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From Taurus . . .

Taurus, manufacturer of premium handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting, is pleased to announce the release the second model iteration in the company’s popular GX4 series pistols. The new GX4XL combines all the performance features of the original GX4 micro-compact 9mm with a new slide and barrel configuration for enhanced accuracy and terminal performance.

The GX4XL is built on the same award-winning polymer receiver as the GX4. Hailed for its exceptional handling characteristics in a micro-compact profile, the GX4XL’s hybrid stainless steel and polymer receiver includes a modular grip with standard or high-swell backstrap options for a custom fit, industry-leading grip texturing for optimal firearm control, an ergonomic and reversible magazine release to promote no-fumble mag swaps, and a class-leading flat-face target trigger with a generous trigger guard to accommodate all hand sizes.

What separates the GX4XL from the GX4 is its extended barrel and slide assembly. The GX4XL barrel is .64 inches longer than that of the GX4. This extended length translates to an increase in muzzle velocity and harder hits downrange. With this increased barrel length comes a longer slide profile and subsequent extended sight radius. Already noted for its remarkable accuracy, the GX4XL further tightens the point-of-aim/point-of-impact ratio. In short, the deep-conceal GX4XL’s micro-compact design gives up nothing in the kind of terminal performance, accuracy, and handling serious EDC practitioners demand.

The carbon steel slide found on the GX4XL is treated with a gas nitride finish to enhance surface hardness and reduce wear—a key consideration for a handgun intended for reliable everyday carry. Equally protected from wear and corrosion is the DLC-coated stainless-steel barrel. Not only does the Diamond-Like Coating boost surface durability, the coating’s inherent lubricity also reduces friction for smooth, reliable operation in the most austere conditions.

As with the GX4, the GX4XL comes with a serrated blackout steel drift-adjustable rear sight and a fixed white dot front sight. The rear sight dovetail cut and front sight mounting hole are compatible with that of common aftermarket sight systems, making tritium night sights an upgrade option.

As with the GX4, the GX4XL comes with a serrated blackout steel drift-adjustable rear sight and a fixed white dot front sight. The rear sight dovetail cut and front sight mounting hole are compatible with that of common aftermarket sight systems, making tritium night sights an upgrade option.

• Shield RMSc
• Holosun HS507K X2
• Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3

• Trijicon RMR® cc Red Dot (with adapter plate P/N: 10028170)

The GX4XL comes with two magazines—one 11-round and one extended 13-round magazine in both standard and T.O.R.O. slide configurations, and two 10-round magazines in standard and T.O.R.O. configurations for capacity-restricted states. All feature magazine and grip cuts to aid in magazine stripping, if necessary.

In keeping with the Taurus G-series handguns’ industry-best performance-to-price ratio, the new GX4XL pistols are priced at a consumer-friendly $429 MSRP for standard slide models and $459 for the T.O.R.O. slide option.

Taurus GX4XL Specifications:

• Caliber: 9mm Luger
• Capacity: 10/11/13 rounds
• Magazines: 1×11 + 1×13
• Firing System: striker
• Action Type: SAO
• Front Sight: fixed
• Rear Sight: serrated drift adjustable
• Safety: striker block, trigger safety
• Frame: stainless steel frame insert and polymer grip
• Grip Material: polymer • Slide Material: carbon steel
• Slide Finish: gas nitride coating
• Barrel Finish: black DLC coating
• Barrel Length: 3.7 in.
• Overall Length: 6.43 in.
• Overall Width: 1.08 in.
• Overall Height: 4.40 in.
• Weight: 20 oz.
• MSRP: $429 (base), $459 (T.O.R.O.), $549 (with Riton red dot)


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  1. Competition and options are great for the consumer. Imagine an authoritarian government mandating that only one type of very expensive, limited use guns could be sold. That’d be crazy, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t be freedom, that’s for sure.

    • Cool. Moving to Georgia was a great move. It seems everyone is copying Sig(I have shot my friends 365-it’s “ok”. I advised him to get it). A few months ago Taurus came out with the G3 Tactical. MSRP $589. Oh the whining. They can be had online for $439…

  2. Over $400? When did Taurus leave “Budget” status? How much can it possibly cost to rip off Sig and Springfield?

    • Over $400 is still a budget gat. Dunno what universe you live in😃🙄Oh & eff Springfield er HS Product. There chit should be way cheaper.

  3. I purchased a new G3C online for a bargain price, came with three 12 round mags. Decent little gun with a manual safety and extra looong trigger take-up, the design limits ways to make it run better so I sold it.

  4. Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3 …> I shot a persons gun with one of those mounted, seemed to be ok but I don’t like it.

    I always considered Sightmark to be sort of junk in a way, their past is checkered with junk. But maybe they have come a long way since those past days on some things. I have one of their new design ‘LoPro Mini Green Laser Sights’ I pick up used for $30.00 at a gun show at a persons booth. I wanted to check it out because I had seen someone raving on the internet about how durable it was for being abused so I wanted to see how durable it really was. Put it on a rifle and zeroed for a parallel zero and fired 500 rounds with it and it worked fine and held zero – I chunked it off the top of a 10 story building and it hit the pavement below and aside from some scratching and a corner of the case being flattened a little it worked fine and still held zero – I dropped it in 10 feet of water (the deep end of the pool) tied to a string and left it for a week and it worked fine and still held zero – I left it outside in 0 degree (32 degrees below it rated max lower temp of 32 degrees) weather for two days this past winter and it worked fine and still held zero – I froze it in a bowl of water and left it in the freezer for a week frozen in a solid chuck of ice and then thawed it out and it worked fine and still held zero – I artificially heated it in the oven to case temp of 120 degrees (9 degrees below its rated max upper temp) for three hours and it worked fine and still held zero UNTIL I got to the 400th round I fired when I remounted it after the heating and the battery went dead so changed the battery and it worked fine and still held zero.

    • My Sightmark 3x magnifier has been perfect. For 80 bucks too. Ditto my LPVO. Honestly anything Chinese is a crap shoot. Some good. Some ain’t. Hope yer joshing about the abuse!🙄

  5. “Maker of premium Firearms”….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….I would’ve said that about a 90’s PT92, but not the new stuff…

  6. Taurus. The gun company for people who have lots of time for shipping their “Lifetime Warranty” firearm in for repair.

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