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Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s sympathetic voice is fairly convincing, but his lawyerly argument is better. That said, Cruz can be a bit dull in these settings. I’d like to see him in a cut-and-thrust debate with Hillary Clinton or one of her Democratic competitors regarding gun control. Yes. Yes I would.

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    • Part of me likes this. The rest of me wants him to keep fighting the fight he’s fighting in the senate.

    • No.

      First, I’d be guilty of hypocrisy for being down on Obama for his lack of experience and then turning around and voting for a first term Senator in the next election.

      Second, while there is much I agree with with Senator Cruz, there’s just as much I don’t, leading a shutdown they couldn’t win over a law that the public hasn’t put enough butts in the seat to oppose, being a large one.

      I completely disagree with the notion that there can be no compromise between the parties other than the other party agreeing to what you want when you’re in power. That’s not the way the government was meant to be run, and it’s one of the major things that will destroy this country. Cruz is for too much of a player in that movement of total denial that half the country doesn’t believe the way he or I do, and doesn’t deserve to be ignored. That’s not governance, that’s tyranny.

      • I respect your opinion, but I see his actions differently. Obamacare is such a horror that it was worth trying literally anything legal to try and stop it. Now that the public is finding out what a disaster it is for the middle class, it’s good that they saw Republicans trying their best to kill it.

        I do prefer someone with executive experience to serve as president though.

        • Some products sell themselves and others kill themselves. O-care is in the latter group. Before praising Cruz’s Quixotic attempt to kill the bill you have to answer the following questions.

          Did Cruz’s filibuster have anything to do with the failure of the O-care rollout? (no)
          Did Cruz oppose the Republican leadership’s support for O-care? (No because no Republican supported it)
          Did the shutdown damage the Republican Party (yes)

          When I criticize Cruz a lot of true believers accuse me of not liking him. Nothing could be further from the truth. His actions on the budget were rookie mistakes. He needs more time before he is ready for the White House.

        • I don’t disagree. As a piece of legislation, it’s just execrable. The only thing in it I agree with is the preexisting condition and no denial of coverage clauses.

          However…the people who enacted it were duly elected…and then re-elected. That’s not exactly a national referendum, but it’s close. It then also passed a SCoTUS challenge. It’s settled law. If we want to get rid of it, and I absolutely do except for those two clauses, then we need to put butts in the seats and do it the way it’s supposed to be done. Not play games with the financing. And I don’t care that the democrats do the same thing, two wrongs don’t make a right. I haven’t agreed with either party’s handling of procedure since Newt came to power and demanded that party members stop reaching across the aisle to compromise. Our government has been a cock up ever since. Tip O’neill may have been a tool who disagreed with almost everything I stand for, but he gave Reagan the courtesy due the office, including an up or down vote on things he brought before congress. We’ve stopped doing that…both parties. And congress has been on a downhill slide ever since…and by extension, so has the Republic.

          At any given time, just about half the people disagree with either party. And while they were elected specifically to represent their party constituency, they also represent the whole country. And telling half the country to go to tell because you don’t agree with them, without at least trying to find some common ground, is the very definition of tyranny.

      • People busting Obama’s experience cite his complete lack of private sector or business work (AKA the “real world”). He was a part time professor and community organizer before politics. Cruz at least worked at multiple private firms before and between different political offices.

        • He was never a “professor,” part-time or otherwise. He was a cheap hire, a “lecturer.” Much lower on the academic food chain.

        • He’s never had any C level executive experience. I want someone as president who’s had to handle a complex budget and deal with the politics that comes from being at or near the top…which is why I almost never vote for someone who doesn’t have gubernatorial experience, or lead a successful corporation.

      • It is not tyranny to tell half the country: “I understand you want X, but the Constitution doesn’t allow you to use the violent force of government to get it . . . and we’re broke.”

