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It’s the dream of (almost) every AR-15 owner: having a selector switch that goes “all the way” to full auto. And while it’s possible to own, it’s extremely expensive and a massive bureaucratic nightmare. Enter the 3MR trigger from Tac-Con, which goes “all the way to 11” and enables a nifty assisted reset feature that gets you to within a hair’s breadth of the trigger reset. It’s great if you want to fire really really fast, but it takes some practice to get used to the trigger. But man, when you do, it’s almost indistinguishable from full auto. Except it takes a lot more work and a lot less paperwork.

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  1. I’m still jonesing for a version for the Kalashnikov platform.

    Oh… question for anyone that has seen one… does anyone know where the selector switch will be on these? Will it be in the normal ‘3 way’ selector configuration? I would hope so.

    • Yup, normal three position switch. You have to use the supplied Tac-Con switch for it to work. But the “semi” position gives you a “match grade” semi-auto trigger pull, while the third position enables the strong reset spring. Or something along those lines.

    • Ben is correct. It makes the selector like a standard 3 position auto selector. Safe, semi, auto.
      Ive seen people moan about the price ($500) but once you take into consideration its actually a high end encased trigger like a CMC, Timney or Wilson Combat which is $180-250 depending what route you go (Geiselle, CMC, Timney, Wilson, you get the point), youre really only paying around $300 for the fun switch, which is the same as a Slidefire, without a ugly stock thats not nearly as cool.
      The auto position uses a pretty ingenious system that uses a newly designed disconnector.
      Very smart, cool system.
      Ill be getting one, or three.

  2. I wrote to them yesterday on their website. I’m wondering if they’ll answer before the end of the SHOT show.

  3. Meh. I understand it’s fun, but I don’t have much desire to own full auto weapons or faux auto weapons.

  4. Nick, you say it takes some practice, but it looks like you got the hang of it pretty quickly. If you did it, how hard can it be?


    I’m definitely more interested now from your short video and writeup than I was from their stupid tacticool video from a few weeks back.

  5. Nick,
    Are you sure this isn’t going to be vaporware?
    This is about to be the umpteenth gun gubbin I’ve acquired on your reviews but I’ve been burned on “pre-orders” more than once.

  6. I have yet to see any of them run smoothly or faster than I can pull a regular match grade trigger. I wish it was more effortless and intuitive. As of now, I’ll wait for a more refined gen 2 or three before dropping $500 on one.

  7. I spent over 250 bucks on a Geissele SD3G. The 3MR is double that price but I’m not sure if it has twice the value. Hope to see some comparison videos!

  8. This reminds me of the response trigger system for Tippmann paintball guns. I love my A5’s response trigger, having something similar on a real gun would be amazing! Definitely interested in this…

  9. This trigger is so entirely pointless! If you want a great trigger for the AR go get a Geissele. If you want to have fun spraying and praying, just learn to ride your trigger’s reset point and you get the same results as you would if you buy this silly thing and you save $450, enough to by a Geissele and enough ammo to learn how to use that well.

    Here is a stock Daniel Defense M4V1, wiith the stock trigger, being fired rapidly. No bump firing. No special effects, just fast firing using the reset point. Move ahead to the :30 mark for the fun stuff.

    • Actually if you read the description on that video, it says ” The sequences that appear to be fully automatic bursts were created via video editing software, giving you some idea of how the rifle handles on full auto.”
      So, yeah there were special effects…

      • That’s his video, and I’m sure he knows that. However, if you watch that section, there are two “sped up” portions, one on the bench and one standing, and then one more “not sped up” portion where he’s riding the reset.

      • Good catch, my bad. Got the wrong video up there.

        Here’s the right one. There was no software editing involved. You can shoot a stock M4 very, very fast.

        And, Matt in FL, no need to be a real jerk and accuse me of dishonesty, ok?

        I made a simple error, nothing more, nothing less.

        The point remains:


        You can easily master your stock trigger to shoot fast.

        • Easily master is not correct.

          Many people will not be able to master it at all, or ever come close to what you have achieved.

          Having the fine finger control needed to ride that reset point is something many people physically can’t do, much less do it and maintain any accuracy.

          It’s a very very small sweet spot to allow that kind of rapid firing, all this trigger does is increase the ease of that sweet spot.

