Justice Brett Kavanaugh
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  1. We have more than enough senseless gun laws. What we have is a shortage of common sense. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • If common sense was common, we would never have waved so many rights to big government that gave us our “limited freedoms”.

      Fuck all these “voted in” clowns. Right, left. Same shit, different toilet.

      • Right, left. Same shit, different toilet.

        Sorry moron, but while there are some exceptions, bump tocks whatever, there is a MASSIVE difference between the left and the right, between the Democrat party, its officials and its voters and the Republican party, its officials and its officers when it comes to gun control, be it stated positions or voting by elected officials. There is also a MASSIVE difference in rulings by Democrat Vs Republican appointed District, Circuit, appeals and other federal judges as well as state supreme court justices

        In the last 10 years over 450 pieces of legislation and of court cases at state and federal level show this, over and over. 80% to 100% full partisan

        For goodness sakes the article is about a vote on a SCOTUS judge that was virtually 100% on left-right lines and you say left v right doesn’t matter?

        • Frank you are 100% correct!

          The right and the left and extremely different!

          They approach controlling your life from entirely different directions!

        • Are you so certain that the left and the right have different methods of people control? Or is it that they both tell a different set of lies, but vote for and promote the exact same things?

        • @ Frank, you can’t counter ignorance, so don’t bother.

          When it comes to gun control the assertion that both parties are the same is simply not supported, but idiots make that claim — including here.

        • The difference between the right and the left, Republicans and Democrats is not that difficult to demonstrate:
          A Democrat will use Vaseline when he/she/it bends you over the barrel.
          A Republican will not use Vaseline, but will buy you dinner first, at McDonalds.

    • Anyone know where a guy could find a list of the thousands of people whose lives were saved by common-sense gun laws?

      • Ginsberg will have no idea who he is.
        “Porter, get over here and tote my briefcase. And be snappy about it young man”.

      • This one is indicative of their problem:

        “May this tweet fuel you like metastable metallic hydrogen —Shannon Watts”

        It’s notable that metallic hydrogen is classified as ‘degenerate matter’ (as celebrities themselves tend to be) .. it’s comprised of non-interacting particles (as, apart from electronic media, the celebrities themselves tend to be) … and it’s in being low-energy that the particles reach their highest degeneracy (as celebrities themselves tend to be).

        Suggestions to help: the celebrities might pause their clumsy ventures into multi-syllabic speech .. and deconstruct back down to School House Rock cartoons, then, when they’re ready, maybe a copy of The Pocket Constitution. Just a thought.

        • Or maybe it’s a “dog whistle” to her clueless crowd – inferring “degrade to violence” or the like. Naaah, I’m giving too much credit to Moms who Demand Attention.

      • Due to Ginsberg’s public animosity toward Kavanaugh, there has been some concern about how he should first greet her when he reaches the Supreme Court.

        I’d suggest “BOO!“. 😉

    • Leigh…..RBG may have an accident flying her broomstick this coming Holloween. One can only hope.

    • I don’t remember exactly when it happened, or where, but I know that Justice Ginsburg touched me in an inappropriate place when we were both on an elevator. It made me very uncomfortable and resulted in OCD, I can’t stop buying firearms. She should be impeached immediately and removed from the SCOTUS

      • You forgot to add: “There were four witnesses on the elevator that saw the whole thing”. And then all four of them say they either weren’t on any such elevator, or they were and no SCJ was present.

      • Not so fast Sarge, Dr Christine Fraud has cleared over $900,000.00 tax free, for her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing testimony. And that is just her Go Fund Me accounts. For that kind of cash I will cheerfully remember and testify to the same committee or any other commitee that RBG pinned me down and tried take my clothes off. It would be my patriotic duty.

        • For 900k???? Hell, for that kind of bread I’ll testify that Elena Kagan pulled my swimsuit off at a pool party in 1984 and stuck her finger in my gooch.

  2. With so many anti-Constitution hypocrites lined up against him, Kavanaugh can’t help but be a great supreme court judge.

