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As viewers of his somewhat abortive reality TV show will remember Mr. Seagal favors 1911s. And shoots them very, very well. “I like Caspians and Infinity,” the actor intoned softly. “Long sides.” Something about career arcs occurred to me but I thought better of mentioning it to the man who towers over mere mortals like a modern-day Goliath. And so I lived to tell the tale.

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  1. Thanks for this post, RF. It made me chuckle. Any little lift is appreciated.

    Never seen a Seagal movie (beyond the first four minutes, that is), but if he brings a little bit of the Second Amendment to Hollyweird, he’s fine with me.

  2. I think he once said that AIDS was created by the CIA to kill blacks. Still, “Above The Law” is a great movie.

    • Alive and getting bigger every day. Still, don’t mess with him. Multiple black belt in Aikido. Still probably the only Hollywood “action hero” who could back up his movie fighting with reality. OK, maybe Wesley Snipes also.

  3. I am surprised at how healthy he looks. He had been packing on a lot of extra pounds, but your photo shows him to be in decent shape. he must be working out. I like his films, Good escapist entertainment.

  4. Its great to see someone from Hollyweird who is pro 2A, but I still cannot stand his horrible acting. The best movie he “starred” in: Executive Decision. He died within the first few moments of the film! 😛

  5. I didn’t think the SHOT show was open to the public? WTF I want a ticket next year… I could put together some crappy movies between now and then – I’ll even staple a pony tail to my neck if I have to.


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