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Lots of people are buying firearms these days and lots of people can’t find firearms these days given the unprecedented demand. Plus there’s the issue of delayed background checks, waiting periods or gun stores being closed in some states. Not to mention a lack of ammunition.

What do you do if you need something right now to use for personal defense? Well, air guns are an option.

The beauty of air guns is that there’s no background check necessary, no waiting period, no nothing. You buy it, and that’s it (check your state and local laws…there are a few crazy exceptions out there). That’s arguably the way buying all guns ought to be.

Well…there might be a waiting period if you order it from Amazon, but that’s probably a temporary situation now. Local stores like Walmart, Bass Pro, Cabela’s and others sell them, too.

While they’re far less powerful than firearms, air powered guns do have some defensive potential. Plus there’s the fact that the ammunition is so darned cheap and widely available.

Bear in mind that a pellet gun is not likely to kill or seriously injure someone, although it has happened (see here, here and here for a few examples). What an air rifle will do, however, is really hurt depending on the pellet and whether it’s propelled to sufficient velocity. Some of them are real zingers.

If you were to use a pellet gun in a defensive capacity, the best use is to slow someone down long enough for you to get to safety or to grab something heavy and hit them hard enough to make them reconsider their career choices.

What you’re looking for in a defensive air-powered gun is the highest velocity possible. The more FPS (feet per second) the better.

So here are three solid air guns — two handguns and a rifle — that you can literally order from Amazon, right after you’re done reading this and leaving a comment below.

The handguns could be used for defense and/or shooting practice while we’re all waiting for the ammo hoarding to die down, and the rifle could work for defense if called upon and could also be used for hunting small game.

First, we have the Crosman SNR357. This is an unusual air pistol, since it’s a revolver, and has some interesting features.

The Crosman SNR357 is CO2 powered, with a 12g cartridge in the grip. Each cylinder holds a cartridge which houses at least two .177 BBs or pellets, as it can shoot both which is a capability not all air guns have.

BBs can be propelled up to 400 fps, but alloy pellets can be propelled up to 500 fps, and that will hurt like a SOB. There is a slide safety, if you wanted to keep it loaded but placed on safe.

The pistol has a fixed blade front sight with an adjustable rear target sight, and is broadly comparable in size to a Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum.

You could shoot someone a few times, and then use the heavy steel frame as a bludgeon. You’ve seen “Hell On Wheels,” right?

Not bad for about $75 with shipping.

Another good model to look for is the Gamo C-15, a CO2 powered air pistol which actually uses a blow-back slide. While other blowback guns are out there, most are for using BBs, which achieve a lower velocity than pellets. The focus here is on air guns that could possibly be used for defensive purposes if called upon.

The Gamo C-15 has dual 8-shot rotary magazines, holding 16 .177 caliber pellets. It’s charged by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, and has a purported muzzle velocity of 450 fps with PBA Platinum pellets.

It goes for $95 on Amazon, so it’s affordable with good capacity.

Air rifles…get a bit more complicated as, for those who are unaware, there are several different propulsion methods available with an ascending potential velocity depending on the operating system.

Pump guns – remember those old Daisy rifles? – have to be pumped several times to build up pressure, and don’t yield great velocity. CO2 air rifles are a little easier to deal with, but likewise don’t put a whole lot of oomph behind the pellet.

Break-barrel air guns require the user to “break” open the barrel, which operates a pneumatic cylinder and builds up pressure to propel the pellet. One pump is all that’s needed, though it must be done between shots. Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles (or PCP) have an onboard tank that has to be filled, but can build up far more pressure than the typical 12 gram CO2 cylinder.

Break-barrel and PCP rifles generally produce the greatest velocities, but PCP rifles require additional equipment to charge the onboard tank. Therefore, break-barrel rifles are going to be the default option for people who want to shoot more than just targets.

The Bear River TRP 1200 is a break-barrel air gun, shooting .177 pellets up to 1300 fps, which is plenty of punch for small game at reasonable distances or one or two really vicious hits on a home intruder.


The receiver has a Picatinny rail and a scope is included, though it’s not likely to be wonderful. However, it also comes with fiber optic iron sights

Not bad for $110.

Oh, and why pellets instead of BBs? Why is that so important?

Pellets are more aerodynamic than round balls, which is why so many militaries switched to the Minié ball back in the era of rifled muskets. Also, a BB is just a BB, whereas if you switch to pellets, you can load something like these:

Sure, it’s only 0.177 inches, but you can’t tell me that isn’t going to make somebody think twice if it hits them in the face at 400 to 500 fps. And depending on placement, it may even be enough to do lethal or incapacitating damage.

Any better air gun options you have had experience with?

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  1. I bought a fairly cheap Gamo springer .177 cal. back during the ammo drought so I could practice. The first thing that came to mind when I started shooting that ‘toy’ rifle is how lethal it could be at house ranges. At house ranges any number of hits on various portions of the human anatomy would require medical help and had the potential to be fatal. You are not just going to laugh off a hit from that rifle at living room range.

    Now if you want an air gun that will be as lethal as any modern firearm look into Pre Charged Pneumatics. A little more expensive but able to defend your life as well as any cartridge firearm.

    • I use a well-built, Glock-licensed replica BB gun for practicing room clearing (with a modified mag that shoots only puffs of air, no projectiles). But it holds 17 BBs per mag, and with a new CO2 cartridge it will send all of them completely through a plastic jug of water at 5 yds, complete with accompanying “muzzle report” that’s louder than one would expect. Mag dumping 17 BBs at an attacker (then performing an emergency reload with a fresh mag exactly like a real G17) will certainly hurt, and make an impression on any attacker, whether two- or four-legged. And that’s better than nothing.

      Here’s an interesting newcomer. A tan 19X version:

      • Ive used my blow gun to shoot a metal dart clean through two gallon milk jugs filled with water. The dart disappeared out the other end, and was lost. There is a YouTube video of a guy hunting (and killing) a black bear with the same setup. I wouldn’t recommend a blow gun for defense, but it is surprising what can be done with one.

    • I killed a possum in a tree with a 760 Grossman ( I don’t think there as powerful now) , BB to the side of the head, little hole, blood started dripping,, down it fell. I’ve killed muskrats and some darned big cottonmouths with it. Snake hunting in a swamp at 14 is a rush,

    • PCP airguns are the ONLY way to go.
      Check out the Gateway to Airguns forum.
      Love my Hatsan Bullpup in 25 caliber and my hand pump.