  3. Probably he’ll be great for gun rights, which I’ll like. But most of his other povs, such as strong exec power, weak civil libs except the way the religion nuts have twisted that around. Worst of all, he’s a stone-cold liar about what he did in prior jobs. In an opinion-writing justice that’s sooo toxic. Truth is our only immune system against being used or being taken over and run.

    • Start off with praise and then unload on the manure. That’s how they attack people. Good job there Rich.

    • Rich, I disagree. Kavanaugh is stronger on civil liberties than Kagan, Sotomayor or Ginsburg.

      And Kavanaugh has not lied about prior employment, that was one of the most easily debunked claims.

      Why repeat debunked BS?

      • It’s the same as the MORONS with rape signs. He was never accused of rape. One jerk was out there with a sign “absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence” (Carl Sagen) The quote he should have used is”extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” (Carl Sagen)

  4. The left’s tears are sweet. Yet, I predict 5 years from now we’ll sit here and there will be may issue in Kalifornia and the Northeast as well as more “assault weapons” bans than we have today.

    • Your cynicism is understandable, but let’s try to have some hope. There’s a reason Feinstein and the rest of her putrid ilk opposed this guy so hard, and his stance on gun rights is the main reason. Roe vs. Wade and fake groping allegations were a cover. They know what’s probably coming now that he’s a justice. We just need to keep a Republican majority in Congress. We lose that, all bets are off.

      • Bingo. The went nuts with gun restrictions the past 3 years of which most are unconstitutional. One or two good decisions and that’s done.

      • Quote: “There’s a reason Feinstein and the rest of her putrid ilk opposed this guy so hard,”

        I am beginning to think everyone has misspelled her name all these years.
        Should be Frankenstein….maybe his bride.

      • HP, you were right. We need to maintain a majority in Congress. We CANNOT get complacent. Enjoy the victory this weekend then get to work for the elections next month. As Coach Saban says, it’s a process. So, get out and vote our convictions. If not, then we will no one to blame but ourselves for an adverse outcome. GET FIRED UP!

  5. You can tell the quality of a person by their enemies. My best hope now is that the newest supreme has revenge in his heart.

    Against an uncivilized and savage enemy we cannot play by gentlemen’s rules. The gloves need to come off.

    • And he kind of said just that, in his testimony the same day as Ford’s.

      Problem is, what he said lends credence to the suggestion that he can’t be impartial in some cases. “Some,” of course, being equated to “anything I want” by certain members of a certain political party, who will then proceed to lodge complaints about him not recusing himself at the slightest hint of a whiff of an excuse.

      • You do realize Supreme Court jutices have NO judicial oversight, right? No justice can ever be forced to recuse or suffer penalties for not.

          • Only for criminal activity and conviction. Not for failure to recuse or even “impropriety”.

        • Indeed. When Scalia refused to recuse himself from a case where he had a fairly clear conflict his response was “You don’t trust your justice? Get a life.”

        • “There is always impeachment, no?”

          Conviction requires 3/4, or 75 of the 100 Senators.

          Good luck with that one.

          Clinton was impeached, but not convicted. His ‘legacy’ with Leftists is just fine…

        • There is always impeachment, no?

          I don’t think you understand what impeachment is. Impeachment means the house ordering a trail by the senate. For the impeachment to mean anything, their needs to then be a 2/3 vote conviction by the senate. This virtually always requires in the US serious crimes while in office.

          Getting angry at abusive questions during your confirmations hearings is not a high crime or misdemeanor nor is it something done while in the office you are being impeached from.

        • That would be the entire Dem party does not understand impeachment, they were screeching hysterically about impeachment before he was confirmed.

    • Indeed they (gloves) do. Playing by the rules only works if the other side does too. With the Dems at full retard the only response is a bigger stick. It’s nice that Kavanaugh is in but we ain’t fixing this mess at the ballot box. Research what has been done to Nunes family in Iowa. That is the next iteration of crazy and it can only lead to violence by the left.

    • the dems will now have to deal with “a judge with a grudge”….[two of them,..actually]…

  6. Everytown wrote: “When it comes to Second Amendment cases, we urge Judge Kavanaugh to consider the thousands of lives that have been saved by common-sense gun laws.”

