they act violently?

        Like in ‘Minority Report’?

        Here’s the full un-cut movie, it shows that very scenario, and it’s quite good :

        • The actress playing one of the primary characters Agatha, is Samantha Morton, and is very good in this one. She played ‘Alpha’ in ‘The Walking Dead’ a few seasons back…

        • It’s funny, usually they commit crimes that are unaccounted for before they actually kill anyone such as threatening to kill people; We certainly shouldn’t arrest people for no reason but if they threaten to kill others or do stuff like torture animals maybe we should take them at their word?

    • “Jill and I are praying for their families, and for the many others injured and fighting for their lives in the wake of this weekend’s gun violence.”

      Fuck you you brain dead dementia addled m’fer.
      The gun wasn’t violent.

    • According to the daughter m0lest0r we have for a president, the overwhelming number of law abiding gun owners must give up their rights because of the actions of the very few.

    • What’s wrong with humans behavior nowadays?
      I think it’s to many electrons flying about, the phones , the cars , the cameras, the toaster, the wifi, radio waves, radar waves, ocean waves. The brain cant handle all them excessive waves.

      • radio talk show host dennis prager
        has kicked around the idea
        that there is perhaps now two species of human beings roaming the earth
        one that seeks to help other members of mankind and make the world a better place
        and another that seeks to inflict ever increasing amounts of pain misery and suffering on other members of mankind
        he may be on to something…

  1. Amazingly, some of the most popular YTers are out of WA. Garand, Admin… Maybe a bit of ID in there too. I think he started in WA and moved to ID.
    Paul Harrell and Thunder Ranch are in OR…

    They are some of the less populated areas around the PNW and more forgiving on the weather than somewhere like Wyoming and SD (wind-chill and plains suck in those states), so that’s where people go. Where they can hide in the mountains and trees for a potential ruby ridge stand-off… Just saying…

    Montana seems to only be getting stronger though. Even liberals up here own guns. It’s just a state you don’t live in unless you own guns – no matter what their stance is on them. Take from that what you will, but I consider it a win. They can have their little “safe storage” arguments all they want – doesn’t change the fact they know they need it for safety and are helpless in a majority of situations without it. Granted, also why people like them flock towards the more populated areas, but they get rude rude awakenings on their little tourist hikes within the first year or two of being here.

    • “They can have their little “safe storage” arguments all they want –…”

      No, they can’t.

      The 2008 SCotUS ‘Heller’ decision blew that bullshit right out of the water, and declared DC’s ‘safe storage’ requirement un-constitutional, since a gun not immediately available for use inside the home to be useless for the core use of the second amendment, personal self-defense… 🙂

      • So what Gestapo unit do they send out on “safe storage” raids er checks??? Asking for a friend🙄🙃

        • This “requirement”, along with so many other gun control laws we know are largely unenforceable, are mainly used by zealous D.A.s to apply pressure on arrestees to accept plea deals. The street-beat cop here in CA might not even care about your mag that holds more than 10 rds, or that your gat isn’t fully unloaded when you place it in your trunk while driving, but if you commit an actual crime and are arrested, the D.A. will nitpick to find every infraction against the cornucopia of gun laws we have here, and tell you you’re going up the river for 15 years due to the 8 charges compiled against you…unless you accept the graciously merciful plea deal consisting of only the 4 heaviest charges and spend 5 years behind bars.

          The courts have never been about genuine justice. It’s only a game to those who pull the strings.

        • They can complain all they want, they cannot force you to keep your gun dissembled and locked up, separate from its ammunition, when not in use. That’s a seriously powerful part of the ‘Heller’ ruling, all I’m pointing out.

          We now have them on the run, and that’s an official Martha Stewart ‘Good Thing’… 🙂

      • My wife isn’t a “gunny” but when I told her that the firearms we had were always loaded, her remark to me, “Well, an empty gun isn’t much use, is it?” About blew me away. Out of the mouths of babes . . .

    • Washington, and to some extent Oregon, used to be very small “l” libertarian about guns. This was back in the 2000s and before. It was part of the more “live and let live” culture of the place, generally speaking. Western Washington was very left, but the state as a whole would sometimes elect Republicans to statewide office. Those Republicans were definitely conservative, but generally speaking more in the Reagan/Bush mode.

      Starting in the mid-2000s, the state started to polarize more strongly. The elections between Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi were razor thin, down to a few hundred ballots. The way that King County always reported results last, and the way those results always pushed the Democrat over the top fueled conspiracy theories. That is to say anything actually happened. It actually stands to reason that the largest county in the state would take the longest to county their votes. And when they are heavily skewed to one side, it makes sense when the votes skew that way.