  2. If you can’t but a gun buy a hunting spear. At least that enables you to keep a attacker away. Another choice might be a crossbow. Bottom line is if the attacker has a gun you are screwed if you don’t have one too.

    • Inside your house a short spear or other bladed weapon might be superior to a firearm. Remember the 21ft concept. The main advantage of firearms is that they greatly increase your effective range. That may not matter in a doorway, or hallway.

      I’m still glad to have some firearms.

      • Art- It is easier to use a gun over the edged weapon, because the edged weapon requires more violence to use it correctly. Most folks wont fight ruthlessly, which an edged weapon requires, unless they are trained or accustomed to violence. I would hope my attacker has enough hair on the head to grab, if all I had was knife. I got myself attacked in the park and when I felt the knife go to the hilt in my attacker’s left shoulder, I immediately twisted it to cause the most blood loss possible. I did not need to pull it out and repeatedly stab the threat, because I used it as a distraction to draw my gun. I was very thankful for an aggressive stippling job on my grip, as the blood made my hand slick.
        I ran down to the river and washed its blood off me and I had my wife come home from the business to burn off the excess adrenaline rush.

        • You are right. Using edged and/or blunt force trauma weapons is a far more vicious/gruesome business. They require more strength/force and determination. Most gunless homeowners wouldn’t be able to do it. That is why they should have bought a firearm years ago.

          Still, a determined attacker or defender with an edged weapon is a fearsome thing.

        • Also I appreciate the way you burned off the excess adrenaline with the wife. Was junior born nine months later?

  3. I checked for a friend. still has black powder revolvers and cartridge conversion cylinders for sale. And they can all be shipped to your front door with no background checks. Not ideal but shoots real bullets. I didn’t check how fast they could ship it though. This would make for a great article. And for those people who aren’t allowed by law to by a real firearm these are an option to protect your family.

    • Midway order of Mar20 shipped on the 25th. Almost always their normally within 2 business days.

      • I read that article, and don’t remember it mentioning anything about the conversion cylinders. The conversion cylinder giving one the option of shooting “normal ammo” like .45LC makes the option much more viable.

        • For the conversion cylinders I have seen you can’t really shoot “normal” ammo. You still have to hand load the ammo as the gun can’t take the pressure of nitrocellulose, so you hand load a BP cartridge.

          It makes reloads convenient, but it doesn’t mean you can use just any old ammo

        • You can use cowboy loads up to 850 fps in the conversion cylinders. A .45 Colt 250 gr LFN is at least equal to a .45 acp.

        • I have a Remington 1858 New Model Army replica with conversion cylinder, for black powder cartridges only — no smokeless. I have been told smokeless cylinders do exist, but never seen them, and I don’t know if the replica’s barrel is up to it.

          I also have several boxes of black podwer cartridges for it.

        • It also makes them by law a firearm any weapon that can be easily converted to fire modern cartridges is by law a firearm and illegal for any prohibited person or felon to own or posses here in SD any weapon that by means of ignnition of a propellant fires a projectile is considered by law to be a firearm it doesn’t require a federal background check to own but if you can’t buy a modern gun for any reason then don’t buy a bp revolver or rifle you can still go to jail at least in SD, your state may be different !

    • Much better choice than an air pistol. An air pistol will get you killed if the bad guy isn’t phased by it which is probably a good bet. Cap and ball revolvers killed a lot of people in the 19th Century.

      • I’ve got a cap n ball BLK powder .44 I love it only thing that sucks is cleaning it up after …..

  4. .177 caliber is not a good choice for defense. I weigh 230 pounds and workout regularly. Yeah it might sting but I’m gonna take your air rifle from you and beat you to death with it. Another downfall is the majority of them are single shot. If one were to be interested in airguns for defense, one should be looking into the larger caliber rounds like .30 caliber and bigger. They even make .45 and .50 caliber air guns. Make no mistake, .177 calibers are toys. Unless you can shoot someone in the eye, but that’s a highly doubtful shot in the stress of a defensive situation. I don’t care how fast a .177 is moving, it’s not going to instantly drop an assailant unless they’re built like a stick man.

    • ACTUALLY it has been proven (with “stats”) that an newbie does better going with their natural inclination an shooting to the face. Did you actually READ the piece – multishot “handguns”?

      You get hit in the face/head with a 500fps your going to bleed like a SOB and the average thug is going to be significantly deterred. A hit to the eyeball gets bonus points.

      • Yep, I came across one such case in person, where a single .22 hunting pellet to the face made a home invasion suspect drop like a rock, blood everywhere, missing teeth, chunk of gums, lip, he was screaming like he was lit on fire and it immediately took all the fight right out of him. The suspect had a history of bashing guys with tire irons and 4x4s, but a well-placed .22 pellet finally put an end to his career of terror. I’ve seen no worse damage from a .22 LR before, so I found it comparable. The .22 air pistol in question would punch these hunting rounds clear through 1/4″ plywood from dozens of feet away, no problem. Either way, use responsibly, and use whatever you have to defend yourself with should the situation arise. It sucks to see anyone bleeding and in pain, but better the bad guy to be bleeding than the victim.

    • Warwolf,

      Um, I’m not sure anyone would pick up a .177 airgun if they had the option of using a real firearm, so your comment is moot. What the article clearly stated is that this is a possible option for anyone who doesn’t have a real firearm. And since there are numerous instances each year in which criminals are deterred by the mere presentation of a gun pointed in their direction (I myself thwarted a group of three muggers this way years ago), I think it’s safe to say anyone would prefer to use a realistic .177 airgun instead of a stick or rock.

      I respect that you’re a big guy (and after spending nearly my entire life at the gym, I’ve noticed that many bodybuilders have a tendency to brag about themselves), but I don’t think you’ll really want a volley of BBs coming at your face that might literally “shoot your eye out”. But then again…it’s odd that you’re even presenting yourself as a potential attacker in the first place. I wonder what you mean by that…

      • No shit Einstein. The article is about if YOU CANT GET A REAL FIREARM air guns could be an alternative. My point about using myself as an example is because I was shot with a “bb” pistol by some punk that thought he was gonna rob me at a public transportation train station. Guess what? He had a very bad day and never got a dime from me. And your advice is moot. Suggesting that someone pull a BB gun on someone to scare them is idiotic advice at best because not all punks are scared at the sight of a gun. And if they call your bluff, then you’re screwed.
        So yeah don’t assume….anything.

