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  1. Steven Crowder wants to see if university students can change his mind about guns.

Cognitive dissonance is a fascinating thing to behold. Steven Crowder’s latest project in guerrilla social experimentation was to set up a table on a Texas university campus and ask passers by to change his mind about guns and his support of Second Amendment rights. Polite, sometimes rational conversation ensued.

But not before revealing more than a little misinformation and a few contradictions. Take, for example, the woman who believes that we have a police brutality problem in this country, but wants to cede her right to carry a gun and the responsibility for her personal defense to…you guessed it…the police. Or the gentleman who thinks that violent people (and we’ll know they’re violent because they will have undergone a psych evaluation) should be restricted to handgun ownership.

Crowder keeps it all very erudite and entertaining, not to mention civil. That is, until a few campus police officers roll up and apparently put a stop to the whole thing (we’d guess Crowder didn’t bother asking the school’s administration for permission in advance). Because the last place you’d want to conduct a polite, intelligent conversation about a controversial topic these days is at an institution of higher learning.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Love these impromptu “man of the street” segments. They tend to show just how uniformed and misinformed the vast majority of people are on any given subject.

    • “Love these impromptu “man of the street” segments.”

      Preach it.

      Even more so when it’s on a ‘College’ campus.

      They did a ‘man-on-the-street’ survey at George Washington University asking for student opinions on Bernie Sanders proposed tax plan.

      The students *loved* hearing about the details. Just one little, tiny problem –

      It wasn’t Bernies tax plan, it was Trump’s tax plan.

      Hilarity ensued :

      • My Mom was a bit like that, bless her soul. If I talked to her about specific issues, she almost always took the conservative/Republican side. She’d get mad when I’d tell her the position wasn’t the one held by her beloved Democratic Party. But she grew up in the Depression, and FDR and the Democrats saved the world from that and the Axis and could thus do no wrong.

      • To be fair, you’d get the same results pitching the ‘Trump Wealth Redistribution Plan’ at a lumberyard. People have biases –shocking.

      • 71% of white guys who did not go to college voted for Trump, he has the dumbest base in American history.
        Folks ignorant of the central role automation/robotics played in deindustrializing America and so dumbly vote for Chump when he absurdly claims renegotiating trade deals will reindustrialize America.
        Racist dummies cheering him for only talking about black folks in the role of criminals
        Xenophobic dummies cheering him for only talking about Hispanics in the role of criminals
        Islamophobic dummies cheering him for only talking about Muslims in the role of terrorists
        Folks ignorant of anthropogenic climate change cheering him for denying science.
        Just look at the simple words he uses and the short sentences and the repetition, its on par with a bad newspaper or junior high school text… you donkeys have made us the laughing stock of the world : D

        • Racists?
          Trumps biggest gains was among blacks!
          (6% gain with white people, 30% with black people)

          Remember the photo of the woman with her feet on the couch in the Oval Office?
          How horrified and offended everyone was by that?
          Ever see the photo unedited? Not on the major news outlets you didn’t.
          The room is FULL of smiling black men shaking Trumps had- community leaders from Chicago hoping
          this white non-politician will help them.

        • You say that big number of Trump’s voters didn’t go to college as if it was a bad thing! Typical Liberal stuffed shirt.
          Not having a degree doesn’t mean low IQ. It just means much less brainwashing and student’s loans.
          Institutions of higher learning being liberal indoctrination centers they are today, is it a surprise that mostly those who didn’t attend them didn’t get brainwashed into voting for a criminal harpy?

    • Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. And the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.

  2. “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

    — H. L. Mencken

    This goes double for American college “students.”

    • You don’t go college because you’re wise and knowledgeable, you go in the hopes of acquiring those traits (bit of a “blind leading the blind” conundrum there). Or because your career arbitrarily requires a stupid piece of paper to signify what you already know.

      • Yes, but don’t most colleges pride themselves on their exclusivity, that they only take the best applicants? Wouldn’t we expect such a selected group be more intelligent and informed?

        Unless, or course, there are specific traits other than intelligence and accomplishment that are prioritized in the admissions process…

        • Practical brainwashing in school that one NEEDS to go to college to get a good paying job on top of government subsidized loans means ANYONE can get in just about any college they want to.
          Sure, some ivy league school might be a little picky, but when big brother if offering to help little Billy get his coveted balloon making degree because he’s been told by the college recruiter that it’ll land him his $250k+/year salary he so rightly wants, who are they to stand in the way of his dreams?