      Anyway… Since then the state has been leaning more and more heavily Democratic as the influx of tech workers and other such in migrants continued. Western Washington, and especially Seattle, became even more dominant over the rest of the state, and now here we are.

      I’ve actually spent most of my life in Seattle, and I really hate the arrogance around here. It’s not right to look down on people with such contempt, especially when it’s not earned. No city with trash and feces filled tents strewn all over its streets has the right to look down on anyone.

      • {Wash state 20-odd years back}

        “It was part of the more “live and let live” culture of the place, generally speaking.”

        You nailed it, and we need to keep reminding folks that’s the way it ought to be, again.

        The ‘new invaders’ are the exact opposite of what they claim to be.

        “Why not, it’s a free country!” (said with an honest smile).

        My efforts recently have been about pointing out to the Leftist Scum ™ as to how they are the exact opposite of what they claim to be, utterly intolerant. They don’t seem to like that being pointed out to them… 🙂

      • Yea and it sucks, because growing up I always had a distinct love for the PNW especially Seattle. It’s a beautiful place ruined by a dump of a city and it’s getting worse. Moving to western Montana as an adult, there are a couple spots that just stick out like a sore thumb to this way of life. And they all have that Seattle arrogance/gentrification vibe to them. It’s sickening.

        • I tried to find a job in the Butte/Anaconda area when I got out of college in 1994. Best options were grounds-keeper at a golf course (seasonal) or part-time at the Post Office. It felt like the frontier and I loved it! I ended up taking a much better job in a worse place. Love me some Big Sky and wonder what would have happened it I was more determined to make it work.
          Visited Seattle a few yrs ago with the family. Agree there are not many places with a more beautiful setting. But it is like a huge toilet that needs to be flushed, scrubbed out and flushed again. Tragic.

      • Carlos, I live in the Seattle area and unfortunately own a retail business in downtown Seattle. The mayor, city “clowncil” and the governor have allowed the homeless junkies to take over the city.

        I think the reason things deteriorated so quickly is due to Amazon and the the concentration of tech in Seattle and King county. These companies have hired thousands of young, lefty employees from California and the east coast. I see too many NY, NJ, CT and MA license plates. I really wanted Amazon to move HQ2 to NYC. Sorry Safe

        • That’s a shame. I can’t even imagine going into downtown on a routine basis, given the cesspit it’s become. Running a business there must be hell.

          I’ve worked at the tech companies (it’s where my skillset is) and more and more I’ve felt like an alien. There were nice, sane people here and there, but the organizations were definitely getting more and more woke all the time. It won’t be getting better, and neither will Seattle.

      • I think the biggest cause for the change is that Oregon and Washington have been infected with kallyforniyaitis. People who had screwed up Kallyfornikadia moved to Oregon first and started voting for the same folks they voted for in Kallyfornikadia. The cancer spread to Washington where dotcoms who went to school in Kallyfornikadia took jobs in the dotcom business and the infection spread further north. Arizona is becoming blighted with the disease and Nevada which used to be a free state has a serious dose. I understand Texas may have a tinge of the disease too. It’s a blight that needs to be stamped out.

  2. I would not join a club that would have me as a member. WC Fields or some other person of note.

    • From: —


      Groucho Marx

      • “i’ve got a good mind to go out and join a club and beat you over the head with it.” -j. marx

    • According to most on-line sources it was Grocho Marx, although some sources seemed to think it was Mark Twain who started the idea talking about potential wife material. He wouldn’t want to marry a woman who would have him as a husband. Her standards weren’t high enough.

  3. Unfortunately; I live in People’s Republic of Oregon. State Senator Prozanski who is leading the charge for gun prohibition is also aiding and abetting the Oregon Marijuana Mafia to expropriate the private property of innocent victims for the purposes of committing Federal felonies. Senator Prozanski has effectively killed Senate Bill 302 which would require the corrupt bureaucracats of the OMMP and OLCC to obtain the informed consent of property owners before issuing address specific marijuana grow site permits and cannabinoid processing licenses for their property. Right now the OMMP and OLCC will issue such permits to tenants or anyone else for industrial scale marijuana grow and processing without the knowledge or consent of the land owner.

    Senator Prozanski even defeated efforts to incorporate the language of Senate Bill 302 in SB-326 wich requires property owners to clean up the toxic wastes from marijuana grow and processing operations. The evil bastard can’t claim that he doesn’t understand that risk in addition to catostraphic fire and explosions as well as malicious civil forfeiture prosecution. Senator Prozanski also understands that marijuana bootleggers have employed deadly force, specifically shootings, to intimidate landlords.

