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Gigi Kerns (courtesy

The People of the Gun repeatedly insist that gun control isn’t about guns. It’s about control. Gun control advocates don’t want to disarm civilians to make them safer. They want to disarm them to control them.

It’s a theme we’ve explored in our This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace series. Despite endless tales of disarmed people suffering from criminal predation and government tyranny, it’s a hard lesson for some to learn. Because it couldn’t happen here – discounting our country’s history of apartheid, persecution of native Americans and the internment of Japanese Americans (amongst other things).

Here’s a story [via, with video] that shines a bright light on this dark corner of the antis’ twisted statist psyche.

[Gigi] Kearns ran an after-school program for SCOPE Education Services of Suffolk County, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported.

A new lockdown safety drill was ordered by SCOPE. Kearns, a supervisor for them for 15 years at Dickinson Elementary in East Northport, was asked to run it for 30 children grades 2 to 5.

“In the midst of the drill, some of the kids starting laughing. And then one of the children shouted out, ‘We are doing this drill because of Sandy Hook‘,” Kearns told McLogan.

Then one of the children asked, “What is Sandy Hook?,” Kearns said.

“I am a retired NYC police officer trained to speak with children on sensitive subjects such as Sandy Hook,” Kearns said.

That’s when she said she calmly and sensitively explained the shooting, McLogan reported.

At least one parent was furious that Kearns showed photos of crying Sandy Hook parents, the SWAT team, teachers escorting students out of the building and of shooter Adam Lanza, McLogan reported.

The parent said young children should be shielded from the truth.

“I started showing them how I would protect them if anything happened. I think that is what they gravitated towards. There was no fear involved,” Kearns said.

But SCOPE announced it is terminating Kearns.

The parents and students have started a petition to reinstate the much-valued teacher (750 signatories as of this writing). Whether or not it’s successful, here’s hoping that people learn an important lesson from this unconscionable debacle: gun control = thought control. If you want yourself and your children to enjoy freedom of thought (and speech), stick to your guns. At all costs. [h/t DW]

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      • More like, “Children — especially the children in adult bodies — need to be shielded from the truth.”

        • “Children — especially the children in adult bodies — need to be shielded from the truth.” So we can have government by wishful thinking instead.

      • This is shy the grow up part of the brainwashed collective……..We are Borg. Resistance is futile.

    • Hmmm – I don’t really want my Kindergartner learning the details of @n@l s3x at school. Maybe I am a prude that way, but I figure he should have a few more years of innocence.

      There are some things that kids of certain ages should be shielded from. It’s a sliding scale, depending on age and the topic.

      It does kill me that in NYC (near to Suffolk) teachers cannot be fired no mater how incometent, and yet this lady gets the boot. Good on the other parents for taking up her cause.

      • “It does kill me that in NYC (near to Suffolk) teachers cannot be fired no mater how incometent, and yet this lady gets the boot.”

        She is every Progressive in the public education system’s worse nightmare.

        Making children understand *why* self-defence tools are necessary.

        How *DARE* she!

      • You do realize that another kid at school will probably should your kid 2 girls 1 cup on their iPhone and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, right?

        Most kids see porn at 11 years old now. Welcome to the new world.

      • I’m with you on that. I have no problem talking about the situation with 5th graders, but 2nd graders are too young. In any event, an explanation for the drill could have been had without showing pictures to the kids. That was bad judgement.

        That said, I don’t think it was a fireable offense. A serious reprimand, yes, but not termination.

    • Ah yes, it starts with Santa Clause and ends with Barack Obama in the White House.

  1. As they Millenials are proving, all these helicoptered snowflakes are going to have a real tough adjustment period once they are allowed to take off their bike helmets and get out in to the real world.

    Nature is cruel, and human society is natural.

  2. Schools are really beginning to frighten me, they are no longer about education they are increasingly for indoctrination. Screw the truth, follow the narrative, discourage independent thought and punish those who do not follow through. This is why my kids will be home schooled.

    • Of course they are for indoctrination, they always have been. Just as home schooling is for indoctrination. It’s all about indoctrination, don’t kid yourself.

      • I am sure there is a lot of difference in the types of indoctrination. If you home school your child and teach him to be independent in his thinking, an not one of the sheep mentality which they get in the Public School System. You can do your child a great justice.

        • Ha! So if your child goes to public school you as a parent can no longer teach them? There are all kinds of bubbles in which to try and keep your children, homeschooling is just one. Your child will be exposed to the world (the world as it is, not as you view it) and they will become the adult they were meant to be either inspite of, or because of, your best efforts.

