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Lieutenant-General André Blattmann (courtesy

“Society in western Europe is on the verge of breaking down amid chaotic violence caused by economic dislocation, mass immigration and terrorism. This is not the view of some ‘crazy survivalist’ but of the head of the Swiss Armed Forces.” So I guess didn’t consider the possibility that the head of the Swiss Armed Forces is a crazy survivalist. Anyway, “Lieutenant-General André Blattmann has issued a warning to the Swiss people that society is dangerously close to collapse and advised those not already armed as part of the Swiss Army reserve to take steps to arm themselves.” Here’s what’s triggering General Blattmann’s call to arms . . .

“The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions.”

Blattmann: “Social unrest can not be ruled out”, the vocabulary in public discourse will “dangerously aggressive.”

“The mixture is increasingly unappetizing” Blattmann sees the basis of Swiss prosperity and society, “has long been once again called into question.”

He recalls the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advises Switzerland, to arm themselves.

That’s a translation from the newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, so it seems a bit rough. But you vill notice there’s no “I” word in any of that. As in Islamic fundamentalism. But the subtext is clear enough. But not clear enough for, which concluded their article like this:

The Lieutenant-General’s warning echoes that of Rear Admiral Chris Parry in 2006, when he said that the combination of immigration and Islam would cause “a civilisational collapse on a par with the fall of the Roman Empire”.

At the time, Parry was quizzed by hostile journalists but stuck to his guns, as did the then head of the British Armed Forces, who defended him on the basis that he hadn’t said that it definitely would happen, but was only warning what would happen unless the politicians addressed the problems. Needless to say, they failed to do so, in fact, they actually speeded the whole process up.

So there is that. Will this “social unrest” lead to Europeans tooling-up? It already has. Will it lead to less restrictive gun control laws? Das ist ein Witz. [h/t SS, ironically enough]

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  1. Having family in Switzerland, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of houses have guns in them. Ammunition, however, is more problematic. My relatives look at my 10,000+ round ammo dump with open envy. I look at it with worries about adequate supply.

  2. An honest and honorable military leader making a public recommendation to help protect his fellow countrymen – very refreshing.

    • Usually these leaders are on the side of the Muzzies and are encouraging them to hostility against the European populace.

  3. The liberal progressive left wants to be “more like Europe” every day – from immigration to healthcare and restrictive gun laws. I started stocking up on supplies amidst the vapid “Hope and Change” campaign. History is filled with war – whether it is over land, religion or ideology.

    • Europe is a hollow shell of what it once was. Militarily many NATO members are a joke. Their politicians are selling them down the river right now and most of them are too thick headed and in love with Progressivism (Communism-lite) to do anything about it.

      • Its actually more the graft and curruption payments that the politicians are so in love with, but it leads to the same place whether they are bought and paid for or instead, true idiologs, so it makes little diffence.

    • Its about time we come into the 21 Century and become more civilized exactly like Europe has done. Through Socialism their children do not go bankrupt when they seek higher education as it is largely paid for by the state. Their people do not go bankrupt when they need medical operations or medications. The so-called Socialist State of Germany is now one of the richest countries on earth and voted as the most desirable place on earth to live by the worlds top economists. They have lower crime rates and way more social benefits and they have been doing it since Bismarck introduced National Health Care in the late 1880’s and France did likewise in 1949. Proving Socialism not only works for the benefit of the people, at the expense of the Greed Monger Rich (like in America) but that it has been economically viable now for well over 100 years.

      During the Obama Care hysteria, Germans were told the truth about America’s shameful medical system and they at first could not believe a country as rich as America would so mistreat its own citizens. When they found out it was actually true they were shocked. It was horrifying to them.

      • Yea, more civilized. Like Sweden, where the rate of rape is over 3X what it is in North America.

        More civilized, like Germany, who if not for Americans, would have started a new world war about 10 years ago. “The Hun is always either at your throat or your feet…”

        And as it appears now, Germany is going to start another major political melt-down on the continent. Now, the Hun is too fat and lazy to do the job himself, so Mutti Merkel has outsourced the job to the Saracens.

        • On the face of it, it would seem Sweden is a much more dangerous place than these other countries.

          But that is a misconception, according to Klara Selin, a sociologist at the National Council for Crime Prevention in Stockholm. She says you cannot compare countries’ records, because police procedures and legal definitions vary widely.

          “In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.

          “So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.”

          Here is a link to the entire article;

        • The National Council for Crime Prevention has had a very odd way of accomplishing their goals. To prevent armored car robberies, they pushed for limiting amounts of cash. To reduce reports of Muslim immigrant rape of native woman, they pushed, together with the left generally, to outlaw the mention of ethnicity in crime reports. I note, though, that it is still legal to deny muslim-appearing young men admission to the Stockholm nightclubs favored by the urban Swedish elites. I’ve watched it happen regularly.

          I can remember times in the 1990’s when a foreigner was murdered every week, and bank robbery was commonplace. The nativist right wing in Sweden has been growing for decades, often quietly. Many in Sweden, I’ve met them, regret that the popular cause in the early 1940’s, Germany, failed in their war effort. Sweden barely managed to switch horses in late 1943, though the German embassy parties were still, my elders told me, the hottest ticket in town.

          Nothing most Americans know about Sweden is quite what it seems. The social system is nothing, historically, but a bitter enduring rebellion against what was (and in part remains) a cold and brutal upper class, remarkable concentration of wealth (if you take land at market value, not lantmäteriet appraisal), and a sneering upper-middle class that, together with the Lutheran ministry, looked down their noses as those of ordinary and simple education.

          Bismarck? The Junker elites of course wanted to care for the laboring masses, relieving them of worries over basic health care and responsibility for saving…so that these folk could tend to their work without excuse. The system of social benefits JLP admires led Germany to start two horrendous wars, spurned by economic pressures and military ambitions, that converted Europe each time into a vast abattoir, only enough time between the two wars to clean up most of the mess from the prior war.

          No one in Europe has produced a better solution to the difficultiess of human political association than the Swiss, whom I admire for their practical decency and prudence. They understand what weapons are for, and trust their fellow canton citizens to hold arms responsibly. Good for them. How unsurprising.

          • Here is the truth on your twisted rape statistics on Sweden; Its actually in the difference on how they tabulate rapes as compared to other countries including the U.S.


