Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, right and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, left, (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
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The quote of the day is presented by Guns.com.

The expectation that Texas’ Republican voters uniformly hold a fanatical resistance to any regulation of guns, or to any action that would change current laws governing access, cries out for qualification, and in some places is clearly and unambiguously wrong. When asked in the October poll whether or not they support “requiring criminal and mental health background checks on all gun purchases in the United States, including gun shows and private sales?” 81% of Texans said yes, including 93% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans. While there’s little evidence of the short-term impact of mass shootings on attitudes, Republican support for background checks has increased across three items in the UT/TT Poll over a period of six years, from 55% in June 2013, to 70% in 2016, to 75% in 2019. On red flag laws, 68% of Texans expressed support in October polling, including 53% of Republicans.

If majority support among Republicans is not a new development, why would GOP officials raise concerns now? A changed perception of the level of competition between the parties in Texas has them testing the boundaries of resistance to heightened enforcement of existing laws and regulations of gun possession.

Their consideration of a slight shift in gun policy is consistent with the widely recognized reorientation of the legislative agenda after the 2018 elections. In this year’s legislative session, the agenda shifted from matters that lacked both broad attention and support but appealed to the most conservative Republican primary voters, like private school vouchers, regulating bathroom access and so-called “Constitutional carry” laws. New on the menu were issues with demonstrated general election appeal, such as increased funding for public schools and efforts to slow the growth of property tax bills.

For all the emotion surrounding both the desire to prevent gun deaths and the fervent belief of some Texans in the primacy of the Second Amendment in guaranteeing Constitutional liberties, the more mundane matters of policy ownership and political self-preservation loom over the tentative changes in Republican leaders’ gun rhetoric.

– Jim Henson and Joshua Blank in Why Texas Republicans are launching trial balloons on gun laws

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  1. Just like the ground is shifting on freedom of speech, due process, yada yada…When you let these people rule, the only “free” people will be outlaws.

    • The only conservatives I tend to see have yellow/brown skin, dark eyes, black hair and smaller eye lids. Skin type 3-4. They don’t preach it, they simply live it everyday.

      Skin type 1-2 like to pretend they are “conservatives” when in reality they are socialists setting up a military police state with gun ownership only for “sport.” These types tend to refer to modern rifles as “sporting rifles” when they are weapons designed for injuring and killing all kinds of fleshy beings. Guns are not toys for sport, they are weapons for killing. These conservatives are incapable of making the argument for self preservation and individual responsibility on its own merit rather they have to struggle using the argument of recreation and sport. These are the people whom support gun control laws to make their fellow (though more aggressive) socialists happy. They actually believe a little bit of socialism is necessary, thus a little bit of gun control is necessary, because without socialism it would be anarchy and death. They feel they cannot live on their own, they need help from a group known as government.

      Who will build the roads!? Who will patrol the streets!? How will the children get educated!? Won’t everyone become drug addicts!? What about those Muslims!?

      We know once you give government power to control you they will control you. Then they give themselves more power to control you. In the end you must make a choice of living as a slave or dying as a free human. All because you wanted just a little socialism…

      Just admit it “conservative” Republicans. You are a socialist. A lefty. You are a so called “Blue Dog Democrat.” You don’t live by the bible and you vote for “Republicans” that pass gun control. Make all the excuses you want. You are what you are regardless of the label you liars like to use.

      • “Chief” – please censor yourself with that really big broad brush that you are using to paint a whole lot of folks with.
        Thank you.

        • What and who do you support? Do you support the standing military and police? Do you support the socialist/public education system? Do you vote for Republicans that support gun control because they labeled themselves Republicans? Do you support and defend the anti gun rich New York Democrat that calls himself a Republican?

          Explain your version “conservatism,” define it. What makes you not a socialist masquerading as a conservative?

      • We know it’s you Vlad. Quit using the library computers all day and get a job.

        • Googled it and this is what I found.

          Understanding the four skin types: normal, dry, oily and combination
          Normal skin. ‘Normal’ is a term widely used to refer to well-balanced skin. …
          Dry skin. ‘Dry’ is used to describe a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin. …
          Oily skin. …
          Combination skin. …

          Not sure what skin moisture has to do with anything . But I’m not the one that says it does.

        • The Fitzpatrick skin type, is the only thing that fits with the original posters rant.

        • I was referencing Fitzpatrick’s skin typing. It’s a scientific skin type classification.

          Generally skin types 1-2 are Europeans. Asians/Hispanic/Native Americans have a skin type of 3-4. Africans have a skin type of 5-6.

          Essentially it’s about the melanin content of particular peoples.