        • It’s tyranny to try to veto a bill by using procedural rules after it’s already been passed, has passed constitutional muster with a SCoTUS challenge, and that the majority of people seem have indicated they want by not only reelecting the architect of the law, but nearly all the people who made it law, and increased the numbers of that party in the Senate. It’s overriding the will of the people through their duly elected representatives…the very foundation of what our government is built on.

        • The House of Representatives has no obligation to fund a law with which they disagree. As for votes, if the law and the method of passage were popular, the Democrats would still control the House.

      • When you are dealing with a President and a Democrat controlled Senate that repeatedly says NO COMPROMISE and NO DISCUSSION, what the heck is a man to do? Bend over and take, well that is what we ended up with. What we need is 300 or 400 more politicians that will stand up like this. And speaking of tyranny —- We have to pass the law to see what is in it so shut up and pass it — shoved down our throats — and now look at the mess, this administration is the definition of tyranny.

      • Frankly, I don’t repect your opinion. We need people who respect the constitution and for the principles for which it stands. Obama clearly doesn’t do that. His level of experience is irrelevant.

        We absolutely, positively need a president like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul if our nation is to entertain any hope of continued economic strength. Not only that, but our freedoms recognized under the Bill of Rights will continue to decline under Hillary Clinton, Feinstein, Bloomberg, McCauliffe, etc.

        • Exactly! Beat me to it. I could care less if they agreed, disagreed, or negotiated – as long as they support the constitution and everyone’s rights.

      • A Paul/Cruz ticket would be a dream come true hopefully the GOP runs them instead of Newt, Romney, or Christie. But I ain’t holdin my breath over it happenin they’ll run two of the three and fail again and wonder/cry about how and why they lost just like they did when Obummer got the 2nd term.

  1. Perhaps he should have noted that with better parenting perhaps Trayvon would have been more interested in school and less in fighting, drugs and burglary.

    And no, not another first term Senator in the White House.

    • And perhaps not the most tactful way to deal with a mother who has lost her son, particularly in that setting where the sound bite would be edited/cut/played in a manner obfuscating the issues and playing up the emotions.

      • Perhaps not in our current cultural state of adolescent emotionalism. However, I am not in favor of granting moral authority to a parent who failed in their duties to raise a decent kid. She is no different than the parent of a gangbanger shot in the act or on trial whining how little Trayvon was turning his life around. Until we as a society reject such faux moral authority and speak up for realty there will continue to be more Trayvons running around creating havoc in our communities.

        • Agreed. But this wasn’t the venue to push that point. The reality is the ‘imaging’ would have played very poorly given how the media would have portrayed/exploited it.

      • You are assuming that Trayvon must have been a sociopath and I am not. I will give Trayvon the benefit of the doubt and say that had his parents cared about him he would not have been sent to Sanford because he got into trouble. He would have not gotten into trouble more than once. Parents are responsible for the proper upbringing of their offspring. If they neglect their duties then you are almost guaranteed that if the child goes off the rails he will not self-correct before some tragedy strikes. So yes, in deference to Trayvon I will blame his parents until someone presents evidence that he was sociopath.

        • No. I’m assuming that I don’t know a damn thing about Trayvon’s parents other than what the press has revealed about their concern over their son’s death.

          I also know that both of my parents did all the things that great parents do, with the exception of getting divorced, and we still had our brushes with the law. Alot of them. My brother and I are individuals, and about as diametrically opposed to our parents way of thinking on most things as you can be and still speak to one another. I’m a Goldwater conservative, and my brother is a card carrying Libertarian. We’re both gun toting, meat eating examples of everything my “worked for the McGovern campaign” democrat father and hippy without the drugs and sex mother are against.

          You’re responsible for their actions as a parent, but you can’t make them think the way you want them to, nor can you force them to behave all the time, especially when they’re teenagers. All you can do is hope that what you teach them sticks and try to guide them as best you can.

