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There are a couple companies that have done a takedown AR-15 rifle recently. Wyndham Weaponry just acquired the heretofore most popular version from MGI, and while it is nifty it isn’t perfect. There are things that can be changed to make it more visually appealing and easier to assemble. The folks at Cry Havoc Tactical have come up with their own solution that allows a 14.5″ AR-15 to fold down into the space of a traditional 3 ring binder . . .


The magic is in the barrel lock plate. The previous MGI solution used two rotating pins on either side of the barrel to lock it in place, but the Cry havoc folks went with a latch design instead. I think this is a better design because it allows for a tighter lockup between the barrel and the receiver (which should improve accuracy) and is quicker to put together in the field.

Needless to say we’ve asked for a kit for testing. This thing looks pretty cool, and if it works as advertised it could go a long way towards making AR-15 rifles easier to carry around.

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  1. Pretty cool. Maybe I’m to OC, but no dust cover on AR’s really bothers me.
    I take it they will make a 16″ version?

    • Who needs a 16″ barrel?
      Listen, if you can afford the ring binder, you can afford the $200 tax stamp and the 6-month wait. Now quit yer whining.

      • People who want velocity from puny 5.56 want 16″ barrels. Trying to chop down a round designed for a 20″ barrel seems to be a not-so-great idea, at least in my eyes. Not saying I want to get shot by one from a 10″ barrel. You get the idea.

        • That bad boy would appear identical with a .300 Blk barrel, allowing it to be shortened several inches, which (with rearranging) should allow packing a suppressor in that binder as well. Which would strike me as freakin’ MARVELOUS!! And the XM-177E2 I carried in Vietnam was lotsa fun to shoot, with a 12.5″ barrel.

        • Choose the right bullets and an sbr is just as effective as a full size rifle out past 300m.

  2. Very cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 16″ pinned suppressor version, but then again, if you can afford whatever this costs, you can probably afford a few tax stamps too.

    Also, I give it two weeks before this shows up as the cinema assassins’ weapon of choice.

    • It could just as well be the cinema defender’s weapon of choice. But the terrorists will get preferential treatment by the ATF (that’s what Big O promised when he visited that mosque yesterday), so the jihadis will get their tax stamps first.

        • This is a ridiculous overstatement…. understatement…. its just wrong. I’ve used the “poodleshooter” pretty extensively. I I found it to be quite sufficient in stopping vermin of the two legged variety at distances that wouldn’t even penetrate skin with a 10/22. Go take your M1A and go home.

        • Look, 5.56 is woefully under powered. Until very recently, you couldn’t even take deer with .223/5.56. legally in my state with it. Can it be made to work? Sure, as can .22lr.

          It’s a known thing, been that way since forever, try to have some fun with it. And I don’t have an M1A….

      • The Mk 318 Mod 0, M855, and M193 5.56 rounds can achieve about 1100-1200 foot pounds from a 14.7″ barrel. They blow milk jugs filled with water to bits. You may be the only one on TTAG who thinks a 40 grain bullet at 1200 FPS and a 62 grain bullet a 2925 FPS are in the same power class.

    • Nope, not really. A ton of people say the exact same thing whenever there’s an article about a true TD AR. All you’re losing is the length of the stock from the upper when you pop the pins. With a barrel over 16″, you cannot carry a regular AR broken down in any of the fancy concealed rifle bags or in a normal-sized pack I know of. Detaching the barrel cuts the length in half (or thereabouts), which makes concealment a lot easier.

      • While it might not take down like a pro, I like the fact that taking the upper and lower apart on allows me to fit my carbine length AR in a more discreet case. One that doesn’t have a lot of tactical going on. But that’s mostly because I live around a bunch of A-holes.

  3. Just like silencers, nobody except terrorists and assassins needs an assault weapon in a Pee Chee folder. These should be banned, right after I get mine grandfathered in.

        • Oooh……countersarcasm? Interesting. A wisecrack, inside a mockery, wrapped in a lampooning! We’re through the looking glass here. I’ll give the loose(lipped) moose the benefit of the doubt.

          I’m working on my tolerance and forgiveness. New for 2016.

  4. I love the concept but this fills no role whatsoever in my life. In fact, I couldn’t think of a situation that only a specific take down ar15 is the only answer. there are other guns that could fill that role. like, a sub2000. because this is a concealed rifle. so, a security detail or something like that. so, a subgun would be fine. otherwise just having sidearms and access to long guns in a vehicle should be fine. I dunno, somebody school me.