          • Ah, okay. You didn’t talk about melanin, you talked about the types of skin moisture.
            I found out why melanin matters thanks to ADVChina, and it’s not because of the drivel you posted. Although it might be related to skin moisture. So it’s all the same?

  2. It isn’t hard to take the stance that firearms should not be sold to individuals with criminal or mental health issues in their past. This is almost a no-brainer (as they say….pun very intended). It does not matter if it’s a vet on the brink of suicide, a teenage kid on meth, or a depressed mother recently divorced.

    I for one, want more guns in the hands of ‘responsible’ people.

    The problem is that people are looking at gun store and online buying. Most people are NOT thinking about personal transactions between family members and such (like from father to son/daughter). Most of this is about the wording of the question since there is an underlying desire for universal background checks. Texas demographics are being manipulated with liberalism, ignorance, and illegal immigration. Many of the current residence of Texas are not native Texans and don’t even know what it’s like to grow up with guns.

    • The growing support for universal background checks is result of unending mainstream media anti 2A propaganda. Notice no mention of necessity of a registration for UBC to be enforceable.

      Who decides what “responsible people” means? First it was no guns for murderers and serious violent criminals – felons. Then any crime punishable by one year in prison gets you disqualified for life, then misdemeanor of domestic violence, dishonorably discharged from armed forces… Now they are calling for even more disqualifying categories, including “hate speech” and “wrong thinking”.

      We need to hold the line, not only fight against more infringements on our RTKBA, but also to get back lost freedoms.

      • Who decides what “responsible people” means?

        It’s a fair question. It’s a ‘common sense’ question. Truthfully, the only way I can think of that can adequately handle this is what we used to refer to as “elders”. But then what do you do when the elders have lost all sense of reality? I don’t mean an unreasonable level of senility where dementia settles in someone of advanced years. I can say for sure that this should NOT be determined by any government agency.

        How does a society create responsible people when it’s educational bases and underpinnings have been so badly corrupted and co-opted that no one understand what reality is anymore? We are confusing children to such a point where they do not even know what they are looking at when seeing themselves naked in the mirror as adults. We MUST take back the American education system. We MUST get back to American traditions and values.

        A growing percentage of our population are lost (in every sense of the word).

        • The problem with “common sense” is that so damn few people have ANY. Lets just stipulate that NO progs have any or they wouldn’t believe in the communism religion (socialism if you live in the delusional world of polite speak).

        • I will not disarm period.No matter what insanity comes.I hope Trump will overcome the Fake News Impeachment and the DNC is a Days gone by Party.

          The New so called American Socialistic Democracy Party will not Flourish in our Republic,as we are witnessing their failures by the Depp Sate Swamp right before our eyes. The Real Enemies with in a re the Perpetrator corporate Controlled News Media by outsiders lie Gorge Soros and family and other dubious Atheist Commie thinking Fools.

        • neiowa,

          The problem with “common sense” is that so damn few people have ANY.

          Hence my moniker.

      • Regarding this background checks business, “universal”, whatever that might exactly mean, or any other kind, the following comes to mind. No other constitutional right is limited in any such manner, so how come it is that Second Amendment Rights are or should be, as some would have it, so treated, that is limited?

        • “No other constitutional right is limited in any such manner, so how come it is that Second Amendment Rights are or should be, as some would have it, so treated, that is limited?”

          In reality (which is where we all actually live), all “rights” are limited (well, except for abortion) to some extent, depending on how the courts feel the morning they wake up before rendering a decision.

          But to you question about how it is the Second Amendment is limited…two complementary components: “compelling government interest”; “level of scrutiny”. Both elements were made up by the federal courts, with no real constitutional basis. Both rely on “reasoning” (“common sense” in current parlance)

        • “In reality (which is where we all actually live), all “rights” are limited (well, except for abortion) to some extent,…”


          I can walk my (decidedly *not* curvy or attractive) ass into an abortion clinic and have one done, and see the bloody result? 😉

          • “I can walk my (decidedly *not* curvy or attractive) ass into an abortion clinic and have one done, and see the bloody result?”

            Yes. Everyone has a right to an abortion, regardless of the difficulty of actually having it done.

        • “In reality (which is where we all actually live), all “rights” are limited”

          *No* rights are limited. However, you’re responsible for the consequences of exercising your rights if it impacts someone else.

          • “*No* rights are limited. However, you’re responsible for the consequences of exercising your rights if it impacts someone else.”

            Not quite. “Limits” are why we continue to have this forum….the exercise of your 2A right is limited by law, whether your exercise impacts anyone else, or not. Your Fifth Amendment right to refuse to self-incriminate is limited by immunity decrees (yes, you can be forced to incriminate yourself, even though you may escape legal punishment). Your Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable search ans seizure are limited by laws that permit confiscating your automobile and contents on suspicion of a crime…even though you are charged with nothing – ever (i.e. did not impact anyone else). But to put my statement more palatably, effectively none of our constitutionally protected rights are absolute (except, apparently, the right to abortion).