        • Perhaps, and you yourself may very well have “survived” being shot (once? where on your body?) with a BB gun. But a high-quality model with a mag full of shot and a fresh CO2 cartridge will put a serious hamper on your day if mag-dumped into your face, especially when that gun easily sends those BBs entirely through a gallon jug full of water. You’re confident that your face won’t endure any injury? While you recover from the shock and pain, that would give me plenty of time to get to safe cover away from you, and therefore well worth it.

        • The problem you have is you think someone is going to just stand there and let you dump a mag full of bbs into their face. I’m not arguing the point that yes, if someone were to get a good 4-6 shot burst in the face that it would hurt and slow them down. But in my case the punk was only about 6 feet from me and he only got off one shot before I was pummeling him. How far do you think you will be? Can you draw fast and clean? How accurate will you be if you have a 230 pound beast sprinting at you wanting to tear your head off? Sorry dude, your not gonna make it.

        • @Warwolf,

          Yes, I believe that you (as a 230-lb person, as you’ve made sure to announce more than once to the room) survived being badoinked by a single BB. You didn’t answer my question, though…anyone should be able to “survive” being shot point blank by a single BB in the torso, where your clothing absorbed all the BB’s energy. That’s the most plausible scenario, and seeing that you avoided clarifying where you were hit, it remains as the default assumption.

          You’re speaking of an attacker threatening you with a mere BB gun. In such a situation, I think we all agree with you that the thug was super stupid to attempt it. But he was clearly carrying it with the plan to actually use it. A person who has no firearm can conceal carry a quality BB gun with the hope of never needing to use it. But again…for someone who’s acting in self-defense, I myself would much rather have the ability to mag-dump a volley of hard BBs into someone’s neck/face and inflict pain to give me the ability to run to a safe distance, than not have anything at all.

          If you’re adamant that a BB gun would not do anything for self-defense…anything at all…then I can only assume that you also disapprove of other options such as pepper spray, keyrings or flashlights designed to double as defensive weapons, etc.

          Your personal experience of a foolish mugger is not the same as the author’s advice in this article to his intended audience.

          I’ll take your “Einstein” as a compliment. Thank you.

        • Lol you assume too much. Which leads me to believe you have never been in any kind of fist fight or self defense situation. Where did I ever say I didn’t believe in other defensive options?! As there are LOTS of better choices than a BB gun. Yeah the bb got me in the chest, at 6’. Do you think I just stood there and let the punk keep pulling the trigger or change targets and let him shoot me in the face? No, he was choking on his teeth. As someone who HAS been many physical confrontations, I can tell you your BB gun just ain’t gonna do what you want it to do fast enough. But hey you do you. Good luck, you will need it.

        • It’s clear at this stage of the conversation that you and I are talking about different things, and you’re not comprehending either my or the author’s point(s). So to avoid seeing this devolve into something ugly, I’m going to wish you a good evening and move on.

          FWIW, I’m glad you survived that BB to the chest. As you stated more than once, it didn’t hurt you at all, but you somehow returned the favor by pummeling his face and leaving him “choking on his teeth”. From an ethical and legal POV, you weren’t harmed, you viewed the BB gun as being no threat to you, yet you responded by (perhaps permanently) harming your attacker. If he was truly choking on his teeth, then we can only assume (1) you sent him to the hospital for emergency care, and (2)you arguably ramped up your response to a level of violence that went beyond what a D.A. might consider appropriate for self defense, resulting in potential charges against you.

          In other words, I don’t at all believe he was truly choking on his teeth. If you’re going to embellish one thing and be untrustworthy, then you’ll be untrustworthy in everything you say from now on.


        • Oh, and while I’m thinking of it and before I turn off the computer, I was in martial arts for several years and attained a moderately higher belt, so that in the last days I was training with second degree black belts and entering into tournaments at my sensei’s request due to my skills.

          The most important skill was knowing how to remain calm in any situation and simply walk away from an angry opponent. Twice in my life (within the past decade) I found myself surrounded by four or more younger men angry with me because I stepped in to defend someone they had their sights on. And both times, I endured the verbal threats and insults, but backed away when the victims had moved to safety.

          The adult in the room is often the one who walks out of the room and leaves the fight behind him.

      • Just to add to that dpms makes a full auto sbr now and we’ll I know that if you were to enter my home uninvited I would and could drop you very easy and only 170 .also sig makes one that shoots pellets

  5. I have a .22 pellet rifle and a .177 pistol but I’d rather use a baseball bat over either for defensive weapon. In my mind a baseball bat is better than even a knife as it has longer reach.

    Better still is a real firearm. I can’t believe that it’s really that hard to still obtain something that shoots a lead projectile unless you live in a slave state. Even if you have to settle for a Colt Python, I will always be there to trade you a C9 high point after the Chinese sniffles pass.

    If you do live in a slave state, black pipe shotgun or polymer 80. You might have to drive a state over to get a box of ammunition but gas is cheap. Don’t be caught unprepared next time and don’t eat up the horse turd nonsense the liberal media and politicians tell you.

    • So “it’s just the flu, bro”? Idiot

      That you first heard of the chicom flu a month ago on CNN is pathetic.

    • I’m just calling it Chinese sniffles like people called it beer virus. Relax bruh. Someone offended that easy is more likely to be a professional victim watching CNN than me. Jeez.

  6. There are a number of .22 and .25 caliber break action GAS PISTON rifles that will push a pellet over 850 fps for less than $200. Getting hit with a BB @ 400 fps stings and might even make you bleed if it his bare skin, but it is only going to piss someone off. Getting hit with a .22 or .25 30 gr lead pellet @ 800 fps is like being shot with a .22 short subsonic, not likely to kill anyone but you sure the hell know you’ve been hit and won’t be looking to get hit again.

  7. Not sure if pellet guns make any sense as defensive tools. However, I have one very similar to my carry gun at home. It’s become super useful as a training tool while stuck at home. Set up some homemade pellet traps in my garage and can still get some “shooting” in while stuck at home. Also allows me to practice shoot and move as well as holster work and weapon light. Super fun and can’t see it hurting my shooting skills!

    TL:DR – Skip pellet/airsoft guns for defense but don’t underestimate them for training, especially when stuck at home.

  8. Unfortunately, as part of the “evil” handgun purge at Walmart, they stopped carrying air/BB handguns. Rifles are still available, though.

