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You know when the 2nd Amendment hits the funny papers, it’s entered into the public debate. And apparently (since most comic artists are liberals) I’m guessing they are somewhat unclear on the concept…

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  1. It seems the author of the comic would like to suggest that the Constitution doesn’t provide for the right of people to own and bear modern firearms because the 2nd ammendmant doesn’t specicfically spell out which “arms” are protected or that “arms” at the time were very different from “arms” today. I’d like to suggest that the first ammendmand doesn’t provide for the separation of church and state because it doesn’t specifically spell out what “religion” is or which ones are recognized as a “religion” and that religion is practiced and regarded by the public in a very different manner than it was at the time of the signing. Or that the Fourth doesn’t provide for a right to privacy because it doesn’t spell out what “secure” means or what “unreasonable” means and that our “persons, houses, papers, and effects” is very different than it was at the time of the signing.

    By the time your opponent resorts to semantics, you’ve won the argument.

  2. I agree with the author/cartoonist. Squirrels and tortoises (turtles?) should not own guns. Period. Unless the squirrels and tortoises (turtles?) are in the militia. And it’s gotta be OUR militia, not some kook anti-NRA animal militia like PETA. And be careful about those tortoises (turtles?). Those sneaky bastards are always running some kind of shell game.

  3. I had fellow, in an online conversation, actually say that arms referred only to long arms. He said handguns were only for officers and criminals. Needless to say, he got slammed pretty hard by me and others. This guy said he owns rifles and shotguns but evidently has bought into the elitist dogma that handguns aren’t for regular people. Sad and pitiful really.

  4. I am certainly in agreement with Ralph (posted below). Turtles and tortises(?) are not clearly called out in the 2nd amendment. Only two species are clearly recognized. 1. People. 2. Bear. 🙂


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