    That’s right, please keep reminding everyone that you leftists gun grabbers want judges that rule by emotion and not what is in the Constitution. So sorry you are disappointed but suck on it.

    For me today is a glorious day for law abiding firearm owners and us citizens that respect the Constitution .

  7. The left just makes me sick!!! They are monsters so it seems!!! They are relentless and wont give up!! Well we wont give up either!!! God is on our side! Do a lot of praying, vote like crazy and get involved!

    • You lost me at “god is on our side”. Leave your imaginary friends out of this. Maxine Watters said the same thing. You sound no less crazy.

      • Relax. There’s absolutely nothing illogical about the universe having a creator. You anti religious types just freak out the second anyone slightly mentions God and you cry “wa wa stop raming your religion down my throat!”.

        • OP used 13 exclamation points and I’m the one freaking out? Alrighty then.

          “There’s absolutely nothing illogical about the universe having a creator”

          I agree. But if such a creator exists it doesn’t pick sides in political races or football games.

      • You sound like the intolerant, filthy subhuman leftists. Could’ve just said, “good on you, brother” and moved on. Or better, said nothing at all.

        • A god shaped hole would be, like, invisible, right? Is this a quiz? Did I get it right? Do I win a prize?

      • I bet on here when anyone read your name they probably didn’t even give it a second glance, they just want like minded people to discuss the article with. But you had to make it a religious political issue, that makes you the zealot. Better to just stick to the article, and let sleeping dogs lie, especially if no one would give you crap about not believing in God.

        • This is like calling Trump divisive for calling out the NFL anthem protesters. OP made a ridiculous religious claim and I’m the zealot? I admit being a bit snarky but this is the Internet right? I’m tired of all conservatives getting lumped in with the religious nutbags.

      • There was no call for that–ANY of that. Rudeness like that is not funny, nor is it manly. I see that you also did not capitalize the word ‘God,’ and I’m sure that that was intentional–adding just that tiny extra modicum of disrespect for another man’s beliefs, belittling for no reason except your own pompous arrogance.
        Get a life, Sir, but do please live it somewhere else unless you can display basic manners.

  8. The Hysterical Mother is trying, ever so hard, to be witty. O’ Hysterical Mother, know you not, wit is not your forte. Hysterical Mothers should play to their strengths, shrieking, lying and making vaguely word-like noises with their mouths. The rest of these, billionaire funded, vile, bigoted paid propagandists should learn the lyrics to the Beatles “I’m a Loser”.

    • “metastable metallic hydrogen”… hm… I think that’s one of the key components of a flux capacitor.

    • OK. They’re incredibly stupid. But if it saves even one child!

      Oh. Wait. That has already been proven wrong. Shit!



    • Yeah, what’s with half of those tweets looking like someone awkwardly replaced every word with the first thing google suggested?

  9. Who cares? We spend far too much time talking about what gun grabbers say and do. What we SHOULD be doing is organizing to get gun cases before the SCOTUS. Like how about national CCW reciprocity for starters.

    • Somehow, through some sort of black magic, ‘shall not be infringed’ was found to mean ‘shall actually be infringed, contrary to the obvious intent of the founders, and contrary to the obvious logic and need for our gun rights to NOT be infringed.’

      • That’s one of the problems with focusing on “rights” so heavily while never mentioning that rights are protected by denying powers to government. Soon “infringed” means taken away entiredly, and as long as you’re allowed muzzle loaders only then it’s still “not an infringement” because you can “still exercise that right.”

        I suspect this has ultimately come from letting progressives frame political issues for the last century and playing defense all along, but honestly I wasn’t around for the GCA of the 30’s or aware for the hughes amendmnet so I don’t know what the conversation was like at the time.

        Anytime a right is mentioned I think it should be emphasized that the only way to protect a right is to disallow the government power that prevent it’s exercise.

