A Look at British Royal Wedding Security

The Royal Wedding this morning went off without a hitch. Of course, it carried with it an increased risk of a terror attack. In the end, thanks to well-trained and -armed men and women, it proved a safe and enjoyable time for participants and spectators alike. The Brits, known for their unarmed police, took no […]

And Now for Something Completely Stupid…

From across the pond comes this little bon mot: an ad intended to promote the idea that replica guns (here in the Colonies we call them “toys”) are being converted to real guns. Um . . . not so much. I don’t know if they know ANYTHING about guns in the Land of Boiled Food, […]

Editorial: Why The Gun Is Civilization

I’ve copied the following text from “Munchkin Wrangler’s” post in the comments section underneath “Why can’t I buy more than twelve guns a year?” in The Daily Telegraph. British blogger Stephen Hough expressed his incredulity that anyone would want to buy more than one handgun a month (re: Virginia’s move to rescind that restriction). Human […]