      • OK doofus if that’s what you “think” then I dare you to go to a doctor and lawyer and accountant who didnt waste their time going to college : D You already know how dumb supposed historians and economists and sociologists would sound if they didnt go to college because you listen to am radio and Fox donkeys. Likewise on the cultural scene your country music and pulp novels reveal what musicians and writers sound like when they dont waste their time in music school or creative writing programs…
        Now it is true that most folks who go to college treat it like a salary-increasing factory and their mentalities change very little and their horizons remain limited, but thats because most folks are like you, they have no imagination or curiosity, no capacity for empathy or willingness critically evaluate themselves, its not because college doesnt afford a tremendous opportunity and radically transform yourself, I know because I did this at a fairly retrograde university in the blighted South so… you know that youre a dumb guy desperately trying to conceal your ignorance

        • Ever notice how “Professor Manque” tends to respond with an insult?

          “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

        • Isn’t it interesting how you, a member of the “educated elite” missed Brian’s entire point. Not everyone needs a college degree. I seriously wonder where the next generation of plumbers, electricians and masons will come from. This whole college argument reminds me of what my plumber once told me. I asked him why it had taken him two weeks to respond to me regarding coming to install a tub and sink in my new bathroom. His answer was “I was at Rutgers taking a course in how to charge you more”. By the way, before you throw one of your insults I have a BA form Notre Dame and a Finance MBA from NYU.

  3. Response by the “cops” (likely campus cops) is predictable. I’d love to see this happen in mall parking lots, city parks, county fairs, and anywhere else they would be left alone for even a little while. And record every one. Flood the Utube and so forth media with them.

    The gun grabbers keep saying they want a “conversation”… and this would be a perfect opportunity. I bet not many would stick around if they couldn’t control that conversation, but it would be worth a try.

    • The gun grabber’s conversation would run like this.

      THEY talk. YOU listen.

      You do not interrupt because it would bresk their monologue.

      You do not attempt to clarify matters of history, law, or technology becsuse facts will only confuse them.

      Even though they have the ears of almost all the media services THEY will cry foul and protest at any statement we make that contradicts their message.

      And THEY will say we should consider ourselves privileged to be a part of their conversation.

  4. I bet those overly concerned assholes talking to the cops were faculty who were triggered and couldn’t let free speech thrive on campus. Then like good little sturmtruppen, the police shut it down. That’s what I like to call petty tyranny. It starts with minor infringement of rights, then leads to jail time, and eventually worse. Those cops and faculty should be ashamed of themselves, but of course they are not self aware enough for that.

  5. It should be no surprise that campus administrators who hate the Second Amendment also hate the First Amendment.

    Neither should it be a surprise that campus administrators who hate “firearms” have absolutely no reservations sending campus police WITH FIREARMS to chase away someone exercising the First Amendment.

    • This is the problem with lacking a strong moral compass. With you don’t have a moral true north to fall back on you just go to the ends. The means can be anything if the end is the ultimate goal.

  6. Remember—the left only wants dialogue till they get their way. Once that happens, the conversation is over and they will not allow it to be reopened. Abortion is an example.

    • And second-hand smoke…

      (Still no study shows a correlation between “second hand” smoke and… well, anything other than smelly clothes. But the peoples’ minds were made up… )

      And the minimum wage, and “global warming”, and low speed limits, and progressive income taxes, and on and on and on ad nauseum.

  7. The first mentally ill “girl” they interviewed suggested that having a gun in the home could never be effective because ostensibly- it’s locked up. Yet, “she” cedes “her” physical safety to an app on “her” phone, which calls the police to alert them “she’s” in danger. (And “she’s” completely oblivious to how safe “she” really is because of how unappealing “she” is. “She” should buy a mirror. “She’s” one of the safest “girls” in America) “She” fails to realize that “her” choice leaves “her” entire well being to the police’s response time. The mental disorder within these Liberal Terrorists™ Is not only real, it’s incurable.

    • ” “She” fails to realize that “her” choice leaves “her” entire well being to the police’s response time”…

      A Police force that “She” contends is bias and brutalizes racial and social minorities like “her”. The amount of mental gymnastics a liberal has to perform in order to make semi coherent political statements is shocking.

  8. Im Pro gun and nothing can or will change my mind.
    The more important vid was the 2nd one.
    Just goes to show how and yes Im picking on one group here.
    Millennia’s don’t pay any attention to details. Tell them its a fact and they will more then likely believe it. Never taking the time to find out the facts first.

    • Oh yes the millennials, they don’t pay attention…. Cough NFA was in 1934 cough GCA was in 1968 cough Hughes amendment 1986 cough Brady Bill and AWB 1994 cough

      • I love when the older generations talk about how great it was growing up in the 60’s, 70’s, etc. and then complain about the country going to hell… if it was so great, why’d you fuck it up for us…

        The parents and professors who are making and molding these idiots are your age, not mine.