          Plus, it’s much easier when at the range, not wearing gloves, not tired or injured, or under a huge amount of stress. That’s where a trigger such as this really comes into its own (assuming it works correctly in production) is that it can be operated under a greater variety of conditions by a greater number of people.

          I have a Daniel Defense as well, I can fire rapidly enough that people think it’s full auto, but whether I could do that under duress and injured is another matter.

        • Really? Honestly, if I can get a hang of sensing the reset and pulling the trigger quickly, anyone can.

          And, of course, there is no true practical use for any of this nonsense.

          A full auto M4 is nearly uncontrollable after around three/four shots, after that, you have to deal with a considerable amount of muzzle rise.

          All the experienced combat vets I’ve spoken to have said, to a man, they never went cyclic with any small arms. Controlled single shots, quick single shots, quick semi-auto. Three quick shots placed at pelvis level did the trick.

          So, if you want to have some fun, that’s one thing, but … other than that there is no real practical purpose behind any kind of fake bump fire trigger system.

          And since you can get there yourself without it, I’d much sooner put the $450 toward something else.

        • No need for him to be a real jerk? Check yourself. You’re going around on here telling everyone that it’s a waste of money and that it is a “stupid trigger.” THAT’S YOUR OPINION!!! No need to go cram it down everybody’s throat. The purpose of this trigger is to enhance the trigger reset sweet spot. Clearly there is a market for this and sounds like many people are interested.

        • You know what, Paul? I didn’t call you dishonest, so climb right the hell down off your horse. It appeared to me that Mills thought you were being dishonest by claiming there were no special effects where there were, so I was attempting to throw some defense your way by pointing out the part at the end that was not “effected,” because I didn’t think he watched far enough to get to the non-special effects part.

          Did you get that? I was defending you, you colossal jackass. I don’t always think you’re wrong, or an asshole, except when you are.

          Of course, I don’t know why I bothered to defend you, because you went on to again demonstrate your know-it-all elitist bullshit. If someone wants the trigger, how about you let them buy it and shut the fuck up? If you think you have a better way to do it, and you want to tell them about it, that’s cool. I’m sure people would welcome the knowledge. But if the only way you know how to share that knowledge is pissing on the product and telling people they’re stupid or ignorant or whatever bullshit word you used this time, how about you just fucking keep your mouth shut? Because if anyone did give two shits about your opinion (which I doubt at this point, having made such a colossal ass of yourself time and again), you’re sure not going to change their mind by telling them they’re stupid.

        • Really? Honestly, if I can get a hang of sensing the reset and pulling the trigger quickly, anyone can.

          It may seem that way, but you are wrong.

          I know shooters who have a tremble that makes even single pulls hard, I know shooters that have trouble breaking a 5 lb trigger pull.

          Hit a certain age, and you’ll notice more and more people no longer have that fine finger control required to walk that trigger.

          Shooters come in all shapes and sizes, and many have physical issues that make some things hard, things that may be easy for someone younger.

    • Just showed my new AR to my buddy. When I mentioned the stock Geissele SSA 2 stage trigger, he said “well for the price of that trigger and a slide fire stock you could get the Tac Con. It replaces the bump stock.” So I have been looking at all the videos of it and I must say…I don’t see what the excitement is all about. Even the inventors of it can’t get it to sound off like a full auto and the 3Gun guys do just as well without it.

      • Clearly if you dont want something, that means,its stupid and others couldnt possibly want to purchase said item

        • Let’s review.

          This triggers offers nothing that a Geissele trigger system doesn’t offer.
          It costs a lot more.
          It is untested and unproven.

          It does not offer any “speed” that can not be achieved via learning how to run the rifle’s stock trigger system well.

          Sorry if these realities and facts do not sit well with you.

        • It is clear that you want one whether it works or not and anyone that has another opinion is stupid. Why are the fan boys opinions more relevant or factual than people that looked into it unbiased and say it is not a good buy? When I go on Amazon to buy something that I have no experience with, I look at the negative reviews first. Review the product and tell us why you think it is a good thing and lay off the guys that give their opinion. Bottom line…this thing pops of at a 3-400 rpm rate and that is after you figure out and waste and I quote from Tac Com at Shot Show “6 mags to get the hang of it”. Sorry but I am not going to throw 200 rounds into a dirt hill just to figure out how to throw more rounds into a dirt hill faster. I can pop off 5 rounds per second with my stock trigger in the only AR I ever fired in my life and I just bought it two weeks ago.