        • That’s pretty much the case. Also, regulating which particular arms you may (or may not) own is called “infringement”. Regulating what general categories of arms you may own is called “infringement”. Regulating where you may take those arms, is, interestingly enough, called “infringement”. Regulating *how many* arms you may bear, not surprisingly, is called “infringement”. In fact, any regulation which purports to use the word “may” is an infringement and patently unconstitutional. At least in theory, we now have a Supreme Court which realizes this, and if the bleeding hearts don’t recognize that, thinking the big deal is now abortion rights, we should be able to sneak some shit past them real quick, while they’re looking the other way.

  10. Pretty sure Judge K is P.O.’ed. At least I hope so…anyone think the leftards overplayed their hand?!? Teen party in 1982(!). Pathetic…

    • Yep. They can’t control the narrative like they used to. I have to think they’ve alienated a *lot* of people who might otherwise have listened to them. Hopefully it’s enough to get a lot of them de-elected.

      The irony of these progressive leftist hacks whining about a partisan judge on the pristine Supreme Court is so dense you could attach magnets to it.

      If he is biased against Democrats and the progressive left, it’s the best possible bias to have.

  11. The democratic party blew this maneuver in almost every way possible, with some assistance from outside the party on the left. They sandbagged serious allegations until right before the nomination and they insisted on an ‘investigation’ and then decided it wasn’t any good because it didn’t get the conclusion they reached. Whoever brought forward and thought that yearbook stuff would be considered anything but a joke is an idiot. Oh, and because they lost in 2016, they don’t have enough votes to do anything useful. Anyone upset about the judge being in should blame the democratic party and especially Feinstein.

    Maybe they did it figuring they’d lose but be able to make it an election issue. I dunno, but it’s gonna be a rough time for the left in the courts. I hope it is a good time for gun rights, but you never know…

    • They bet on the blue wave, instead they just pumped up a red one. The GOP voter base hasn’t been this pissed in years, possibly decades.

      • I hope so. The entire voter base hasn’t been this pissed in years. I’m interested in seeing how the mid terms go.

    • They thought it would give their base motivation to vote, but in actuality it closed the enthusiasm gap in favor of REPUBLICANS! Specifically Republican women are horrified at the treatment Kavanaugh has received and it swung the “how likely are you to vote” pols from 12% advantage amongst Dems to a statistical tie in 10 days! Hopefully Trumps base understand how important this election is or else we will see a blue congress and my fear is Trump will revert to making deals that will bone We The People.

  12. “We are deeply troubled by Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. When it comes to Second Amendment cases, we urge Judge Kavanaugh to consider the thousands of lives that have been saved by common-sense gun laws.”

    Hopefully his thought will be only of fidelity of the Constitution as written.

    Enjoy the Marxist snowflake melt down,is the frosting on what the Marxist Leftards tried to pull in the nomination hearings. One can just hear the drops falling as Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in to the court,oh the wailing,gnashing of teeth almost as gratifying as President Trumps election night.

    • You’re a cowardly keyboard commando who would comply with the gun grabbers as soon as they showed up at your door. No one’s got time for cowards like you. Buzz off.

    • Suggest our new Justice wear a safety vest and helmet with shield like a SWAT team member.

      These folks have street cat crazy. Jack Ruby anyone?
      Just saying!

  13. Its evident the pro-gun right is, for the time being. Remember the President holding up a replica black powder rifle, ole Ban the Bump Trump. Yeah that guy, the one who nominated Kavanaugh.

  14. Sorry Possum, but the bump stock is NOT a needful item, except to waste LOTS of ammo and giggles. I don’t like any ban but BS seem a bit too much like fully semi-auto. I would rather undo the NFA. And get rid of the suppressor tax.

      • Agree totally. No bans “shall not infringe” etc. But what is the use of the BS? To waste ammo. Many of us find wasting ammo to be “sinful”. And costly. If you have unlimited $$ go for it. I don’t, so I have to make my shots count. Maybe good for field dressing wabbits?

        • So, in other words, you are a fudd.
          You hold the view, “I’m for the 2nd amendment, but… We don’t need those”

          Dave, you are either pro, a fudd, or an anti. It’s black and white. Not gray.

        • Proceed on National Recip and repeal of the NFA and the progs will forget all about the silly ass bumpstock POS.

          You don’t fight any war in Phenix City on a Sat night.

