New Zealand gun buyback failure
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“I told you so” doesn’t quite cover this one. On Monday, Radio New Zealand reported that gun crimes (including violent gun crimes) haven’t dropped in New Zealand since they instituted an “assault weapon” ban. In fact, they’ve gone way up.

What we’re looking at is a piece of rushed legislation, or two pieces of rushed legislation, that went through so fast that the unintended consequences of doing that are starting to be realized, and of course the effects that we’re seeing are a less safer community.

So said Nicole McKee, a legislator in New Zealand’s ACT party, which stands for right-libertarian or classical liberal policies.

McKee went on to say that New Zealand’s gun owners were blamed for the Christchurch terror attack two years ago and made to feel like criminals. Meanwhile, the government took zero reponsibility.

The thing that troubles me most is that police didn’t have the integrity to say right from the outset, “we stuffed up, this guy should never have got a license.”

Sporting Shooters Association president Neville Dodd said.

As a result, 241,900 New Zealanders who’ve been carefully vetted, unlike Tarrant, alienated, no longer support the police and that to me is the biggest tragedy of all because we had a very good rapport with police, and that’s gone.

Supporters of New Zealand’s ban are doubling down. Some, like Hera Cook of Gun Control New Zealand and the country’s top police official, take the xenophobia route, and blame the rise in violent gun crimes on people who were deported from Australia in recent years. Others, like the prime minister, claim that the law just needs more time to work.

To The Truth About Guns readers, the law’s failure is no surprise. We know from the experience in the United States that “assault weapon” bans just don’t work.

Even the New York Times has admitted that there is no evidence that the ban from 1994-2004 had any effect on violent crime or mass shootings. But, like in New Zealand, the supporters of gun control will always find another way to twist facts or use “alternative facts” altogether to justify their position. And, like New Zealand, they aren’t afraid to use the racism and xenophobia they accuse Republicans of when it suits their position.

Even with these facts getting in the way, Democrats like Diane “I have no trigger discipline” Feinstein are still pushing for a law similar to New Zealand’s. According to Feinstein’s website, key provisions would include:

      • Bans the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name. Owners may keep existing weapons.
      • Bans any assault weapon with the capacity to utilize a magazine that is not a fixed ammunition magazine and has one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock. Owners may keep existing weapons.
      • Bans magazines and other ammunition feeding devices that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, which allow shooters to quickly fire many rounds without needing to reload. Owners may keep existing magazines.
      • Requires a background check on any future sale, trade or gifting of an assault weapon covered by the bill.
      • Requires that grandfathered assault weapons are stored using a secure gun storage or safety device like a trigger lock.
      • Prohibits the transfer of high-capacity ammunition magazines.
      • Bans bump-fire stocks and other devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at fully automatic rates.

Exemptions to bill:

      • The bill exempts by name more than 2,200 guns for hunting, household defense or recreational purposes.
      • The bill includes a grandfather clause that exempts all weapons lawfully possessed at the date of enactment.

Unlike the previous “Assault Weapon” ban, the bill likely doesn’t include a sunset provision like the last one. The idea last time was to be able to get rid of the law if it didn’t prove effective (and it definitely didn’t). Now, despite no proof that the law would make anyone safer (except, perhaps, the would-be tyrants), they want a permanent ban.

Sure, there are exceptions, and it doesn’t take all guns away, but we know from history that gun control supporters will never be happy. Gun owners have given them a lot of ground over the years, and they’re always back asking for more. If we’d only give just a little more, all of their pretend problems would be solved, they say. Even with the exceptions and grandfathering, our children and grandchildren wouldn’t be able to get their own modern sporting rifles.

Don’t be fooled. The goal of bills like Feinstein’s is to take a down payment on a total gun ban, or enough of a ban that guns would be useless for personal defense or defense against tyranny.

And really, enabling tyranny is what gun control is all about. They know that criminals won’t follow their laws, but they do want to disarm good people. I know that my indirect defense of LGBT people in a prior article wasn’t popular among TTAG readers, but as a person in a same sex marriage, I know all too well that government can easily take away our rights if we let it, and that’s not a position that any of us want to be in.

Well, none of us other than Feinstein and her ilk.


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  1. The LGBTQ,xyz crowd are in the leadership of the civilian industrial disarmament complex. They are the ones proposing, writing, and passing gun grabbing laws. That is why many people like me will continue to criticize them. They are as anti-civil rights as Bull Connor.

