Despite a recent poll revealing Tea Party members as well-educated, not-entirely-without-financial-means folk, the mainstream media keeps hammering away at the idea that they’re all mentally-challenged, gun-crazed proto-terrorists. Here’s an example courtesy The Baltimore Sun entitled Time to Shout Back at the Tea Party. It’s also time to get a more creative headline writer. Party Like It’s 1799 (first printed ballots authorized)? Tea-d Off? Drinks Tea and Leaves? Anyway . . .

After the six or eight campaign speeches from the mainstream Republicans, it was open-mic time for the tea party folk. One guy ranted about the Obama socialist tyranny and the mandate to take back “our” country. He ended by saying that if the tea party does not have its way in November at the ballot box that he will be getting his guns out. Not completely sure I heard the gun comment correctly, I asked the guy next to me if I heard right.

I guess he had not noticed my placard, or maybe he had. He said “Yeah, I got my guns ready.” Amazing how owning a gun makes some think they are more competent citizens than those without guns. What about brains? Save your guns for the pea brain wildlife. Our country doesn’t need you threatening to shoot up our government buildings because you just don’t get it.


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