        • not sure trump supports national reciprocity….his comment saying “seize the guns now…worry about due process later”
          has led to the passage of a lot of red-flag laws…like that god awful one that was just rammed through in PA…..

        • I’m hearing noises which somewhat concern me. Let’s remember that national reciprocity is only a stop along the way to elimination of all firearm laws and Constitutional Carry everywhere. It is not, itself, a goal worth our attention. SCOTUS will not be the source of national reciprocity, that would be Congress, let’s get to work.

    • I agree on the valued use of a bumpstocks, There is no practical reason to have one IMO I actually made remarks in jest as they were presented in some of TTGA’s articles. However that’s not the point. The point is not even firearm related. The point is big government’s disregard for the Constitution, not just the 2a but all of it.

    • I, also, would much rather get rid of the NFA than ban bump stocks. Who would want a ridiculous item like a bump stock when one could have a real select fire rifle instead? Nobody, that’s who!
      What I don’t understand is how you might think that supporting a ban on bump stocks is ever going to lead to NFA repeal. Are you figuring on taking the long way around, like getting from San Francisco to Sacramento by going west?

  15. “The Anti-Gun Left Isn’t Taking the Kavanaugh Confirmation Well”

    Your title should read

    “The Anti-American Left Isn’t Taking the Kavanaugh Confirmation Well”

  16. If the democrats ever get a super-majority in Congress, the will impeach Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
    They will be replaced by Clinton, Obama and Holder.

    Vote next month and make sure your proper friends and family do too.
    No excuses, hold your nose if you have to but do it.

      • Don’t sweat it.

        After that performance ‘stunt’ in the confirmation hearings, there’s no way in *hell* they can get the 75 of 100 votes they need to convict in the Senate.

        They impeached Clinton, but couldn’t convict.

        It sure didn’t hurt his ‘legacy’ with the Leftists…

    • If Democrats remove a conservative Justice from the U.S. Supreme Court for no other reason than issuing conservative rulings, I imagine a lot of people would consider that act to be dissolution of the U.S. Constitution and therefore illegitimate. At that point the primary reason for the Second Amendment could become glaringly obvious to just about everyone.

      • Not necessarily. If they blink their eyes, they may miss it. It would be pretty quick, and would not be covered by the surviving press, or in the history books.

  17. “instead of calling Dr. Ford a liar, they all agreed to say she was a victim, but too dumb or hysterical to know who her perpetrator was.”

    Okay, so I’ll say it for them. She may not know the perpetrator, but she knows damn well it wasn’t Kavanaugh. She’s a lying sack. She’s Jackie all over again. And the Dems are lying Erdely wannabes, wholly-owned by an even bigger sack named George Soros.

    • Is possible to succeed with a FOID for immigration/naturalization records for anti-American POS such as Soros (and a long list of others)? Real American citizens have a vested interest in examining by what illegal or improper means residency or citizenship was obtained by twits of no value to the US.

  18. I remember my strong support for Trump prior to the 2016 election and my hope for pro-gun SCOTUS justices. Multiple commentors just had to “teach” me how Trump wasn’t serious. More commentors had to tell me how dumb I was to continue my supprt for Trump. Well, the man is decent (better than most Republicans) for gun rights and great for the USA.

    Anyone here still dumb enough to tell me that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats?

    Congratulations, Justice Kavanaugh! I’ve been celebrating with scotch, old fashioned’s, and champagne all weekend. Maybe beer and diet cokes would be more fitting.

    • At the time it was said, there wasn’t much difference between R’s and D’s. Today, just two short years later, they are glaringly polar opposites. In some things, at least. The true test is the wall and illegal alien treatment; the globalists want illegal aliens desperately, so we f the Trump side actually does something to make a substantial difference (e-verify, anyone?) then that will cement the situation that they are now truly opposites, instead of being two sides of the same coin.

      Trump’s rejection of the Kochs was a huge, huge step in that direction.

    • How very true.

      At the rate he’s going, in about another year, Trump will be the most successful conservative POTUS of my lifetime – and will have eclipsed Reagan quite handily.

      If Trump continues on the path he’s going, and he gets a second term, he’ll eclipse even Calvin Coolidge.

