The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part VI

Well, campers, all good things must come to an end, and I’m afraid this is final installment of our first interview with Massad Ayoob. On a personal note, I can tell you that this was (no pun intended) a blast for me, as I’m a big fan of the knowledgeable and articulate Mr. Ayoob. I […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part V

If you’re just now joining the party, we strongly recommend that you go back and start at the beginning with Parts I thorough IV. If you enjoyed Part IV, on flying and the Suarez controversy, sit back and get ready for some more thought-provoking ideas from the acknowledged expert on personal defense. Today, we cover […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part IV

Okay campers, it’s time for the ‘red meat’ portion of the interview. Fasten your seat belts…it’s gonna be a bumpy flight, as we tackle Gabe Suarez, flying with guns, and self-defense products versus the TSA. If you’ve not caught the other parts of the series, do yourself a favor, and start at the beginning. Or if […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part III

Massad Ayoob is The Man, in more ways that one. On the job with Law Enforcement since 1972, he’s the go-to guy for the straight skinny on personal defense. This is the third in a multi-part series, the result of a telephone interview earlier this week. If you’ve not caught the other parts of the […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part II

If you missed yesterday’s Chronicles, do yourself a favor, and start there. If you’ve already read it, you’re in for a treat – more thought provoking, and even eye-opening comments from the acknowledged expert in personal defense. And now, to the questions from TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia…

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part I

Massad Ayoob is recognized around the world as an expert in personal defense. He’s been “on the job” with law enforcement since 1972, and has written countless articles, books and courses on self-defense. He’s also been called as an expert witness in hundreds of self-defense cases. I interviewed him by phone this week, on personal […]