  9. A single bb or .177 pellet versus an intruder with a real firearm?

    No thanks. I would rather use a bat, golf club, 2×4…

    Even a .380 has a bit of trouble with the FBI standards. A .177 pellet versus and intruder wearing a jacket…no way.

    You might sting them on bare skin but not a couple of layers of clothing.

    • 1. DON”T do the cop center of mass. Take the face/head shot.

      2. Shoot then hit with the bat.

      • What if they have a gun? A real gun?

        I hear in talks about self defense that the best defense is to get away. If you are not able to get away then shoot until the threat is no longer a threat.

        With a pellet or BB gun you will not end a threat. Even aiming for the face you would be lucky to get anything like a hit that would make the attacker no longer a threat.

        You could potentially do more harm than good. You could escalate a situation.

  10. Tractor Supply has them, but will require you to give them your Photo ID, so they can log that info into their systems… I walked out and said, “no thanks.” Just fyi. We are in PA, so not sure if it is a mandate from our Progressive Gov Wolf or not, or just a store policy. Could not get clarity on either front. Great article! Thank you.

  11. Oh, for fuck’s sake.

    A pellet gun for self-defense?

    Buy a flare gun or crossbow if you can’t get a real gun. But not a goddamn BB gun.

  12. In other word’s…get a real gun. I’d hate to “shoot” a badguy(or a cop!)with a pellet gun and get lead in return. If it’s all ya’ got ok. I always carry a SabreRed pepper gel thingy & a knife. Stay safe y’all!

  13. I think Jeff Cooper (Thunder Ranch) summed up Small Caliber Guns when he said……
    “If you shoot it, you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody – and he finds out about it – he may be very angry with you.”
    These air pistols are a step below small caliber guns.

  14. Back in 1985, on a hot day, a stranger suddenly appeared at our back patio door. I had gotten home from work a few minutes earlier and had stripped down to my underwear and was getting ready to shower. I repeatedly told him he needed leave, but he wouldn’t. Fortunately, my Beeman P1 air pistol was within reach and I grabbed it and aimed it at him. He left immediately. It was a bluff, the pistol wasn’t even loaded. I basically had a 2 lb. club in my hand. I still count it as a defensive gun use.

    • weihrauch. original design was brilliant as it’s a very powerful single pump pneumatic, which is unusual; most hi powered air pistols are spring piston. beeman wanted it redesigned to resemble a 1911 for the american market. same guts though.
      and spendy as well.

    • That is probably the best defensive use of these airguns. Bluffing like it is a real gun.

  15. Nobody suggesting a wrist rocket type sling shot? With steel ball bearings they have similar energy as a .22 short. Instead of a bb gun, I’d suggest in no particular order: black powder revolver, bow/crossbow, slingshot, or a long sharp stick(someone mentioned spear above).

    • If you’re going slingshot locate some lead ammo for it. Much denser and hits harder than steel.

    • Slingshots are banned in New Jersey.
      New Jersey law considers slingshots as “firearms”, which means they require all the same permits as a handgun: FPID card, Permit to Purchase a Handgun, fignerprints, character references, background checks, serial numbers, gun registration, safe storage laws, etc.

      So why do I say they’re “banned” instead of heavily regulated?
      Because New Jersey considers slingshots as handguns, they’re required to have serial numbers on them and be transferred through an FFL dealer. Slingshots don’t have serial numbers on them, and no gun store is going to keep slingshots in inventory and do a NICS check for you for a slingshot, which means they’re banned in New Jersey.

      • Wow, that’s really on the fringe. Even CA doesn’t go that far, as our laws and regs here pretty much follow the Federal definition that a “firearm” (or handgun, in your NJ parlance) is anything that operates by emitting a projectile via a controlled explosion. That excludes airguns and slingshots.

        I literally have a slingshot in a drawer only five feet from my keyboard as I write this.

      • (check your state and local laws…there are a few crazy exceptions out there)

        Hopefully there is a mentality shift in the population with the Bugaloo Flu, so we can avoid the Bugaloo 2.

      • Reminder: flame throwers are legal in NJ. No license or permit required. Might want to have plenty of fire extinguishers staged throughout the house if you plan to use a flame thrower for home defense.


  16. I have a Walther ppk co2 bb pistol. It’s a hoot and a half when you don’t feel like wearing ear protection or picking up brass, and it slays soda cans with extreme prejudice.

    • I bought one of those for my niece on her birthday last month. Her dad set up a little airgun range. Lots of fun! She loves her little PPK and despite just reaching double digits in age, is shooting tighter groups than I am with my Crosman Vigilante. Granted I only shoot it in double action lol, but still she’s at least 30 years younger and will likely be a much better shooter than I’ll ever be……and I love it! I’d love it even more if her mom and older sister would get out and practice with her and her dad.

  17. Maybe go to The Slingshot Channel and start improvising? Jorg is very entertaining too.

  18. TBH, I’d rather carry a can of pepper spray than an air rifle/pistol for self-defense. I have more faith in the spray to deter/temporarily disable an attacker than I do in my ability to land a well-placed-enough pellet shot to stop an attacker.

    Now my friend Ralphie, on the other hand…

  19. Since I dont live in Pakistan, India, or Europe………nope.

    Air guns are fun a fun (and quiet) afternnon.

    Firearms (although fun) are needed to stop a threat.

  20. Seriously?

    Look, I’m a fan of using airsoft pistols for training (especially for newbies), and my tuned Benjamin Marauder .22 PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) is my go-to squirrel elimination tool (as well as being great for precision shooting practice at home — it’ll shoot ragged one-hole groups all day at 25 yards).

    But unless you are talking about a big-bore PCP like the AirForce Texan (neither that rifle nor the ammo for it are cheap; you’ll need either a filled SCUBA/SCBA tank or a very pricey high-pressure compressor to fill it; and it’s still basically a single shot bolt action), air guns just don’t have enough power to even consider for self-defense.

    You’d be worlds better off with a cap and ball BP revolver (or, of course, an actual modern firearm) for defensive use than any air gun.

  21. Air guns? Seriously? That’s some bad advice.

    As I mentioned in another comment, military surplus flare guns and a sub caliber insert that converts it to a single shot in 45 Colt / .410 shotgun can be had for around $180, including the shipping for both items.
    That’s just a single shot, but it qualifies as a real firearm.