      But even then, the Cruise Ship Conservatives will tut-tut and say that they don’t approve of Trump – because he makes them reach for their smelling salts or something.

  19. It figures that the cowardly Donny Bonespurs would crap Justice Drunken Rapist on this great country.

  20. Doesn’t matter who Pres. Trump puts up for the high court, the dems have his list of prospects. They already have someone ready to jump out of the bushes to accuse the nominees of some horrible crime that did not happen.

    • Well since the next nomination will be a mother of 7 it will be an interesting attack plan.

      Amy Coney Barrett

      • doesky2,

        If Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, someone will come forth and tell us how a 25 year-old Amy Coney Barrett had sex with him/her when he/she was 15 years old — and of course cannot remember any specific details and never reported it to police.

        • Nah they’ll mix it up a little. Someone would come out saying Amy used to sing Marschiert in Feindesland at the top of her lungs in college when she wasn’t badmouthing (INSERT MINORITY GROUP HERE).

        • “….wasn’t badmouthing (INSERT MINORITY GROUP HERE).”

          I doubt that’s gonna fly.
          Two of her kids are adopted from Haiti.

          Aged 46….how’s 30+ years on the SCOTUS bench sound?

      • Let’s not count our chickens just yet. We’re probably going to gain seats in the Senate, but I’d like to at least hold the House. I’m planning to vote early and often.

  21. We can all expect this activity to be the new ‘normal’ for the demonrats. They used it successfully on Roy Moore and almost successfully on Justice Kavanaugh. The me too movement will explode going forward on the Republicans. All real Americans must go overboard in all future elections and vote. Encourage all like minded relatives and friends.

  22. ” we urge Judge Kavanaugh to consider the thousands of lives that have been saved by common-sense gun laws.”

    *Citation needed*

    • MyName,

      No citation needed since civilian disarmament laws are “common sense” and “self-apparent”. /end_sarcasm

  23. Nice to see a sad pronouncement from Moms Demand Hot Action.
    I’ll cry a little for you in my dreams.

  24. Tom in ore. Left there for the real “West” with shall issue/no permit in state. Had a ccw in ore too Unless you own a gun range or have unlimited money or SERVED in the military, I most likely have fired more rounds, and more varied than you. I will answer to OWG but the rest is you’re an absolutist that can be as bad as the left. Again, what is the BS good for? I would love to have an A10 Warthog and a 105mm but reality has a way to bite your ass. And don’t say “policeman” cause most of them can’t hit the barn wall from inside. BTW ever shot a 20mm Finnish anti-tank rifle, or a Danish Madsen, or even a Ma duce? Or a LAW? Sorry, stay in oregun.

  25. And just think, if Trump wins a second term then sometime between now and 2024 he will be nominating replacements for Ginsburg (84) and Breyer (80) and, possibly, Thomas (if he chooses to retire during a Republican presidency). We could very well see three more SCOTUS nominations during Pres. Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

  26. “When it comes to Second Amendment cases, we urge Judge Kavanaugh to consider the thousands of lives that have been saved by common-sense women who were unarmed and therefore powerless to stop their rapists because of gun laws.”

    There, fixed that for the gun-grabbers.

  27. The anti-gun Left wants to make Kavanaugh a “boogeyman” on any and every topic they can. More exactly, the Left’s strategists want to fabricate these propaganda memes to feed to the mindless ideologue useful idiots that will parrot them in the News Media, at protests, in the streets and everywhere else to reach other mindless ideologue useful idiots serving the Left.

    This is all to belie the facts and records of Justice Kavanaugh’s Judicial history, which will prove on the Supreme Court to be consistent with his past decades of service. This litany of Leftist fabrications and fear-mongering listed above is the same kind of tactic being used to inflame POTG when we should be focused on Justice Kavanaugh’s record and likely fair-minded, thoughtful approach to his interpretation of law, both existing and future. The pro-gun faction needs to prepare to deal with the actual man, not the spurious myths fabricated around him.

  28. This one is really hurtin y’all libbies. Good. Get used to it, because there’s more where that came from. Amy Barret is going to replace your beloved RBG.