    The voters in New Zealand are fools. The people in Hong Kong are so much smarter. They know they need guns.

    • Lol the average antifa Hong Kong rioter participating in a CIA color revolution would not be able to hold a gun.

      That whole movement is very very left wing. America is Usury, Sodomy, Abortion. Now our gun blog is LGBT allied. No dissent will be tolerated! (Or you will loose your big corporate job if you don’t go to the gay supremacy sin-of-pride parade- thanks free-market libertariarns!)

      Oh – and we are still going to loose our guns anyway :/

      #carryeveryday #2A #keepyourlawsoffmyguns #glock

      • “Now our gun blog is LGBT allied.”

        And this is a problem?

        I’ll take every ally we can get…

        • Look, I personally am not interested in intimacy with other guys . . . but what another guy does in the privacy of his own bedroom??? None of my f***ing business. Don’t know, don’t wanna know, don’t care.

          And, like Geoff, if someone is a 2A supporter, I will HAPPILY accept their help/”allyship” on 2A issues. Doesn’t mean we’re going to be picking out curtains.

          Try not being a judgmental a-hole, for a change. Most of us find it works pretty well.

          OK, be judgmental about Leftists; that’s just too hard to deny yourself. As for other people’s sexual preferences? If they’re not YOUR sexual partner, why the hell would you care?????

    • “If I ignore the evidence that contradicts my homophobic prejudice, I can continue to condemn them all as being in favor of policies I oppose.”

      • Replace homophobic prejudice with Christaphobic prejudice. And you get pro-gay and anti civil rights politicians that you have elected.

        • No one in the US is persecuting Christians for being Christians. They are pushing back against the segment of Christians who seem to think it their duty to try to impose their particular religious dogma on others, such as trying to force everyone to conform to their outdated 20th Century notion of marriage as being exclusively between hetero partners.

        • Sorry SV, but it is the leftist gay agenda that is trying to cram it’s lack of morality down everyone elses throats. EVERYONE has the right to defend themselves and loved ones by whatever means it takes.

        • Serpent Vision (good nick, for you),

          Why bother to lie so obviously? Christians haven’t been persecuted in the U.S. over COVID, being unwilling to fund SOMEONE ELSE’S abortion, etc.? REALLY?? I refer you to the Little Sisters of the Poor and virtually every church in every “shut down” state.

          Sorry, not buying your bulls***.

        • In short, no.
          Where local Covid-19 restrictions unfairly targeted religious gatherings, they covered all religions, not just Christians (if anything, NYC’s restrictions seemed targetted at their Orthodox Jewish community).
          LSotP case was a dispute over whether they qualified for the exemption in the ACA for churches; a law with an exemption for churches seems a mighty strange way to persecute Christians.
          But, Christians who want to go back to the good old days when their dominance of politics was unquestioned are happy to claim persecution so that they can enjoy the mantle of victimhood that the Left has exploited so well.

    • Not sure if it’s written into this law, but there was mention of a requirement to have the date of manufacture engraved on grandfathered “assault weapons.”

      • That is correct, and that is a requirement of the legislation. But, forgetting that, do you HONESTLY believe that the fascists at BATFE and the FBI REALLY delete all NICS checks, and DON’T plan to (if they don’t already have them) seize copies of the Form 4473s they REQUIRE FFLs to retain???

    • By having you register the firearm before the law goes into effect. That way they will know who has what firearm and when you acquired it!

      • Only if you comply. Unfortunately, I lost ALL my firearms in a tragic boating accident. Very deep lake. I cried. “Nope, Occifer, I got no guns to register.” It is LITERALLY none of the gummint’s gotdayum business which guns, or how many, I own. Gropey Joe and Kamala the Ho can go take a flying f*** at a rolling donut.

  2. The gun-grabbers should take a little vacation to Myanmar and watch as the military junta slaughters their own population because the the latter can’t defend themselves.

    “But … but iT CaN’T haPpEn HErE!” they wail!

    Famous last f*ing words.

  3. “ but as a person in a same sex marriage,”

    Please go away. Stop trying to make guns gay.

    • Guns are inanimate objects and can’t have human sexuality. It may be possible that you are projecting your personal fears and inadequacies onto them.

    • My straight guns are in my safe with what could be gay guns, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t anticipate a problem. Stay tuned, will advise.

