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Hexmag is giving a little love to shooterists in “ban states” who want to use full-size magazines while complying with capacity-limiting laws. In addition to the training and aesthetic reasons for sticking with a full-size mag body instead of a shorter version, there’s the fact that most magazine carriers and other accessories assume standard length. Plus you’ll look like a badass scofflaw on the shooting range. And maybe get harassed about it. In which case I’d probably recommend the Gadsden flag Hexmag decal theme. Anyway, Hexmag’s press release follows…

November, 2016– Loveland, CO— Hexmag, the maker of the most advanced 30-round AR-15 platform magazines latest iteration is their NEW Series 2 magazine in 10- and 15-round capacity.
Hexmag reduced capacity AR platform magazines. These new Hexmag magazines limit the number of rounds for reduced capacity state laws to 10- and 15-rounds. However, they come in a FULL SIZE configuration so the user can practice as if it were a 30-round magazine. Now an AR owner can legally practice with a full size magazine in a reduced capacity state or area. MSRP $14.99
15-round limited Hexmag magazine-cutaway for illustration only. 

 Completed magazines appear as regular 30-round magazines.

Why make a reduced capacity full size magazine — and is it legal?*
“In certain states/areas the possession of 20- and 30-round magazines for the AR-15 is now illegal. Hexmag has come out with magazines in full exterior size (best for practice and training) that comply with reduced capacity laws/regulations to protect the user should they be questioned by their state’s officials.”George Brown, Hexmag President

Fitted with reduced-capacity risers and shortened stainless steel feed springs they are limited to 10- or 15-round capacity and will reliably feed .223/5.56 x45, .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf rounds.

Both magazines can be charged from 10-round stripper clips. Now a person with an AR can go to a range to practice firing, positions, loading and more using full size magazines and if legally challenged will test no more than 10- or 15-rounds depending on the magazine model and the legal restriction in the area of use. The design is compatible with most 30-round magazine pouches and looks natural as an extension of the AR platform.
These reduced capacity magazines are a patented design made for easy tool free baseplate removal for cleaning like the standard 30-round magazine. They afford extra space inside the magazine (especially the 10-round) which can hold items like optics batteries, 550 cord, gun maintenance items, etc.
Made from PolyHex2, a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer and are available in four colors: Black, olive drab, grey and flat dark earth (FDE). They feature Hexmag’s Anti-Tilt colored follower and optional multi-colored HexID followers and latch plate. The colored magazine latch plate identifiers make it easy for a gun owner to quickly identify 10-, 15- and 30-round magazines and/or the ammunition contained. Couple this with their textured exterior and unique optional super grip tape and you get the most advanced, reliable and practical reduced capacity AR magazine around.
MSRP: $14.99
Hexmag magazines are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty!
Hexmag, LLC
418 8th Street, S.E.
Loveland CO, 80537
*Hexmag understands that new buyers of these guns in states and areas with restricted magazine capacities still need legally mandated full size magazines and components for training and practicing with their firearms. The reason Hexmag does NOT make a conversion kit for any magazine, is to protect gun owners from themselves violating the law which may result from having an altered capacity magazine in their possession at a range or elsewhere where the firearm owner might unknowingly be violating laws/regulations.

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  1. A solution in search of a problem? Only if you live in a state that respects your civil rights.
    Strictly for the peasant class of totalitarian states.
    Shame these things need to exist.

    • They don’t need to exist, nor do the people that cause them to be created in the first place.

      This is a Constitutional Comb-over.

      F all the places that they are needed. When we come to take our real estate back, these won’t be handy.

  2. I thought all of my standard capacity magazines were already 10-round 458 SOCOM mags? Automatically compliant magazine…

    • I emailed magpul once and asked them to sell standard pmags as 10rd 458socom/50beowulf mags to get around the issues here. Never heard back. My question is, would this be a legal get-around for ban states? They are legitimately 10rd mags, but you could put 30 5.56 in them as well.

      • My understanding (IANAL) is that constructive possession may apply – that is, if you’re caught with 11+ rounds in one of them, even if it’s labeled 458 SOCOM, *especially* if you don’t have a firearm capable of firing 458 SOCOM, then you’d probably be in trouble.

      • My experience in California is that you had better have that upper+ ammo (or fresh brass) AND if you have another compatible upper with you,you had better have the correct 10 rounders for that as well.

      • “I emailed magpul once and asked them to sell standard pmags as 10rd ”
        PMAGS don’t work for the .458SOCOM at all. The triangular wedge down the middle that separate the 556 rounds stops the 458 from loading.

  3. Yes, 10 round mags suck, but are necessary when you live in a ban state. I’m still smarting from trying to find replacements for all my grandfathered magazines that I can’t keep in California anymore since the Gunapocalypse laws passed. Anyone ever try to find 10 round magazines for a Norinco 84S the has not been imported since early 90’s? I did by a couple of the Hexmags, they work fine. Also they can be converted back to 30 roundss by replacing the springs and throwing away the blocking piece.

      • standard springs from brownells or magpul can be used with a simple mod to the bottom with a pair of plyers

      • This is the dumbest of the many dumb comments on gun blogs. Right up there with “serves them right for electing libtards”.

        Yeah, because everyone can leave their career, their pension, their family and friends to move to a “non-commie” state, instead of fighting to repeal unconstitutional existing laws in anti 2A states. If it can happen here, it can happen where you live.

        • My family left everything behind in Cuba to come to America. Our property and businesses were stolen from us by the State. Some of our family was rounded up and executed for not being good little communists. When we left Cuba, we came with only the clothing on our backs, our passports, and a photo album.