            As far as Socialism influencing Hitler to start WWII that is absolutely ludicrous, rather it was corrupt Capitalism that led to WWI and especially WWII as Hitler was put in power by the Capitalistic Military industrial Complex. These industrialists were not stupid as they realized Hitler for what he was, a right wing nationalistic Maniac that would start a new war and make them billions of dollars in arms profit. It was they who financed his rise to power and in a way just maybe Hitler was not as insane as some Historians have made him out to be. He owed favors to the people who put him in power by financing his political campaign and WWII was his pay back to them. This was in no way connected with social welfare programs in Germany.

          • I have read and watched programs on Americans who through their Companies were compelled to work in Europe or went there because they could find no employment in their fields of expertise. Many stated the pace of life was much slower in Europe. The worker was respected and had far more rights.

            Vacation times were often 4 weeks the day you started work plus 30 days additional holidays totaling just for starters 8 weeks off of work.

            Not to mention some countries give husband and wife 1 1/2 years maternity leave as well. Many countries give 2 hours for lunch.

            In France they get a 37 hour work week and no forced overtime with the idea that companies will not be able to enslave employees by not hiring enough workers to run the company as they do here in the U.S. In France a recent France24News program stated that although they have the equivalent of the old U.S. Sunday blue laws that forbade Sunday work, in the Paris area, due to tourist demand they were allowing some businesses to stay open on Sunday. At the equivalent of a “Home Depot” the workers were making $33.00 dollars an hour as opposed to the “worker slaves” in the U.S. Home Depot stores that are only allowed to work part time and at minimum wage.

            Until recently full retirement in France was at 62 compared to the U.S. where it is higher averaging at least 66 years of age and for some 67 years of age , the idea being that with the falling longevity rate in the U.S. people will not collect as much of their own saved retirement (soc. security).

            As one American woman expatriate said when interviewed. It is expensive to live in France but now I consider myself French not American and would never even consider going back to the “exploited worker slave” Country of the U.S.

            Another young girl who graduated with a degree in Music and Dance could not even find an entry level job here in the U.S. Of all places she went to China (her mother thinking her daughter had lost her mind). The young lady did not start at the bottom of her field but at a brand new Chinese University she was made the directory of the Music and Dance Dept. She saved enough money in just one year to buy an brand new apartment. She stated the crime rate was so low she did not even buy a car because she rides a bike and even hitchhike’s to work with no fear of being immediately raped and murdered as would happen to her here in the U.S.

            In Italy an American Doctor was interviewed and he said he did not face the high insurance rates and constant law suits he had to endure in the U.S.

            Many U.S. teachers have been offered and accepted lucrative contracts in Dubai that included paid health insurance, better and sooner retirement, lower crime rates, rent subsidies as well as subsidies in the purchase of gasoline for their cars and educational subsides to further their education. Needless to say they left the jobless U.S. so fast their shoes caught fire when leaving.

      • Oh goody, a Euro-socialist.

        You can speak all you want about the ‘rich’ German society and all your socialized benefits, but the fact remains that Europe lives under the defensive umbrella of the Unites States, paid for by the people of the United States.

        And you must also account for this; “National Health Care” means services are paid for by the state, and thus price controlled by the state. Health care is a service, provided by men who build the hospitals, the equipment, perform the work, etc. This costs of providing these services are controlled by the state.

        When a man is not able to negotiate the fee for his services himself, he is thus compelled to work by the state. This is nothing less than slavery. Your benefits are rationed, your care is provided for by slaves, and you say our system is dismal?

        Socialism is slavery.

        • … the fact remains that Europe lives under the defensive umbrella of the Unites States, paid for by the people of the United States.

          This is an extremely important point. Our military spending is about 1/3 of our annual budget. If we were able to reduce our military budget to match Germany’s military budget, we would be swimming in so much extra money that no one would need state-managed medical care.

        • When you go bankrupt when you get older because of the “corrupt capitalistic health system” you will change your mind very quickly about Socialism. Its worked and continues to work for every major and even minor European Country for the last 100 years.

        • ‘When you go bankrupt when you get older because of the “corrupt capitalistic health system”’

          The problems with the US healthcare system do not stem from free market capitalism. They stem from over-regulation and interference by the government. As is true more generally, we don’t have free market capitalism in the US, we have a system that does the best it can given the fact that socialists have already made considerable progress in destroying it. All to often the result is crony capitalism (or corporatism, which is starting to resemble fascism in some respects). The great irony is that public schools and universities have taught generations of Americans that the way to fix these problems caused by too much central control is more central control, and the way to ultimate freedom is utter submission to totalitarian central government.

          • Spoken like a true lawyer for the corrupt insurance companies. Its only been recently that at least in health care they got their asses kicked hard by Obama but unfortunately the Drug companies under “Capitalism” still have free rain to rape the consumer and cause needless early deaths to people who cannot even afford their drugs when the corrupt insurance companies that have capitalistic “caps” on their drug coverage, when of course you need it most, after paying into to it for a life time. Is not Capitalism wonderful for the rich and if you are a working man the response is “it is your duty to simply die quickly if you cannot pay”.

      • Bankrupt for seeking higher education….Socialist nonsense. How about a country so overrun with illegals in the workforce that high schoolers can’t get a job. Then they fall back to the educational lie that a liberal arts degree will pay six figures. A degree guaranteed by our government (Trillons) and students unable to master studies or attempt to finish, reneging on their loans.

        I know my 30 yr old son refuses to repay his loan even though he has the means. This will cost me 23k this year cause against my instincts I co signed his loan 12 years ago.

        • I would suggest you do more research before making such absurd statements. There have been plenty of programs highlighting debts as high as an average notice I said “average” of $300,000 dollars as the corrupt American education system continues to charge outrageous College fees as well as extend courses by years to rape the students of all the money they can squeeze out of them.

          Why do you think that other countries who pay for their children’s education are beating the hell out of us economically and doing it at far less cost to boot. Germany does not squander its resources on outrageously expensive sports programs which have nothing to do with getting an education and they do not live on campus further saving the University large amounts of money. Just two examples on how other countries make education affordable while here in the U.S. many children have given up altogether on even considering getting a degree in higher education. We have become the “worker drones of the corrupt world of Wall Mart troglodytes.”

        • jlp, your numbers are a laugh. The average US student graduates with less than $32,000 in debt. In Sweden (I pay taxes in the US, Sweden, and Spain) the amount is approximately US$ 21,000, approx. SEK 178,000. The reason for the Swedish number, despite essentially free tuition, is that loans are extended to cover living costs (rent, food, etc.) and students borrow, because they do not want to live at home.

