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Nobody really appreciates a love letter from the government that is essentially an expensive toll fee for people to drive faster than posted speeds or run red lights. It’s a soul-less traffic citation that appears in your mailbox without benefit of a living and breathing human being to facilitate the exchange between speeder and official speed violation messenger (traffic cop). A reasonable exchange between speeder and police officer may allow a certain degree of latitude in the process. It may boil down to a short traffic lecture and no ticket, or at least a reduced ticket. Photo radar eliminates that possibility-even for very hot female drivers. But that’s how it is. If you want to rage against the machine, do it in court. Or legislate them to death. Anger can be healthy. But not this time . . .

The Calgary Sun tells the tale

Police say a 12-year-old was injured after bullets were fired at a photo radar box in Lethbridge [Canada].

Police are still looking for the suspect who shot at the box Monday night in the 2700 block of 24 Ave. S., which was set up monitoring eastbound traffic.

Police said the box was hit by multiple bullets and also struck the passenger door of an eastbound Dodge Dakota truck.

A bullet became lodged behind a speaker unit in the door of the truck.

The force caused head injuries to a 12-year-old boy in the passenger seat.

The 55-year-old operator of the photo radar unit was not injured.

Damage to the photo radar unit is about $100,000.

The idiot behind this escapade should not own weapons or the keys to a car for this level of stupidity. Here in Canada he will still be able to drive if he is arrested and convicted, but his days of playing with legally-obtained guns are over. I can live with that.

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  1. While I can certainly sympathize with the shooter’s sentiments (who hasn’t wanted to unload a mag or two on a red light camera) this certifiable a-hole needs an extended stay in the Hotel Hoosegow.

  2. What are the odds that this a-hole owned the weapon legally? This doesn’t sound like the behavior of someone who had the patience to jump through the Canadian gun owner hoops.


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