            • Wrong, yet again. That which you are holding out is nothing more than usurpation of authority. It is not, nor ever shall be, truly constitutional. And I don’t care how you argue or present your cause. For what you suggest would put an end to all written Constitutions. It would allow both the legislatures and courts to do anything they wanted without any bounds whatsoever.

              “Whatever may be the case in other countries, yet in this there can be no doubt, that every act of the Legislature, repugnant to the Constitution, as absolutely void.

              . . . I shall close the discourse with a brief recapitulation of its leading points.

              1. The confirming act is unconstitutional and void. It was invalid from the beginning, had no life or operation, and is precisely in the same state, as if it had not been made.

              –Justice William Patterson, Vanhorne’s Lessee v. Dorrance, U.S. Supreme Court, 2 Dall. 304. 2 U.S. 304 (1795).

              You need to find a different argument, because all you are supporting is tyrannical usurpation.

      • Does that mean you support returning all the human rights of people that served time in prison? Do you support those men’s rights to vote and own guns (including the black men)? Or are you not willing to live by a principle that moral?

        You have to make a choice: you either do what is right or you join the other side. You don’t sit in the middle trying to play politics. You don’t win that way because the other side is much smarter and they are committed whereas you are inconsistent.

        • Jumping in here.
          Yes, I would support the restoration of all rights to those that have served time in prison provided that they have spent time proving that they had straghtened out their behaviors, say no more than 10 years after their release, depending on the offense. It’s the late 18th Century liberal in me.

          • “…say no more than 10 years after their release, depending on the offense.”

            Curious. It is correct to understand that you would impose a further ten year sentence (“probation” if you like) as some sort of period where the convicted person must prove their innocence? If so, what would be the moral justification?

        • Just how long is someone supposed to pay for a crime after they have served their lawfully imposed sentence? To advocate that they don’t have the inalienable natural right to defend themselves after having already paid for their crime. Is pretty much the same as cruel and unusual punishment, is it not?

    • Blame the brown people… It’s always some other race or ethnicity that caused the problem.

      If only we could round them all up using government and weapons of war. We should vote in a party who will strap on the boots and do some door kicking. Maybe we should require some kind of special IDing system to track people to make sure they are the correct type to live in our homeland. We can setup detention centers to lock entire families inside while we deal with the rest. Then we can build a wall and put gun towers on it to shoot any human that tries to invade our motherland. We can get the NRA to train the snipers — we can setup some kind of scout sniper program for boys.

      Or we can stop the socialism that entices socialist to move. “If you build it they will come.” Stop making America a socialist utopia then thieves will move to Canada or start doing the right thing.

      But, no, we can’t live without our precious socialism. So we are going to blame the brown people for taking too much free stuff and using their right to vote for what they want.

      • I will let someone else argue/debate race.

        Black, brown, or anything else…..we are American. We are human. We have a common enemy.

        I fault no one for anything other than blindly following an obviously broken and hideously monstrous philosophy we have come to know as liberalism. It has allowed for a movement into socialism. If it is not stopped, it will grow into full fledged communism.

    • I am a native Texan and am almost 70. I have never been contacted about any polls and no one else I know has either. My answer would be a reset to the original Second Amendment, ” Shall not be infringed ” not even a little bit. I remember the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and the dying of our Second Amendment as well as others reflect this.

      • Your answer would be ignored and your results stricken from the poll.

        Not because they didn’t “like” your answer but because it’s not a standard answer and therefore screws up their statistics. They just don’t have a way to deal with that kind of response, which quite frankly, would be the correct response to a question that was not asked.

        Polls are not short answer or essay questions. They’re multiple choice or true/false. Anything else they listen to you, try to get you to answer it the way it’s written and if you won’t check a box noting your answer as useless and your results go in the trash.

        They just can’t ask open ended questions because the answers, while maybe interesting, vary too much to be statistically valid.

        • Which is one of the reasons why sociopolitical polls are mostly garbage. Being statistically valid doesn’t help much when your framework itself is at best severely limited, at worst completely wrong, and in any case is unlikely to represent the true nature and scope of what’s being polled.

      • @Ed Schrade:
        I am somewhat older than you and have been contacted by numerous pollsters over the years. I think it has something to do with the physical location of my residence.