  4. “I know that my indirect defense of LGBT people in a prior article wasn’t popular among TTAG readers, but as a person in a same sex marriage, I know all too well that government can easily take away our rights if we let it, and that’s not a position that any of us want to be in.“

    Like how your people took away my right to follow my religion? You’re a protected class now, both legally and by big biz. If I try to shield against the forces trying to make our kids gay, I’m labeled a bigot and I loose my job.

    This gun blog, media essentially- is pushing homosexuality and transgenderism now. Run by a Christ-denier. Imagine my shock.

    Now I can’t even have my gun blog without the poz. No wonder the kids are turning alt-right.

    • WTF, WTF? Yes, this is a gun blog, but it’s also a freedom blog. Jennifer makes a valid point, regardless of whether you believe same-sex marriage is a right you think should be protected. This isn’t *your* gun blog, and I’m sure you would object to anyone’s “right to not be offended.” If Chris Cheng (gay) writes an article for TTAG, you bet I’ll read it.

      Being gay or a Christ-denier is in no way “taking away your religion.” Your beef is with legislation like the Equality Act, which elevates LGBTQ rights above the First Amendment and is an unAmerican piece of legislation. I try to live and let live, and I’d like those who disagree with me afford me the same courtesy. I am an orthodox Christian who knows God created us male and female, so if my sons ask for transition therapy or are compelled to compete against girls in sports, the answer will be a resounding no. We need to speak the Truth with love, *even* if it means losing our job. That’s Christ’s calling for us. Anger toward LGBT people is wrong and also bad tactics. Which I seem to remember was Jennifer’s argument against MTG, not that anyone picked up on that.

      • “…Your beef is with legislation like the Equality Act, which elevates LGBTQ rights above the First Amendment…..”

        Right… Because the Equality Act happened in a vacuum. Isn’t that so Rok?

        It’s not like LGBT “Activists” had anything to do with the “…unAmerican piece of legislation”. Nahhhhh….


        • LGBT Activists and the Wokester Democrats, not all LGBT people. Just like not all Black folks want reparations.

        • Right…They don’t want it.

          The same way many people don’t want a $1,400 check.

          Many don’t (they know it’s a cheap payoff that will hurt in the long run)… but they will not be turning it down either.

        • Wake Up,

          ‘Splain to me, Lucy, how what someone does privately, in their own bedroom, is different from you wanting to own a gun? Both are private, individual behaviors. If we want people willing to stand up against government overreach, into our individual lives, aren’t LGBTQ people NATURAL allies? Just askin’, for a friend.

    • “Make our kids gay”.

      You know you can’t catch ‘teh gay’, right? I hope your job isn’t something that requires critical thinking skills.

  5. The author’s profile pic is from above. You know what that means…

    Maybe if you treated your body like a temple instead of a trash dump, you could get a boyfriend.

  6. Liberal Democrats have things planned, that they want to do to us, that they know we would never accept. That is the major reason that they want us disarmed as much as possible, for they know that control laws will never stop violent criminals. They fear an armed insurrection against them. We all know that they now have our election process so rigged, with more rigging to follow, that they will never be voted out of office. Tyranny in this country will come from left-wing politicians just like it did in 1930s Germany. Only an armed citizenry can stop them.

    • 1930s Germany was right wing. The Nazis burned porn books. Look it up! Weimar was the real tyranny: degeneracy, usury, hyper-inflation, stab-in-the-back of Great War vets…

      Maybe the real tyranny was our (USA) government sending men to die in war that really didn’t concern us. I would honestly rather raise my daughter in Nazi occupied America, than drag queen story hour America.

      • Thanks for confirming your just a lefty antigun and anti freedom agitator douche. Go have yourself a good cry and circle jerk with minor 69er.

      • I’m sorry Truth Hurts, but you are wrong. The Weimar Republic under President Hindenburg was as far-right conservative as possible. During that time of stuffy conservatism, the Nazis were out there in left field proposing things that were in direct opposition to the conservative Weimar Republic. Only after getting the power to rule over the German people did the Nazi Party show its true face and become so far to the right that all speech that did not agree with them was banned along with many other rights of the German people. People voted for the Nazi Party because they wanted change from the conservatism of the Weimar Republic hoping that the liberal new ideas of the Nazi Party would be the answer to their problems very much as our country is doing today by voting for the Democrats.

      • Also, Truth Hurts, who are trying to ban books in today’s America? Book burning will come next and it will be done by the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats preach tolerance but are the most intolerant people on the face of the earth. These Liberal Democrats of today are the new Nazis. Don’t believe me? Keep voting for them and find out the hard way. The history is there to warn us and that’s why you see the liberals running around in this country, trying to erase our history. Those who don’t know history, are doomed to repeat history.