          We had a tenant farmer from the 1940’s through to the mid-90’s. I watched the father of the family slowly die of congestive heart failure in his mid-seventies. There was a long line in Sweden for coronary bypass surgery. He died after seven months of waiting. By comparison my step-father, a salesman of moderate means, received a quintuple bypass in the US about ten days after his cardiologist found it an urgent need. Medicare paid for the operation and subsequent care.

          jlp, you’ve been making it up as you go.

          • There have bee plenty of news specials interviewing “real students” and the “read unpaid debt” they are in. I am not only speaking of MSNBC news but France24 news as well. France24News is considered one of the world wide premiere news programs with many specialists appearing there which include U.S. guests as well. I think I will believe them rather than you.

      • You’ve never actually been in Germany have you?
        My wife’s family is German, her mother was born there and her First Cousins still live there and we are in constant contact.
        Here is the difference between the vaunted German Health Care system and the United States.
        My wife’s cousin work up during college one day nearly blind. He describes it as looking under water through a bottle. He could see if it was light or dark, but that was pretty much it.
        The good is that Germany provided someone to read his texts books to him so he could complete college, the bad is that you don’t actually get time off from college and get to return, even going blind.
        Fatal kidney issues run in his father’s family, killing his father and all his uncles and aunts (my wife’s mother included) so his mother is very well versed in the German medical system.
        After taking him to hospital after hospital across the country trying to determine what happened and getting literally not a hint, they in desperation asked if we could help. His medical records were faxed over in German and we translated them to the best of our ability and turned them over to UCLA Medical Center where we know many of the doctors (mostly do to renal issues my wife has) and as a favor they looked over them.
        Within 48 hours UCLA had diagnosed the cause and proscribed a course of treatment and tests for other members of the family.
        Now, UCLA is a World renown medical center, and these were the very best doctors at UCLA, so it could be expected that they would be better than doctors in Germany, but here is the kicker.
        The cause of the blindness is a genetic disorder that is extremely rare, occurs only in Bavaria (or people from Bavaria), was discovered in Bavaria, and my wife’s cousin was actually at the hospital where the disorder was DISCOVERED and they still couldn’t make the connection.
        Go to Germany and look at all the people who are missing legs or arms, this isn’t because of diabetes, it’s because they lack the medical ability to save limbs from injury that are commonly saved in the United States.
        Germany does really well in treating common disorders and keeping people from getting ill, but if something serious happens to you there, you are way worse off in Germany than you are in the United States.
        Name one cancer where the survival rates are higher in Germany than the United States.
        We get more cancer in the US, but we also survive cancer much better.

        • I have family in the U.K., nearly the same story.

          For basic and preventative health care, it’s great. Don’t you dare come down with something complicated and or chronic. the vaunted NHS fails miserably in many of those cases.

        • I see you do not live in Germany either as they are one of the most advanced countries in the world in the discovery of new medicines and new robotic operating techniques. Many super rich Movie stars often go to Germany for treatment. It was no accident that Farrah Fawcett went to Germany for cancer treatment rather than stay in the U.S. for treatment.

        • jlp, I would suppose it is well known that Fawcett went to Germany for “holistic” cancer therapy, rejecting the proposed course of therapies her US physicians proposed. The German treatments were ineffective in preventing metastasis, and so Fawcett returned to the US to accept more mainstream therapy to postpone, essentially, her death.

          Fawcett’s German healthcare experience hardly recommended the system. Fawcett, like so many afflicted with cancer, grasped at novel therapies.

      • So speaks the slave, jlp, happy with his chains. Go lick the hands that feed you, I will stay a free man, knowing that I am alone responsible for my food, shelter,warmth and self-defense, and ultimately, the defense of my community. That only a slave, or a child, expects others to provide for all of these things. That free mature adults can work voluntarily together to help provide these things for each other, but in the end, a mature free adult knows that it can never be mandated, (unless voluntarily offered) that those more productive are forced to provide their own sustenance, to those less industrious.

        • The real Slave is yourself as you grovel at the feet of corrupt Capitalists who run places like Wall Mart and enslave the people by breaking the only thing the workers ever had that gave them a decent living and that was “Unionism”. It was powerful Unions that got a far wage for a days work and prevented corrupt politicians from sending jobs overseas (beginning with Reagan) which collapsed the American economy and broke the Unions which condemned people to a life of abject economic minimum wage slavery at the “Capitalistic Woker’s Paradise of Walmart”, now shamefully the largest employer of “worker troglodytes” in America today.

        • Look, jlp, there are no useful idiots here. You are talking to an audience that is at least as well educated about the economic systems and everyday life in European countries as you are. You can continue to post here, of course, but at best you’ll simply provide us with a source for comic relief. Most of us have had these kinds of sophomoric many times in the past. Simply put, we are not going to be persuaded by your socialist twaddle

          • And you forgot to add “with historic facts” something you cannot deny. The rest of the civilized world has afforded National Health Care since the late 1800’s in Germany proving if small European countries who on average are 50 times smaller than the U.S. have done it and continue to do it historically this refutes stingy Conservative propaganda that we here in the U.S. cannot afford a decent paid for medical care and affordable higher education for our children. Again History has proven you wrong. One hundred plus years of Socialistic History proves it beyond doubt. And by the way America is not totally Capitalistic either. Where do you think the “American as apple pie Social Security came from”? The American Communist party pushed for and got it in the 1930’s and the Republicans have been hell bent on destroying it ever since. Since then many other very weak Socialistic programs have also been adopted. School lunch programs for grade school kids which conservatives say is too expensive (but not trillions spent on wars). Medicare, Medicaid,, weak aid to education which is in no way sufficient to keep kids form going bankrupt trying to afford college.

            As far as my posts being humorous remember the old adage “When you point your finger at me you have 3 fingers pointing right back at yourself.” That’s even a weak ratio when you are speaking about Conservatism.

      • jlp,

        There is another ginormous dimension to German “affluence” that you failed to mention: home ownership. What I saw, when I was there, is that very few people own a home. As far as I could tell, most people live in small apartments.

        I certainly do not begrudge anyone who lives in an apartment. Personally, I REALLY like the realistic option of actually owning a home … something that is attainable for many — and dare I even say most — families in the United States. If my choice was:
        (a) state-managed healthcare and living in a small apartment for my entire life, or
        (b) free-market healthcare and the realistic option to own a home for my entire life,
        I would choose (b) every single time. As far as I can tell, so would most other families in the United States.

        • You would change your mind very quickly if you aware that right now “free market drug cooked drug companies” are bankrupting people with outrageous prices that have no justification what-so-ever. They do not get to rape people like that in Germany as they would be fined and jailed.