  29. We all better vote. Every single one of us. And kick some dough into a tight race if you can.

  30. To Shannon Watts,

    I will agree with you on one regard, you dumb bitch: Thirty. More. Days.

    Thirty more days until we can vote more shithead democrats out of office.

  31. Kavenaugh will get us a ban on gun bans. He will give us some form of constitutional carry (open or shall issue) at the state level. He will not give us reciprocity or an end to NFA

    • “He will not give us reciprocity or an end to NFA”

      He can rule the Hughes amendment is unconstitutional, re-opening the registry.

      The NFA explicitly set up the tax and licensing of NFA items…

      • Sorry. NFA 1934 is a law passed by Congress, not an Amendment. Another law passed by Congress can amend or replace it. Point is, the *NFA* is unconstitutional, never mind the Hughes Amendment.

  32. The next Trump Nominee if white and a woman will be accused of being a racist. They will find someone who claims that they used racial slurs and disqualify them from the Supreme Court. Mark my words this is the next tactic. I heard it from a Democrat who was talking about it. He said that he was sure that Kavanaugh was racist they only had to find someone to confirm it.

    • The next Trump appointment to SCOTUS will be accused of being an alien lizard man/woman/trans.

      Anti-gun Democrats have gone from contempt for reality to an active compulsion to destroy it and anyone who can perceive it.

      Think of the most delusional Art Bell caller and dial that up from 11 to 43.

      That’s today’s Democrat party.

        • 1. “Art Bell” has better name recognition than “Coast to Coast AM”.
          2. Today’s Democrats would claim:
          A. Art Bell faked his own death and is trying to pack SCOTUS with alien lizard men/women/trans.
          B. Art Bell is a brain eating zombie and is trying to pack SCOTUS with alien lizard men/women/trans.

      • This is the best explanation I’ve heard in quite some time: “The left has gone from denying reality to actively trying to destroy it, and with it anyone who can perceive it”

        This is as accurate an assessment of progressivism in America as can be elucidated. It isn’t and should not be misunderstood to be a difference of opinion. It isn’t such that when the right prevails we live one way and with the left another, rather it is with the one side we live, and with the other we die. Its as simple as on the one side; Liberty, and the other; subjugation. On the one hand wealth and on the other abject impoverishment. With one success and the other failure.

        I believe that unless and until the progressives are no longer a legitimate threat politically, until the Democratic party is utterly defeated and the GOP split into moderate and conservative wings, facing each other as the two major parties in national elections, what we face each election isn’t a difference of method to the same end, but rather a choice between the survival of the republic and its loss.

        Effective governance cannot spring from idealistic solutions to made up problems, but rather tough, realistic solutions to the actual problems we face. The left offers only the former, and not only avoids the latter, but demonizes it and denies it’s necessity. Such can never work, but to reduce us to poverty and tyranny.

  33. Shannon Watts just felt the footsteps of Brett Kavanaugh across the grave of the NFA ’34, GCA ’68 and Tiarht Amendment…

      • Hopefully, and very possibly Hughes is at risk, if he’s as honest a judge as we think. He’s totally cool with the NFA, however, as are all the other justices. As would be most of us as well, frankly, if the stupid thing wasn’t so intentionally prohibitory and obnoxiously restrictive and ridiculously contradictory.

  34. Wow, considering how freaked-out the disarmists are, it’s rather interesting they got exactly zero air-time during the confirmation, and it was all “lady parts” this, “misogyny” that nonsense. Either those literal hysterics (historical meaning of the word) were cover to nail Kavanaugh & cover for the disarmists, or that sector of the DNC doesn’t carry much weight anymore.

    I’m inclined to believe the former because Feinstein was head MC of this whole stupid thing, and while she’s definitely pro-abortion, she is first & foremost a gay rights/anti-gun senator (her background was accidentally killing Harvey Milk after he’d been shot). The AWB was the Waterloo she’s been trying to redeem herself on ever since (and gay rights stuff has pretty much accomplished all it’s ever going to at this point)

  35. Could there be any bigger drama queens out there? GET OVER YOURSELVES! The tears and the protests are transparently phony and I am so sick of all of you!