    • I had the meth lab
      Grandpappy ran the stil
      Pa, he growed the weed
      And I guess he always will

      • Didnt make much money
        But it damn sure got us by
        Living in a broke down trailer smashed out windows gnats and flies

        • “he cooks that crystal meth because the ‘shine don’t sell
          you know he likes that money, he don’t mind the smell.”

      • “He cooks that crystal meth because the shine don’t sell
        You know he likes the money he don’t mind the smell“

        • Asian bride.
          I’ve seen most of those places he mentioned in that song. Even the smoke shop, Big Cabin and Baxter ain’t to far from me.

  4. A friend of mine who still lives in NJ, called me today. After catching up on family talk, conversation turned to the economy. My friend has done quite well: he ran a trading desk for Barkleys and has amassed considerable personal wealth. He told me he has decided to get the licenses he need to own guns in NJ because the threat of economic collapse is real and, when it happens, the zombie apocalypse will commence.

    I offered my assistance in choosing weapons and advised that he should purchase ammo by the thousands of rounds. He understood.

    Even a year ago he was poo-poo-ing the possibility of economic implosion. Now, he is planning to arm.

    • It’s inevitable. Our market has crashed multiple times and the only thing that brings it back is more bail outs and more debt. Eventually the world banks are going to say “nope”. We are their consumers. Not their providers. They really don’t need us for anything. The only things that are keeping us afloat currently are trying to keep other countries in our debt. In other words: starting wars. Like blowing up pipelines and blaming other governments for it…

      • Montana,

        No, actually, the world has ALREADY said “nope”. The US dollar has been officially dethroned as the “settlement currency” for international transactions – for good reason. We literally destroyed our own currency – intentionally.

        Once you remove a “hard” base for a currency, trust and confidence are the only basis to use it. We’ve quite completely trashed our own citizen’s, as well as the rest of the world’s, trust and confidence.

        I could argue for hours over the issue of a commodity-backed currency, and the pros and cons, but the underlying concept of ANY non-barter-based currency is . . . trust and confidence. We f***ed that away, by design. Now the Fed is free to print as many dollars as it wants, to support idiot spending. And it is already coming back to bite us in the @$$.

        We stopped teaching Economics in pre-college schools, and 90%+ of college Economics courses teach a version of Economics that is radically and demonstrably FALSE . . . and somehow we can’t figure out why our economy is so effed up. Einstein developed a brilliant definition of “insanity”. I commend it to the attention of all Americans. If shit isn’t working, doing it more, or doing it harder, doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

        • Soo…I just spent a bit of time wordcrafting a good comment, and it’s just taken away and deleted without even the “your comment is awaiting moderation” tagline this time? Another outright deletion, TTAG/WordPress?


          That’s one down. One more and my policy of taking a vacation from TTAG and not reading the articles for the rest of the week kicks in.

        • “…taken away and deleted…”

          This began happening to me a couple months ago. At first, I thought it was random, but then I figured out that every post I made while logged into my home DSL service, simply disappeared. Here at my office, at my mom’s, at my daughter’s, or other wifi locations, no problemo. So, if I happen to post from home, it will be while connected to my mobile’s internet connection, and I will use the byline “hawkeye (incommunicado)” or the like. Any ideas anybody?

  5. Freedom.
    Today I watched law enforcement forcefully remove a man and two wemon from a partially burned trailer house.
    I’m like “Why?”
    Break it down.
    We have the freedom to work and pay taxes on the money it makes, if you dont pay the taxes you go to jail.

  6. possum,

    “The first principle of freedom is the right to go to hell in your own handbasket.”

    “A desire not to butt into other people’s business is at least eighty percent of all human wisdom.”

    I still can’t comprehend why idiots like to tell other people what to do, “for their own good”.

    • “I still can’t comprehend why idiots like to tell other people what to do, “for their own good”

      Yep, that’s what preachers do every Sunday.

        • “if your solution to some problem relies on “if everyone would just…” then you do not have a solution. everyone is not going to just. at not time in the history of the universe has everyone just, and they’re not going to start now.”

      • “…that’s what preachers do…”

        Your mother/father likely did also. Perhaps you should have listened.

      • MajorLiar,

        Preachers tell that to people who VOLUNTARILY attend their services. The doctrine and apologetics of ANY Christian denomination are readily available to anyone who wants to know (other than an idiot like you, who is too stupid to understand them). People are not compelled to attend ANY religious service (unlike other ‘really complex’ issues like “what is a woman”).

        Yes, preachers (and rabbis, and priests, and pastors, and imams) regularly explicate the tenets of the faith they represent – some of them accurately, some of them less so. Last I checked, you assclown, I had the right to attend, or NOT attend, any damn church service, as I chose.

