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It shouldn’t just be said on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but we’ll go along with convention. Whether you served during wartime or peacetime, thanks to everyone who’s worn a uniform in service to this country.

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  1. I hope and believe most veterans will agree, but you have it backwards.
    We thank the citizens and this country for letting us serve. The privilege was ours. A strong citizenry is an honor to serve.

    • +10001!!! I thank the citizens and the country for letting me serve them!!
      And a big thank you to my brothers and sisters in uniform. Without a lot of them I and many other of us would not be here today.
      A silent prayer for those that didn’t come home alive. God bless you all.
      And to my Dad…Thank you for serving!!!

  2. You’re welcome. Also, thank you for the thank you. Growing up in a liberal area (Seattle) there wasn’t a lot of support for service so it’s nice to find it on here.

    Additionally, thank you to all who served before me that kept the country free so I could have the honor of serving. Semper Fi!

  3. TO my friends who were MIA,and KIA . I will NEVER forget you who paid the full price, I have been asked who the last Marine out means. you see we were on a mission into North Vietnam, my unit got overrun by a NVA div. they also were shooting rockets. I was still in North Vietnam , being in fact the last Marine out. we later had to hide in bush and call in arty all night to survive about 24 Marines , so many were lost , killed, and wounded, that we told the Air Force , drop it on us too… no lies, now maybe you understand my strong views , they came the hard way , Communism has killed 100’s of Millions, I will never as long as i live see it here, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  4. I joined the Army, not alot of pleasant memories associated with those years, when I got home I was lucky to get a job and not drink myself to death. I have memories that will not go away but would not trade them, or those years, away for anything.

  5. I think you guys are full of it. Most young servicemen don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. They join for all the wrong reasons. They end up in wars that old politicians, who usually have not served, cook up. It has nothing to do with the Constitution or service to the country. Some of them end up dying in the process, many more come home damaged. They weren’t the valiant heroes you’re pretending they were, they were lost children.

    Look at the last 5 or 6 “official” wars this country has fought and the last 20 or so unofficial actions. Are they something to be proud of? I think we should honor the war-resisters and the conscientious objectors. They’re the ones with real principles.

    • You live in Europe, but not in Germany, right? Sprechen sie Deutsch? No?

      You’re welcome, FLAME DELETED How’s that for summing up how one of America’s “official” wars affects you? Don’t bother answering, its a rhetorical question.

    • You know mikeybdumbass I said on here before that if you ever grew enough balls to come back and live in the US I would be the first to stand up for your constitutional rights whether I agreed with you or not.
      I hereby officially retract that statement!!!
      What you said on this post just goes to prove how much of FLAME DELETED you are.
      Every person who served this country, young and old, volunteers or draftees, have earned and deserve all of our respect and understanding!!! They alone had the balls and the guts to do what people like you were afraid to do!!
      Even conscientious objectors served as medics, chaplains and chaplains assistants. Sgt York, whom most veterans and civilians are familiar with due to his war record and the movies about him, was a Tenessee Conscientious Objector and look what he did in wartime!!
      I hope and pray FLAME DELETED!!!!
      I apologize to RF, DZ and the rest of the real men and women on this great site but Mikey has really crossed the line with his comments on this particular post!!!

      • Why don’t you grow up and open your mind. There’s more to it than what you think. There’s a whole world of ideas out there. You don’t like mine so you call me Nazi and fascist????

        • No I call you a Nazi and Fascist because you are!! It does not matter what the reasons for war are. Some are for politics, some are money related and some are because we as Americans do not want to live in a world like Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Mussolini and other fascists,tyrants and totalitarians want, or wanted us to. Throughout history fighting men an women of the US Armed Forces have freely and without coercion given up their lives and their blood, sweat and tears for this country and for the world in general!!
          I for one will not stand by and let some little chicken sh$t person like you degrade or put down the sacrifices made by these men and women when you yourself never had and probably never will have the guts to defend this country!
          If not for the Veterans of this great country people like you would be in a hell of a lot worse situation than you are now.
          And I do have an open mind! I support gay rights whether I agree with it or not. I support the freedom of religion whether I agree with it or not. The same goes for freedom of speech, the 5th Amendment, etc.
          I have studied and lived in and around many different religions and cultures. Again I honor their right to be the way they are even if I don’t agree or see their point!
          But again I will not sit idly by while someone like you blatantly bashes and discredits the very men and women who sacrificed so much for your rights and freedoms.
          If I remember correctly you are an American Citizen living in Italy right? Bring your happy little self back to the US and support this country like the majority of us do, and them you might earn the right to speak up!! Until then shut up!!
          I have seen first hand what people in Russia(Cold War Era), Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries in the world live like and we have it so much better than most, and it is because of our veterans!! Each and every one of them!!
          Grow up, come back here and earn the right, like the rest of us have!!!