  36. Now that we’ve established that there are 50 votes out there to confirm a “highly controversial” justice, Trump should appoint three more additional justices to the court. The number is not fixed at 9, and we just proved there is nothing the left can do to stop appointments. Why not press the advantage?

  37. Metastable metallic hydrogen? As usual Watts is spouting off about things she knows nothing about. Looks like she’s hitting the boxed wine again.

    • I always like the fact that the commies are quite happy to put one of the worst criminals in US history up on a pedestal. FDR put people in concentration camps based on the color of their skin. I don’t know about you, but that hardly seems like a good thing.

      • No, no, that wasn’t a RACIAL CONCENTRATION CAMP that George Takei was in, it was a “happy camp”!

        In news of the absurd, a Democrat once told me that it wasn’t the Democrat FDR who put the Japanese-American CITIZENS in RACIAL CONCENTRATION CAMPS, it was the Republican Governor of California. Strangely, when I asked him whether Roosevelt was pissed when he found out that a Republican governor had forged his signature on a PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER creating RACIAL CONCENTRATION CAMPS from California to Arkansas, he had no answer. Of course it was a while go, so he might have actually responded with the most popular of racial slurs for Black people, as Democrats are so fond of doing when defied by a Black person.

  38. You would think that Everytown and Moms Demand Action would each have at least one person smart enough to write their own statement.

    Too much to ask I guess.

    • They’re all paid from the same checkbook to have the exact same thoughts, why would you expect different?

  39. Justice Kavanaugh will read the history, the laws and the Constitution and the prior Supreme Court opinions and I expect will find that the dicta in Dred Scott, the 1939 Miller case and of course Heller and McDonald.
    Then he will uphold my opinion.
    The Boston Tea Party prompted King George to send about 10,000 British soldiers to occupy Boston. The City of Boston’s population increased 40% and the British soldiers were assigned to the homes of each resident.
    Not only did the British sleep and eat, the services a soldier needs were provided by the home owners. Laundry, cooking, were demanded.
    The people of the Boston area were trapped with one escape. The British had required the people to serve in the King’s Militia to defend against the French and the Indians. So the people formed their own private militia that the King and his Generals did not know about. They called themselves Minutemen.
    In 1775 the Minutemen and their spies learned that the British Army was going to take the short march to Concord and Lexington to confiscate the arms, which included muskets, gun powder, swords and even flints, to prevent further resistance to the King’s orders.
    The Minutemen met the British Army along the roads to protect the arms the people would need to resist the King. The war was on April 19, 1775.
    A year later the people wrote The Declaration of Independence, listing the grievances that caused the rebellion. The reason and need for “Arms” was included as a right and a duty of citizenship as a final resort when politics failed to preserve rights and freedom.
    It took until 1787 for the people to get around to creating the United States of America with a new Constitution.
    Not everybody was satisfied with the new Constitution, in particular Patrick Henry. Henry said that the protections of the people’s rights was inadequate because the militia was in control of the Congress since the Congress would appoint officers and provide arms for the militia. Henry pointed out that if Congress or the President became tyrannical the check and balance of a militia on tyrants would not work if the right to keep and bear arms was ultimately the governments.
    A Bill of Rights was demanded and the Congress set to work writing a Bill of Rights which included most of the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence.
    Soldiers could not be housed in private homes and the people were in control of the arms that might be needed to prevent a tyrant from destroying the country.
    So the Second Amendment says that the people get to keep militarily useful arms, ammunition and such items in order to preserve freedom and the Constitution.
    Beginning around 1930 government began restricting the rights of the people to have military type arms.
    It sounded good, reduce crime which had increased and become organized providing alcohol and augmented by Ford motor cars.
    Beginning in the 1960s Arms that were not “sporting” were attacked.
    Are politicians trying to prevent crime or enable a tyrant to fundamentally change America?

  40. Used to be, in the good old days, dems wore polyester, smoked cigarettes and drank beer. reps wore wool and smoked pipes and drank scotch. Couldn’t trust either side then. Can’t trust either side now. Both wings are attached to the same bird.-30-

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