        Sod off, idiiot.

  7. The drug legalization crowd and the gun confiscation crowd have many things in common. But I think one of the most important things they have in common, is that they don’t believe in the concept of private property rights.

    If someone is telling you to allow a criminal to steal from you, rather than fight back. Then they don’t really believe in the concept of private property. What you have in your possession is simply something that has yet to be taken from you.

    It’s interesting to hear them argue that the government should have a warrant before searching your property. But a civilian Criminal will simply go inside your home or your vehicle, take what they want and leave. And the drug legalization crowd and the “Hoplo club” both agree that you should not use deadly force, or any force, to protect what you own.

    And the number of so-called “Liberty freaks” who will support the government’s actions against you is simply astonishing. Welcome to the Hoplo club.

    • Chris T,

      I’m trying hard to be civil to you, because I actually agree with you on many issues. Then you go and pull seriously stupid s*** like this. Your two examples are as DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED as any two positions can be. I don’t do drugs. With the exception of trying marijuana in college, I never have. I don’t “approve” of drugs. What YOU choose to do? Not my circus, not my monkey.

      Me telling someone NOT to do drugs is EXACTLY analogous to me telling someone else what guns they can own. That you fail to see that says much more about you than it does about me. How you get this so backward is a marvel. In your own way, you are as incoherent as MajorLiar. Disapprove all you want. Criminalize ACTUAL ‘malum in se’ behavior (mugging, theft, robbery, home invasion, carjacking) all you want. Criminalizing private behavior that IN AND OF ITSELF literally affects no one but the person engaging in the behavior is the essence of fascism. Please explain to me the difference, morally, between criminalizing personal use of ‘dangerous drugs’ and passing due-process-free “Red Flag” laws. Until you can cogently do that, your position is so completely internally inconsistent it becomes laughable.

  8. fyi
    If the Hawaiians are successful at seceding from the Union? Then it’s on for any other state to follow suit. Or simply break away from the liberal tyranny and form their own Separate free state.

    “Liberty State Is A Movement”
    “By the people and for the people of Eastern Washington. The new state boundary runs from the Eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains to the Eastern boundary of the current state of Washington.”

    “The Mission is to break free from the chains of Olympia and the tyranny of Western Washington legislature. The list of grievances against Eastern Washington is long and well documented.”

    • Chris T,

      See? THIS is exactly why I try to be civil with you. Notwithstanding what the Leftist/fascists tell us, the Confederacy was absolutely correct on exactly ONE thing – a state, or the people of that state, have the absolute right to opt out of ‘the Union’. One of the major REASONS the Confederacy tried to opt out was vile, immoral, and disgusting, but their RIGHT to do it is manifest, and Lincoln and the North spending four years and 600,000 lives to force their compliance is about as far from T. Jefferson’s vision in the DoI as it is possible to get.

      HATE slavery, in any form . . . so much so that I wouldn’t want to be even remotely associated with anyone who practices it. But if some polity chooses to practice slavery, and I can’t convince enough people to act and vote to support my position, my path is clear – GTFO, and help set up an “Underground Railroad”. I wish I could eliminate slavery around the world. And I recognize how unrealistic that is. Slavery (de facto or de jure) exists on nearly every continent. I am proud that I had ancestors who died in the Civil War, opposing slavery (and, in the spirit of full disclosure, a few who died on the other side) . . . but Lincoln and the North had a cogent argument (that they pretty much didn’t bother to make) that “if you won’t recognize the humanity and agency of slaves, we don’t have to recognize yours”.

      OTOH, I am a huge fan of ‘shunning’. Someone does something I disapprove of, I am free not to associate with them (or even refuse to acknowledge their existence). I DO NOT have the right to try to compel them to do, or not do, anything, unless it endangers me, my family, my friends, or my property. Period, dot.

      Not being able to compel them doesn’t mean I am not allowed to OPPOSE them, short of violence, but if you decided, tomorrow, that you just couldn’t live without cocaine, I would feel sorry for you, but that’s YOUR choice, not mine. Now, if you want to break into my house and steal my s*** to pay for your cocaine? I get to shoot you dead. But I have no right to tell you that YOU can’t do cocaine, just because SOME people who do cocaine choose to support their habit by criminal activities. (“Minority Report”, anyone???)

  9. politicians in washington oregon and california
    are operating with the mindset
    that greater idaho
    has zero chance of happening
    just like barack obama
    and hillary clinton
    were operating with the mindset
    that a man named donald j trump
    would never be president
    of the united states of america

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