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Miller Tactical Group makes vacuum-formed kydex holsters in the Austin, Texas area and had a nice presence at the Texas Firearms Festival. The finish level and quality of their holsters appeared to be very high, plus there’s no shortage of options for color, IWB/OWB/AIWB, light/laser fit, and even laser engraving.

Quite satisfied with how everything looked and felt, I was then really surprised to find out that prices start at just $39.99 and lead times are short or often non-existent. They’re definitely worth a hard look when that next holster buying decision comes around.

(click any photo to enlarge)

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This is “TheManSpot,” who I was told is a something of an Instagram celebrity. Nothing to do with holsters other than he popped in to chat with the Miller Tactical guys while I was at their booth, and they explained to me why this dude was shirtless and is usually seen carrying a tomahawk. There are things I don’t entirely understand, but TheManSpot was super friendly.



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    • They ALL fully cover the trigger guard… most of the trigger guard areas are under the top of the belt clip (on the slim clip ones).

    • Are you sure it was a flag and not just bunting? I couldn’t see any stars. If it was the former then I agree with you, if the latter I have no problem with it.

      • If you’re using a computer, you can click on the third photo, the one with the blue part of the flag visible. The photo will open in it’s own window, and if you click again, it will enlarge enough that you can clearly make out all the stitching between the stripes and blue field sections, and see the embroidery of the stars on the blue.

  1. Any group that uses a frigging AMERICAN FLAG AS A TABLE COVER will NEVER get any of MY money!

    What the F*CK is wrong with people nowadays?

    In TEXAS, too! WTF?!?

      • Charles5, I wish I could be as sure as you seem to be on their intent. In today’s “Gotta be different, gotta be edgy, gotta separate our business from the crowd” atmosphere, crap like this is praised in some quarters.

        I can only hope that they got an earful from many other Veterans, and it turns out to be a net negative for the company. Some folks only seem interested in listening to the cash registers, not the people who have defended our country, citizens, and flag.

      • Maybe by the official flag etiquette handbook it would be a disrespect, but outside a few nit-pickers, the overwhelming majority of the republic have moved on from ceremonies and technicalities. Intent usually holds the weight behind someones actions and it clearly isn’t meant to be disrespectful.

        Both of you are acting like special snowflakes. – retired 0311

        • There’s “Example A”; Arc is way too cool to be supportive of the US flag, even as a (claimed) Vet. Yeah, right; all the Vets I know are SO worried about “getting with the crowd” (overwhelming majority of the republic, as you put it).

          Gotta be edgy, be different, get away from all that “tradition” and “respect”, and demonstrate how wild and untethered you can be! Stick it to The Man, man!

          Sickening and sad.

  2. a flag image to help identify u.s. made product is helpful. product displayed on a draped flag, not so much.

    look where the belt clip is on these holsters. they get it- placing it rearward tucks the grip in tighter. it also keeps the belt from having to reach farther around both the barrel and the clip.

    anyway, horsehide.

  3. @nineShooter, The flag is very quickly becoming the chief symbol of corruption. Given that my oath is to the constitution and not the US flag, no, I’m not very supportive of it. I do not have time for formalities, ceremonies, and hurt feelings, if you don’t like someone using the image of the flag on a table cloth then move along and don’t buy anything from the vendor.

    The only people that I’ve found that get butthurt over little things like this are from the 1960s and 70s. They are more often than not, still locked into every possible wrong and old way of thinking. They blindly wave little pencil flags because its “patriotic” the moral legitimacy of the cause be damned. Still lap up propaganda from the war on drugs, and still believe the federal government is their friend and can do no wrong. You are either with us or against us.

    • Arc, you’re truly a breath of foul air.

      Now you’re trying to move the goalposts, to minimize the damage. That is not, as you said, an “image of the flag on a table cloth”; that is an actual flag, a symbol of our great nation, being USED as a tablecloth. An embossed or printed image wouldn’t have lines of stitching between each stripe, or embroidered stars (both of which can be clearly seen in some of the photos, above, for those who care to look). And if you don’t know, or don’t care about the difference between those two items, then you’re a sorry excuse for a US citizen and veteran, in my opinion. If a seller wanted to use red-white-blue bunting, or similar items with a stars-and-stripes theme, I’d have no problem with that at all. In fact, that’s why such things are MADE in the first place, so people don’t feel a need to use a real flag as a tablecloth. UNLESS they are trying to make a statement by doing so, of course.

      Then after you make your false claim about an “image of the flag”, you flail around and try to tar me with a wide brush based on your totally fact-free guess what decade I am “from”, and how the old ways of thinking are wrong. Wow. Please enlighten us; what decade started to produce fine right-thinking specimens like you? Let me get something to write with, so I can record this for posterity. Perhaps if you dig this hole a little deeper, someone will come along and fill it in on top of you…

    • The “Don’t shoot your dick off” warning?

      I don’t know about you, but there’s more than just my dick in that area.

      It oughtta read: “Don’t shoot your junk off”…

      • Another fine idea right there, marking much of your OTC product with a cutesy note that doesn’t apply to women. Just write-off the fastest-growing part of the defensive handgun carry market completely.

        Or did I miss the labia version…?

  4. As far as TheManSpot is concerned, if I spent as much as he surely did on that tattoo ink, I’d probably go shirtless all the time, too.

    • You got that right. That is some darned impressive work, and represents a lot of hours under the “gun”. I have to admire someone with that level of dedication to the art.

  5. Meh- Looks like any other kydex holster company. It’s not hard to fold plastic and stick it in the vacuum. Nowadays its more about the fit and what they do before they wrap it in plastic. And also the warranty is a biggie for me- I’d rather pay double the price if it means I’m covered for life.

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