        Polls can be rigged to deliver whatever message the poll taker wants disseminated. I’ve just seen what I characterize as a leftist, wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing antigun propaganda piece from the The Atlantic reprinted in the current December/January issue of Reader’s Digest. Attached to it are a list of statistics purporting to show that a majority of gunowners are in sympathy with a number of currently proposed measures that most commenters on TTAG will oppose. I’m not going to reproduce any that here, but it just pissed me off. To me, responding to opinion polls constitutes contributing to the delinquency of pollsters, and I haven’t done it in a very long time.

    • I apologize for having to say this, but when what we think of as people on our side can’t understand plain english we are definitely some kind of screwed. It simply says “shall not be infringed “! It don’t ask if dummies can have guns, or thieves, you perhaps think they probably didn’t have idiots back the 1700’s or criminals. Naah., nary a one. Everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were criminals before they won the revolution, if they would have lost they’d have been hung immediately upon capture. And you would be having afternoon tea and crumpets instead of tacos and Kfc. With Coors.

    • I’ve been telling people for years. If you want to defeat gun control in America you have to defeat the democratic party in CA. Run to a ‘free’ state if you wish. Exhaust yourself. Put hardships on your family. It won’t matter.

      CA will come to you.

      • Nope. You’re never going to tip the balance in California. Never. Too many progbots. If all the conservatives and libertarians voted together as a block and only half the so-called liberals voted, you’d STILL lose.

        The only reason California is coming for the rest of us is because it’s exporting its progtards to less populated, less f-d up states in industrial lots.

        But what if California exported people who weren’t brain-dead progbots?

        If all the freedom-minded folks in Cali made a commitment to move to a neighboring state within the next five years — and only half of you made it — you could tip the balance for *generations* in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana…

        • California can easily be changed but the Republicans there do not care to do the work. They simply hide in the shadows or run to another state.

          The current Republican platform does not reach very far. Their out dated almost former Democrat party platform does not bring in the youth and the non whites. It pushes away the voting blocks that are now required to win elections anywhere. Yet stubborn white guys can’t understand their inability to win.

          Many California born fled to neighboring states because of taxes. A lot of people living in Cali are from other states or countries. California is the most populace states not because of high birth rates from California born residents. The outsiders are pushing out Cali born residents — they like to call that gentrification.

  3. Too many people believe that the SCoTUS is infallible and is the final arbiter of the 2A and the Constitution. Neither is true. They are hired servants, just like any other branch of government. To believe otherwise is to volunteer to be a slave.

    • This is part of why it is so important to keep Trump in office for as long as possible. I don’t care if Trump himself isn’t ‘into’ guns. I do care about him appointing judges that understand the importance of the 2nd amendment and the constitution in general. Judges that don’t see what isn’t there.

      • The main reason I voted for him last time around.
        I see a report where they plan on releasing RBG from the hospital on Sunday after her miraculous recovery.

        • At some point, I have a feeling we’re going to be dealing with a “Weekend at Bernie’s” situation. Look for strings…

        • The RBG situation is *tenuous*. She had been released, and then re-admitted. The latest ‘flu bug’ is guaranteed to make her very weak.

          And with the strain of the holidays… 🙂

        • As we get closer to 2020 election, Trump needs to have a contingency plan so that, for example, if the election goes the wrong way and RBG departs in early Jan 2021, Trump can nominate and the Senate confirm a (previously discussed) new justice in one or two days, bang-bang, before she’s even in the ground. Just IMAGINE the entertainment, the years of screaming and cursing, it would be a lovely thing.

  4. “Texas Politicians Think the Ground is Shifting on Gun Control”

    It will come to pass in Texas and across the nation in the future when there are enough Illegal Aliens and uneducated products of government indoctrination centers,will aid in it’s happening,the Left refers to it as the long game but critical mass works as well.

    • The problem isn’t illegal immigration, it’s indiscriminate mass immigration full stop. Conservatives who promoted this for the past several decades will have a lot to answer for as our ability to collectively govern ourselves falls apart.

      Please read this leftist’s clear-eyed prediction of what’s coming: “The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable. Just look at the demographics.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/10/19/the-nra-will-fall-its-inevitable

        • Indeed. Like this one –

          “During the 1970s and ’80s, when crime rates were skyrocketing, the self-defense argument easily found an audience. Yet recent years have seen a drastic reduction in crime; today the crime rate is half of what it was in 1980.”… 🙂

          • “Indeed. Like this one –

            “During the 1970s and ’80s, when crime rates were skyrocketing, the self-defense argument easily found an audience. Yet recent years have seen a drastic reduction in crime; today the crime rate is half of what it was in 1980.”… ”

            Exactly. Due only and entirely to the explosive rate of gun purchases since 1993. Which begs the question: “If more guns equal less crime, and we have historically less crime, why do we need more guns?”

        • Because crime hasn’t reached zero yet.