        • Right on Ddub. One could make a very strong argument that home schoolers are the ones that have the more intense desire to keep their kids in a bubble and control the indoctrination. I feel bad for the kids of you radical gun rights “enthusiasts”. The average person has a more balanced view of gun rights and gun control in the broader culture than your ideology dictates.
          Your kids are in a for a rude awakening when they hit the real world. Hopefully the main lesson you teach in your home schools is learning to play well with others (even when the others don’t believe the same things), but based on some of the stuff I read here, I don’t have a lot of hope.

          • I am quite proud of my self, for raising 5 children, who ( one went to private school, 4 went to public school) went through high school, two graduated from a 4 year University, the other 3 got 2 year degree’s. Guess what, they were not turned into Liberals. I always taught them to be free thinkers, not to just follow the crowds.(In other words, not to be a Sheeply).

        • Worldview formation and avoiding peer attachment are valid concerns. So are concerns about yielding too much parental responsibility to state employees or inviting busybodies into your family life.

          My experience, both online and IRL, is that people who defend public schooling are seeking to justify their own choice to send their kids to statist daycare. The criticism against alternate teaching methods put forward by anti-homeschooling people is always the same sort of Mr. Worldly Wiseman projection that you see by Ddub and Pistolero.

          It’s ok though, because this is America. We are, at least for now, each allowed to hold, express, and act upon our own view.

          I think the same thing about anti-homeschoolers as I go about gun grabbers, which is fitting because the two viewpoints are often (but not always) held by the same people. We (TTAG peeps) often lampoon the gun grabbers for their firearms ignorance whether it’s willful or not. That’s how I feel about people who have education ignorance.

          TTAG peeps (most of them) wave the flag of personal responsibility and talk about being people of principle, discipline, and action. Well, it seems to me that the best way to be a person of principle, discipline, and action is to avoid the easy road to compromise and statist religion.

          Afterall a man’s ideas and his children are far more powerful weapons than a handgun or a rifle. Ideas have consequences and a man’s children grow up to be adult specimens of the most dangerous animal in the world.

          Public schooling stupid from a tactical standpoint as well. Why would I deliberately cede ground to the statist nannies and scolds for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, then spend the rest of the time trying to take it back? That ain’t no way to fight a war; especially not a war of ideas.

  3. Most of the Children in this Country are spoiled rotten. What would happen if they had to live in conditions like Iraq or Syria? Or any third world Country?

    • I worked/supervised at one time a young Pakistani Christian whose father was a successful banker in Karachi. He told me that when he had finished his advanced education (college in our terms) his father sent him for one year to live in a small village where they had no electricity and one source of potable water in the town square that required being carried to each home in a bucket. He didn’t want to discuss toilet facilities, so we can only imagine how primitive they must have been.

      The purpose of this experience, his father explained, was to insure that he never forgot how privileged his life was and how other people without such privilege had to live every day. He was quite a good worker and a humble fellow.

    • With the spiraling debt, our children may end up living in something that looks a lot like the 3rd world.

  4. “If you want yourself and your children to enjoy freedom of thought (and speech), stick to your guns. At all costs.”

    …and homeschool

  5. The parent said young children should be shielded from the truth.

    This person should not be a parent.

    • ^^ And THAT is the truth.

      Unfortunately, this aspect of human existence is even harder to regulate than the RKBA.

      In China they attempt to control how many children a couple can have. They are a hard-core totalitarian state. One couple=1 child. And yet their population keeps growing.

      Any set of fools can make a baby. The trick is to make that baby into an adult worth keeping.

        • As a result of the one child policy, and the sex-selective abortions that accompanied it, China now has 34,000,000 more males than females.

          China has now begun cracking down on sex-selective abortions, and many Chinese men are looking to other Asian countries for suitable brides, especially Vietnam.

          A 2% difference doesn’t seem like a lot, unless you’re one of those 34 million males…

  6. Gee, the parents would have really wet their panties knowing their kids were going to bomb shelters for Atomic Bomb Attack Drills as we used to do. Duck and Cover with Bert the Turtle.

    • Kinda different when the world was kind of on the brink of nuclear war. I get it. But nuclear war with another nation vs radom lottory odds crazed killer are two completely different things. And schools with fallout shelters were lucky. Duck and cover? Beause that will save you from a nuclear explosion, right? Which would have been as effective and hide and cower.errr, cover.