    • (sigh)

      I’m just amazed at how many commenters here have completely missed the article’s point. For those who don’t have a gun and are having a tough time getting one because they’re all sold out across the nation, there are other (albeit admittedly lesser) alternatives.

      We all prefer a real gun. Full stop. We get it…an airgun is not preferable to a real gun. Now let’s all pretend for a moment that we actually read the article and caught the part where the author said at the very beginning that he agrees a real gun is better, but there’s an option for anyone who needs something right now.

      That being said, I’d really like to know how many blowhards here slamming the effectively of a realistic-looking BB handgun would understand how effective it can be in low-light situations. I myself was approached years ago by three young men coming for my wallet, after sundown on a public street. Knowing that a friend of mine had similarly experienced such a situation and was beaten so bad in the process that his nose was split open, I pulled out my gun and simply presented it at the low ready when the men were still more than ten yards away. Do you think they had the presence of mind to determine what kind of gun I was holding, especially at low light and so far away? No, all they knew was that their intended victim had something black in his hand that resembled a gun, and the barrel was visible. Even if it had only been an airgun, at any distance you cannot discern between a .177 barrel or a genuine .22LR barrel when it’s just been pointed at your head.

      The men immediately backed off, and I was able to safely return home to my wife.

      If you have a gun already, then good for you and I hope you never have to use it. But for the intended audience of this particular article, if you don’t already have a gun and are looking for possible alternatives while you continue trying to obtain one, this is presented as one of those possible alternatives.

      • My surplus flare gun with 45/410 insert plan has the advantage of providing a person with an actual firearm. One they can order the two parts for separately, and have delivered directly to their house. No gun store need be open in their area.
        The inserts are prohibited in several states but this is a more viable plan for the majority

        • Understood, and that’s acceptable fodder for an article of its own. I recommend you write one and submit it to Dan for consideration.

          My point above is that this particular article regards airguns. Nearly everyone here seems to have missed that point. Maybe you can have your flare gun article published for TTAG’ers to read, and then you’ll see all the haters telling you they would never pick up a flare gun, when you can just use a real gun. And then you can grit your own teeth while you wonder how everyone missed the point.

        • I didn’t miss the point at all. The point was self defense for someone who couldn’t obtain a real firearm. The surplus flare gun with a sub caliber insert does that. You can order it online, and It would do it a lot better to address the issue than any airgun.

      • Well…. if you like bluffing….go ahead.

        Still bad advice…always will be….dont know where you get the “blowhard” comment.

        I put this in the same box as gun store dumbasses selling a woman (back in the day) an FIE 25 and telling to just pull it out and point it. Dont worry about clambering a round…they’ll run.

        If you think this is a good option, just carry you EDC piece unloaded….you can always bluff your way out of a bad situation.

        Even if you dont have a gun and cant get one because you live in a piece of shit state….this is a reckless recommendation.

        • Then, by your logic, it appears that you disapprove of all “lesser” options, including pepper spray, certain keyrings or flashlights designed to double as defensive weapons, whistles, etc. None of them come close to the effectiveness of a real gun, but those who completely miss the author’s point and insist on “a real gun at my hip or nothing at all” discount all other options.

          I carry a mini canister of bear spray when I jog/run, as it’s much more effective than OTC regular spray. I wonder how many of the naysayers here would tell me it’s not a good option, since we Los Angelinos aren’t allowed to carry real guns?

        • Well I can’t speak for him but I disapprove of a lesser option, when a better option is legally available. Carrying spray or something isn’t an either or situation with a gun where I live. I carry both. My condolences for those who live in areas where carry is effectively prohibited.
          Back to the original. Everyone gets the point. They disagree. The same or similar amount of time one could spend online finding the best possible pellet gun… could be used finding out if black powder revolvers are legal where they live and getting one. Or my surplus flare gun with 45/410 insert idea. Or maybe a good crossbow.
          The point is there are a multitude of real, lethal weapons a person could potentially acquire for defensive purposes without the benefit of the guns stores being open in their area.

        • Haz….you are correct.

          I dont think much of pepper, but it’s probably a better option for a gunless person to have.

          From an effectiveness standpoint, a spear or sword would be better than a pellet rifle.

          Deadly weapons are the best for defense. An air or spring gun is lethal to humans in small number of cases. It may injure them but will not often incapacitate them.

          The problem with impact or edged weapons is that they require close contact with an assailant. They also require a certain mindset to use effectively.

          A firearm is king form defense as it take a modicum of skill (regardless of what tacticools says) and they allow distance for the users safety.

          I,would much rather have a 30 pound recurve bow than a pellet rifle for defense. But then I know how to shoot a bow.

          I would ask this….how much expert insight is available on the best airgun to use or how to use said airgun for defense? Where do you concentrate fire? Center of mass? Cods? Face? How many new to defensive weapons would have the to keep shooting someone who has been shot in eye….. is screaming…and still trying to kill you.

          For,the masses…there are guns…and then other weapons. I may be a Blowhard, but I am not some pretend LARPer fantasizing about using an ineffective weapon to defend myself. Or worse, planning to bluff my way out of danger.

          It’s bad advice.

  22. There are several good options of air rifles for home defense if you are unable to purchase a Real Firearm. (sic) Up to 50 caliber. My personal choice would be a Full Auto BB style AR or AK. While a BB might not seem appropriate for defense. 25-100 in rapid succession would certainly give one pause. To reevaluate future plans. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Are you kidding me. Nobody confuses some mall ninja bb gun for an automatic AK when firing

      This post really brought out the squirrels

      • Re-read his comment. Darkman basically said getting hit with a 100 bbs is going to hurt the perp more than 1, he didn’t say it would get confused with a real full auto.

        • According to Warwolf higher up in this thread, he adamantly disagrees, lol.

          I have a full-auto BB gun (AR-15 platform). They’re fun.

  23. I would consider a black powder revolver, unregulated in many states. The Rogers and Spencer or anything in .44 caliber or even .36 with conical can tear up a criminal aggressor. I was surprised to learn that at least under federal law, even convicted felons can possess black powder muzzleloaders. Czech Arms makes a derringer in . 45 and .50 calibers which are capable of handling conicals as well.

  24. What a cold wake up call for people who didnt bother to get a firearm before all this. Now theyre stuck with bb guns and clubs. I’m in my 20’s and i wouldnt relish fighting hand to hand with an attacker but if I had to i think i would stand a decent chance from a strength and endurance standpoint. But what about someone older and weaker now having to face the prospect close combat. Firearms are called equalizers for a reason, anything else is a poor substitute.

