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This submission is a bit grainy but still worth a look. Gun owner with the user name of Deangelo Jeremitrius Vickers says he carries his Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 9mm in an Alien Gear Cloak OWB. The Millenium G2 is a fairly recent addition to the Taurus line; I ran this model a few weeks ago at 10 yards on steel, timed, and was pleased when it proved itself to be surprisingly accurate.

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  1. That’s my sports carry gun….use it when I’m bicycling. Doesn’t get much respect from some quarters, but an excellent pistol at it’s price point. Very happy with it.

    • I have owned two Taurus semi-automatic pistols and both were extremely reliable. I would purchase them again without any reservations whatsoever.

  2. My youngest son had a 24/7 I think it was, double stack .45 I liked it, plenty accurate and ate what we fed it. For a .45 it was pretty small, I liked it.

  3. I dont have any experience with the gun, but I’ve been carrying a gov’t 1911 in an Alien Gear iwb (the 3.5 version of whatever the standard iwb is, not the modular series) for a few months. Super comfortable and carrys well, but it keeps dropping the screws that hold the shell onto the backing. I have them as tight as I can while not binding the draw, and have applied two coats of locktite to them, but today again it dropped a screw and washer down my pant leg while I was walking around my house. I got that specific holster because I wanted a tuckable iwb, the neoprene/spring steel backing seemed cool, and the price was right, but I will be upgrading to (probably) a crossbreed supertuck soon.

    • David,

      Those screws should not be backing out after you applied LocTite.

      Perhaps there was petroleum residue in the t-nuts which prohibited the LocTite from working? If so, rinsing those t-nuts with an appropriate solvent/s and re-applying LocTite may do the trick.

    • Move on if you must but remember, Alien Gear offers a forever warranty, get your crossbreed and then send your alien gear in to get fixed. Then you’ve got two great holsters!

    • Hi David!
      We’re sorry to hear that this is happening. We like to provide you with the option to personalize your carry. To achieve this, we refrain from applying adhesive to your holster’s hardware. This gives you the ability to customize your holster without having to “break loose” the hardware. Once you have personalized your holster (i.e.-adjusted the cant, ride height, and/or retention) we recommend that you apply a small dab of medium retention Loctite or clear nail polish to your screws threading to prevent them from loosening over time. If you already applied Loctite and you’re still having issues your holster is covered under a lifetime warranty! Please give us a call at 208-215-2046 or send us a message at [email protected] and we will rectify this!

  4. I’ve had the same Taurus for a couple of years. It’s been 100% reliable and it is accurate. Best $200 gun I have ever bought.


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