        • we are not on the brink of a Nuclear war. Why would they bomb us? They are taking over this Country a little bit more each day. I would say within ten years if we don’t do some thing about it, we will be the biggest Islamic Country in the World. Right now they are installing a Blasphemy Law. They are doing it through the back door, with political correctness. Like you can’t say this or that because its a hate crime or Islamophobia. The Blasphemy Law states that no one can say any thing about Islam that might hurt a Muslims feeling. They are using our laws against us. Our current President is helping them. Along with Valerie Jarrett. We need to take the attitude of Russia or China when it comes to dealing with the Muslims. Remember several years back we had some Chinese Muslims here that were afraid to go back to China, so our Muslim President spent millions of our tax dollars placing them in different spots around the World to spread Islam. Has anyone ever checked up on them to see how they are doing, an what they are doing? All one has to do is look at what the Muslims are doing in non Muslim Countries around the world to see how they operate. Look up, ISLAM EXPLAINED IN LAYMAN’S TERMS. Right as we speak, the U.N. and our Government are bringing in refugees from the middle east, not Christians that are being killed in the middle east, but Muslims who we do not know if they are moderate or radical Muslims. If there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim. Why didn’t they bring the Coptic Christians over here instead of the Muslims?

    • You are so right. I went to catholic school in the 70’s and we were told of bomb shelters and all. BTW my child was one of the children Ms. Kerns spoke to. I have signed the petition emailed and called both the Program head and the principal of the school. CRICKETS. If anyone reading this can post to the petition that would be great.

  7. “The parent said young children should be shielded from the truth.”

    I pity the children if/when they leave the nest.

  8. Interesting observation: After I signed the petition, the first ad that popped up was for Everytown. Just thought you’d enjoy the irony.

  9. Too bad she forgotten to mention & school kids that the terrorist organization the NRA and the vile tyranny called gun lobby were responsible for the tragedy that sorrows the civilized world with it’s constantly debunked “pro-gun” myths.

    What she also needed to teach is how we should adapt the weapon policies of civilized safer and better educated countries europe, australia and japan.

    This what happens to a disarmed populace…Thier murder and suicide rates go down, the crime rates go down and the quality of life goes up.

    Meanwhile, hillbilly trailer trash gun nuts continue to dance on the graves of gun violence victims while exercising thier insane holier-than-thou attitude to a country and world that wants nothing more than peace and stability.

    • When did they let you out of the Institution, or are you still in there. Your view on gun control is way off the wall. In England they are trying to out law certain kitchen knives because to many people are being stabbed to death. If some one wants to kill someone, they are going to do it, one way or another. I heard more people are being killed by hammers than guns in this Country. Take a look at all the murders committed in Chicago by people that there is a law against them having a gun in the first place.

    • This what happens to a disarmed populace…Thier murder and suicide rates go down, the crime rates go down and the quality of life goes up.

      Try again. Japan’s suicide rate is higher than the United States. The violent crime rate in the United Kingdom is considerably higher than the United States. As for quality of life — how many people in Japan or Western Europe own a home with 1/4 or more acres, have two cars, have a freezer full of food, have higher quality healthcare than U.S. citizens, and can go eat a steak dinner for under $20? Answer: effectively zero.

      As it turns out, life is quite spectacular in the United States compared to Japan and Western Europe. Go back under your rock.

      • First of all since when is Western Europe a country? Second, here in Germany we have another culture, when it comes to owning houses. Here to build a house isn’t like in the US, here we think long term when we buy or build one. We only buy/build them, when we have a stable job, have children and don’t expect to move in the next 10 years or ever. In the US it is more common to own a house because you are more willing to sell it once you have to move, we are not. Then where is you’re medical treatment better than ours? We don’t have to go bankrupt every time we have a major surgery or long time illness and we have the same standards of care for people as you have. Maybe we have different approaches on different illnesses, but over all the standards are the same. Third the size of the land you can own maybe is smaller, but that is mostly because we don’t have as much space as you. Texas alone is nearly double the size of Germany. We have 230 people per square kilometer, you only have that in you’re more populated states. And finally the suicide rate in the US is hire as the one in Germany.

        • germanguy,

          Western Europe is not a country … it is a region that includes countries like England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

          And while Germany’s healthcare may be quite good, that is not the case for masses of people in most all other countries of Western Europe. That is why so many people come to the United States for healthcare. Can healthcare be expensive in the United States? Sure. And that is why so many people have health insurance. Consider also that we do not pay 50% of our income to taxes to pay for socialized healthcare. Rather, many people pay as little as 15% of their income to federal taxes. That means families have a lot more money to pay for healthcare.

