Chuck Norris Rocks. And the Applebaums Know It.

We have a saying in the Lone Star State: “Don’t Mess With Texas.” In the rest of the free world, they say “Don’t Mess With Chuck Norris.” Nowhere is that sentiment stronger than in the hallowed halls of the NRA Convention. The Chuckster did a book signing today, with a waiting line that was easily two hours long. What’s the appeal? It’s hard to quantify or qualify, but suffice it to say that Norris is a genuine Force of Nature. A couple called the Applebaums (Hey Chuck, meet the Applebaums!) were the first in line to meet and greet Walker, Texas Ranger, and get his new book signed. Interestingly, the Powers That Be banned pictures and videos of Chuck and his lovely wife. That, of course, did not deter Your Intrepid Correspondent, who was able to snap a few before The Man advised him that the rules apply to the media, too.

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