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Here’s an email blast we receive from Students for Concealed Carry:

Dear Members of the Texas Media:

I wish to clear up a few “facts” about campus carry that are consistently misreported by the media:

  1. Several editorialists and journalists have reported that a recent poll by the Texas Police Chiefs Association found 75% of Texas police chiefs opposed to campus carry. In reality, this poll asked only about OPEN carry and did not ask about campus carry
  1. Several editorialists and journalists have reported that Texas A&M University currently allows campus carry; however, this is not true:
  1. Several editorialists and journalists have repeated opponents’ claim that most Texans oppose campus carry; however, the most recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found 47% of Texas voters in support of campus carry and 45% opposed to it

The basis for the claim that most Texans oppose campus carry is a highly biased poll conducted by the gun-control organizations Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The discrepancy between the findings of the UT/Texas Tribune poll and the Everytown/MDA poll is likely do, at least in part, to the fact that the questions asked by the Everytown/MDA poll do not accurately reflect the statutory changes that would result from the passage of Texas Senate Bill 11. Here are three quick examples:

“Do you think college students should be allowed to carry concealed handguns on college campuses?”

This question contains no mention of licensing or age restrictions and does not differentiate between concealed carry and open carry. There is a big difference between allowing all 51,000 students at the University of Texas-Austin to carry handguns in any manner they choose and allowing concealed carry by the approximately 400 who are over the age of 21 and licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

“Do you think people should be allowed to carry concealed handguns at college football games and other sporting events?”

Neither SB 11 nor HB 937 would allow concealed carry at collegiate sporting events.

“Do you think guns should be allowed in college fraternity and sorority houses?”

Neither SB 11 nor HB 937 would change the laws at fraternity or sorority houses (which are located off-campus and owned/governed by the overseeing fraternal organizations).

I hope this helps you more accurately report on efforts to legalize the licensed concealed carry of handguns on Texas college campuses. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. As always, a basic overview of SCC’s case for the legalization of campus carry can be found in our 2015 Texas legislative handout:


Madison D. Welch
Southwest Regional Director

Students for Concealed Carry

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    • And I swear an Op-Ed I just read someplace was from a Texas A&M guy wondering how campus carry would affect the campus…apparently not much since he didn’t know it was already in place.

    • “…the Everytown/MDA poll is likely do, at least in part…”
      It’s “due” not “do”. And that should have been learned in grade school…just saying.

      • You are correct, and, unfortunately, this is what the antis will focus on. “See! They don’t know English, so they shouldn’t carry guns!”

      • “just saying.”

        That you are a pedant and NEVER make a simply typo?

        Must be great to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.

  1. I was blocked on Facebook by this group. can’t find out why or by whom. My wife a current student and chl holder was even thinking of starting a group at her school. I can not support them.

    I do support their cause. Well actually my wife’s right to self-defense.

  2. I have this comment regarding today’s ruling from the Ninth Circuit:

    San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore has had the authority to issue Concealed Carry Permits to any non prohibited individual in San Diego County since before my application in 2008.

    What I find hard to understand is the fact that every individual in California who possesses a valid Concealed Carry Permit, particularly those in Orange County to the north, are permitted by law to carry a concealed firearm for self defense in San Diego County while law abiding residents of San Diego County are denied the equal right to do likewise.

    Sheriff Gore by denying law abiding residents of San Diego the right to carry firearms demonstrates his absolute disrespect for rights of every citizen in San Diego county.

    I believe that every law abiding resident of San Diego County should be able to exercise their Second Amendment Right to carry a firearm for self defense, and thank the NRA for their continued support in my case.

    Regardless of what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decides in my case, the fact that Sheriff Gore has issued Concealed Carry Permits to those who are politically, socially or financially connected to San Diego politics is a matter of great concern that every resident of San Diego should be concerned with.

    Ed Peruta
    [email protected]

    • All damn fine points, Ed, but I figure you probably meant to post them in the thread on your case getting En Banc’ed.

      Thank you for continuing the fight.

  3. While the email blast is cool. What are the chances that reporters with agendas will utilize accurate information?

    • Zero to nil to nada. Most reporters are not ethical or industrious enough to actually report the facts. Sad state of affairs for news media to be sure, but it appears that’s the way the media likes it.

  4. OK, I’m confused. Under point # 3: The first of the “three quick examples” says the question “Do you think college students should be allowed to carry concealed handguns on college campuses” does not “differentiate between open and concealed carry”. How is that? It specifically says “concealed handguns”.

    • Also, “The discrepancy between the findings of the UT/Texas Tribune poll and the Everytown/MDA poll is likely do, at least in part, to the fact…”

      It should be “due, at least in part, to the fact…”

      We have to be twice as right to get the same credit.

  5. Newsflash the press has an agenda, they’ll just look the other way and ignore this. Anyone remember when the IRS was picking political sides? -Yeah, neither does anyone else.

  6. News flash- Today’s news media no longer report “facts,” It’s all editorialized and emotion-packed to influence opinions. Part of the reason I really only watch the weather when I have to. I don’t care for the cheeky personalities that news readers try to pass themselves off as. That said, I absolutely support campus carry!

  7. If HB308 and SB11 pass, you would be able to carry at college football games. And why shouldn’t you be able to carry there? They don’t even sell alcohol at college games.

  8. Question 6 in the 1st point in the article states that most of the law enforcement/sheriffs think that someone that open carries a weapon should have ID on the outside so they can be easily identified? WTF ! This is ridiculous. Who makes these polls? Some of these questions seem to come from people with no brains or common sense.

  9. Good job TTAG for giving Texas Students for CCW a platform to spread the word.
    Lots of misinformation out there, and facts and logic carry the day when dealing with LIVs or the deliberate misinformation spread by the progressive echo chamber, and journolistas embeded in the Reliable Party Organs.

    Speaking of truth about guns overcoming dimwitted politicians dreams of glory….remember Villalba’s unconstitutional no filming police proposal? The POTG and other supporters of the constitution pushed back, thanks to places like TTAG.

  10. “is likely do, at least in part”

    Sorry, guys. You mean, “likely DUE, at least in part.” How did this get through the proofing process?

    • I’ve seen far worse here (such as “[gun] site” for “sight” with total consistency throughout an article), enough to convince me there is no proofing process.

      And let’s not even get into “muzzle break.”

      • “And let’s not even get into “muzzle break.””

        What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that the time it takes to re-load magazines and you let your firearm cool?


  11. Madison,
    Here’s a math formula for you.
    Presenting facts to reporters = mass of head x acceleration + brick wall.

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