  25. Is this a joke? Don’t recommend a BB gun to anyone for self-defense. They are for plinking.

    A PCP rifle is another story. A .22 from a good pneumatic rifle will actually do something, even if it doesn’t hit in the eye.

  26. My gosh people, this is a “what if” article – we aren’t the target audience!

    Personally, a brace of .50 caliber pistols would be sufficient.

    • Except if someone does this stupid stuff it could get them killed. Any home improvement store has better options for defense than a bb gun.

  27. One of my classmates brother was killed by an air raffle, hit him in the neck. I wasn’t there so can’t say how. This was quite awhile back and the 911 EMT was non existent. Out of a pistol, co2 it’d have to be a freak thing

  28. Walther PPQ air gun. Feels just like the real thing. About 400+ fps
    it’s not encumbered by red tips or anything like that. 61 dollars delivered to the door.

  29. Keeping a co2 cartridge in a pellet pistol for an extended time period is not recommended because it will cause damage to the pistol’s co2 seal. So how could somebody keep one loaded for self defense for extended time periods? This whole article just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Simple enough. On CO2 pistols such as the 10-shot Crosman 357 “Vigilante” 6″ revolver, leave the snap-on grips off to leave the cartridge piercing screw exposed.

      Store the loaded gun with an unpierced CO2 cartridge. When a threat is perceived, tighten the cartridge piercing screw. The gun is then ready to fire. If desired, wrap the grips with strong black tape.

    • This article does not make sense for many more reasons. First and most important of them being – it recommends air guns for self defense. Even if you can’t get a real firearm, a co2 powered bb/pellet handgun is one of the last things to consider to stop an attacker. Large caliber PCP, maybe.
      Author lives up to his reputation with this one.

  30. We hunt squirrels with a bolt action .22 cal PCP air rifle with a 7 round detachable mag (Diana Stormrider IIRC). It’s pushing 20 grain pellets at 900-1000ft/s. It’s no 9mm, but even with a jacket on you’re going to be bleeding. We’ll stick with our Rugers for home defense, but if someone can’t get a firearm, for whatever reason, it’s better than hitting them with a broom…

    • I love the fact that it almost sounds like all guns are Rugers to you.

      Defensive carbine: Grab the Mini14/30 or the AR-556

      DA revolver: GP100,SP101,LCR, Redhawk

      SA revolver: Blackhawk, Vaquero, Wrangler, Single Six

      Pocket gun: LCP, EC9

      Autoloading pistol: SR9, Security9, P-95

      Hunting rifle: American, Hawkeye

      22plinker: 10/22, Mark 1,2,3,4, SR22

      I also love Rugers, and own a bunch.

  31. If you wouldn’t take a knife to a gunfight, why in the hell would you recommend a pellet gun! No gun: Is your fault. Too late, too bad for you!

    Trying the pellet gun fake out may cause a real gun being drawn in response= stupidity.
    Pulling a pellet gun against a displayed real gun = stupidity.

    • Yeah, yeah. So a woman who made a mistake in not buying a gun should die, right? If John Lott’s research is right, in most cases you only have to draw a gun to stop a threat. Some modern airguns are so realistic the muzzles are counterbored to 9mm or .45 caliber so as to look real. A fast 10 .177 pointed pellets fired into a thug’s face or neck may allow you time to escape. (And anybody who waves a replica airgun around in front of a cop deserves to be shot.)

      • While drawing a real gun may stop a threat it still affords the option to actually fire. Drawing a bb gun could easily cause someone to decide that they’re going to kill you instead of take that roll of charmin you have in your passenger seat. It would be a funny shootout to watch, in a morbid sort of way.

  32. Interesting article. The premise of using an air gun as a defensive weapon is dubious at best. Statistics for defensive gun use claim that the majority of instances are resolved simply by drawing the firearm without needing to fire a shot. IF this is true, then a realistic looking air gun might actually work, BUT… If you deploy a realistic looking air gun everyone nearby will assume it is a real firearm – and will respond accordingly. Drawing an air gun against a firearm seems like a poor risk. Drawing an air gun against any non-deadly threat is generally going to be an “Aggravated Assault” charge in most jurisdictions. And, of course, if you have it in your hand when the cops arrive, you get shot.

    I’m also a bit concerned about some of the choices offered and the links provided. Did you really intend to recommend the Crosman SNR357 from an Amazon third-party seller who sells REFURBISHED guns that are infamous for not working? I don’t have a lot of respect for TTAG, but I would have expected better than that.

    You say that the Gamo C-15 “has dual 8-shot rotary magazines, holding 16 .177 caliber pellets” and comment that “it’s affordable with good capacity.” I’m not sure that I would consider 8 rounds “good capacity” in an air gun. Yes, 8, NOT 16. Saying the Gamo C-15 “holds” 16 rounds is like saying an AR holds 60 rounds if you tape two magazines together in opposite directions — because they both work exactly the same way: you fire the first magazine then remove it, turn it over, reload, and fire the other magazine.

    The Bear River TRP 1200 is certainly more powerful than any air pistol, but I’m not sure exactly how it fits in this article. It’s not realistic looking so it’s not going to just scare someone away just by its appearance. The article talks about “one or two really vicious hits on a home intruder” — one hit yes, I guess you might get a second shot if you’re strong and have practiced with the gun a lot, but break barrel air guns are certainly not known for their rate of fire. By the time you could change your hold, work the break barrel mechanism, then load another pellet, you’d probably be better off using the air rifle as a club.

  33. This is dumb. The only thing worse than being unarmed is being armed with a thing that looks like a viable weapon but isn’t.

  34. What, no honorable mention of flame throwers, frozen paint balls, spray bottles of gasoline, golf clubs, potato guns? I’m disappointed in these comments. Someone decides NOW they want a firearm but can’t buy one? Should already have one, period.

    • “What, no honorable mention of flame throwers, frozen paint balls, spray bottles of gasoline, golf clubs, potato guns?”

      Oh, *please*.

      Dragging around a freezer with a long enough extension cord gets old really fast…

      • There is this new fangled thing called “thermos” it will keep your frozen paintballs cool. It can even keep your coffee hot (if you run out of paintballs), but how it knows which one to do when I’ll never know.