        • Since your generation is so wonderful, why aren’t you correcting what you tell us older folks ‘fucked up’? Didn’t you have enough time to vote out the perpetrators? Do you need a better scorecard?

          Everyone likes to blame someone else for the problems they’ve allowed. Grow up and stop blaming your parents for your shortcomings.

        • I’m not one of these pussies, friend. And it’s because of my parents.

          So yes, I do blame the parents for these uninformed ninnies. My kids won’t be this way, and it will be my doing.

          You know who says don’t blame parents? Crappy parents.

        • So heres a new question for my gun loving enemies… how much longer can you reasonably claim that the government and UN are in the midst of taking away your weapons? Since 1984 Rush has been braying this to millions and since 2005 yall have been posting this BS on youtube, so how much longer can this go on!? 33 years later and 12 years later you still have your weapons, when you still have your weapons after our next Democratic president in 2033 will you still be talking this silly shite!?

          • Obama tried like hell to ban “assault weapons” after Sandy Hook, didn’t he?
            We the people stopped him. There currently are several filthy democrats suggesting an assault weapons ban, now, after Vegas. And, for the week after Vegas, major newspapers, along with liberal cesspools like Daily Kos ran story after story about repealing the 2A. So it makes your comments null and void. But most of all, gun owners don’t now, nor won’t ever, trust “people” like you.

        • And youre disqualified from criticizing any aspect of higher education OK!? The last time you read a serious book was when they forced you to in high school and you didnt understand it, since then you read retrograde websites that validate your ignorant and risible delusions, you likely couldnt even name a serious text and say anything meaningful about it… yall are donkeys, youre the 71% of white guys who did not go to college who voted in the Gump and made us the laughing stock of the world

        • Girls!. GIRLS!!….. You’re both pretty!…. now shut up and stop pulling eachother’s hair.

          P.S.– Since I fall between your two age groups I blame both of you.

        • Come now, prof. You should look at dem’s sigil and reconsider your favorite insult. Also, does AM radio hurt your teeth or something? Or is it just hate of any media not spewing Liberal propaganda?

          Yes, some of us might be uneducated bumpkins, but we did win! And you, oh-so-smart-and-sophisticated, college educated, soy latte sipping gun grabbers lost! Bitter much? Sorry, the schadenfreude is too strong.

  9. If Crowder or anyone wanted to do this, all they need do is partner with a psych major on campus. Have the student submit the project as part of a class, and then get permission from the administration to do her (black female student would be best) project on the quad, while keeping the true nature of the project wrapped up in psych speak. When the local pretend a cops show up to put a stop to it, you show them the paperwork and the student’s id and tell them they are interfering with classwork.

    • A black female student would be best huh?… this is you being humorous I guess, and its funny because in the minds of Trump acolytes blacks and women enjoy all kinds of advantages while white guys like you labor under endless racism and sexism… you should have made her a lesbian too though, because obviously straight folks suffer the most awful discrimination… this is the pathetic sort of jackball mentality that yields a President Hump, sad and sickening…

      • Yet that filthy hatchet wound Hillary Clinton couldn’t defeat such an unqualified, incompetent man. HAHAHA. FLAME DELETED


  10. I don’t see what he did wrong here. A public institution with tax money going to it should allow free speech and dialog as readily as they should allow the right to protect one’s self. Sadly both are usually trampled on. The best solution is to pull their tax funding until they comply with the bill of rights. Don’t like the rules of the game? Fine go find another way to pay for all those femenazi and antifa professors.

  11. Crowder is a champ for respectfully letting those two present their views without cutting them off or playing “gotcha.” The pro-gun position is strong. It stands up to argument,. We don’t have to shout people down or manipulate them. When have you heard a leftist outlet give such extensive, respectful time to an opposing view?

  12. He could have done that for an hour and a half and had the same result.
    I hope he does one on abortion next.

  13. The thing that struck me is that the second person (the Indian guy), actually wanted to *expand* gun rights to include allowing felons to be able to have a gun in their home for self-protection.

    He’s flippable; he’s just been fed a load of BS

    • Yes, he’s got a lot of holes in his knowledge, but he seems like he’s one afternoon of plinking and a few actual facts away from being fully pro-gun.

  14. Rights and the 2nd amendment from 2008 Democracy Vs a Republic. The US is a a Republic with rule of law and there are things you are NOT allowed to vote on.

  15. “Take, for example, the woman who believes that we have a police brutality problem in this country, but wants to cede her right to carry a gun and the responsibility for her personal defense to…you guessed it…the police.” It’s pretty cool that we can now just shoot police officers.

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