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Flew into Charlotte on an AirTran flight, sitting on the same row as a rep from TAPCO (pictured). We had between us a nubile 18-year-old on her way to Ecuador (!) for a school sabbatical. We were both grateful she was not a 300-lb. Samoan wrestler with sweaty arms, for the seats are…well…kinda tight, even on an exit row. (And yes, Mr. Flight Attendant. I know the door weighs 41 lbs. And I’m perfectly capable of opening it in case of an emergency. But don’t count on me to put it on the seat…if we crash, saving the door will be the last thing on my mind.)

Ahem. Anywho, when I got to the show, today, my new buddy Kevin gave me the 411 on TAPCO products. Turns out they are big players (no, duh) in the market for pimping your AR/AK ride. And they have some sa-weet accessories, all made in the You Ess of A. So play the video above, and then Ctrl-T over to a new browser window (heaven forfend that I would encourage you to leave the hallowed halls of TTAG) and check out their ├╝ber-cool upgrades for the semi-auto of your dreams. And coming soon to a TTAG near you – a review of the self-same products.

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  1. Hey man, it was great meeting you. Thanks for coming by and checking out our stuff!

    Been reading your blog and love it. I can tell you shoot straight and call a spade a spade, so glad that our upgrade parts passed your test.

    Awesome blog…glad to have something entertaining to read while also getting updates on guns, laws, industry news, etc. The question remains though, did you get stuck next to a sweaty sumo wrestler on the way back?

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