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The Democrats are betting the house on Hispanic voters. Especially in the wake of President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration reform, it looks like the Dems are looking to do everything in their power to be attractive to the ever-increasing Hispanic population and building their base for the next election on that foundation. But according to a new survey, it looks like they might need to drop one of the defining positions of their party: gun control . . .

McKeon & Associates polled thousands of registered Hispanic voters on the issue. The resulting study indicates that the vast and overwhelming majority of the Hispanic population believes that more gun control is not a good idea.

9. Which of the following do you believe will reduce violence and make your community safer – passing additional gun laws, strictly enforcing laws that already exist or parents and residents taking more control of their community?

15% Passing additional gun laws
41% Strictly enforcing laws that already exist
38% Parents and residents taking more control of their community
6% Don’t know

The results indicate that only 15% of Hispanic voters believe that additional gun control is a good idea. This conflicts with the prevailing views of the Democratic party, where 71% of their ranks believe that stricter gun laws are required.

The real question is whether the Dems will listen to their newest and increasingly important demographic, rather than simply pandering to their most controversial and prominent cause (immigration reform). The majority of Hispanics (and the majority of Americans, for that matter) think that gun control is a terrible idea, but the party of government continues to blindly push for the same failed policies.

You can read the rest of the report here.

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  1. They’re immigrants from a country where we’ve all seen first hand what happens to a disarmed populace.

    • Assuming that legal immigrants were the ones that were polled I have to wonder how many illegal immigrants are against gun control as well.

    • This should surprise nobody.

      Also, I have no earthly clue why Jewish people on average have turned to gun control. However (and fortunately), Hispanic people don’t seem like they’re going to go that route.

      The only reason black people are seeing the light so slowly is due to 100 years of brainwashing perpetuated by “leaders” like Jesse Jackson. I wish these people (like Jackson) understood the irony that they are continuing mindsets and supporting laws from the Jim Crow period.

      Free people are free. It’s that simple.

      • Jackson, Farrakhan and the like have now long understood exactly what they are doing; that’s exactly why they continue to race bait, promote the same propaganda and incite division. They like their illusion of power and perpetual comfortable living while mingling with the political elite regardless of who they suppress or defraud.

        They want ‘their’ people to be like them, just not TOO MUCH like them. Keep your yoke on, child.

      • @TheBear, most Jews in America live in a handful of Democrat-controlled cities where guns are and have almost always been highly restricted or completely unavailable. Jews have no hunting tradition; in fact, hunting is more or less prohibited. And for most of Jewish history, guns were the tools of the oppressors.

        The very existence of Jews at the forefront of the 2A movement — Alan Gura, Robert Farago, Robert Levy, Alan Gottlieb etc. — shows that strong progress has been made. Today, the most aggressive gungrabbers, like Cuomo, Malloy, McCarthy, Brady, Biden and the rest — are Catholics.

        • Of course, JasonM. But if you check the roster of anti-gun nuts, you’ll find that the vast majority are Catholic. It’s become so extreme that the various archdiocese around the country are getting into the act.

        • Actually, it seems that most of the statists spring from large metro areas such as the Bos Wash corridor or the LA and San Fran Basins.

  2. Your last few statements say it all. It is why I will never vote Democrat. One only needs to look at Maryland, a one-party state run by Dems and my former home, to see what happens when they get power.

    Not only are the gun laws bad but they tax the rain that falls on your house, they are anti-business seeing as how they do everything they can to run them in the ground for more government jobs, they let criminals have a free pass to do as they please since they never punish them when caught, and Montgomery County is the most screwed up of them all.

    They tax the bags you buy from the store and the county executive Ike Legett spent $60,000 of the taxpayer’s money for his own personal bathroom in his office!!!! Apparently the one’s already in the building are too good for him and he gets away with it because he has a D by his name!!!

    Not only that every person who I have met who said he/she was a democrat was a narcissistic, arrogant, know-it-all, racist, hypocritical, sociopathic asshole.

    • Funny, I have met a few that call themselves Conservatives that I would say have the same attributes you claim for Democrats. Just one of the reasons I am an Independent. I don’t go along with the mass hysteria that either side tries to generate. Rather think for myself than have one of the Parties do that for me.

      • I do think for myself and gave you an example of Democrats screwing up my former state. What more proof do you need? Note I did not say liberal like YOU said conservative. I hate the Democrat party and its adherents not liberals in general.

        This is coming from a libertarian myself. The Republicans are far more tolerable and in 2014 politics the only alternative to the leftist democrats. They have done more to destroy my life to make it as miserable as possible compared to a few Republicans.

        • And the reason you did not address the Republicans screwing up your state is that they have not yet had a chance to do so. Speaking of what you know is to be respected.

  3. Hard for me to believe that 70% of Dems really want more gun control. I know a few and live in a liberal area in WA state and that is not what I am seeing. Heck, I know a guy that calls himself a Socialist who does not believe in more gun control or that limiting access to guns helps prevent violence. Guessing that this issue crosses party lines more than most people think. I also think that the gun grabbers will be VERY surprised if they try to get more gun control laws passed here. Many voters were convinced on the supposed Gun Show loophole but I don’t think they will vote for more gun controls besides that. At least I hope not and will do whatever I can to stop any more restrictive laws from being passed here.