      • Ok, good point. If that’s the way you want to do it, extension cords, are, a bit pricey . But, come on, what could one possibly object to regarding, say, a potato gun? Load it with a Mr. Potato Head filled with glass, nail studded spud, hollow point topped off with sour cream and cheese. Either way that’s going to make a mess.

  35. Hatsan Hercules in .357 @ 910fps or .45 @ 850fps. Gonna put a big hurt on someone…

    • Now we are getting somewhere. Better than a frying pan. Wasn’t something like that mentioned in the article? I must have missed it.

  36. This is why TTAG is full of FUDD’s.

    You’d be better off carrying bear spray or some form of OC. If you are just now deciding you need a firearm and you result to getting an air gun, fuck you and your poor life choices, we are better off without you.

  37. Even if you own an actual firearm an Airsoft of BB gun can allow you to practice at home, without annoying the neighbors. A GBB version of your carry arm and 10-20 rounds of practice a day will show solid dividends for most of us when we go to the “real” range.

    • Solud advice. Just don’t get them mixed if you are attacked, you may get your assailant really angry.

      • Solid advice. Butterfingers…grumble.. grumble.
        Do I have to hit the “save my name…” checkbox every time to be awarded an edit button?

  38. I just got my bear river tpr 1200 in the mail yesterday. It’s quite a weapon. Amazing accuracy.

  39. I’m a US expat living in Latin America, and because the country I ‘m living in is pretty tight-fisted with gun permits, I’ve been exploring this option for years. Here’s my take on it:
    A slingshot or wristrocket is definitely a lethal weapon. The downside is takes a few seconds to load and adquire your target. If you go this route look at a Trumark folder or Scout from Simpleshot has a nice selection of steel ballbearing ammo.
    Any decent 120lb crossbow will kill, but realistically you only have one shot and you’ll need to cock it. The cheap Chinese ones we have here
    are fairly inaccurate, so forget about anything beyond maybe 20 yards.
    Co2 pistols cannot be reliably stored and as has been mentioned are under powered. If you had to go that route I’d recommend the Daisy 455 pistol. 21 shots at about 500 fts. Believe me that extra 100 fts matters. It fires bb’s that feed from an internal magazine on the top of the pistol and is reliable as hell. Still it is worst choice of all the crappy options I’m throwing out.
    A breakbarrel pellet can hit with enough force to do some damage. The obvious drawback besides low power is being limited to a single shot. However Gamo makes 10 shot rotary magazine rifles called the Maxxum Swarm and Magnum Swarm. The Magnum has around 1000 fts in .22. It’s what I carry when I make the morning rounds on my finca.

      • Left the US about ten years, mostly because I was forced into retirement and couldn’t afford health ins in the US. We are planning on returning after my wife qualifies for Medicare.

    • Correction to my post: The Daisy Pistol I was suggesting is the 415. I tested a couple out here for this very purpose. As air pistols for self defense go, I’d say it’s the least worse. I also tested a couple of Gamo pistols and while they are fun to shoot, the small ammo capacity (8 rounds) and lower power (<400 fps) make them less attractive. They do *look* real tho, and I suppose if you are buying an air pistol for intimidation value that might be a plus.
      Still I would not recommend a co2 airgun because they can not be stored with the co2 cartridge opened (it ruins the seals and the co2 leaks out). Under a stress situation, trying to charge your co2 pistol is just one more thing to go wrong.

      If I had to vote for the most lethal concealed carry weapon that is not a firearm and can kill / injure at a distance, I would vote for a slingshot or wristrocket.

  40. Air guns are deadly. Even BB guns will stop a home invader. Check the many videos on YouTube for jell tests using these “non lethal” guns. They have several inches of jell block penetration in tests. Same for pellet guns.

    Any gun is better than no gun.

  41. ther was a case where a kid really did use a bb gun to stop a burgular from entering his home. and it worked. and the crook got hit in the face a few times and called it quits. only to be picked up by police a few blockes away. ( seems the police had no problem IDing him with the marks on his face).

  42. I weighed my pellets. They’re 4.5 grains. At 400 FPS that’s 2 ft-lbs of energy.

    If you can’t get a pistol, buy a black powder.

    Or 3d print a Glock lower.

    Or buy an 80% Glock lower.

  43. A Ruger Old army can be shipped to your door because most states and the ATF don’t consider it to be a firearm.

    It is however a solid, reliable firearm made with modern metalurgy and techniques. Unlike most black powder muzzle loaders, this firearm is a repeater.

    6 shots of .45 isn’t the best. But its still better than an airgun.

  44. Before I start, I want to make it known that I do NOT believe air guns are proper substitutes for an actual firearm when you have access to a firearm. Now that I have that out of the way, I think higher velocity airguns are misunderstood. These things are VERY capable of injuring someone, and good shot placement can and will be fatal. Taking a steel BB to the face at anything over 350 fps (this is all from an actual study) will shatter bone, can penetrate bone, will definitely go through 3 inches of flesh, and an eye shot (not that hard if you have 20 rounds to try and can aim) will kill. Pellet guns that are made for penetration and pointed (don’t even get me started on one like the H&N Hornet) will do a lot worse, especially considering they generally travel between 500-1400 fps (pistols and rifles considered). What people seem to be forgetting is that the energy won’t matter with a pellet or bb (since there isn’t much anyway) but the velocity and ability to penetrate soft tissue and fabric (pellets go through fabric without a problem) can cause serious concerns. You don’t want a lead pellet or steel ball bouncing around I’m your body, the infection you can get alone could he gravely. Again, not saying they are good alternatives to real steel firearms, but they are a lot better than nothing and are better than things that require face-to-face contact (a knife or brass knuckles for instance) since any distance between you and a threat is to your advantage. To the argument of it just making an aggressor more aggressive, if you’re to the point of believing you have to pull a weapon of any kind on someone then it’s probably already too late to try and consider what will piss off your attacker. Btw, I own air guns and real guns, each have their own purpose, but if I don’t have my real weapons on me I would definitely feel more at ease with one of my pellet or BB guns. They’re all rated over 400 fps and are identical replicas of their actual counterparts so the realism aspect is great (except some of the rifles).

  45. Air guns are deadly. Even BB guns will stop a home invader. Check the many videos on YouTube for jell tests using these “non lethal” guns. They have several inches of jell block penetration in tests. Same for pellet

  46. I would go with a bow before an air gun. Broadheads and even a kids training bow are extremely lethal to human beings at the kinds of ranges involved in home defense.

