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Feast your eyes on these weirdly shaped dumbbell shotgun slugs.

As usual, TAOFLEDERMAUS is up to some sort of weird ammunition experiments. This time he’s shooting a dumbbell shotgun slug, and who knows how it’s going to turn out.

It isn’t a spool valve, it isn’t a piece of workout equipment, but it is, apparently, a suitable shotgun slug.

See plenty more of TAOFLEDERMAUS and his ridiculous ammo testing on Wide Open Spaces, as well as his YouTube channel.

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  1. What’s the vig on pimping for a thoroughly mundane f-wit, and his companion, Barney Fife? Just curious.

    Is there anything more mundane than his snorefest vids?

  2. His channel makes around 10,000 USD a month and they use the same ratty kevlar vest in every video?

    oh well, more money for cheetos by the looks of things..


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