          As for purchasing homes, millions of people in Western European countries cannot afford to purchase a home. Why? Because the population density is high which means that demand is high which means that prices are high. Home ownership is the norm, not the exception in the United States. And most of those homes have substantial yards which means the owner often have pools, gardens, and large areas for children to play. Such homes were exceedingly rare in Germany.

          Suicide rates are not related to firearms availability. Rather, suicide rates are mostly related to latitude (how far north someone lives), access to mental health care, culture, and economic opportunity.

          My point is that firearm availability has not made the United States worse than the countries which the poster claimed. Unlike the poster, I provided evidence of that fact.

      • A few points I forgot earlier: We also have freezers full of food and can go eat dinner for good prices, it mustn’t be stakes but that is just another cultural difference you failed to recognize. It is most common to have 2 cars, when there is more then one adult in the house, but that is shifting in bigger cities it is much more common to don’t own a car because you don’t need one and there they are more of a pain in the b** then useful.

    • If I were to caricature the anti-gun position, this is what it would sound like. Is this masterful satire or true stupidity? So hard to tell. Poe’s Maxim at work.

    • In a truly disarmed society, the biggest thug rules. The second biggest thug fears only the biggest thug. And so on. Watch the surveillance video of Michael Brown intimidating the small-statured store clerk who had the temerity to object to Brown’s shoplifting.

      Of course, society won’t be totally disarmed. Only decent, law abiding people will be without arms. The thugs will buy guns on the black market. It will be a great new business opportunity for the drug cartels. Thefts from police and national guard armories will be another source. In rough neighborhoods, a cop’s gun will be worth more than his life. It’s not hard to build functional firearms in basement machine shops. Home made submachine guns are a problem in “disarmed” Brazil.

      The biggest danger to a violent criminal is a victim with the tools and skills to mount an effective defense. Armed with a gun she knows how to shoot, your grandmother could put down a thug the size of Michael Brown. Police officer, expert witness and self defense instructor Massad Ayoob would call that “an acute failure of the victim selection process.”

      • Typical ad ho mien attacks from gun nuts who fail miserably as always in some attempt to turn the US and the rest of the world into some mad max fantasy and give comebacks they ripped off of a glenn-beck survival kit.

        Coincidentally you gun-nut child killers are the reason I post these comments, as only mental defects would fight any gun control to help the gun industry while children die by the thousands every year in accidental and intentional gun violence. See a local therapist for more information regarding your fear anxiety to gun control and delusional disorder that has convinced you more guns equals less gun violence!

        • You must still be living in La La Land. Why don’t you go live where they have strict gun laws, you don’t have to go far, like Mexico or Canada. Google, How did Jefferson Know?? He made a lot statements, like No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government. What type of gun laws do they have in Iraq or Syria? I am sure all the IS’s soldiers have permits for their weapons. Our Country is slowly going down the drain for several reasons, but the main reason we haven’t lost it yet is our Second Amendment. Another Jefferson quote, The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

        • It is because of people who think like you do, is the main reason we need to keep our guns. I guess you would like to live under true Communism, where everyone would go out and work, store everything in warehouses and everyone would only take what they need. There wouldn’t be any slackers when it came to work, there wouldn’t be anyone who would take more than they needed. Everyone would live happy ever after. We could even adopt a single religion, lets say Islam, where everyone has to dress the same, pray the same and have the same law’s World Wide. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about my kids having things that your kids don’t. What do you think about my Idea’s?

    • I didn’t know Europe was a country. Did I miss something?

      And where can I get me one of those Glenn Beck survival kits? That’s a must have.

  10. Found this quote from what is (apparently) one of the parents involved:

    ” Are those photos offensive to you? Well, they weren’t to 99.9% of us parents, or to the kids (my son being one of them) – just to one mother who everyone knows as the instigator. She already had a bone to pick with GiGi over nothing (because she wasn’t a licensed teacher – which she doesn’t have to be – and this mother is) so chalk it up to an “I told you I’d get you” kind of vibe.”

    Sounds like it had nothing to do with offending the children – just an opportunity to get the lady fired.

  11. First, let me say, She should not have been fired…but I am mixed on the handling of it.

    When SH happened…we explained it all to our oldest (11 at the time)…having had pets die, pest control in the back yard, being along for hunting, he knew what death was, and rationalized it all well. Our youngest was the same age as the victims…for him we did not lay it all out. I wept at the reading of some reports on the children’s injuries. In the years since SH, we did explain some things to our youngest about the changes as they happened at school.

