New From Crosman: DPMS SBR Full Auto CO2 Rifle

An air rifle isn’t legally a “firearm,” so a full-auto air rifle isn’t legally a “machine gun.” Crosman thinks you’ll have some fun with that, so they’re releasing a select-fire DPMS SBR CO2 rifle with all the AR stuff you know and love and a 1,400 RPM cyclic rate. Sweet. Press release follows . . […]

New From SIG SAUER: 1911 We The People BB Pistol

SIG SAUER has a complete line of airguns and accessories. And now the Austrian-owned American gunmaker’s making an airgun version of the real deal .45 “We The People” 1911. It’s a beautifully made if more-than-slightly kitsch pistol. At  $1,422.21 it’s a bit dear. Pulling the proverbial trigger on the $119.99 BB gun version would be an easier […]

Air Guns. Everything That’s Old Is New Again.

Air rifles “new” you say? Um…not so much. Apparently, these were all the rage, back in the day. That day being the days of Lewis & Clark. As in “Lewis & Clark Expedition.” There. Now you’ve got something to stump your friends and amaze your enemies. These days, airguns are experiencing something of a renaissance. And […]

Obscure Object of Desire: CSMG Fully Automatic BB Gun

Your mother wanted me to tell you: you can put several eyes out with this thing, in rapid succession. Click here for more info from and some relevant YouTubery. Meanwhile, the stats: 30 round magazine capacity .177 or .22 caliber Fires BBs or pellets Muzzle velocities up to 600 fps with the stock barrel […]