          Neither you, nor I, have any evidence that TM’s parents were responsible for how he turned out than we do that they weren’t. Arguing that they were bad parents because he was a bit of a thug is like arguing that guns are the reason that there are so many gun deaths. Yeah, the numbers show potential correlation, but there’s zero evidence of causation.

    • I’ll take him if the alternatives are Hillary Clinton and/or Joe Biden.

      Otherwise, I’d prefer someone with more experience. Ideally, someone with a couple terms as a State Governor, or at least one term as VP.

      But really, all he has to do to get my vote is be less bad than whoever the Democrats nominate, and that isn’t a high bar to clear.

  2. The bigger issue is that the gun-control crowd is using the combined twin thrust of emotion and race. If you attack the people they throw in front of us, you are either labelled a racist or an uncaring bastard who hates children.

    The only way to combat this is to fight on their terms. Just like SAF, GOA, and NRA are looking for minority/women plaintiffs to advance gun rights, we need to have more people who look like the “victims” parade and not OFWG’s to be there front and center to counter their lies. Colion Noir needs to be a witness at one of these Kabuki dances as does a mother who used a weapon to defend herself or her children. THey also need to be educated on the “facts” of the gun control arguments being promulgated (like prancing TM’s mother around demanding to modify SYG laws, when as Cruz just schooled her, not only was it not an issue in Zimmerman’s trial, but the people who benefit most are minority. In fact, there is a Black man (Jay Lewis) in Iowa who spent months in jail when he couldn’t make bail, lost his apt, job and possessions until he was acquitted for defending himself and as a result, Iowa got an SYG law!!! (

    • Someone needs to approach Alveda King. From what I’ve seen of her, I think she would be happy to talk about how her uncle, MLK couldn’t get a carry permit, and how the King family had “an arsenal” at their house because they were under constant threat. And since she’s lost both her father and uncle to “gun violence”, she had just as much “moral authority” to talk on this matter.

    • Absolutely, and for some reason Cruz doesn’t get any race cred for being Hispanic. Apparently the left considers him a “white Hispanic” or a coconut, because they feel free to demonize him, where if the same is done to any minority Democrats, it’s racism.

  3. People asked me why I moved to Texas? There’s one of your reasons right there. I loved the way he expressed his sincerest condolences to the family but noted that there are forces at work behind the scenes seeking to destroy a good thing and exploit a tragedy. It’s such a disgusting trick to throw victims in front of people because how can you argue with their thesis without sounding callous and cold? Well I am very happy to see somebody show enough spine to risk that in order to stand up for what’s right.

    • “because how can you argue with their thesis without sounding callous and cold?”

      Unfortunately, until people start taking that risk this will keep happening. The media has already chosen a side so it is not like they will somehow make someone look good for playing along. Might as well go full-on bastard and be done with it.

      Start attacking emotion with facts on camera, get used to having a reputation for being a cold-hearted bastard, and eventually this will stop. However, my experience is that few Republican politicos will put up with short-term pain to get to a long-term goal.

    • So please, do tell us, how the Republicans are “playing the race game”. Then lets have a real comparison on the depth, magnitude, and frequency of these “race games”.

      BTW, comparing a few rare stupid comments from a few idiot Republicans does NOT EQUAL the entire Democratic “default go to” position of screaming RACIST whenever they get into a debate about policy.

      In brief, you’re either an idiot or a troll.

  4. Off topic, but…Hey RF, I understand there was some flash flooding in Austin yesterday. Everything okay with you and yours?

    • Thanks for the concern. Everything’s fine, save sleep deprivation thanks to the klaxon that was my iPhone at 3am and 3:30am with flood alerts. Who gave them permission to do that? Who is them anyway?

  5. Political debate is pointless. Cruz could slam down Hillary with all the might and righteousness of the irrefutable truth and Hillary supporters would call him a bully or a liar and Cruz supporters would think Hillary a shill.

    Debates are little more than choir preaching. I’ve never met anyone who’s opinion of a candidate was swayed by a debate performance. Besides, what a candidate says one night under the hot lights doesnt trump or negate years of past statements or a voting record.