    • Dream on, if you think the voters won’t go for more control in WA. Put enough money behind it, wave the bloody shirt and flood the airwaves with a bunch of falsehoods presented as gospel and the willfully uninformed will stand in line to vote our rights away. The people behind I-594 have said that they’re just getting started and believe they have the votes to get what they want. Hopefully they’re wrong but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I’m with you though, I’ll do everything I can to stop this nonsense, but gun owners in WA had better get organized a lot better or we’re going to watch our rights get flushed down the toilet.

    • WA is traditionally weird when it comes to guns. Majority liberal thanks to King County, but with slight libertarian tendencies including gun laws. With 594 passing, this looks to be changing. How far it will change remains to be seen, but to pretend it’s not happening is foolish.

    • Wow. If you really believe that nonsense than keep voting in Democrats and see where it gets you. Trust me, you will have an Assault Weapon Ban before you know it. Just because you personally know some “pro gun liberals”, doesn’t mean that the democratic party wont come after your guns. You really aught to look in to your own party, and its members allot closer than you do.

    • WA is probably not super close to Democratic mainstream. I mean, it doesn’t have a shortage of that type of voter, but it also has a lot of people who lean libertarian on most civil issues, from drugs to guns, but are not particularly interested in economic freedoms (or if they are, consider social freedoms more important) – and hence tend to align with and vote for Democrats, just like many traditional libertarians vote for Republicans mainly on the grounds of lower taxes and less market intervention, even as they strongly disagree with the party policy on social issues.

  4. Those evil democrats, wanting to take our guns. Our buddies the republicans only want to transfer our wealth to the oligarch! Such a deal! On both sides of the aisle it is nothing but a dog and pony show, they offer things of no economic value in exchange for your share of the American dream. Politicians need to show me more than 2A support. The republicans are NOT my savior.

    • At least the Democrats are honest when they say they will grow government if you put them in power.

      I voted for Bush the Younger the first time because he presented himself as a small government conservative.


      So I didn’t vote for him the second time.

      The only thing that I see Republicans not voting for is more gun control; otherwise, with both parties; big government here we come.

      • Big gov’t is at most a smoke screen I think. Mainly it’s about Big Money. The dems talk about enriching “minorities” (2/3 of population). But no talk of the middle class in general, so all they will do is cut the shrinking pie into more pieces. So no benefit. Repubs? They promise to take a couple of % from the “undeserving” and somehow that fixes everything. It’s all a stunt.

    • Look at the differences between the states. The middle class is growing in red states like Texas because of broad based job growth and affordable cost of living. Compare to the large blue states NY, CA and IL, which see their middle classes shrinking, and people moving away to red states.

      Don’t be fooled. Dem policies like ACA, high taxes, and expensive electricity are an attack on the middle class. The Democrat base in now billionaires, government workers and people on welfare. Small businesspeople and middle/working class are no longer welcome. Almost all the wealthiest districts have Dem reps and voted for Obama.

      • >> Look at the differences between the states. The middle class is growing in red states like Texas because of broad based job growth and affordable cost of living. Compare to the large blue states NY, CA and IL, which see their middle classes shrinking, and people moving away to red states.

        The funny part is where that growth is what turns red states into blue states, as they become less rural and more urbanized.

        Also, growth is fine, but if you look at the absolute numbers, blue states are carrying the country today, economically speaking.

    • Since you apparently believe the federal governments primary function is to provide financial security, you and your ilk should push hard for Bernie Sanders to run in 2016. I’m sure he is brilliant in all things economic.

    • Then by all means Mike, keep voting for democrats, and when the air you breathe is taxed, and the time comes when your standing in line to turn your guns in, you will know who to blame. Yourself.

  5. I agree with some gun laws. But getting overboard with them does way more harm than good.
    Bonnie and Clyde had a Browning automatic. Imo nothing’s wrong with that unless its used criminally.
    An imo I wish most people would be armed. The bad guys may think twice.
    The Georgia town that asked all residents to be armed needs to be pushed more often in other towns an states..

    • “I agree with some gun laws. But getting overboard with them does way more harm than good.”

      Really? So you believe it’s okay to “infringe” some, just don’t get too carried away. What an ignorant and ludicrous statement. This attitude is why we have to constantly battle against gun control.

      • My thought exactly. Automatic weapons OK, in favor of everybody armed, what does that leave to be “good” gun control? You shouldn’t shoot somebody?

    • If I remember correctly, Bonnie and Clyde stole those Browning Automatic Rifles from National Guard Armories, so I do have problem with them having it. And this was during a time civilians could own automatic firearms, although high costs limited their appeal.

  6. Hispanic and gun owner / blogger. Remember not all new Hispanics are fresh over the river and fresh off the boat. I am a third generation Hispanic and worked with many of “my people” in South Texas that no longer shared the mother tongue of their grandparents, and acted, walked, and talked like the Texicans they were.

    Beer, country music, lifted trucks, and a whole trunk load of guns all with the capability of enjoying some tamales, that is a young Texan Hispanic. I am a lifelong conservative voter myself. Many of our people are mainstream, conservative Americans.