          Total gun saturation is our goal. When that happens and crime finally reaches zero, the progtards will have stop trying to take them away. (Wait, no, they won’t. What the heck was I thinking?)

      • The only thing he’s wrong about is that it’s not “inevitable”. It’s likely.

        We can actually make turn this to our advantage if we work at it. We don’t at this point which frustrates me but hey, works in progress or irons in the fire… whatever.

        For the umpteenth time: Andrew Breitbart was right when he said “Politics is downstream from culture”. He understood that and Robert Farago understood that. Not very many other people seem to grasp that implication but it’s out there and it’s YUGE. You can see it in Hollywood and the video gaming industry.

        Just look at these numbers and consider the implications:

        Hollywood is a $43 Billion/year industry world wide.
        Guns are a $28 Billion/year industry in the United States.
        Video games are a $43.4 Billion/year industry in the United States.

        In the US and worldwide, video games are bigger that movies and growing substantially more rapidly. They’re also forecast to continue to grow faster than movies for the next decade.

        There’s a reason Farago had some asshat doing video game reviews and other culture articles on TTAG and it’s actually a DAMN good reason. He can read the writing on the wall the same way Andrew Breitbart could. It’s just too bad that dude sucked balls at writing those articles.

        • For the umpteenth time: Andrew Breitbart was right when he said “Politics is downstream from culture”.

          Not to sidetrack us in an argument about Breitbart, but the direction of causality is messier than that:

          “People like to quote Breitbart’s ‘politics is downstream from culture’ apothegm, because they both think it sounds cool and it matches movement conservative shibboleths about government never being able to do things. But it’s wrong. Californians voted against gay marriage in 2008, they were overruled. Various policies were put in place to make the state and schools more liberal. Now look at it. Was this an underlying cultural shift taking place beneath their feet? No, it was substantially imposed from above.”


  5. If you poll the morons in Austin, you might get a bunch of gun control pansy asses to respond in favor, but the majority of Texans live outside of Austin, San Antonio or Houston. Most Democrats in Texas rural areas know the value of gun ownership for hunting, hog control and self defense, especially when a call to 911 will have the sheriff there in under 45 minutes… maybe. Beside Texans remember fighting 2 wars against a tyrannical government.

    • Not from what I have seen. The numbers show that most Texan don’t even carry when they have a license to. They may own guns but so do full on soviet flag waving communists. The Taliban loves guns too. Just because you understand the benefits of owning guns doesn’t mean you support liberty and justice for all.

      The only people I see saying that Texas isn’t a blue state are old white men that live outside of the major population centers that don’t interact with the youth. They are out of touch with reality and rather live in denial than do anything to stop the final conclusion.

      • @Chief. Do you live in Texas? When you say “Major population centers” I assume you mean the cesspools of crime of iner citys. Texas is 26+ million citizens and a few million non citizens. The 4 major population centers only account for less than 10 million people, many non-citizens. Texas is more gun friendly than you think, with 1/3 of the vehicle traveling the road containing a firearm. Pistol permits are rather new to Texas, but anyone except prohibited persons may carry a rifle or shotgun anywhere except federal government buildings and airports. Pistols open or concealed need a permit to carry in public but not required to carry one in vehicles. Texas is gun friendly, even lots of Democrats own and carry.

  6. Texas is slowly being repainted. Once it becomes all blue (all the major cities turned blue already), we may never see a Republicrat president again. The race is on, and….maybe Florida will be blue first. Either way, America will be lost forever.

    The element in the discussion that is most easily manipulated is “mental health”. No one knows what mentally healthy really is. At a conference, had lunch at a table with three Psychiatrists. I asked if they were ever “off” when away from their medical offices. That is, do they ever stop trying to psycho-analyze people they interact with. The answer was “No”. In fact, they told me no one was “normal”, because they were the ones to decide what “normal” is; there is no immovable gold standard. One told me that being punctual, while a generally accepted virtue, could actually be described as severe OCD…which is not a sign of being mentally healthy.

    Notwithstanding the instance above, one would find that the bulk of determinations that someone is mentally “unfit” is done by bureaucrats using a behavior checklist; think Veterans Admin and other government agencies. Soon, it will be your primary care doctor being required to make such determinations, and report to a government database.

    • Quote: One told me that being punctual, while a generally accepted virtue, could actually be described as severe OCD…which is not a sign of being mentally healthy. end Quote

      This is an example of the insanity of psychiatrists.

      While growing up I was trained to be punctual by parents, schools, athletic coaches, churches, Marine Corps. When I went into industry it was expected by employers.

      So now ivory tower psychos decide that it is not mentally healthy.

      Are you not expected to be to work or any other place on time any more?


      • “Are you not expected to be to work or any other place on time any more?”

        Have you not read recently that punctuality is a demonstration of white privilege, and wholly racist?

