Thanksgiving in a Time of Bidenomics

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Thanksgiving turkey ammo ammunition

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    • CA passed a stupid ‘you can’t mail order ammo’ law some years back. I went on a buying spree before it took effect. Back when ammo was available and fairly cheap.

      I am stocked up for quite some time.

  1. Meat may be murder, but murder is getting more and more expensive every day it seems. I prefer to do my own murdering of my meat out in nature where our maker intended us to hunt and gather before the farmers took over the the world and put up their darn fences and signs and pieces of paper that said the land belonged to them alone…

    • If the ham is not Smithfield I wont buy it.
      I only support Americas Chinese owned companies. It’s the patriotic thing to do

        • Hormel Cure 81 is pretty good ham.

          WinCo is giving out free turkeys if you spend $125. Since WinCo has about the cheapest prices anywhere, your $125 will go further than it will most places.

    • Turkey is basically free here if you want to take them and clean ’em..darn things are all over the place. no one really hunts them around here. cars hit ’em all the time just trying to pull out of driveways. you can pretty much step out the back door and get one on the patio.

    • Pigs are a magical creature. The last time I was at a Sam’s Club you could buy pork chops at $2.25/lb. You had to buy about a 10lb package though.

      Walmart is charging about twice that for one or two pound packages of the exact same stuff and most grocery stores charge a bit more. Still, it’s way cheaper than beef even of the cheapest cuts. I’d rather eat a pork chop than just about any cut of beef even if the price were the same.

      • No kidding. A good pork tenderloin costs about a tenth or less than what the same cut goes for off of a cow.

        • That’s quite a few empty seats.

          These people know the truth. That much is obvious. The only question in my mind is wether or not they will actually DO anything with it if Republicans are given control of all three branches again. The right had the ability to accomplish a great many things during the first two years of the Trump admin. and seemingly just sat there. They all seemed paralyzed by the outlandish claims of the left. Nothing else mattered and that state of being not only created much frustration but also allowed many other things to happen.

          At what point do we end up with the Republican party standing up and loudly proclaiming in unison followed up by action that there are things that are wrong? The American people in general are never going to feel any sense of satisfaction until the Democrat party starts experiencing imprisonments.

      • He’s an actor. It matters because he is a very outspoken, pro-Dem lib. He is saying that the Puppet is so terrible, that he would vote for the racist, fascist, Hitler reincarnate Trump. As Joe would say, “that’s a big fn deal.”

        People are seeing the difference between 2019 and 2023.

        • Ok. Well, that might be enough to sway the opinions of some people. But the quality of ‘being an outspoken liberal actor/director/never Trumper doesn’t mean much to me. There are a few people out there like that. I still see no reason why I should change my thoughts or opinions based on anything he says. I don’t mind a lot of 4-letter words but he can’t even seem to form a complete sentence without that. Everything he does say is all conjecture, here-say, and opinion.

          The far left completely disregards people like me. If Trump is on the ballot then he has my vote. If he isn’t then I wont. That does not mean voting Dem either way. I will never select a Democrat. But the idea of worshiping some outspoken liberal to the point of following his suggestions is the actions of a weak mind. This is like everyone thinking Putin meddled with the 2016 election by purposely injecting political ads into Facebook. The problem with that when discussing the situation with me in terms of “meddling” is the ‘assumption’ that I’m even on Facebook to start with. Much less being so amenable to do as they say without question.

          The concept of being your own person responsible for your own actions and making individual choices for yourself is so completely antithetical to what the Democrat party is, I couldn’t be that if I wanted to.

        • Prndll,
          I think you’re missing the point. The big deal isn’t that he might be swaying opinions. If such a hardcore Democrat is considering voting for the most evil, wannabe dictator Republican to ever walk the planet, then how do you think the average swing voter feels? They’re realizing they were sold a lie in 2020.

      • Michael Rappaport is an actor and comedian, a bit of a director. Was a huge hardcore far left wing liberal democrat supporter/organizer, mostly behind the scenes.

  2. My turkey comes in a bottle.
    I always have two buy to boxes of bullets, because when I stumble on the gutter and bust my head I lose half of them.

  3. One of the kids brought a couple wild turkey’s he shot, and I have a nice ham from a feral hog I killed. Smoked and dry cured. Looks like we will be eating very well on food we harvested, raised or grew ourselves.
    Always looking for sales or deals on ammo or components. Need to scout out some shot shell hulls this winter. Supplies are running low enough to notice. Don’t like to reload hulls more than once.

  4. It sounds like you’re sharing a humorous or lighthearted observation about the tendency to lose things, in this case, bullets, when encountering unexpected situations like stumbling on the gutter. The idea of buying two boxes to account for potential losses adds a playful twist to the situation. If you have any specific questions or if there’s something else you’d like to discuss, feel free to let me know!

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