    Now, a couple years later the schools district has made some largely “feel good” changes…ie: locked glass Anyway, during the “hard lock-down” drill someone thought it was a good idea to bang on the classroom doors and attempt entry…The windows would be difficult to climb out. My youngest (who is smart for his age) put together on his own that this “lock yourself in a room” plan was ludicrous on its face and that it was a death sentence (very close to his words). He’s shot my AR and knows a 2″ wood door is not going to hold up. After this, he faked being sick for a couple days before coming clean that he “didn’t feel safe at school”. He woke up with nightmares for weeks and crawled in by us trembling. He doesn’t want to go to the range to shoot (I think he doesn’t trust strangers with a firearm, as he will shoot at his grandparents)…and wants to always know where mom and dad are. He’s gotten much better now, but it will take more time.

    I think the answer is different for every child. I don’t trust school counselors….I don’t want anyone else inside my child’s head, without my consent….the schools do enough damage as it is.

    • I would highly recommend that you consider removing your children from public school and send them to a private school with security or find a way to home school. It is impossible to debrief your children every day from the nonsense that they are exposed to at the govt. indoctrination centers we call public schools.

  12. heh people lie to their kids all the time

    easter bunny, santa, tooth fairy etc.

    So someone wants to sheild their kids from bad stuff? If you lie to your childeren about the above you have no right to be angry about this.

  13. “The parent said young children should be shielded from the truth.” – that says it all

  14. Home school people. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the torture murder of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to my young kids. Life is upsetting-and you can’t have your special little snowflake killing themselves if they are bullied online. Or that Bruce Jenner is not a chick-no matter how much it mutilates itself…I hope this woman gets her job back(such as it is)…

  15. Ok, I think we can all agree that the parent that said kids should be shielded from the truth obviously needs to learn some more parentling. But I think your missing the point of what the teacher said: “I started showing them how I would protect them if anything happened. I think that is what they gravitated towards…”
    How is she going to protect them from an armed gunman? By being a bullet shield? Cause she isn’t gonna protect one child from an armed gunman without…can anyone guess?A gun perhaps? Does that not strike anyone as a horrible “depend on the people in charge to protect you” kind of statement that this woman is spouting/teaching/brainwashing someone elses kid? I certainly would not want this woman teaching my son. I’m glad she got her ass canned.

    Stop dwelling on what the dim witted parent said and what the person who is supposed to be teaching our children is saying. God knows some of the crazy shit some of these teachers could be indoctriating our kids with. Scares the hell out of me…

    • You comment scares the hell out of me. That is why schools should not be a gun free zone’s. There should be be armed teachers in the school. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they attack gun free zone’s. If the kids can’t look up to a teacher to protect them (if I remember right, she is a retired Police Officer), then who can they look to for protection. The only reason we still have the freedoms that we have is because of our right to hold and bare arms.

  16. Wait a minute. The report says that the kids asked questions about Sandy Hook during the “safety drill” so the “teacher” explained SH to the kids — with pictures.

    Does she always carry around pictures of Sandy Hook with her, or only during lockdown drills? Something about this story isn’t right.

    • A computer in the classroom, connected to the internet, perhaps?? WiFi Tablet?? SmartPhone??

  17. So the same thing happened when I was a drill sergeant at benning. There was an infantry ds that was releived for showing privates combat videos of Iraq and afganastan. Some weak ass private complained. Cause you know, they joined the infantry and when shown the reality of their decision they ran in fear.

    • If true, wow. Going through basic at Knox, DIs showed us videos of Jihadists beheading some poor dude in fatigues. Than when they saw some Soldiers had looked away, they played it again to make sure everyone watched it. Than yelled “That could be you!”

  18. She showed the kids how she would protect them? What is she going to do? Throw a stapler at the gunman? Fuck her for lying to them.

    • If the students can’t look up to their teachers for protection, who can they look up to? Their Parents, Law enforcement, to protect them? What we need in our school system, is the right to bare arms in Schools. If just one of the teachers, or school employees would of had a gun, things might have ended differently. We already know how much the local law enforcement protected the students in Sandy Hook.

    • Its true about the control part. Just look at Mexico, they have a tough gun law down there, so I want you to look at what strict gun laws do. Most Mexicans can not protect them selves from the Drug Dealers or criminals because they do not have the means or laws to own guns. The drug dealers have guns but the law abiding citizens do not. Whats wrong with this picture? It seems that the Mexican Government are more worried about their citizens revolting than they are about the criminal activities of the drug gangs.

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