        • Yes, here are a couple examples of those terrible liberal book burnings:

          In May 2008, a “fairly large” number of New Testaments were burned in Or Yehuda, Israel. Conflicting accounts have the deputy mayor of Or Yehuda, Uzi Aharon (of Haredi party Shas), claiming to have organized the burnings or to have stopped them. He admitted involvement in collecting New Testaments and “Messianic propaganda” that had been distributed in the city. The burning apparently violated Israeli laws about destroying religious items.

          The Amazing Grace Baptist Church of Canton, North Carolina, headed by Pastor Marc Grizzard, intended to hold a book burning on Halloween 2009.[193][194] The church, being a King James Version exclusive church, held all other translations of the Bible to be heretical, and also considered both the writings of Christian writers and preachers such as Billy Graham and T.D. Jakes and most musical genres to be heretical expressions. However, a confluence of rain, oppositional protesters[195] and a state environmental protection law against open burning resulted in the church having to retreat into the edifice to ceremoniously tear apart and dump the media into a trash can (as recorded on video which was submitted to People For the American Way’s Right Wing Watch blog);[196] nevertheless, the church claimed that the book “burning” was a success.“

      • The Nazis were right-wing only in European terms, where anyone who isn’t to the left of Lenin is on the right. They were national socialists who understood (unlike the communists) that commerce and capital were necessary if a nation was going to be able to take care of its own people.

        The Official People Who Know Things — teachers at every level, all of the media, everyone in government, all the good boys and girls — all tell the pernicious lie that the “far right” is naturally authoritarian and will inevitably end up throwing books and witches on bonfires…while none of them will ever talk in detail about what the far left looks like. We’re left to assume that it’s some kind of utopia, when in reality it looks exactly like their caricature of the far right — with mass starvation as a bonus.

        The linear Left-to-Right political scale is a pernicious anachronism that distorts everything it touches.

        The political spectrum is much better visualized as a circle, with central control and tyrannical restrictions at the bottom and an anarchical absence of laws at the top. You can get to either pole by going far enough to the right *or* the left.

        What you want, if you’re interested in human freedom and the alleviation of misery, is to get as close to the top pole (the absence of restrictions) as possible, with just enough stability and order to keep the darker parts of human nature in check. It’s not an easy balance to strike, but it’s worth trying.

        • A very obvious ‘cut and paste’ job from a ‘man’ whose actual posts resemble the work product of a child.

        • Satan uses the extremes on the left and the right to harm those who are not as extreme as they are.

      • The gay Nazis who recruited and lead the SA or the brownshirts, most notably Ernst Rohm. An out of the closet gay man welcomed by Adolf Hitler. Those people would disagree with you.

        Interesting how the gays in power back in the 1920s in Germany, and the gays in power in the 21st century, both want to take your guns away.

        Every American citizen has the birthright to Arms. Their skin color doesn’t matter their sexual orientation doesn’t matter. But unfortunately they’re not all fighting to keep that Civil Right.

        • Don’t forget “The Night of The Long Knives” when Hitler solved the “problem” of Ernst Rohm and the brown shirts.

      • Yeah, . . . no. It wasn’t the “German National Socialist Party” accidentally. Hitler was a flat-out avowed socialist. The only reason he had a problem with the communists is that they were a threat to his power, and didn’t have the appropriate “nationalist” POV. Now, if you want to say Hitler was a NATIONALIST socialist, I would agree.

        • Hitler a socialist?

          So he fooled you as well, not surprising.

          “Over the following years the brothers Otto and Gregor Strasser did much to grow the party by tying Hitler’s racist nationalism to socialist rhetoric that appealed to the suffering lower middle classes. In doing so, the Strassers also succeeded in expanding the Nazi reach beyond its traditional Bavarian base. By the late 1920s, however, with the German economy in free fall, Hitler had enlisted support from wealthy industrialists who sought to pursue avowedly anti-socialist policies. Otto Strasser soon recognized that the Nazis were neither a party of socialists nor a party of workers, and in 1930 he broke away to form the anti-capitalist Schwarze Front (Black Front). Gregor remained the head of the left wing of the Nazi Party, but the lot for the ideological soul of the party had been cast.

