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Taurus is best known for its striker-fired line of 9mm pistols and a pretty extensive line of revolvers. Less well-known is their line of polymer, hammer-fired semi-autos for those who aren’t striker-fired fans.

The TH (full-size) and THC (compact) line of DA/SA guns was only offered in 9mm and .40 S&W. Until now. That’s changed with the introduction of a big-bore, full-size .45 ACP version for those who like the DA/SA action and all of the versatility that offers.

Here’s Taurus’s press release . . .

What’s the only way to improve on the best selling TH-series of Taurus pistols? Clearly, make it in a bigger caliber: announcing the Taurus TH45. This polymer framed, double-action/single-action semi-auto packs 13 rounds of 45 ACP into an easily controllable package for shooters who want a little more “oomph” in their defensive pistol.

The TH45 didn’t just take the existing TH-series and “make it bigger” though. Each action component was carefully thought out to take the increased punishment that a big bore cartridge like 45 ACP will deliver. This was done while preserving the smooth double action pull on the TH45, and still delivering a crisp, duty-ready single-action trigger. Plus, like all other TH-series pistols, the TH45 can be carried “cocked-and-locked” thanks to Taurus’ innovative thumb safety/decocker.

“I can’t think of anything better than launching a 45 ACP the same week as Independence Day,” said Caleb Giddings, Brand Marketing Manager at Taurus. “The 45 ACP is a quintessential American cartridge, and the TH45 is the perfect platform from Taurus to expand into this particular caliber.”

The Taurus TH45 is a semi-automatic, polymer framed handgun chambered in 45 ACP. It features a traditional double action trigger, meaning the first shot has a long, smooth trigger pull like a revolver. But all subsequent shots are in single action mode for fast, precise shooting. Its 13 round capacity makes it an excellent choice for personal protection, home defense, and competition shooting. Lastly, the new TH45 use industry standard sight dovetails so the sights can be easily swapped for different models.

For more information about the Taurus TH45 and other Taurus products, please visit www.taurususa.com.


Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 13+1
Action: DA/SA
Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
Weight: 27.86 oz.
Safety: Manual ambidextrous
Price: $440

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  1. That’s about as cheap a .45 I’ve seen advertised in a while.

    Wonder what a new Hi Point is selling for these days?

    • I would hope a lot cheaper. I’d buy a big azz 10mm Taurus. Hi Point is verboten in Ill annoy. Double poison with the 10mm threaded barrel. Oh well!

  2. This has piqued my interest however I do not like polymer framed pistuls.
    This could be the first plastic gunm I own

    • I’m an ATF jackboot, and I see through your misspellings with the greatest of ease.

  3. I’m a fan of DA/SA pistols. My favorite carry is a CZ75 compact with a decocker.
    Oh yeah. Effing F Taurus POS guns. The only revolver, that I’ve owned, that jammed. To fix it, they unscrewed the barrel a bit. This left the front sight at about 1 o’clock. Fixed the jamming though. F Taurus.

  4. I wonder if it uses the Para Ordnance magazines like the old Taurus 45 acp’s used to.

  5. Might trade a Ruger P345 for one if someone makes a decent leather holster for it. That ain’t the case for the Ruger.

  6. Every time I buy a cheap gun, I’m reminded of why they’re cheap. I’ll pass on anything Taurus.

    • Yep, have realistic expectations when you buy something much cheaper than the rest.

  7. Oh my. I love hammer-fired single-action/double-action semi-auto handguns and I had no idea that Taurus was manufacturing and selling them. I suspect that I will be buying one (or more) of these in the next two months.

    Sure, I would prefer a CZ-75: and I can almost buy two of these Taurus pistols for the same price as one CZ-75.

    And yes, plenty of people dish out dissatisfaction on Taurus: I may or may not have owned or knew people who owned several Taurus handguns and all of them have been flawless except for one instance where an internal spring broke in a revolver.

    • Any, and all, manufacturers have production guns that shouldn’t have made it into stores. That’s just the nature of mass production.
      The problem with Taurus is the repair of guns that are sent back. The lifetime warranty is useless, when you have to send it to them. I had a local gunsmith fix my revolver that had already been back to Taurus.
      I’ve sent S&Ws and Rugers back. They came back in working order.
      F Taurus

  8. I have a Taurus G3C, been a good gun. Taurus has changed it’s game in the past few years and they are being made in the USA now. A lot of there guns are getting really good reviews for a reason. My wife has a TX22 and they get really good reviews and it shoots really well for a 22. we and companies can change for the better and that is just what Taurus is doing. you have to remain competitive or get put out of business. I feel this will be a winner for Taurus, and all you haters with bad past experiences haven’t seen Taurus lately.

  9. I want to own a gun that doesn’t break right away. No more Taurus Bull**** guns for me. I learned my lesson. Buy American anyhow

  10. Wasn’t too many years ago where one could buy used HK USP surplus 45s for not much. Too bad those days are long gone.

  11. I have a Taurus TX22. It runs with or without suppression. No problems.
    My Sig P322 won’t run a full mag without issues suppressed or not. Hmm.

  12. Taurus has really upped their game. Got a TCP 738, a G3 TORO, and a G2c (and the obligatory Judge) and all are quite serviceable, accurate, and reliable. Not sure I need another .45 ACP but, I used to say the same thing about 9mm’s and look what happened there beyond what I’ve already listed 😎.

  13. If it fits my hand like my TH40 & TX22 does, I’d be willing to sell my Springfield XDM .45 to buy it.

  14. Lol. All the talk about a great carry gun. Up your defensive game. And even Taurus doesn’t have a holster for it.

  15. It fits any full size holster you trolls. 🧌 it fits perfectly into my handmade HK USP 45 holster. Of all the fancy guns I’ve had and traded/sold, the one pistol I would never get rid of is my officer carry Taurus 1911 .45 acp. Goes bang every time. I wish it had an aluminum frame but still, I never worry about scratches, dropping it, it sliding across the floor of the truck. I’ve done a custom 12 pack of beer bobtail job with hogue grips. Raised and smoothed out the under trigger guard for comfort and will modify more if I want too. Just gotta get it cerakoted in war torn American flag style.

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