        • “…punctuality is a demonstration of white privilege, and wholly racist?”

          Sam isn’t kidding on that one. Read all about it :

          “Colored people’s time (also abbreviated to CP time or CPT) is an American expression referring to a negative stereotype of African Americans as frequently being late.”

          “… President Barack Obama, during the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30, jokingly apologized for being late because of “running on C.P.T.”, adding that this stands for “jokes white people should not make”.”


    • Being a pshrink is even better than being a chiropractor. Both are “evergreen” as “patients” are never cured (get endless tune-up/maintenance opportunities). The solutions and problems are ever fluid and ill defined so failure/lack of success is OK and even expected. AND can benefit from big pharma. Unlike chiropractors , pshrinks benefit that gov’t has decided there is a shortage of “mental health” “professionals” and “treatment” and thus now provides an endless pot of taxpayer $ to their support their lifestyle/voodoo. (and as a result the demtard party). No results required.

      Chiropractors can only wish.

  7. Let’s try to name a GOP politician, outside of Florida, who was re-elected after supporting gun control.

    If 100% of Democrats hate you, and 20% of Republicans suddenly want to tar and feather you, you might win a primary but you’ll never win the general election. Florida was faced with a terrible choice last year, and they chose Rick Scott for Senate, but I bet 10% of his votes came from those who had to hold their noses to do it.

  8. The FACT that everyone seems to forget, is that the right of the people to keep and bear arms being secured by We The People’s Constitution. Was intended to REMOVE that right from all debate. Our forefathers would have destroyed all of these treasonous politicians, judges, etc. But many of their posterity actually support the government infringements. Sickening . . .

    • Reciting the “2A incantation” is of no value when politicians, judges and a large percentage of the population disregard the existence of the 2A.

      The left has control of all education, we are losing.

      Be Prepared !

    • I didn’t know the majority of voters were illegal residents using legal residents’ votes. Texas is sure corrupt if that is the case.

      • Not necessarily the ones that just came in illegally. But their children born here is another story.

        • Did their parents teach them to be socialists or was it the socialist/public school system they attended in the U.S.?

          Do you really think that every non white person is conspiring to turn America into a socialist European country by raising their kids to vote against what allowed them live a better life than the country they fled? Sounds like government agents if that was the case.

          If you interview a brown kid in America he/she would sound very much like a white kid. They believe the same things. Where did they learn those things?

          It’s easy to blame others for your failures/actions. No one wants to look in the mirror and come to terms with their reality. It’s much easier to point at another group and claim it’s all their fault.

  9. Some day, not very many years from now, the capital of Texas will be Mexico City, which will also be the capital of California.

    • “Some day, not very many years from now, the capital of Texas will be Mexico City,”

      As it once was.

    • That could be a bad thing or a good thing. Depends if it’s the Spanish/Euro version or the “native” version.

  10. “Ground shifting” and “evolving views” never made sense to me. Adopting the positions of the other party doesn’t help you get elected it kills your party. If there are no differences then what’s the point of voting for anyone?

    If this continues the not so distant future will have for us a massive nanny state party running on free shit and totalitatrianism (essentially the worst of both parties) and a small, anemic, largely ignored fringe party supporting crazy ideas like liberty for all and due process.

    • “Adopting the positions of the other party doesn’t help you get elected it kills your party.”

      If politicians don’t adopt the proper views, they don’t get invited to the really cool parties and country clubs. One major party wants to control every aspect of the lives of the people. The other wants to continuing enjoying the perks of office. One party is out to destroy America as founded, the other party wants to ensure it is done with civility and good manners.

    • America is already a one party state.

      The only difference between Americans is the old and the young. The youth want “liberty” whereas the old want the same old same old. Hence why the Democrats focus all their efforts on the youth and have taken control of everything the youth are around. Confusing the youth and making sure they are not educated is how the old remain in control even when the youth start taking on positions of authority.

      • I’m neither old nor young sitting at the high end of 30. What “liberty” is it the youth wants? From what I’ve seen they’re out there trying to ban shit and regulate shit harder than Tipper Gore or Joe Lieberman ever were. They just want to be stoned while Fauxcahobntas and Bernie steal private property and Harris and Booker lock people up for being mean and Hillary send cruise missiles all over the planet.

  11. Take away the rights of the people of Texas . Do not nake it in the form of the other stated ruled by the Democrats. What next ? Give Texas back to Mexico? God ,guts and guns made Texas the state of freedom for the hunter and gun owners.

    • Did the Texas government give you permission to exercise your human right that is protected under the United States constitution? How much did you license cost and who issued it?

    • ” God ,guts and guns made Texas the state of freedom for the hunter and gun owners.”

