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EDC concealed carry Taurus TCP

Mark lives Georgia where it can be plenty steamy this time of year. So he totes a pocketable pistol, a reliable blade (or two) and the means to ensure fresh breath at all times. What else is really necessary?

EDC concealed carry

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  1. what else is necessary?

    cell phone?


    wallet with credit cards and driver’s license?

    all 3 of which are more useful than a second knife.

  2. Beretta 92
    2 spare 15 round magazines
    Buck knife
    Wallet with ID and Concealed Carry Permit
    Mini flashlight
    Cell phone

  3. Do not forget the Kel-Tec pistol. I have carried my issued P-11 in 9mm every day for 13 years in retirement.
    The 9mm hollow points are a proven man stopper and the pistol carries easily with the pants clip they have for it.
    One of the best pistols for concealed carry.
    I have a nice selection of concealed pistols and revolvers to choose from, but this one has done the deed when I was younger and not retired.

  4. Fugggittttaboudt carrying any pistol sans holster in a pocket. You need a secure, stable platform to draw from each and every time. The last thing you want in a crisis situation is fishing around in your pocket for your firearm; or having a car key trip the trigger while in a fight with a suspect(s).

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