        • I’ll guess that jlp had a misspent youth as a Stasi employee and misses the old commie East German days.

          • I realize conservatives have an absolute paranoia on educating themselves in regards to how other foreign people live. It just might undermine their arrogant and erroneous pre-conceived notions that the U.S. is still the best place to live in the world. If you do not believe Germans own their own homes I suggest you start watching France24News, BBC, or DW News. You might actually educate yourself, you see I forgot to mention the fact that they have superior news programs also because unlike the U.S. which has cut funds to Public Educational channels (because Republicans found out that an educated population tends to vote Liberal) that they have the funding to broadcast superior educational programs. Just maybe its just another contributing factor that their populations are more educated and successful in the economic race than U.S. troglodytes who only seem to be losing out in the economic race with each passing day. In the U.S. today even if you manage to get a degree you end up owing $300,000 in debt which even with a well paying job will take you the rest of your life if you ever pay it off. Not financially as affordable as compared to lower cost European educational systems. And yes Europeans own their own homes, they own lots of them and even build new ones (as seen on Euromax TV.)

        • Notice that jlp never responded to my actual point: state-run healthcare in Germany means most families will never own a home. How could a family afford a home when the government confiscates about 50% of a family’s income to pay for all of those government programs … like “free” healthcare.

          • Where do you get the idea Germans do not own homes. I suggest you put aside your paranoid fears in regards to watching foreign TV and watch “Euromax” sometime. They show scads of Germans who not only own their own homes but proudly take Euromax on a tours of their homes.

      • There are MANY problems (and inaccuracies) with what you purport here. The most fundamental is that your plan (Socialism) takes from some (by force) to give to others. America already has WAY too much of this and I object to it. Socialism is inherently ‘unfair’ and immoral. How about you be as generous as you like with YOUR resources and leave other people’s alone.

    • Switzerland looked at Democracy and Nazism and couldn’t pick a side.
      That tells you everything you need to know about the moral makeup of the country.

      Don’t know the original author but someone once said it’s very easy to tell if you’re holding the correct
      moral position on something is to determine what would happen if everybody else took the same position.
      If all countries chose neutrality we’d all be celebrating Hitlers birthday as a national holiday.

      Europe is so far gone that they don’t even have enough natives to keep their populations from declining.
      Is France France where there are no French?

      • Neutrality doesn’t mean that we won’t defend our country if attacked. It means that we won’t participate in a war by choosing who’s right or wrong.
        Neutrality is what allows the Red Cross to go to a conflict place and help soldiers from both camps (I agree, not so easy with ISIS now …)
        By the way, it seems that this Neutrality issue that you see didn’t cause any trouble to the US as the country used Switzerland to represent them in Cuba and Iran … 😉

  4. I read another article on this and they had some euro anti gun person spouting off non facts that more guns means more gun violence. All I had to say was “Citation Needed”. There isn’t a correlation bud, so try again!

  5. Makes you wonder across Europe how many grandfathers stashed away arms left over from two world wars and sporting arms now regulated in decades past. Hopefully some did and their children and grandchildren will be thankful for their parents and grandparents foresight. The older generations would remember true civil unrest.

    • Given the sad state of most of Europe’s societies today, the family would most likely turn those guns in to the “authorities” when le pépère dies…

  6. Will the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issue a call to arms in response to President Hope and Change’s new gun control executive orders? Even Daffy Cathy has called on the citizens of DC to fight back (empty handed of course) when confronted with a terrorist attack.

  7. Sorry but the General is mistaken about a civil war. Civil war is taken up arms between citizens of disagreeing on a particular point. Our civil war concerned states rights to continue salvery. The Swiss will fight for its survival against its own government sponsored invasion of Islamist wanting to impose Sharia and setting back Swiss civilization 500 years.

    The West cannot comprehend the mind of Islamist through the lens of democracy. The belief that one can imbrace a third world mentality in a modern democracy is wishful thinking at best and cultural genocide at it worst.

    • We did not have a “civil war”. We had an aggressive war where the United States invaded the sovereign nation of the Confederate States so the US could continue to suck tax money out of the South. The whole slavery angle was just a propaganda ploy by Lincoln. He didn’t care about slaves, but he couldn’t let the tariffs paid by the South escape.

      • Confederates never reached a state of sovereignty. And our nation is all the better that it did not succeed.

      • The whole slavery angle was just a propaganda ploy by Lincoln. He didn’t care about slaves,
        The slavery issue did not arise until after the battle of Antietam.

        • The slavery issue was not viable until Antietam, since there had been no Union victories prior to that time. And while it is true that Lincoln was not initially drawn to the abolitionist cause, it is also true that the slavery issue was inextricably linked with the circumstances that lead to the initiation of hostilities. I suggest “April 1865, the Month that Saved the Nation” as containing an excellent and well-researched dissertation on the subject. Plus it is a good read.

        • The entire purpose of the new Republican party was to set up an anti slavery majority in the Senate by preventing slavery from expanding into territories and new states, which would allow fire amending the constitution.

          No, Lincoln wasn’t an abolitionist, but the evidence is clear he opposed slavery and was pursuing the only legal way to end it available at the time he ran for president.

        • Nonsense. Lincoln returned to politics in 1850. Specifically his objection was the Kanas Nebraska Act. Wiki….”Lincoln returned to the political stage as a result of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act and soon became a leading opponent of the “Slaveocracy”—that is the political power of the southern slave owners. The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, written to form the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, included language, designed by Stephen A. Douglas,[4] which allowed the settlers to decide whether they would or would not accept slavery in their region. Lincoln saw this as a repeal of the 1820 Missouri Compromise which had outlawed slavery above the 36-30′ parallel.”

          Lincoln’s father often loaned him out to local farmers as a laborer without compensation. I would say Lincoln worked hard to end salvery, and had to drag the rest of the country to emancipation.

        • Marcus (Aurelius) Payne – The Emancipation Proclamation was an “Executive Order” and was not based in law. See also me “have a phone and a pen” who apparently this week will issue another lawless “Executive Order/Orders. Lincoln could at least read the political climate and had, arguably SOME respect for the Constitution and the nation.

      • Wrong.
        The Civil War had everything to do about slavery right from the start with the original votes on succession.

        • You have made the common mistake of conflating the cause of secession by the Southern States with the cause of the WAR against the South by the United States government. They are two separate things. War did not have to follow secession by any means, and the fact that it did was not motivated by the cause of ending slavery. It was about maintaining Federal power and the tax base.