        • Then tell us. Where are you from? What did you do for a living? Why did you leave the U.S.? Do you have a criminal conviction? Why did you become pro-gun control? Brothers, sisters? Anything.

        • You already know all you need to know about me, and that’s next to nothing. You’re not being swayed by your more exuberant followers, are you, that I need to qualify in some way in order to be heard? I think what I say should be enough, regardless of whatever experiences I may have had in my life. I stand by what I say.

        • Well now mikeb302000 why don’t you tell us a little about yourself then. RF said the same thing above and I would like to know too.
          Who knows, maybe we will change our minds about you.
          Told you about me so you might get an idea of where I am coming from and why I think and feel like I do.
          So tell us about you!!!
          Come on Mikey, we are waiting to know more about you.

        • You didn’t tell me anything about yourself, nor did I ask. My “who are you to say that to me” was a rhetorical exclamation more than a question. All you provided though, was poisonous, biased and offensive crap. You know nothing about me but attack me anyway with such eloquence as comparing me to syphilis. Now, what, you want me to open up to you so we can get to really understand each other better? No thanks.

    • That’s a new low for Mikeb302000 right there. Ungrateful swine, here’s hoping you are buried somewhere other than America when you croak.

    • Wow, just wow, mikey. Calling you low class would be a complement to you. As if we needed more proof that taking the opposite side from you in any discussion is the right choice.

    • Whether or not they joined for the right or wrong reasons, veterans day is still a holiday in which we acknowledge their sacrifices and express thanks for their service. It is meant for veterans, regardless if the wars they fought were objectively “good” or “bad”.

      I would say that many of these kids enlist based off of good intentions, though the reality is often much different when they are exposed to the corruption, bureaucracy, and terror. In the military, some suffer too much while others suffer too little; it is often the soldiers that never taste combat that remain in the service and make careers out of it.

      “Look at the last 5 or 6 “official” wars this country has fought and the last 20 or so unofficial actions. Are they something to be proud of? I think we should honor the war-resisters and the conscientious objectors. They’re the ones with real principles.”

      I actually would agree with you mikeb. As soon our society values the war-resisters and COs as much as it does the warfighter, then we will show true progress. Unfortunately, the powers to be do not want it that way, so war resisters and COs are ostracized and even put on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists. Absolutely appalling. We should also honor whistleblowers and critics that expose government corruption, who act to shine light on the horrendous acts that are committed in the name of empire and money.

  6. In the Army I got to see some parts of the world I’d never have seen otherwise, I got to build my character and my confidence far more than I would have expected, and I got to know some of the best Americans standing on two feet in the process. All that and I was never asked to sacrifice anything but some time and a whole lot of effort. I got the the better end of the deal and it is I that should thank my country for giving me the opportunities that I have had.

    Thank you to all of the veterans of all branches that gave so much more than I ever will for allowing me to stand beside you and call myself a soldier. I’m truly not fit to carry your water….

    Oh yeah, Mikeb, you could at least refrain from putting your nonsense on this one post out of respect for those out there who deserve it.

    1SIG BN
    3/17 FA
    245 ENG

  7. Happy Armistice Day! A celebration of peace, instead of a glorification of war. Thanks to Maj Gen Smedley Butler and all those like him. “War is a racket.”

  8. IF you want to thank a Viet. , let’s start taking America back from the NEW WORLD ORDER… Freedom is NEVER FREE…do it for liberty!

    • As a member of the New World Order and one of the people who secretly run the entire world, I sincerely resent your comment. I suspect that my friend Jimmy would too, but he was shot and killed on Halloween, 1967, so I have to speak for him. I suspect that my other friends and classmates who were lost in Vietnam would concur.

      • Fighting for liberty can take many forms, I think outside the box, sounds like you have a good collage brain washout…. and as i said communism/socialism has killed more millions of peoples than all other causes in history , plus it has never worked and never will and never can, the only problem with the American system of liberty is the a— who think a little socialism will work , in their wisdom they became fools.

  9. To answer the call for service, to put on the uniform and steel yourself to step in harm’s way, is a step in beginning to repay the debt of honor owed to our ancestors. The men who stood firm at places like Bunker Hill, the Alamo, Normandy, Inchon, and a thousand other places, who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of liberty, must never be forgotten.