      Whites using force to defend their families and neighbors from indians and mexicans, is what made Texas a free Republic. The influx of non-Whites will be Texas’s and America’s down fall, as all cultures are not equal.

      Indians were up a against a superior enemy and got conquered, WE Whites won’t be able to say that. Materialism, which was the cloak for cowardice, and lack of ethnic pride is what conquered Whites.

      • Europeans had to lie, cheat, steal and murder to “win” outside their lands. In a fair fight they lose. Outside of Europe they can’t even go outside for a few hours a day without sunscreen.

        Technology has reached all of the world. Europe’s military tech is no longer exclusive. The fight is now rifle versus rifle.

        White supremacists can’t win a straight up fight. They have to use politics and religion. They must buy minorities’ cooperation and conspire to fool the populace. Psychology is all they got, but the internet can easily expose them. That’s why they want to control the internet and buy mouth pieces.

  12. I fear that Sam I Am is correct; that after Trump the USA may never see another Republican president again. It’s hard to compete with Santa Claus and the Democrats/communists/traitors are promising free stuff that will destroy this country morally as well as financially. I’m 83, Marine, glad and sad to say that I’ve probably lived in the best of times in America and that future generations have been doomed to socialist mediocrity by the latest crop of voters who want free stuff, i.e. forgiveness of student loans (thanks to Democrat schemers and GOP RINOs for that lethal legislation), Medicare for all and a nanny state that will make Europeans green with envy.

    If being on welfare (correctly) removed one’s voting privileges, the Republic would be safe forever, but like term limits, this will never happen.

    So sad to see this happening. Pray that President Trump is re-elected overwhelmingly next November.

    • Two things to consider:
      – There is no Republicrat bench (the next leader after the Trump revolution will be a mildewed establishment hack
      – We already have term limits. Republicrats found out how good was the idea of limiting service when they limited presidents to only two “terms”. If politicians are capped on the number of years they can serve, how can the replacement be assured of being “better”? (whatever that means)

    • “I’m 83, Marine, glad and sad to say that I’ve probably lived in the best of times in America and that future generations have been doomed to socialist mediocrity by the latest crop of voters who want free stuff”

      Have no fear sir many of us younger folks are better defenders for Liberty than many of you older folks. Millennials are fighting to get our gun rights back, that older folks traded for false government security and out of White guilt.

      Your whole life contributed to what is going on now, so look for blame closer to your vest. All of the corruption and moral degradation happened on your watch. I get it though, you older folks were actually ignorant enough to disregard the Constitution and think the government had your best interest at heart. You guys actually thought the media was about telling the truth, and not the true purpose of social engineering ignorant masses.
      Then, older folks allowed the coup de grace of the Constitutional Republic, which was viet nam, were both party factions took over. The Honorable choice during nam would have been to remove every government employee with deadly force and their supporters, but ya’ll said of course WE will just follow the orders of a corrupt government.
      Nam was simply a distraction for when you older folks lowered White culture with integration, and the greatest tragedy of nam was that Honor is now something that is government issued, which is exactly against the views of the Founders.

      You older folks didn’t understand that Citizens are not complacent to corruption, that is subjects.

  13. What percentage of the working, tax paying population is actually taking polls these days? I know I get so many junk calls in a day I have stopped answering any number I don’t recognize.

    • “What percentage of the working, tax paying population is actually taking polls these days?”

      Doesn’t really matter. So many polls get headlines rendered in percentages. The low info public does not look into the bases of the poll. The headline (and the poll) is designed to shape public opinion….and take advantage of the “bandwagon effect”. The entire polling population could be ten people in Peoria, but the public won’t pay attention; just go with the flow. “Perception” will sway the vote.

  14. Let’s face it the left and some on the right despise gun owners; imagine how they will treat us when we are disarmed?

    • Young? There a kindergartens in Texas with no white, English speaking children in them. These are in areas that were 90%+ white a generation ago.

      America is running out of Americans.

  15. Sad that it appears the Bill of Rights is going to be governed by polls.The Founders are rolling over in their graves.

  16. I feel that the biggest absence today in our government is common sense and the removal of voters or citizens from any process.

    The liberals socialist love to make accusations, create false optics and narratives and keep quoting poles, studies and surveys that serve their agenda. They carefully select and edit anything they present or speak of to create the impression or maybe I should say the illusion that the data supports their point of view.

    Just like this impeachment hearing, they make up their own rules and ignore written established protocols and traditions. There is no government of, for or by the people. Hell they are even reducing the power of the other branches and allowing their own to exceed their authority.