          “My policy sought only to collect the Revenue (a 40 percent federal sales tax on imports to Southern States under the Morrill Tariff Act of 1861).” reads paragraph 5 of Lincoln’s First Message to the U.S. Congress, penned July 4, 1861.

          “I have no purpose, directly or in-directly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so,” Lincoln said it his first inaugural on March 4 of the same year.

        • War did not have to follow secession by any means…

          Yeah right, because the North and the president were just going to let half the country cleave off especially since the split was due to slavery as you now admit.

  8. Smart man.

    Borders are going to be slamming shut, followed hopefully by mass deportations. That is best case scenario.

    At worst you will see ethnic cleansing on a scale that will make Bosnia look like a romper room party. Either way there is bloodshed headed to Europe on a massive scale.

    The EU is in its death throes and you can thank the free movement leadership for the coming genocide. Repatriation is the only way to save lives.

    • “At worst you will see ethnic cleansing on a scale that will make Bosnia look like a romper room party”.

      I cannot agree on this point. Bosnia was state sponsored terror/murder against Muslim population. Only the West (Brits and US) stepped in to stop the killing. The challenge is to move off the murder cease fire mentality that lies deep within each of us and make clear that movement towards restricting individual rights via Sharia will not be tolerated and any attempts through legistlation to introduce will unleash deportation of both immigrants and legislators that propose it. Backed by the force of arms.

      The dangerous precedent in this country, specifically concern immigration, is the selective enforcement of law. By allowing executive orders to circumvent laws for political gain of democrats will lead to the same conditions we see in Europe.

      • All of Western civilization is at a cross roads between Civil Society and Cultural Society, and it is waking up to the fact that you can not sustain a purely civil society without forced assimilation.

        So if the people of a nation no longer wish to tolerate the presence of any race or religion, since it is destructive to their national identity and cultural society it will be purged. It will become state sponsored when enough of the people are willing to fight for their cultural survival.

      • Bosnia was state sponsored terror/murder against Muslim population. Only the West . . . stepped in to stop the killing.

        I always considered the sight of Christians killing other Christians in order to save Muslims to be the ultimate Theater of the Absurd.

        • I always considered the sight of Christians killing other Christians in order to save Muslims to be the ultimate Theater of the Absurd.
          Sort of what I thought during the Bosnian War.
          Good, bad, or indifferent the USA had no business or interests in that war, that was an EU problem.

        • I was there, and I don’t believe there was any Christians killing Christians to protect Muslims. I’m not aware of any “use of force” involving a fatality in my brigade’s sector. We went in, they separated, we took the weapons (some we destroyed, some we made them relocate to depots).

          Basically, the kids were fighting and we called a “time out”.

          On the other hand, the Muslims were ungrateful, hostile, and generally not pleasant to be around. The Serbs were responsible for most of the atrocities, but I think that was jut because they had a huge military advantage. There were no “good guys” in that war.

      • Well, Mk10108, that’s the politically correct version of events. I was reading that from the christian Bosnian’s perspective, they were protecting themselves from the mass slaughter perpetrated upon their population by the devout muslim’s attempt to create an Islamic state.

        I’m sure that Martel the Hammers defeat of the Ottoman (muslim) empires attempt to impose the Islamic state over the rest of europe in the dark ages, and the pushing out of Spain from Muslim occupation would be classified as state sponsored terrorism over the Muslim population in the current politically correct environment.

        And no, I don’t propose “ethnic cleansing” as a solution to the attack upon our civilization by a dark ages religious belief system. Especially when the current Islamic “terrror” is being used by the real enemy of our freedom, our current western governmental system, as the “Boogeyman” to create ever greater police state apparatus.

        But when war is engaged as the last resort of a failed political process, atrocities do happen. Which is why, if we fail at the ballot box to correct the attack upon our freedoms by the real enemy,(our own government), then the action of last resort, civil war, will include all of the usual atrocities. Something that most people have no idea what that really entails, at least in our western experience.

        Which is why, when I hear of those that wish for such an event as a way to bring back a constitution republic, I see as being absolutely insane.

      • The Muslims murdered their share of Christians in the former Yugoslavia. We should have minded our own business and let the Serbs clean house.

        • And IS is on a Christain murder spree. Supposed we should let then continue their work? This administration seems to think no intervention is necessary as well.

        • In response to MK, it is not that the government thinks that intervention is “unnecessary,” it is that it think that intervention is unwise. US troops will be treated as invaders (“Crusaders” according to the Islamists) and will be attacked by both sides of the conflict. The Iraqi militias have explicitly so threatened when we announced that some special ops forces were going to be inserted. It would be Falluha 2.0. And just like the invasion of Iraq failed to establish a viable democracy, an invasion of Syria will likely lead to the same result. To say nothing of the fact that Turkey, a supposed NATO ally, and Saudi Arabia (another “ally”) are supporting the same people we would be fighting. The situation in the Mid East is, classically, a clusterf*ck. To out it simply, there is no way that we can cure the blood hatred of the Shi’ia and the Sunni. This is a religious war, with many innocents caught in the crossfire, not unlike the wars between the Catholics and the Protestants that plagued Europe centuries ago.

        • Mark. You are 100% correct. The lesson of Gulf 1 was not heeded. Go in clear and extract. The second gulf war Bush Jr. thought I’d the drove Hussain to ground, Iraq would, through democracy fix itself. All he accomplished as removing Sunnis from government on the notion that a majority Shia deserved an opportunity to govern themselves. Germany and Japan required ten plus years shepherding Gremany to democracy and schooling the Japanese on how to accomplish it. No such culture of democracy exist in the Middle East and I submitt any attempt to secularize a Muslim country ultimately fails due to the Islamist backed by Jihadist.

        • We’ll never know for certain if nation building in the Middle East could have been successful, because we forgot how incredibly long it takes to do it. WW2 ended over 70 years ago, and the occupation hasn’t ended. The Korean War ended over 60 years ago, (for practical purposes, I know it’s technically still going), and the occupation hasn’t ended.

          We seized the Philippines in 1898, and except for the war years, we didn’t give them back until 1946. We didn’t leave until 1992. Now, Korea and the Philippines weren’t really attempts at nation building, but Japan and Germany certainly were. Does anyone think either place would be as friendly to American interests as they are today, had we just packed up and went home in 1955 or so?

          Yes, there were other reasons to stay in Japan and Germany, reasons which aren’t quite as strong with Iraq and Afghanistan. The point is, leaving after ten years guarantees failure at a task that can take the better part of a century. When you’re dealing with people who are still mad about the Crusades, you need to play a longer game than that.