    • Beer, country music, pickups, guns and tamales are what I was raised on too, although I’m anglo. I think people outside of South and West Texas have this stereotype of urban liberal Hispanics, not knowing about the American ranching heritage that was founded by Texas Hispanics–the first cowboys.

    • Brian, I suspect the Dem party does not consider you an Hispanic. You are certainly not what they are appealing to by promising amnesty for criminals.

  7. “The results indicate that only 15% of Hispanic voters believe that additional gun control is a good idea.”

    The poll isn’t multiple-choice (unless it coincidentally adds to 100%), so unfortunately it only indicates that 15% of Hispanic voters think that additional gun control is more important than enforcing existing laws or parental involvement in the community. Concluding that the other 79% who chose other options as more important /don’t/ think additional gun control is a good idea is erroneous.

    • I was just going to make the same comment. If they were only allowed to choose one, then the conclusion that the overwhelming majority doesn’t want more gun control can’t be drawn from these results. It’s inconclusive at best.

      More worrying is when you add the “more gun control” and “enforce existing laws” together, and you get 56% who apparently think gun control laws work to reduce crime. If you think the existing laws work, then you’re already halfway to being convinced that more laws would work better.

      • If you think the existing laws work, then you’re already halfway to being convinced that more laws would work better.

        Puts the NRA’s rhetoric about enforcing the laws we already have in a different light. (Many of those laws they want the government to enforce are already unacceptable infringements, IMHO.)

        • Enforcing federal laws that keep someone like Charles Manson from owning a firearm is likely reasonable.

        • borg, there is no law, federal or otherwise, that can keep a determined person from owning a firearm.

          Also, weren’t most of the Manson Family murders committed with blades?

        • “Enforcing federal laws that keep someone like Charles Manson from owning a firearm is likely reasonable.”

          At least so long as he is still in prison. When released, his rights should be restored. IOW, don’t ever release him.

  8. This is fine, but all studies are BS. Studies have shown that studies can show whatever the people conducting the studies want them to show.

  9. The government also should realise that the more they tax dont mean the more they spend. We are being taxed w/o true representation. The founders were upset with the “host country” taxing us to pieces.
    Were about 20 trillion $ reported in debted as a country. Government is wasteful, an to big an bullyish. The country cant continue in the amount of debt we have, an seriously is in jeopardy an it could crash.

  10. Doesn’t matter if they don’t ‘want’ more gun control as long as they keep mindlessly voting DEM. Their elected representatives will make their decisions for them.

    • Good point. The people of Colorado clearly didn’t want more gun control (as evidenced by the backlash and recalls of several key players in the whole fiasco), but their so-called representatives jammed a bunch through without any debate or public input.

      • That’s part of the problem, they tell you what you want to hear then do as they please. What if some very wealthy people started to come under gunfire? How long would the repubs be pro 2A? Big Money is becoming a Big Problem.

  11. 1027 Interviews with Hispanic registered voters.
    Conducted August 4-5, 2014
    Accuracy level +/- 3.9%(?????)

    Yeah I don’t think this helps show anything.

    • Actually, this is a very informative study, assuming (big assumption) their sample isn’t biased in anyway.

      1,027 is a very good sample size given how different the relative proportions are.

  12. It is just an indication to the Democrat’s that they need to put more effort into ‘convincing’ immigrants that their progressive political party knows best for them. All one really needs to do is show how well the progressive democrat party has done for other race groups that the party has targeted for votes “i.e. ghettos” to defeat it.

  13. If we really want to help them to the mountain top, it might help to embrace what I believe is the best hope for gun rights support among the hispanic community; their large population of veterans. Start with all of those Iraq vets being told they can’t be trusted with firearms, then move on to their families and friends. Make them FEEL the insult of gun control and they will line up on our side, I promise you.

  14. “Make them FEEL the insult of gun control and they will line up on our side, I promise you.”

    This is very important to grasp…even if your are not a “minority”. If I lived in Washington
    State I would be OFFENDED personally by what has been don to my rights by these
    malicious fools. They have given the citizen the finger…essentially…and treated them
    like they were children.

  15. Who cares what Hispanics think? Or what issues matter to them?

    The fact is that Hispanics vote two-to-one in favor of Dems. Whether they’re personally down for the 2A struggle doesn’t make a difference once they cast that ballot for a gungrabber. They may as well be FUDDS or any other flavor of “I support RKBA, but…..”

    Now, if you want to appeal to that demographic on other terms consistent with individual liberty, go ahead and try. You have your work cut out for you. At this point, if you’re hanging your hopes on some pro-gun polling data among Hispanics and inferring from that an undercurrent of conservatism, you will be gravely disappointed.

    • I agree that Hispanics will continue to vote for Democrats. However, I still think they have the potential to help the Democrat party change its stance on gun rights by giving preference to Democrat candidates who aren’t anti-gun.

  16. 15 percent versus 71 percent means the questions asked in the two polls were quite different. That’s not to say all Hispanics are for gun control, but it does mean additional polling on the gun issue is needed to understand where they stand as a group.

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