    We have greed and corruption, libel and slander are no longer illegal nor instigating hostility towards others. We had Obama and Hillary tucked away in their beds while four Americans were killed in Benghazi. We have Democrats who are guilty of dropping the ball, yet everything is President Donald Trump’s fault despite the fact that he was left with the unsolved and unaddressed problems of two former presidents.

    If a civil war or societal collapse was to happen, those responsible better hope they can find someplace to hide as they will become primary targets of anger by patriotic Americans who do not want to see this country turn into another third world oppressive toilet. Years of work by those before us and they want to flush it all away…. for what…. the illusion of power? They won’t have power because they won’t fight for anything and their foreign constituents will backstab them and fight for control. Or they will fight among themselves and have emotional breakdowns like the weak willed cowards they are.

    • Trump did send a bunch of soldiers to their death. Obama didn’t want to authorize those missions because they were suicidal. Yet no one cares about those soldiers because Trump is more important.

  17. The media has been saying this sort of thing for years. They don’t care if it’s true, they’re trying to make it true by repeating it enough.

  18. Folks,

    Work with me, here. The “gun control” horse has been out of the barn so long, it isn’t even funny.

    Any idiot with $100 in his pocket can buy the materials at the local Ace Hardware to make a functional firearm. With a $1500 investment, anyone can 3D print a functional firearm. It isn’t easy, but a person willing to learn some metalworking and gunsmithing can make ANY semi-automatic firearm into a fully-automatic firearm.

    So, then you ask, “Well, should anyone be allowed to own a nuke??”

    Umm . . . that horse escaped the barn, too. The engineering plans for a fully-functional fission weapon have been available online for years. Yeah, collecting a sufficient amount of fissionable material is a challenge – but it can be done.

    So, what about chem/bio weapons? Any halfwit moron can make fully functional chemical weapons with ingredients they can buy at their local grocery store, garden store and/or drugstore.


    Do me a favor. Repeal the Second Amendment. Outlaw guns. Outlaw bombs. Outlaw poison. Outlaw breathing.

    You people are simply stupid (or is it ‘stupidly simple’?).

  19. The easiest way to tell if someone is mentally ill is if they don’t accept the existence of multitudinous genders, think climate change occurs even outside of human activity, or is so paranoid they don’t trust the government to give their children a comprehensive and empowering education or adequate healthcare.

    Laws and regulations are not a means to an end, they’re the means to ever more laws and regulations. They aren’t limiting weapons access to make you safer (why would the state go out of its way to protect surfeit tax chattel from a statistically miniscule fluke of a threat?), they’re limiting it to limit your access to uncontrollable political power. Every single law will be bent to be used against whoever it is opportune to use it against. RICO laws were meant to go after organized crime kingpins, now asset forfeiture is a standard source of operating income for many law enforcement agencies and they’re taking assets from Joe Schmoe nobodies, even without charges or convictions. The gullible masses are Br’er Rabbit, and all government is a tar trap.

  20. Texas turns blue as it turns brown. It will be as blue as California in a few years, for the same reasons.

    • It’s the white youth that turns every state blue. They were taught to be that way by their white elders. Then the white youth recruit minorities for moral superiority against the competing party.

      Don’t be racist by blaming the minorities for changing your entire country. There is no way they could out vote the white voting bloc, there isn’t enough of them.

      Who do you see at the voting booths? Who do you see at the anti gun protests? Who do you see claiming Antifa?

      Blaming the melaninated peoples for your 76% white country turning European lefty isn’t going to help you save what’s remaining. Being in denial doesn’t win you elections.

      I thought most black and brown people can’t vote. At least most of them don’t care to.

      Racists don’t want felons voting because they believe most felons are black males and they assume black males are Democrats for life. Doesn’t that make Republicans a bunch of racists like the old Democrat party used to openly be?

  21. Voting has consequences. Failure to vote means the other side wins. Don’t know a republican judge so you don’t vote for him/her , GUARANTEES a democrat will win. Staying at home because you don’t like one candidate means all good guy candidates loose. Don’t be that jerk. If you don’t like someone, don’t vote for them. But, vote for all of the others who put skin in the game.

    Your judges are the first line. Vote and pretend to be a democrat and vote again. JK.
    Do something besides write on a blog and moan and groan.

  22. Billy Buddy hit the nail on the head. even though mental health checks are a good Idea the idiot who shot giffords had his mental health background removed from his record by his mother because she was able to get acess to it. so it would not have helped. no background check stops a cop from getting jumped from behind and beatened to get his gun. which has happened. no background check turns up the already millions of illegal guns in the hands of criminals. it only affects us. when I was in high school, a teacher ( yes a teacher, and a female one at that) told me that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. which is just as true now as it was back then. ( she was a good teacher and pro gun by the way, Mrs Sue Vassi, although she might be a little disappointed with me since she was an English teacher).

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