      • The funny thing is, this tech and design comes from a paintball gun trigger system. No real R&D involved, just a premium price for a trigger that allows you to shoot so insignificantly faster than any other match trigger it’s almost an insult to us. And the fact accuracy is lost, although not as horribly as the slidefire stock, it serves zero purpose other than maybe spitting more ammo down range. Almost a placebo accessory.

  10. This brings up an important question: what is the fastest rate of fire that we can reasonably expect an “average” person to accomplish with a semi-auto AR15 rifle?

    I am thinking an “average” person would first have to spend something like $250 for a premium trigger. And then that “average” person would have to invest maybe 8 hours and 500 rounds or so of ammunition to practicing to achieve whatever rate of fire that corresponds to that much practice.

    Now here is an interesting thought. If you are going to spend about $500 for a premium trigger and ammunition for training with that premium trigger, you have invested $500 at that point to achieve some rate of fire with accuracy. Now compare that with the $500 Tac Con assisted trigger and the obvious question is, “How much does the ammunition cost for practicing until you can use the Tac Con assisted trigger to full effect — and does that achieve a higher rate of fire?” And another important question, how much time does the training take with a Tac Con assisted trigger?

    If I only need about $40 worth of ammunition and 20 minutes of practice to accurately fire 7 rounds per second with the Tac Con assisted trigger, I would rather go that route. Sure, I could save $40 with a premium trigger and 500 rounds of practice ammunition, but I would also have to invest a lot more time. And what is the “cost” of shooting 500 rounds of ammunition in terms of barrel life, wear and tear on your bolt and receivers, cleaning, etc.???

      • Very interesting. Thank you for posting a video that was not edited/enhanced. I had my doubts about the first video that you posted.

        I will see what I can accomplish with my stock trigger … which probably isn’t very good since I purchased one of the least expensive rifles that you can buy. Perhaps $200 for a trigger upgrade would be money well spent regardless of my abilities before or after any concerted attempts to improve my trigger speed.

    • I’d rather get the good trigger for $250, then burn up as much ammo as it takes to learn the trigger control. Fun to practice and a goal to achieve. But, it ain’t worth doodley squat if you’re sprayin’ lead all over the place. Damn, now I gotta go get a trigger and get busy on the press.

  11. Here is my inexperienced take on it…

    To me it may be similar to a Geissele SD3G, but it has the ability to turn the quick reset off. And in my opinion is a very useful feature.

  12. Goes all the way to 11! Bwahahaha. I don’t know if everyone got that joke(reference to a scene in the Mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap”). But it us very funny and perfect as it applies to this product. Well played!
    But, I wonder if my Geisselle 3 Gun SD can’t be shot just as fast. I have another trigger with an even shorter reset than my 3GSD! It is called a POF EFP. That thing is SHORT(reset) and VERY fast. I tuned it to 3.5 lbs break(like an glass rod. Its a single stage). It is a formidable trigger and a LOT less than 600usd. I can get about 500rpm from either trigger. I can get it to sound truly like full auto. Maybe I would be able to shoot this new trigger even faster. I would LOVE to try one out first, That’s a LOT of cash to lay out for something I may already have in the capabilities of the Geiselle and the POF.

  13. This thing is a ripoff. It is no different than a match trigger that purposely introduces trigger slap. It is nothing like full auto and you can fire almost as fast with a milspec trigger and faster with a Timney or Giessel. The reps that are shooting are just very practiced at bump firing. Plus the trigger causes hammer follows… you really want that in a rifle you may need to use other than the range one day, no. Save your money and buy a match trigger. If you want to emulate full auto get a bump fire stock. The cycle rates between a bump fire stock and this silly trigger even with someone practiced with it are night and day. I can’t believe how naive people are and how quickly a company can make millions with a gimmick. This will be interesting once the returns start flooding in when people see what they paid $500, lol. I have seen it and you’re buying a mediocre match trigger that has toggle that turns trigger slap on and off, lol (the “third mode”, lmao).

    This is basically the pet rock for guns. You’ll be embarrassed to let people know you bought the thing for $500 in a year, trust me. If it were $100, maybe it would be a novel purchase just because the regular trigger function would be an upgrade at that price, but $500 bahahaha.

  14. They told me three weeks three weeks ago.i called to day an they said three weeks again. So be prepared for deceit prior to placing your order they say three weeks. But really dont know or care to supply Correct information.

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