          • I think you failed to differentiate between many of the wars in which you spoke of. In the Middle East and the one you did not mention Viet-Nam we stepped into the middle of a civil war with both countries being supplied with war materials from outside sources. In both wars (including the current Middle East War) the U.S. was and is doomed to failure. As the Vietnamese said “we used death by a thousand little cuts” which meant they knew they could bankrupt the U.S. just as they did the French in the Indo-China War. The same exact thing is going on in the Middle East. I myself at first thought “can Isis really be that moronic to taunt the West into more war with them”? Perhaps they are not as moronic as I once thought as they too must be aware of how the U.S. and France lost their wars of economic exploitation in Viet-Nam. Now Isis is following the same path and using the same tactics. Fight long enough and a little nation can bankrupt a more powerful bigger nation.

            I would disagree with your premise that if we had stayed longer in some countries like Vietnam or the Middle East that we could have won or prevented them from fighting amongst themselves and eventually had them become great friends of the U.S. as Europe did after WWII (they were never involved in a civil war at that time.)

            Without a political settlement among the Arabs themselves we can spend trillions, send in troops numerous times, or bomb for years and we will only succeed in bankrupting our country just as we did in the Vietnam war. The words of “President Johnson” and now the buffoon Ted Cruz ring in my ears. Both said ” I will bomb them back into the stone age”. It did not work then and will not work today.

          • I would also disagree with your assertion that the wholesale U.S. Imperialistic invasion of the Philippian Islands was not Nation Building as you sugar coat it. It was wholesale economic exploitation by greedy American businessmen at their very worst. Naturally the U.S. Military was sent in to protect the businessmen’s economic exploitation of the Islands. A harbinger of what would happen years later in Vietnam. Wholesale civilian slaughter ensued because the U.S. Military realized the only way to win a guerrilla war is conduct Caesarian tactics i.e. slaughter the women and children and the promise to the warriors of amnesty followed by killing them anyway such as happened to Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. The same exact tactics used to mass slaughter the American Indian women and children were then used against the Philippian’s women and children and unfortunately for the Philippian’s it defeated them as well. It took almost 100 years for the Philippian people to get rid of the hated Americans but luck is not with the Philippian people as now China is threatening to enslave them as they believe that since the Americans have pulled out they have free reign to do as they like with the Philippian Islands. Time will tell if the Chinese get away with this or if America will go to war with China over the Philippian Islands

  9. When are people going to realize that islam has only ONE objective; total subjugation of any all other religious dogmas? They will not rest till they have achieved this; not that it is likely to happen; all things considered. When you listen to their “reasoned” explanations about how peaceful they are, one would swear that butter will not melt in their mouths…not that they are all bad; just like in Germany during WW2 not all Germans were Nazis. The problem is that the good one were not in charge. Same principle applies with islam. So, the Swiss army general is spot on in his assessment of islam’s sentiments. They use democracy, an ideology totally forbidden in their own countries, to destroy democracy. Suffice it to say that their militant Allah, the original pagan moon god is about as much a reflection of Jahweh as Mad Bob Mugabe is my blood brother!

    • Yahweh was a pagan god, doncha know. He just claimed he was the Supreme God over all the others. Remember that line, “worship no other gods before me”? Allah, on the other hand, has always been the one and only True God, according to the Koran.

      • Thanks for the update and correction. Now if he would reveal himself and help solve overcoming that speed of light problem perhaps the universe made available for colonization. That way liberals, conservatives, Islamist & Baptist can promote their niche.

      • I thought he was supposed to the same God, but they believe Mohammed was the prophet of the most current version of his word. Isn’t that why they call Jews and Christians the ‘people of the book?’ According to Islam, from what I remember, Christ was not the son of God, but a mortal man who was the last prophet before Mohammed, who they think is the last prophet that will ever be.

        • I delight in this reflection, that Aristotle in his Metaphysics posited one unitary god…long before such clarity was attempted by the middle-eastern religions. Of course Aristotle had predecessors in Democritus, Heraclitus, and other…Greeks.

          I would also note that the Greeks had no concept of heresy. That was a gift, so far as historians seem to tell, of near eastern religions, notably Judaism, and later of Christianity, then Islam.

          For 500 years or more Mathematics and Greek formed the core higher education at English universities, and Aristotle provided the practical religion of the educated.

          It’s been downhill lately, seems to me.

  10. This is all well and not good for Europe. Remember Tours AD 732. C’mon RF get on the 2nd Bundy anti-government fight-it concerns ALL of us a bit more than the Swiss. And their armed up little country…

    • The difference between that battle (stopping the Islamic invasion of Europe and firming establishing Christianity in Europe) and today’s “invasion” is Mulisums are invited into Europe for no other reason than to be used as a tax source and votes to prop up the socialist state.

      It took 60 years of hot & cold wars to defeat communism as a form of government, your witnessing the elliptic moment showing the limitations of democracy when confronted with a Stone Age culture.

      The only successful government in Middle East was secular Iran in the sixtys and early seventies. A triving economy ground to a halt by Islamist and only survived today by oil and help from this administration.

      We must stop our elected representatives continued support for assimilation of Muslim cultures into our country.

      As for RF and crew focusing in on 2A. Not worthy of a rebuttal.

      • AND…neither are you “worthy”. Bundy fun concerns you and me a helluva’ lot more than the Swiss. Goin’ back to the football game.

    • For a site with a definate anti .gov slant and cop hate it’s strange the silence about the situation in Oregon.

  11. Wow. He is talking almost as if the govt cant protect everyone all the time, people have the right to protect themselves, people may be effective at protecting themselves and their civilization, and even that the govt and people are on the same side.


    So, a govt of, by, and for the people would benefit from the people being engaged, capable, and even armed. Makes you wonder how we the people ended up as the problem.

    • Switzerland is what we could have been. They really do have “a well regulated militia” ie (well trained and equipped), The Swiss general really does see his fellow citizens as the first line of defense.

      Except we do have more freedom in the amount of ammo we can keep in house.

      • The mistake the people of the US made was allowing the .gov to have standing forces. If 90% of the US Army was part time citizen soldiers and the FBI was made up of people in a purely investigative role; the State would have to rely on the people as a whole for its power. As it is now, the state has what amounts to a near monopoly on its own private “force”.