          Hitler allied himself with leaders of German conservative and nationalist movements, and in January 1933 German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed him chancellor. Hitler’s Third Reich had been born, and it was entirely fascist in character. Within two months Hitler achieved full dictatorial power through the Enabling Act. In April 1933 communists, socialists, democrats, and Jews were purged from the German civil service, and trade unions were outlawed the following month. That July Hitler banned all political parties other than his own, and prominent members of the German Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party were arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps. Lest there be any remaining questions about the political character of the Nazi revolution, Hitler ordered the murder of Gregor Strasser, an act that was carried out on June 30, 1934, during the Night of the Long Knives. Any remaining traces of socialist thought in the Nazi Party had been extinguished.”

      • “I would honestly rather raise my daughter in Nazi occupied America”

        You had better hope that your daughter had no developmental disabilities, or exhibited behaviors on the autism spectrum because in Nazi Germany she would’ve been classified as “life unworthy of life” and a “useless eater” and sent to the camps for disposal.

  7. Emboldened criminals and a beaten down citizenry begging the government to save them was always the goal.

  8. Sooo…a tiny pair of islands with a lower population than Cook county,IL (where I live)can’t get compliance from Kiwi’s? And they pretty much know who’s armed?!? Interesting😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  9. Only a small group of posters thought that ban would work and everyone knows who they are…

    Referring to DiFi’s little gem
    Point (1) Bans the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name. Owners may keep existing weapons.
    Point(2) Bans any assault weapon with the capacity to utilize a magazine that is not a fixed ammunition magazine and has one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock. Owners may keep existing weapons.
    Point (3) Bans magazines and other ammunition feeding devices that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, which allow shooters to quickly fire many rounds without needing to reload. Owners may keep existing magazines.

    Each of those ends with “Owners may keep existing weapons/magazines”… With estimates running from 15 to 20 million ARs/AKs in the US (probably double that) and just the one or two 20 round mags that normally come with new gun plus the millions of 20/30/40 round mags and the 100 round drums (hell I own at least 150), just how does any of this make anyone or anything safer… Smoke and mirrors.. goes to a national registration/confiscation data base… fukin sneaky LIBERALS…

  10. If we cannot keep illegal drugs and illegal aliens out of the country, then how woukd a woukd-be tyrant keep illegal guns out of the country?

    If firearms can be made in any middle school metal shop or decently equipped home workshop, let alone in the innumerable professional level machine shops and manufacturing sites throughout the country, and from supplies at any big box home improvement store or junk yard, then how would a would-be tyrant quash the arming of would-be minutemen?

    • By that reasoning, we should be WELCOMING those undesirable guns, and even paying for them and changing laws to promote their existence… I think I’ll get all of my guns to identify as illegal aliens and have them demand to be allowed to vote in upcoming elections.

  11. The COMPANIES Have to Step up and pitch in, Money talks, if they start the movement now they can stop the bill. if they ignore it like last time it’ll pass and hurt everyone. Without noise no one will know whats’ going on.

  12. There is zero chance that in any way I will tolerate further restrictions on my 2nd Amendment rights.

  13. So Firearms ownership is a privilege in New Zealand not a right as it is here in the United States and yet those who want to ban guns here think we the people will meekly surrender them? If a country like New Zealand or Australia where ownership is a privilege that requires licensing to own can’t confiscate, how did they ever expect they’ll get away with it here

  14. I don’t agree with what the, I guess “gay-lobby?” has pushed legislatively, but I also recognize that humans are individuals and don’t necessarily agree with all the agenda or its methods just because they have some overlapping interests or characteristics. Hopefully, the gays who know that disarmament is incredibly bad for everyone for various reasons are able to speak sense to their leftist authoritarian cohorts. The gay lobby constantly pushes how marginalized gays are and how at risk they are of being physically assaulted due to their sexuality, yet they want to disarm themselves. Counter-intuitive it would seem.

  15. It’s my first amendment right to say:

    – homosexuality is wrong
    – gay fake marriage is destroying the family
    – I don’t think aligning with glbt wokeism will help us protect our gun rights
    – it’s a disgrace that this author still writes for this blog
    – Nazis were right-wing, anti-communist, anti-socially-liberal. This is fact, not some “anti-gun smear”. Nazis even expanded gun rights taken away by Weinmar. See the Wikipedia article.
    – our right to own guns is God-given
    – we must fight back against any attack on guns or the family
    – many of you peoples’ moral-decision making is determined by the TV
    – this author is unhealthy, both physically and morally
    – I don’t think mentally ill people should represent the gun rights movement

    • I was told that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was King. At least that’s what the people who worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster say.