    • Then you have been fortunate to never meet anyone who didn’t know who they were voting for days before a national election. They are out there making decisions based on ridiculous factors, believe me.

  6. Had the stand your ground law not been on the books, Maybe St Skittles would have been less inclined to confront the big scary white dude who was stalking him so’s he could molest travon’s little brother.
    (if this needs a /sarc tag to tell you its tongue in cheek, you need HELP!)

    • SYG had nothing to do with that case. SYG has nothing to do with any case when it comes to whether or not you can shoot. SYG just means you don’t have to try to flee, which in the case of GZ, was impossible with someone sitting on top of him.

  7. You can just see the wheels turning in Martin’s mother’s head…

    Cruz is spot on. Unfortunately, you can argue it till your are blue in the face and some idjits will still cry racism. Pretty depressing.

    • “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.” — Jonathan Swift

      i.e. if they arrived at their position via emotion they’re darn near immovable.

    • And there were some VERY embarrassed looks on the faces of the handlers seated right behind her.

      Also, check out the Krackberry Kommando in the first row of spectators. She could have been reading the paper in Starbucks for all the attention she was giving the hearing. Wonder who she was?

  8. Hey guys, off topic, but this concerns me. I have several tabs from TTAG open, and I noticed several said connecting. When I looked closer, I see at the bottom of my screen a dialog line that says stuff is being downloaded. There is something going on with your web page that is not good! I just got recovered from a crash that wiped out my hard drive, and unfortunately, I had the back up drive connected when it happened, and it got scrubbed CLEAN as well.
    Right now the lines says Waiting for….
    Now its transfering data from
    What the heck is this? Its only on TTAG site tabs.

  9. …and your kid bought Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail and Skittles to make “lean” in order to get high.

  10. I’m glad someone finally stood up for stand your ground and set Tryvons mother strait. That said, Cruz to me looks like everything the founding fathers feared, tyranny. Since some commented on Obamacare, after my lifelong career in Nursing, if the public had seen people left to die or denied proper care for lack of the almighty dollar, in their outrage they’d understand why we need a revolution in healthcare. Obamacare is just repackaged Romneycare from Massachusetts. I’ll get flamed for this, but tough. Cruz is powerhungry, and our current health system puts money ahead of people. Long live stand your ground!

    • Yes, getting government out of our lives and reducing their power sure looks like tyranny.

      Some interesting logical contortions you have going on there.

      Please do tell me how our founding fathers intended healthcare. You are aware there were doctors in the 1700’s, right?

      • Thanks for the reply. In the 1700’s healthcare was a noble profession. Now it’s all financial. But my point is the founding fathers fear of tyranny which inspired them to write the first ten amendment, known collectively as The Bill of Rights. I fear Cruz because he wants power so badly, proudly boasts about his frightful accomplishments in his email newsletters. Our government was supposed to represent the citizens, and all power stems from the citizens to be used by government at the behest of the citizens. Cruz has this backwards, IMHO.

        • There isn’t anything in the Bill of Rights that says the government is obliged to provide medical services to anyone, at public expense or otherwise.

        • Cruz represents my state and I think he does it quite well.

          Are you a citizen of his district, or at least the state of Texas… ?

          If not then your humble opinion regarding his ability to represent his district is irrelevant, you’re entitled to that opinion, but it’s no less irrelevant.

        • “In the 1700′s healthcare was a noble profession.”
          No, In the 1700′s healthcare was an avocation of the rich, which consisted primarily of bloodletting. Doctors were still on a par with barbers. Try again.

      • You can make the same logical contortions about gun control too vis a vis anything that isn’t a muzzle loader…and the idiots do.