          Yes, moving is hard. Yes, moving means you have to make changes.

          But I’d rather be free and make a little less or be further away from idiot family that supports a system that would oppress me than live in a place with a quasi Despotic Regime run by socialists.

          Also as for fighting against the Oppressive State.

          California for example has a total population of 38.8 Million people. Gun owners are 20.1% of the population. That is 7,798,800 people.

          To fight Prop 63, Californians needed 500,000 signatures for a petition to take it off the ballot. California gun owners couldn’t get 500,000 signatures out of just under 8,000,000 gun owners. That tells you something right there.

        • Great that your family escaped Cuba, Bob. Until Massachusetts becomes a full fledged communist dictatorship, I think I will deal with not being able to “legally” own a post ban 30 round mag for my rifles, and continue to support the fight against the mindset that restricts those rights, rather than pack up and leave my and my wife’s families and careers. It has a whole heck of a lot more to do than just “making a little less”. And the “oppressive state” that I face is in no way, shape or form remotely close to that people face in Cuba. So it really isn’t a comparison.

        • Most states that have 10 round gun restriction also have large unfunded pensions. If you are staying for that, good luck, there is no way the states will be able to fund them and they will be at best written down to a 50% of promised benifits.

    • The only thing I can see is that they could muddy the waters of evidence. After all, how can a police officer know that the full-size mag you have is illegal if you could have these?

      I doubt it will work.

  4. The Magpul version of these was much better on account of the fact that I heard you could just snap off the blocking portion and put a full 30 rounds.

  5. Okay, I live in MA and I’m happy for the availability of any quality AR mags.

    But c’mon. All the capacity of a short 10-round mag and all the clumsiness of a 30-round mag? It doesn’t make sense.

    • They should build these on 20 round magazines, or better yet a 15 round magazine with a block for the “bad” states, but then it wouldn’t be “cool”

    • These have been available for over a year at least. This is the improved 2nd gen.

      The point of having these is theoretically if you move to a non-restricted state, you can easily replace the spring and remove the limiter, making them standard capacity.

      Also as someone else noted, these are much easier to use and train with in a mag pouch on a chest rig or plate carrier if you found the need.

  6. I enjoyed the new movie Birth of a Nation. But the reality of new slave state laws in California, Washington state, New York State, New Jersey, make the film even more prescient.

  7. When you move to a non-Commie state Pi can remove the riser, install a full size spring, and you’re good to go. No need to throw away limp wristed mags!

  8. Um… the spring looks to be stock so…. can’t you just take off the floor plate like you were gonna clean the mag and remove the extra trash to get back to 30 rounds?

  9. So these are Hexmag’s version of the popular “Try to Explain To The Law Enforcement Officer Why They Are Legal 10-Round Mags, Have Him Not Understand And Arrest You Anyway, Then Spend $5,000 On Legal Fees To Get The ‘Possession Of Illegal Hi-Cap Mags’ Charges Dropped” AR Magazines?

    I’ll Pass.

    • You dont have to explain anything. If it gets to the point that you need to provide a demonstration to LE that they are “permanently” restricted 59 not accept more than 10 rounds, it would take about 30 seconds to do so. If they still arrest you for that and it costs you $5k to prove otherwise, you have much bigger problems than getting caught with a legal 10 round mag.

  10. Great timing, right on the heels of having all their dirty laundry aired over on TFB by the brother who was pushed out of the company…

    • Yeah, unfortunate. This press release was in my inbox Tuesday morning and I thought it was interesting enough to post. It was scheduled on Tuesday to go live on Wednesday, and was already published here when I found out about that TFB article. Not sure if I would have pulled it off the schedule or added a comment/link to that article or what, had I known about it before this one went live. Bad situation for sure and a huge turnoff.

  11. I got a few gray Hex mags, and a green one before I read that TFB story about what they did to their original designer.

    They work well, and now I’m super tempted to get that Gadsden sticker set. Looks awesome. But I’m not going to buy any more of their products.

    If their original designer starts a new company, I’ll buy his shit all day.

  12. Hexmag is giving a little love to shooterists in “ban states”

    Let’s not dress it up in false nobility, OK? The only thing Hexmag is trying to give a little love to is its own bank account. And that’s fine. That’s how businesses work. Let’s not get teary-eyed over it.

    If there was really any love for “shooterists” (is that a word?) in ban states, there would be a collective of gun businesses that refused to sell to law enforcement in ban states. If the people can’t have it, the cops can’t have it.

    That’s unworkable because most businesses have more interest in their bottom line than in costly principle. Again, that’s fine. We have other methods available. There’s a whole lot of Irish Democracy going on in ban states. And a whole lot of people and businesses voting with their feet, because the ban states also tend to be high tax and authoritarian.

    But let’s not act all warm and fuzzy about a company attempting to exploit the effects of the ban.

  13. I bought a couple of Hexmags a while back when they were on sale at ShooterZoo. They ended up being the “defective” Gen 1’s and I was able to contact Hexmag directly and have them send me out some Gen 2 replacements.

    For the most part, they are decent mags. Not my first choice by far but they were on sale so I figured what the heck. I’d put them pretty far down on my “go to” AR magazine list. Below my Pmags, standard GI, Brownell steel mags and below even my MFT magazines which I’ve kind of fallen in love with recently. Check them out if you haven’t.

    I live in Maryland so 10rd mags are the only thing I can have shipped to my door.
    When I want the real thing I go up to the gun show in Harrisburg. Oddly enough, I only ever load my mags to 10 rounds anyway. It means I can practice magazine changes more often and not burn through so much ammo while training.

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