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Can you secede from the US (let alone Texas) and establish a new nation if you don’t know your own address? Dougie Doug’s takeaway from this little episode should be that instead of notifying the local po-lice of your intention to create your own sovereign Republic of Dougistan (while letting them know you’re holding an indeterminate number of firearms), the proper procedure is to send a certified letter to the State Department. Duh. Oh, and Dougie? Shooting at police officers and firemen typically results in rapid, extensive blood loss, so consider yourself lucky to only be facing charges of aggravated assault. You can wave goodbye to those guns, too, because you’ve seen the last of them.

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    • It really changes nothing. Read up on some “alternative viewpoint” websites and there really is no change in the amount of hate (its always alot) flung at those who refuse to embrace Obama’s dreams. Plus its been buried by St. Louis’s police force being relieved of duty by the state police for being incompetent thugs.

  1. He sounds like most of the anti’s to me. Crazy as 6 monkeys trying to reproduce with a football.

    • Citizenship is a two-way street. We trade our natural individual sovereignty and in return we are supposed to be protected under a set of Constitutional laws. It’s like a marriage contract where one party, in this case the feds, has forgotten all about its vows, has been whoring around town, and stealing from the family piggy bank.

    • I can’t help but think that it’s a shame he didn’t get a chance to issue postage stamps. Think of their value as collector’s items.

    • According to the residents, Earth is at least fifty times the size of a model globe.

  2. Actually, I’m OK with the intention, it’s just something in the implementation where the idea needs some work.

  3. What kind of dingbat thinks they’re going to be able to stage an armed rebellion against the state, especially Texas, by themselves? Besides, he ignored all the normal paperwork first, and skipped right to armed secession. Obviously he had no clue what he was doing.

  4. Dougistan shares a common border with Wackistan, Bipolistan and Schizophrenistan. I looked it up!

    • It also receives most of its trade from drunkopia so perhaps if we impose a sanction on trade there we could get him to concede.

  5. I think this guy spent too much time playing Fallout 3 and has confused himself with Dave of the Republic of Dave.

  6. “[…]the proper procedure is to send a certified letter to the State Department.”

    I’m inclined to agree. When in the course of human events and all that, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. Well.

    All I’m hearing out of Doug E. Doug, or whomever, is that more people should vote. I’ve seen the outcome of people’s voting of late and I’m not all that impressed, let alone convinced that more of it is the answer.

    But good luck with all that.

  7. Sounds like the Republic of Dave in Fallout:new Vegas – and we all know how that turns out… adios amigo.

    • Umm, Paul, I think you’re some what OCD about the OCT ( open carry thing). There is medication for that.

  8. More info, including transcript here; “‘He had actually left with an AK-47 assault rifle, several rounds of ammunition and some propane tanks from the garage,’ Assistant Chief Greg Wilkerson said.”

  9. In point of fact, it does not take “all kinds” to make a world. Unfortunately, we would appear to have them anyway.

  10. Soooo, he creates his own separate country, but still expects the U.S. to provide emergency services? So much for being a sovereign state.

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