        If the state had to rely on the consent of individual citizens (the militia citizen soldiers who are not obligated/bound to carry out the states will because of compulsion but because the State should benefit its people, not the other way around) to exercise force, it would have avoided the corrupt state vs the people (look at the NSA leaks for proof the US gov doesn’t trust its citizens) that the US is currently in.

      • What’s this legend about the quantity of ammo we can keep at home ?
        There’s no limit ! We sometime buy 10k or 15k ammo when prices are low and then share them in between our shooting group with no issue at all.
        I think people gets confused with the military ammo (gp90) that is provided by the army and that is limited in quantity. Then, you can go to a gun shop and 10k rounds of 5.56 without any issue …

  12. I disagree. Anti-Islamic sentiment reeks of the old McCarthy era “The Commies Are Coming!!!”

    The worthless pansies “DAESH” have fostered a perfect storm for wholesale discrimination.

    Are the massive immigrations a strain? Yes. Will there be difficulties? Yes. Am I excited that thousands or millions of Islamic immigrants will be headed to U.S. shores? Hell no.

    I would just like to suggest that I served for 27 years in our military to help protect religious freedom – Regardless of which flavor it is.

    This Swiss general is not incorrect. I just think a social breakdown could occur from just about any source, any time. It’s ALWAYS a good thing to be armed and ready.

    • Just as an aside, I was looking over my grandfathers WWII medals and the victory medal says “Freedom from fear and want Freedom of speech and religion” on the back. Never noticed that before

    • The commies were coming. And they’re still here in our colleges and in elected officials like bernie and difi…….

    • Freedom of religion cannot exist in a country where Islam calls the shots. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political construct designed to topple and replace governments. Until we stop thinking its somehow equivalent to Judaism, Christianity, or Buddhism, Islams purge of “infidels” will continue.

    • “I would just like to suggest that I served for 27 years in our military to help protect religious freedom – Regardless of which flavor it is”.

      Valid a pertinent point. I served 13 years and often in discord in conversations about religion, remind people the military swears an oath preserving the constitution and ensuring citizens freedom of a state sponsored religion. We served our country voluntarily and grew up through with the culture and lens of democracy. One moment in the Middle East completely changed how I view Muslims.

      I had many Muslim friends working for the government in Kuwait. Once three of them eased into a conversation about what religion I was. I relayed having none (crucible of being a southern baptist notwithstanding). This caused great confusion and a heated discussion in Arabic between the three. One asked what religion my parents were. Replied Christian. Another heated Arabic discussion while my hand slowly reached into my pocket grasping my M9. All three turned and proclaimed I was a Christian. So though I was three feet away the cultural divide between us could never be bridged. I was yoked to a faith by birth, not by choice and in that moment, I finally started to understand what Islam was about.

      The challenge is preserving our republic while assimilating a Stone Age religion into our culture. My experience is it cannot be included because Islamic values are diametrically opposed to our democracy. The change has to come from within Islam. Muslims must a “Martin Luther” moment that culls Jihadist from their faith. If not our only recourse is lawful self protection from religious murders.

      • You must have served 37 years out of our Country or if you have not you have been fast asleep. Middle East People in the Cleveland and Flint Michigan area own thousands of businesses. They cannot run the businesses all by themselves and they employ people to help them. When people are working they contribute to the overall robustness of the economy. Recently on the news one Michigan city (I believe it was also in Flint) Muslims are now are a majority on the City Council and run the City. Now if that is not assimilation into American Culture nothing else would be.

        Remember that the racist Benjamin Franklin predicted that after the Revolutionary war that the great influx of German immigrants would trash American and destroy it. Later the same xenophobic statements were made about the Irish Catholics. Billy Graham worked behind the scenes to try and keep Catholic John F. Kennedy from being elected. Chinese laborers built Americans first transcontinental railway. East European immigrants (who were later barred by the racist Harry Truman and the KKK Nazi’s from immigration here) flooded into the labor starved steel and auto industry in the 1900’s.

        History does not lie when it comes to proving the benefits of immigration. Today we do not have enough immigrants as the aging population is not being replaced fast enough with new taxpayers to provide basic social services so necessary in a civilized society. Even in Europe with the predicted 3 million new refugees flooding in, it will still according to top economists, not be enough people to sustain European growth or be enough to continue to provide enough tax base for necessary social services.

        You may hate immigrants because they do not look like you or have a different religion but you will have to get over it for nothing stays the same forever. Populations change, one race declines and another increases, one religion that was dominate fades away and another replaces it. Today in Europe there are thousands of once Christian Churches that sat abandoned until changed into libraries, hotels and in some cases converted into Mosques. Not so unusual in History as it also happened as long ago as the fall of the Christian Roman Empire in Constantinople. History repeats itself over and over again.

        • You could not be more wrong of the new Wahhabist Islam which was uncapped after WWI. This was the Ottoman Turks greatest fear.

        • The influx of Muslims into a country has meant misery and death.
          Every. Single. Time. Throughout. History.

          It’s not a religion. It’s a death cult.

        • Obviously, Tom, not all Muslims are Wahhabi. Islam, as Christianity, has many sects, some liberal, some fanatically fundamentalist. The problem is not religion, per se, it is fundamentalism. Dealing with Islamists in their own country is a different matter than dealing with assimilated Muslims who have voluntarily emigrated elsewhere. Just think about this country. Up to the 1950s or 60s, Catholics, Protestants and Jews were forbidden by their religious cultures from intermarrying; today it is hardly ever an issue. Times change. Cultures change, and a lot of it depends on the cultural milieu. As an example, I was born and raised in Chicago. There were Polish neighborhoods, Irish neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods, Italian neighborhoods, etc etc. Now all of those old neighborhoods are gone, or nearly so, as my grandparents’ generation, born near the start of the last century, die off. The same is happening to the Chinese.

        • I have no hate nor problem for legal immigrants. I’m all for it. My neighborhood is the most ethic I’ve lived in. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Russian, Japanese, Philippino, Haitian, black and even one redneck we all dislike.

          America is the best opportunity for Mulisms to assimilate into western culture.

          The fear is what would you do if a Islamist (not Muslim and there is a difference) majority city council decide the call to prayers (starts st 4:30 am) should be broadcast via loud speaker across your community? Suppose gangs of rapist prey only in white teenagers and the Sharia council approves? Or perhaps five Mulism men decide you shouldn’t drink beer on your front porch and beat you within an inch of your life and police look the other way? Or the city council shutting down Catholic churches. I’m betting you any many in the forum cannot fathom those scenarios occurring. I can tell you if not monitored and rejected by our judicial they as discribed will happen here.

