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The AP reports that a Texas mother pulled a gun on a seventh-grade volleyball team that thrashed her daughter’s team (score unspecified). Oh wait; she told police she merely waved her finger and never threatened the children. The truth is . . . unknown. “A search of the woman’s house turned up no gun, and the district acknowledged inconsistencies in the witnesses’ allegations. “The parent said she did have an altercation but did not use a gun,” district spokesman James Keith told the news service. “We also re-interviewed witnesses, and some inconsistencies in the story are starting to pop up.” Don’t you hate it when that happens? Especially if you’re an anti-gun member of . . .

Commentator jaundicedview:

Another Day in Dumbfuckistan. Robert Heinlien said that an armed society is a polite society, but then he said a lot of stupid stuff.

And now, the sarcasm. Commentator nomorebushworld:

Hey, she didn’t shoot anybody, or even fire the damn gun. How is this even a story?

Responsible gun-owners have every right to express their opinions, so long as they don’t actually shoot, right?


i blame the volleyball team. If they had been carrying guns too, the mom wouldn’t have pulled hers out. War is peace after all.

The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence’s inevitable condemnation of all gun owners based on this [non]incident in three, two, one . . .

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  1. One of the issues with free speech is that, every so often, someone will say something extremely dumb or even damaging. We accept that as the price for freedom. Klan marches, Koran burnings, etc. are accepted as a price we're willing to pay.

    I've maintained that the price of an armed society is that we'll see cases of dumb $hit$ doing dumb stuff with guns. Even dangerous stuff. Obviously the dangerous stuff will be illegal, but we accept that those cases will be tried on a case-by-case basis and not reflect on the overall gun ownership rights.

    Some idiot yelling fire in the theater shouldn't affect our right to peacefully criticize the govt. Yet anti-gunners think cases like this should affect our right to peacefully own firearms.

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