    My own time in the Army was but a small link in the chain forged by their great deeds, and I am proud to be a part of that fine tradition. And as someone who enlisted in a time of war, choosing to become an infantryman despite the recruiters trying to put me in some kind of missile defense program, I can say first hand that the majority of the young men who served with me enlisted for all the right reasons, because they believed in their nation, they believed in the cause, and they believed in each other.

    No insults, no failure to understand what beats in the hearts of patriots, can take that away.

    • We have all thought so in the past too!!! Unfortunately he is like an incurable social disease….he just keeps coming back and spewing poison and causing trouble like a strain of syphilis that has become immune to anti bodies!!!
      Just my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of TTAG, or any readers or writers on this blog.

        • Yes I do!! Here is some more for you !! I know the statement was rhetorical and you did not ask for or want an answer.
          But I am man enough to stand up and tell you exactly who I am and why I believe the things I do.
          You apparently are not. RF asked to know more and so did I for the simple fact that we would like to know more about why you feel it is your duty to tell us what needs to be done to make this a better, safer country for all.
          Was there some life altering event involving a firearm in your past?? Something that just turned you into an absolute fanatic about gun control???
          Whatever happened we are curious to know.
          So either step up and be a man and tell us why you feel the way you do or just go away!! Either one would be fine.
          As far as spewing poison…no I am not, just stating a personal opinion about someone who would degrade and denounce the very people who sacrificed so much to allow people like you to have the freedoms they do.
          My Dad for instance was a POW on Korea, came home after 6 moths of that shit, served 4 more years until his wounds wouldn’t allow him to serve any longer. He was and still is a Man!!!
          Have you served or defended this country in any capacity???
          Every man/woman and child who fought and died for this country deserves our respect and undying gratitude!!!
          This is my opinion and mine alone so how you react to it is your choice.
          God Bless You and have a nice day!!

        • “But I am man enough…”

          “So either step up and be a man and tell us…”

          “My dad…..He was and still is a Man!!!”

          You really are hung up on this “man” shit, aren’t you. Maybe you’re over-compensating for something. You can get help for that, you know.

        • Nope don’t need to compensate for anything.
          I have the confidence and faith and balls to stand up for what I believe in.
          As for this BS you are spouting on here, I have the courage and conviction to stand up for my fellow veterans both living and deceased and not sit idly by while some punk ass cut puppy like you cuts them down and belittles them.
          These same people you say don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, or joined for all the wrong reasons are the very same ones who fought, bled and died for you to be able to live like you do, and to have the freedoms you do!!!
          So until you are man enough to give these same men and women the credit and honor they deserve for their sacrifices for you then STFU and crawl back in your doghouse.
          End of discussion! I will not waste anymore breath or time on a useless sniveling worm like you.
          @RF and DZ, an the rest of the good folks on here I apologize for my rants on this post but I refuse to allow that kind of disrespect to the soldiers and veterans to go unanswered!
          They deserve much better!!

        • As much as it must hurt your manliness, you are not in a position to tell me to STFU. So, why don’t you stop embarrassing yourself.

          You and guys like you react the same way when I say SOME gun owners are irresponsible. You freak out and furiously argue the fact that not ALL gun owners are irresponsible. There’s basic dishonesty in your ranting. I never said every single young serviceman doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I know there are those who are real manly and have balls and courage and join to save the Constitutions all that good shit. But most are like described, in my humble opinion.

          Your problem, and you’re not the only one, is you cannot stand someone who disagrees with you. You have to have your way. You should understand there’s more to it than your biased and one-sided opinions.

  10. Last time I checked it was the soldiers who build schools, fix wells, and give medical care to sick and wounded children who help people in a war zone; not a bunch of whiny protestors sitting around and complaining about our military all day waiting for the war’s end.

    I used to go to church with Korean War and Vietnam vets who told me stories about how they fed, clothed, and healed wounded civilians who had suffered under the Communist invasions. Yet thousands of college know it all’s who worship the likes of Stalin and Mao as “heroes” feel justified in calling these brave men war criminals. That, gentlemen, is just plain nuts.

    Veterans day isn’t a time to discuss the politics behind a war or even the war itself. It’s a time to honor the men and women who serve, know they’re going to get traumatized to a degree, and still do it anyway. I don’t like the situation in the middle east any more than the next guy, but I respect and honor the people all around the world who put their lives on the line there in exchange for blind hatred if not next to nothing in return. To those who serve honorably, thank you.


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