        • “America is the best opportunity for Mulisms to assimilate into western culture. ”

          They will not assimilate. Period, full stop.

          *We* must embrace Islam, pay the tax, or die by the sword.

          Period, full stop.

          There was a recent poll of Muslims in America, an *astounding* percentage believe Sharia must be imposed in the USA.

          There is *no* ‘Co-Exist’ with Islam. Period, full stop.

          If they don’t leave, one day it will be Islam vs Infidels.

          And God will be on their side…

          • My local doctor, dentist and policeman and mailman are all Muslims. I am afraid your xenophobia does not recognize the multicultural reality of American, not today, not yesterday and not of the future.

        • The difference between immigration today, and immigration for the entire history of the United States until maybe 20 years ago at most, is that in the old days, people came to America from all over the world, wanting to be Americans. Wanting to seize a little part of the dream, and knowing they would have to work hard to earn it.

          Immigrants today are told the dream is dead, and there is nothing special about America. In fact, the evil white men who founded it are the cause of all the world’s problems, including those that existed before the United States was created. They come here for jobs, they come here for the entitlement programs, and they come here to live as the same nationality they were when they left.

          Even without the religious issue, this is a recipe for disaster.

          • Please go back and read by above post as reality refutes your entire post about immigrants not coming here for a better life and not assimilating. I suggest you also take a trip out west sometime and see the thousands of Latino businesses, the Chinese and Japanese businesses and the Cuban businesses in Florida in addition to the Michigan and Ohio Muslim businesses I mentioned in my above post which you did not read in its entirety if at all.
            By the way did you know Cruz and Rubio are children of Cuban immigrants. I would say they assimilated very well and they just may be telling you what to do for the next four years. Where did you get this idea people do not assimilate perhaps from the Rush LimbHead radio diatribe who by the way only graduated from High School. He is a great source of educated hyperbole.

      • “Religion by birth” is not specifically a Muslim thing – it’s a popular way to account in many traditional, ultra-conservative societies (where it’s largely true in any case).

      • Look, maybe some of the Islamic sects are actively seeking to annihilate all other religions. They’ll never succeed. For just the same reason that the Crusade didn’t convert the Muslims to Christianity.

        We don’t have to understand, love or even like another individual’s religious views. I live in a predominantly Mormon community. I am pretty sure I am judged in a negative light by some of my neighbors. Perhaps, some even perceive me as a threat.

        It’s probably because of a verse in my bible, from the Church of Devout Cowardice, that reads “Punish the blasphemers and non-believers, cursing them with explosive, moist flatulence. May their sins be purged and their souls cleansed.” It’s actually a harmless phrase, misinterpreted by many.

        Now, I leave you with something I was lucky enough to experience, from Iraq:

  13. I disagree. Anti-Islamic sentiment reeks of the old McCarthy era “The Commies Are Coming!!!”

    What is it about that word, “reeks”? Every time it’s used, bullshit seems to be in close proximity.

    Commies stole our nuclear secrets and sold them to Russia. And McCarthy was mostly right.

    • “MCarthy was mostly right”?

      Umm, no Mcarthy was totally and completely right. Just look at our current communist (progressive) controlled media, schools, universities and movie industry.

      That didn’t happen in a vacuum or just over the last 10 years. This was decades in the making.

      • Following the fall of the USSR in the 1980’s, the KGB released documents that proved Senator Joseph McCarthy was absolutely correct in his assertions that Soviet spys had infiltrated and influenced policies at
        the highest levels of the US government and mass media outlets.

        Also confirmed was a US Department of State high level employee and Soviet spy (named Alger Hiss) negatively influenced post WWII negotiations between FDR and Stalin, resulting in the deaths, imprisonment, and inslavement of millions of people placed under control of the communists as a result of the negotiations.

        Anybody who thinks Islamic operatives have not infiltrated themselves into positions of influence at high levels of US and European governments is either stupid, or naive. Money talks, and the Middle East has plenty of cash to buy key players and promote their agenda…..

      • F that.
        They can save their own pompous asses this time.
        They deride our country and culture at every opportunity.
        No riding to the rescue this time.
        They can preach their multiculturalism as they get their heads chopped.

  14. An economic study recently done showed that even with the estimated 3 million refugees flooding into Europe it will still not be enough people to replace the aging European population so that there is enough taxes paid to fund social services such as medical care, education, road and bridge repair etc. etc. The Statement made by “Herr General” was simply WWII European Racism and Islamophobia dressed up in a different suit for 21st century consumption designed to fuel mass hysteria.

    As one survivor in the British Army recently stated “If it had not been for a Muslim Doctor and Nurses I would not be alive today”. I wonder how “Herr General” would respond to that statement?

    • >As one survivor in the British Army recently stated “If it had not been for a Muslim Doctor and Nurses I would not be alive today”. I wonder how “Herr General” would respond to that statement?

      Herr General could remind the British Army survivor that not all muslims are getting paid to invade Christian nations, some of them remain gainfully employed in their islamic nations and provide much needed services to their fellow man….

  15. The article from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten has been slightly mistranslated and greatly misinterpreted by

    The orifinal article says: “[Blattmann] rät der Schweiz, sich zu wappnen.”

    The German word “sich wappnen” historically meant “to arm oneself”, but nowadays it simply means as much as “to prepare oneself” or “to brace oneself”.

    I have no idea if the general is pro-gun or not, but from what I could gather by reading a few Swiss articles, his main aim seems to be getting better funding for the Swiss military.

  16. The Swiss General makes me a little bit more proud of my Swiss Heritage. I thought I was all alone in such thinking.

  17. A true Conservative, save a penny today and go bankrupt tomorrow because you were to cheap to pay a few more pennies in taxes so that when you desperately needed Social Services they were not there when you needed them most. Pure Jethro Bodine Genius.

  18. As it seems that a lot of people is a bit confused, Switzerland is not part of EU. We’re geographically located right in the middle, but we’re not EU.
    We pay with Swiss francs and not Euro, we vote our laws, we own guns, our healthcare system is pretty efficient, even if it’s private and a bit expensive. Thus, the basic insurance os mandatory for everybody and the price is fixed and reviewed every year by insurances, hospitals (doctors and so on …) and pharmaceutical companies and the people.
    So we’re not communist EU, we’re somewhere in the middle of USA and EU, call it Switzerland 🙂

    • Thanks for your informative post but you left something out. I would call your country “civilized” unlike the chaos crooked health system we have in the workers troglodyte state of the ruling rich here in Amerikanskica.

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