    And while they require more skill, almost anyone can be trained to hit a man sized target at 5 yards in just a day in the back yard shooting at hay bails.

    If i was using an air gun, i would select a 1000fps .22 caliber rifle and pointed field pellets (penetration is far more important than expansion).

    Even if it doesnt kill him, it is a good sized club, and the bad guy will be much easier to beat to death after you shoot him with it.

    Still, Bow+broad heads > air rifle+pointed field pellets

  47. A gun is usually better than non-lethal defense but not always. Pistol vs bear spray against a charging grizzley bear. Which would work better?

  48. @Warwolf
    I don’t gaf how “big” and “tough” of a “beast” you think you are. At 6ft distance I would not aim for your chest like your “mugger” scenario you completely made up. you would not stand a chance if I shot your face or groin using my Gamo Magnum riffle (shoots about 1,600 fps using .177 cal. and about 1300 fps using .22 cal) or even I I were to shoot you anywhere else that would still give me more than enough time to run to safety i mean you are 230 lbs so I’m sure your not a fast runner or at least nowhere near as fast as me specially since I received a cross country scholarship. I would be fast enough to run all the way to your house screw your wife, mother, sisters, grandmother, and daughters you might have, so the only people that would be choking in that scenario would be the women I just mentioned. But they wouldn’t be chocking on teeth and blood.. They would be chocking on my big hairy,

    • Calm down there, Sparky. 😕

      @Art’, yes, to the wasp spray and pipe. 👍 As far as the article, I get it. I unfortunately live in Illinois now. I’m a huge fan of anything that can inflict long-term damage; when needed.

      But this freakin’ state!!! 🤦‍♀️

  49. I have a Select fire uzi bb sub machine pistol. It holds. 300bb’s, the charge holds 30 bb’s, it fires 6 round bursts and fires them fast! It will fire 5- 6 round bursts faster than u can say ‘stop I’ll shoot” I’m serious it fire that fast. It has 2 co2 cartridges. At 25yards it will sink bb’s in a 2×6 more than half way thru the. Board. And it put those 6 bb’s in a 2” circle. I’ve grown up wth guns my whole life. At age 5 we got gun or gun accessories every bday. I know a little something about them. And this uzi co2 charged weapon that holds 300 bbs and fires 6 round bursts (30 bb’s per charge) I promise u 25yds and under it’s going to cause an attacker some serious damage. Price is 150 bucks. I’ve had mine 14mnths shoot it weekly at least 2 times and have fired I have no idea how many hundreds of bb’s a month I use. I have had it jam twice in 14mnyhs. Both times my fault. It is made by unimarx. I definetly recommend it. However i don’t recommend it to inexperienced shooters.we live in country and it has killed 2 coyotes after our cats. A possum that wouldn’t get a long with the cats or even the other possums that eat with cats at feeding time. Don’t know what his problem was. And igg he e BB gun accidental killed one of those white haired sheep dogs. He wouldn’t stay out of ranch hands trash. Miguel wanted to scare him, he was over 30yds and he shot a single round (not the 6 round burst) and it killed the dog. We all regret that.he thought it’s a BB gun it just sting and scare him. Airguns are not the airguns we had in the 70’s. We love airguns and have a few. Recently got a Air Force 357 rifle. It has dropped 2 feral hogs. Very impressive. Our next purchase is going to be the 50 cal. Friends have used it, the 357 and 308 hunting in Wyoming and Montana. With excellant results. They use a small compressor to fill the recharge bottle. These guns shoot upwards of 3,000fps. So folks, don’t think airguns cant hold their own with powder guns, they can and then some. Have great day folks

    • If someone uses a co2 charged BB gun for self-defense, how fast can you load a co2 cartridge in your BB gun when you are attacked? You do know that keeping a co2 cartridge in a BB gun will damage the seals in the gun? Don’t you? Killing coyotes with a BB gun sounds somewhat unrealistic. With a high-powered pellet rifle maybe, but a co2 BB pistol? Anyone out there believe this BB gun story?

      • I leave my CO2 cartridges in airguns for days at a time. Eventually, like three to six months, the seals fail so I make sure I have extra guns for when one goes down. Lately I’ve been removing the CO2 slowly and saving the seals. And Daisy makes a line that are reasonably priced. Another option is the UMAREX models that allow one to tap the handle and set the CO2 cylinder, then begin shooting. So you carry the piece ready, but not charged.

  50. Lol, the lack of knowledge. I’d put a crossman vigilante loaded with hornet pellets against an intruder or perpetrator any day. If you think your skin is tougher than a full can of beans with a hole in the wooden board behind it then you go with your bad ass. That’s enough penetration to hit a good 4 inches into the chest and or right through your neck.

  51. Ok so u need a fact check whowever have this info pcp 100000% umarex hammer 2x 300 grain hps at 1200 fps 550 for that’s stronger than a deal 50 and only 7 somethin I tried turkkey hunting with it the bird blew up no lie 250 lbs man would be cut in half dead 1 of 3 rounds
    Velocity ain’t shit if ure shooting a bumblebee stinger

    • Ummmm…. Follow me here, ok bro… I know it’ll be tough, but you should be ok if you get me so far.

      English. Try using it!
      Commenting ain’t shit if ure spitting nonsense!
      And maybe you, or someone, anyone, can explain to me why spelling out complete words is “not cool” these days..? I mean, I know I’m in my 30’s, that most of my generation is lazy as hell (I can’t stand a lot of people my own age because of this), and that sadly those younger than I are getting worse and worse, but come on man!!!! Ure vs you’re is only cutting two letters and three key strokes! You must have some gnarly sausage fingers!!!

  52. Daisy makes a CO2 pistol that holds 21 BBs and does 500 fps at the muzzle. When fired it makes quite a pop, especially in enclosed places. The muzzle is deeply recessed so an attacker thinks he’s looking at a .45 caliber. Accuracy from the smooth bore is amazing! I’ve hit small targets out to 70 feet with ease. Trigger is also excellent and the sights are great. For me, I have to add a small nail to the front blade to make it hit lower. File a groove and epoxy it in place. Fifteen minute job. Otherwise aim for the chin! A lighter steel BB shoots faster than a lead pellet and also deforms less, so it penetrates more. All in all this is the BEST CO2 option at a reasonable cost. Next would be the UMAREX .50 caliber six shot semi-auto and revolver. Both shoot pepper balls and hard rubber rounds.

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