        The fact is, short of abrogating specifically spelled out rights, the government can do pretty much whatever the people allow it to do, and a large portion of the people want them to provide health care. The constitution gives the government wide latitude to create laws based on constituent desires, and as the Surpeme Court said in the ACA case, it isn’t there to prevent bad laws, just unconstitutional ones. It’s up to the people to vote in members of congress and the president who will make good laws and get rid of the bad ones.

        The irony is, we’re already spending more in taxes on healthcare without having a national healthcare system, than nearly all western nations who have national healthcare…and that was before the ACA.

        • Actually, the logical contortions I was referring to is that Cruz’s desire for less government and more liberty somehow represents tyranny.

          Or that not providing healthcare was somehow tyranny.

    • Obamacare is not repackaged Romneycare. As a MA resident, I actually know something about Romneycare — which you clearly don’t.

      • Born in Beverly, all my family and friends in the Salem/Danvers area keep me well informed on Romneycare.

    • So, you’re presuming that the gov’t wouldn’t allow people to remain sick or not receive care due to the almighty dollar…?

      So, I guess the VA has never denied anyone’s claim or request for care… So, there’s no way the world that could possible I know any fellow vets that were denied coverage or care… And, let’s just say, if by some crazy stretch of the imagination that did know a fellow vet or two that were denied care, surely money had absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

      Corporations are made up of people and so are governments, both can be corrupted.

    • I too am in healthcare and I couldn’t disagree more. Life insurance companies will insure your life for $500,000 for less than $2.00 a day. If you sign up young enough, no reason a similar policy couldn’t ensure your healthcare needs for similar cost and $2 a day if only our government would let it happen.

      The problem, among many, is that there are so many numbnuts out there who couldn’t be bothered to take even the most basic care of themselves, forget making a no-brainer financial decision like that. I’ve seen people leave enormous wounds festering for weeks until it is too late and a limb had to be amputated due to gangrene. I’ve seen people who’ve smoked 3 packs a day for decades have lungs removed and light up again the minute they leave the hospital. And I’ve seen people injuring themselves, coming to the hospital and looking for a “screw up” in order to sue.

      ObamaCare has nothing to do with compassion. Prior to Obamacare, 30% of the uninsured made over $50,000 per year. They were choosing not to buy it when they knew an illness could bankrupt them. Another 1/3 are eligible for Medicaid/Medicare but don’t enroll. The final third are between insurers mostly because they are between jobs. ObamaCare is about wealth redistribution and control.

      Sadly, medicine is already moving, thanks to ObamaCare, to a have and have-not model. Concierge practices are taking on wealthy clients who pay an annual retainer in cash (or on that Platinum Amex card!). Poor people are being seen by only the worst doctors who have no viable practice outside of Medicare dollars.

    • “if the public had seen people left to die or denied proper care for lack of the almighty dollar”

      The only people that get “left to die” in a hospital are babies born alive from botched abortions and the 100K or so per year “medical accidents” by doctors and nurses (like you) that result in death.

      Now its true that an illegal alien that moseys up to the emergency center desk may not get gold plated service but he IS going to get service. You confuse INSURANCE with CARE. Some people don’t have INSURANCE, but EVERYBODY gets CARE, maybe not to your gold plated standards, but probably certainly better than the average European.

      The only reason I’d imagine that a nurse would want Obamacare is so your job becomes government funded and you no longer have to perform for your paycheck. Unfortunately for the average US citizen our health “care” is on a track that the nurses and doctors will be as motivated and competent as the employees of our local DMV or Post Office. God Help Us.

  11. That might be the first time I have ever heard Senator Cruz speak about anything. I am pleasantly stunned. And he didn’t have a teleprompter either.

  12. Cruz is better than most Republicans, BUT… In one gun control hearing I watched, he went off on a tangent about how we need to get rid of the exclusionary rule. For those who don’t know, the exclusionary rule is what enforces the fourth amendment (it prevents illegally obtained evidence from being used against you). Beware of Ted Cruz.

    Senator Paul is a much better bet for protecting our freedoms, ALL of our freedoms.

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