  5. I’d prefer someone make a better mouse trap of the law tactical folder. I think someone can do better than 9 ounces, 2 inch length increase of your ar. But then again the best thing out there is to buy the sig mpx or mcx kit, which will work on any ar lower. Use a brace, and a short barrel and you have a folding ar that weighs 6 lbs or less and fits in your average backpack…. all imo

  6. Here is the website since the writer did not include it: . Also a pinned flash hider or 16″ threaded barrel will only add 2 – 3″ and avoid all of the NFA headaches including travel across state lines OR just use this as a pistol and dump the stock. Prepper & Shooter Magazine (1st issue) showed the same concept of a compact AR (w/o takedown barrel) pistol with 10.5″ barrel, plastic upper and lower, and same Mako folding grip. Broken down in halves, it fits perfectly in a briefcase, goes together just as fast and is probably $200+ cheaper. The Cry Havoc barrel system is still nicer than others I’ve seen and a true takedown unlike the new Ruger takedown AR.

    • Ah, thanks for the site, since that reveals some very useful things: a) this is a set of parts that can be added to any AR-15 not a complete rifle (this is good, this enables anything and everything on people’s wishlists in this comment section) and b) it only costs ~$350, which means that, no, just because you can afford this does not automatically imply that you should be happy to pay $200 for an SBR tax stamp.

      It also means that, if you have an AR, but not a 10/22 takedown, it costs roughly the same to convert your AR into a takedown as it does to buy a 10/22 takedown. Now who was it that wanted a .22LR rifle (with no ammo, since that is made of four leaf clovers and unicorn farts) instead of an AR?

  7. I really do hope this is a teaser for a review.

    I’ve been wondering if a barrel could be attached like this….I have concerns over long term wear and fretting, deforming of the arms that clamp it together!

  8. This barrel kit has been tested over 4800 rounds on one unit and 7800 rounds on another with no trouble according to the company. What was mot mentioned in the article is this is a kit for your AR. So if you own a 16″ AR rifle, you can purchase the kit and convert your gun. No need to buy another rifle. As was said above, no way just taking the upper off is as short, and for discreet carry size matters. Not everyone gets that. Not everyone wants to have their rifle with them. Not everyone even shoots their guns! This is a cool idea and a must have for me!

  9. Not everyone gets it, but……. This is a Rifle for when you’re not carrying a Rifle.
    A 11.5″ barrel with an A2 flash hider fits in a 13″ package (3 ring binder, trapper keeper)
    A 12.5″ barrel with an A2 flash hider fits in a 14″ package (laptop case)
    A 14.5″ barrel with a pinned on flash hider fits in a 16.5″ package (brief case, messenger bag). It’s built with a Faxon pencil barrel, Ti bolt carrier, BCM KMR hand guard and an old style CAR stock. It weights in at 4.6 pounds!
    The 16.5″ gun fits in my messenger bag…. along with my laptop, files, a note pad (yes, I still use paper), and everything that normally goes in a brief case. Oh, forgot to mention the four 30 round magazines.
    This is my daily carry around set up. It’s not an SBR, so no NFA worries.
    You carry a hand gun to fight your way to your Rifle. now you don’t have to fight so far.

    • Compared to the other take down guns/conversions, we have a couple major engineering improvements:
      1) Our patented two piece gas system. The gas tube does NOT stick out past the end of the barrel extension. This makes the barrel assembly an inch shorter, and insures the gas tube doesn’t get bent! A bent gas tube means you have a single shot rifle, at best.
      2) Our hand guard does NOT rotate to tighten up the barrel. . This means you have a useable front sight that does not wander around depending on how tight you twist the hand guard.
      3) The hand guard is MOUNTED to the barrel. You only have two pieces to juggle/assemble, the receiver assembly and the barrel assembly. They go together without tools.
      4) You can set up multiple barrel assemblies for one receiver assembly. Switch from a 8″ .300 Blackout CQB barrel to a 24″ sniper barrel, with optics change, in under a minute.

  10. How does this compare to the frontier armory version that is getting so much more press for some reason? ( I would like to compare them myself on my FB Tacticool page, or the AR15 builders pages if I get the opportunity )

  11. I didn’t think the Frontier was available?
    Don’t they make one when you order/pay first? Anyone remember the Shrike? Looks like a Dolo’s spin system but with factory handguards


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