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Mr. Superintendent calls this his extended bag carry, but I think he got in such a rush to post his 99th everyday carry pocket dump that he really meant “extended mag carry.”

Either way, it comes via Everyday Carry.  And he’s got a lot of stuff.   I’m starting to wonder if he’s a walking advertisement for exotic stuff (being polite here) to carry everyday.

For instance, the Leatherman Raptor Shears.  Really?  Unless he’s an EMT supervisor or an art teacher, why carry shears everyday.  It’s a free country though.  Heck, he can carry a bag of Quikcrete for all I care.   Anyway, nobody I know outside of EMTs carry shears.

And he’s got all manner of do-dads on his Nite-Eyes S-biner #3s.  Including a miniature RovyVonA2 550-lumen flashlight.   Check all of them out at his post here.


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  1. I like his carries, but yes, they seem a bit exotic. That said, who knows how much this guy makes, and who cares how he spends it. He used to post some really nice knives and guns, but seems like he just carries the G43 now. Pretty sure at one point he shared a $600 knife and a 2011 carry, but E-D-C dot com doesn’t hold on to historic posts in ones profile beyond a certain point for some reason. Anyways, I like most of his gear, and I’m not gonna judge the exoticness of it. The sheers do seem a bit much though. Maybe he just really likes scissors and wants a beefed up pair. Who knows… he is from the midwest. Gotta spice things up somehow.

  2. If you’re going to rock a TQ with the idea that you might use it on someone else then shears make sense. You don’t have shears in your IFAK/blowout kit? (Granted, you might not EDC one of those.)

    Of course if you’re going to rock a TQ in your EDC it probably shouldn’t be a RATS, but whatever, the concept is still solid in conjunction with a TQ.

  3. “It’s a free country though. Heck, he can carry a bag of Quikcrete for all I care.”

    If he does, he’s most likely an ‘Antifa’ jerk-off like our boy ‘Vlad’ looking to violently assault someone with a caustic ‘milkshake’ thrown in their face and eyes…

  4. I have a pair of shears that goes in my small medical bag that can be attached to a backpack or tossed in the car- not something I carry everywhere I go. Bandaids, disinfectant,TQ, quickclot, shears, pulse-ox, Israeli bandage, and chest decompression kit. But the TQ can just be popped on a belt or tossed in any bag without taking up anywhere near as much space. I guess the shears could too but I’d wager that a dedicated TQ is more important than a dedicated pair of shears.

    I can use my knife to cut most garments off people in the event I need to do so. The old belt as a TQ doesn’t work as well. Aside from that, how many times do you need to slice off someone’s clothes in a medical emergency that doesn’t require more advanced equipment? The most common example I can think of is when an AED might be needed but every kit I’ve seen comes with shears inside so there’s no need to carry another set.

  5. I carry a lot of stuff that I do not use every day in my GHB, or what might be called an extended bag. Some of it in a fairly well stocked first aid kit, wife is a nurse and builds all our kits, which does include a smaller set of shears.

    I am starting to jones a bit for an OTF auto seeing all these slick ones in these kits, lol.

    • I would think however, since he calls this an extended carry bag he might add a couple more magazines for his carry pistol, and/or perhaps a box of ammunition to reload magazines.

  6. This whole EDC thing makes me laugh…it’s more like EIO (everything I own). Do people actually carry all this stuff? I’m more of a minimalist…yes, there are times that I wish I had a pair of shears but I’m sure as heck not going to carry them every day just in case!

    • I think this is stuff, or some of it, carried in a kit bag. Not stuff he carries on his person. At least that is how I read it.

  7. Most of this person’s pocket dumps are believable with the exception of a few additions, e.g. the shears. It seems like his weekly edc posts are done for the “likes” and/or for advertisement of Mighty Hanks. Other than the lighter, love the brass, everything looks well taken care of.

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