    • Jesus is not King of this world. ”
      My Kingdom is in heaven ”
      Whoe’s King of this world?. God cast Satan to Earth.

      • Thanks a lot God, for creating a bad angel who started trouble in heaven. And especially thanks for sending him to earth to cause more trouble for the humans.

    • somebody had to say it…gays are an insidious presence…now they’re even preaching their nonsense in here…

  16. Gun control isn’t meant to lower crime. It never has been, and it never will be. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a liar. In fact, the higher the crime rate after gun control is passed, the better. That means even more disarmament has to follow.

  17. You are absolutely correct HP, too bad there aren’t more people like you who use their brains instead of their feelings about very serious subjects.

  18. Why is it that the “bible belt” or the “Red States” have growing gun rights? And the “Blue” or “Liberal” states are losing their gun rights?
    It is possible to be honest on TTAG?

  19. If you need ‘more time’ for your law to work, you are admitting that non-complaince works and all you done is villianize the police.

  20. I know that my indirect defense of LGBT people in a prior article wasn’t popular among TTAG readers, but as a person in a same sex marriage

    Oh Gawd now this blog has it’s own resident Gay Mafioso to scold us over imagainery slights.

    TTAG, apparently you think the phrase “Get woke, go broke” won’t apply to you?

    • Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They totally support, and publicly advocate for, replacing the father with a government check. They totally support ($$$) a woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. With the children living in a “gun free zone” government housing project.
      Yes the H. I. C. is in the bedroom. Telling people how to live. And they have helped to destroy the social fabric in the inner cities, with the socialist progressive policies they support.

    • Posting YouTube videos from Russia Today directly on an American gun blog, good work!

      You know, when Torshin took over the NRA in 2015, I thought our subversive efforts had reached their High Point but this is very good work spreading disinformation!

      Just remember, keep pushing the hunter Biden laptop story, it’s a very important piece in our corruption campaign.

      V. Putin

  21. Of course gunm bans work. New Zealand just made 250,000 people instant Criminals.
    Black as salt rifles? Salts white .

    • They are great, and for one reason only – they demonstrate that this site doesn’t censor opinions, no matter how obnoxious.

      And that’s a plus.

  22. There’s enough firearms in my COUNTY to rearm New Zealand and still have reserve.

    Anyone who says we should model ourselves after a country that is so small it would fit inside one of our cities should not speak.

    • Right? I mean way, WAY right? Like “eww, a gay, can we still burn those?” right?

      If it helps, I firmly believe at least a quarter of the commenters here are paid trolls, a quarter are unpaid trolls, and a handful are just comment bots programmed to recite whatever the hate of the week is.

      But there’s a lot of backwoods hicks, too. And I say that as a gay dude from central Missouri with a shooting platform built onto the roof of his house.

  23. Ah….the old step approach to an end means. That is exactly how Nazi pre-WWII eliminated guns in the Jewish community. We need to end street violence. First step….didn’t quite work. Step two….didn’t quite work. Step three….didn’t quite work. Step four…….that worked….no guns in private hands. Step five…….eliminate all resistance via guns in the hands of government.
    Watch the YouTube videos by Kitty Werthermann, a Holocaust survivor with concentration camp tattoo, explaining how gun control was implemented in Germany, and warning Americans not to give up your guns. History…learn from it or be doomed to re-live it….or die by it.
    FineStain, Slummer…….aren’t they Jewish?? Shouldn’t they understand the 2A benefit if they have Americans’ interest at heart and intention???? There, truth uncovered.
    Gun control is effective. Just ask Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Castro, OBummer, Xiden, KamalHo, et el, et el…..

  24. I’m not prejudice to any one race or type of person, I hate everyone. Unless you are willing to die to protect the rights as spelled out in the Constitution of The United States of America. Only then will I stand beside you. Break that trust and believe me when I say, there is always a plan.

  25. The comments on this site are all over the place. Not a lot of agreement. One thing we can all agree on is the sad fact that any political ideology if taken to extremes will result in a form of tyranny. Those on the left see it as only happening on the right. Those on the right see it as only happening on the left. Well, the truth is they are both too biased to see it when it rears its ugly head by those they agree with. We, both Liberal and Conservative alike, must be ever vigilant to the threat of tyranny from any political philosophy. Today, it is the left-wing that is running rough-shod all over our political and social environment. Tomorrow, it may be the right-wing. The problem is that not enough people want to admit the hard truth and act accordingly.

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